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Zodiac1… And the Ace of Wands speaks of a brand-new passionate start in love or a new side hustle or project that you wake up every day excited to be a part of. It’s time to flip that card upright.

Gemini – Six of Cups, Reversed. A past love is knocking on your door and you are not opening it. In fact, you are not even looking in the peephole. You’ve moved on and will continue along your new journey towards love and light.  Door closed. Door locked. Door sealed.  

This card also speaks about recognizing when you have grown and elevated and are in search for something beyond what you have always done.  In some instances, we say goodbye to childhood friends that no longer align with our current way of thinking. This is also the “gardening” card, so if you are into horticulture, it’s time to begin planning and planting. Tis’ the season for green.

Witty Mind - Gemini Card Necklace

Witty Mind - Gemini Card Necklace
Witty Mind - Gemini Card Necklace
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Cancer –  Two of Swords.  Deep in your mind, going back and forth to decide and town between the truth of what you want and the truth of the situation.  As an example, you might be dreaming about leaving a marriage, but with kids, homes, money and ties, is this really feasible?   

This decision is keeping you up at night and triggering childhood fears and trauma.  Why don’t you stop listening to your head for once, and just listen to your heart? Your heat will never lead you astray the way your mind does…

Still, it’s time to take your blindfold off and really see the situation for what it is.  Is it fear that is stopping you from moving on, or is it circumstance. Only you can decide. 


Leo – Queen of Pentacles, Reversed. Some work issues, or problems with money.  Some unexpected bills or payments will hit you this month, and it leaves you feeling somewhat defeated. 

Don’t be.  Just tighten your belt this month, and money will get on track. Time to really sit down and create a monthly budget so you see where all the $ is going and flowing.  This card also represents fear of asking for a raise, or fear for throwing your hat into the ring for a promotion.

Try it; you have nothing to lose. And although this an upside-down Queen this month, the fact remains you are still royalty… that promotion just may come at the right time.

Fearless & Optimistic - Leo Zodiac Bracelet

Karma and Luck  Bracelets - Mens  -  ‘I lead- Black Enamel Leo Zodiac Bracelet
Fearless & Optimistic - Leo Zodiac Bracelet
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Virgo – The Moon. Major Arcana. Either you or someone you care deeply about is hiding something. The Moon is always about deflecting, making someone look one way while you do something else the other way – or it could be your own mind leading you astray this month. 

The Moon also reminds us to try our best and make decision in the present without allowing past hurt, past defeats, past pain creep into the way you handle the situation at hand today. 

And be prepared if you are searching for something online you just may find it.  Meditating and Yoga will be keys to keeping the chaos at bay this month.

Practical & Kind - Virgo Constellation Ring

Libra – Nine of Swords. Sleepless nights and anxiety right now. Something deep and meaningful is on your mind. Rightfully so – the decision you must make is a big one and can, like a domino, affect all that is around you. Write a list of pros and cons, sometimes the answer can be found if you look at it in ink.  This card also represents divine intervention in your dreams. 

Buy a dream journal and leave it by your bed; the symbols coming through in your dreams this month have significant meaning to some key day-to-day answers you are seeking. Write them down and connect the dots. Answers are right in front of you.

Charming Grace - White Enamel Libra Card Necklace

Charming Grace - White Enamel Libra Card Necklace
Charming Grace - White Enamel Libra Card Necklace
Libra Healing Mantra- "I am aligned with my highest self and I achieve my goals with ease"
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Scorpio – The Wheel of Fortune. The clock is moving, and time is marching on. So is Karma – in your favor.  When the wheel spins a positive momentum is happening for you now and will come in a wave. It starts out slow then moves quickly.  Buckle up you are in for some wish fulfillment this month of elements in your life you manifested months ago. The time is now. Best month to quit addictive behavior- smoking, drinking, cursing, gambling – whatever is your current crutch, it’s time to pitch it – this month will give you great strength to do just that.Intuitive Bravery - Scorpio Zodiac Onyx Necklace

Sagittarius – Queen of Cups. Take your throne, your emotions are settled down and your head and heart are finally aligned. Great time to make decisions – big or small decisions.  You feel grounded and stable for the first time in a while.  It’s also a time to update you photo on your dating sites because if you look in the mirror today, you will see that you have changed; you are vibrant, alive and gorgeous. Share that with the world.

Structure is your friend this month, but don’t forget to have a little fun along the way.The One Who Wanders - Sagittarius Constellation Red Bracelet

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Capricorn – Nine of Pentacles, Reversed. You may not have gotten the job that you wanted or the promotion that you believed you deserved. It has your spirits down. Trust the process. I if you didn’t get it, there’s a bigger purpose – something more aligned with you will come your way. Chin up.  Breathe.  Take a walk.   Maybe it’s time for a new haircut, a new look and a new attitude.  Trust the process, your next career opportunity ahead is the one that is meant for you and the one you will grow at; all things happen in divine timing. Keep going.Ambitious Mind - Capricorn Card NecklaceAquarius – Knight of Cups, Reversed. Jealousy this month.  So much jealousy that you don’t even recognize yourself.  What’s going on with you? Usually, you are the even-keeled sign of the Zodiac, but this month, you are easily lead astray, jealous, envious of friends, family and even strangers.  Did you see something online on social media that triggered this? Remember, most pictures posted are perception not reality.  We truly don’t know what is happening in others’ lives, so why be so envious? They might be in a private Hell that you don’t know about.  Go about your own business and focus on you.  Get back to being centered and set a goal this month that will help you boost your confidence.Creative Humanitarian - Aquarius Zodiac Onyx Necklace

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Pisces – The Hanged Man. Major Arcana. Pisces in your true element, purposely taking yourself out of the game and putting yourself in pause. Time to reflect.  See things from all perspectives and all angles.  You will emerge from this self-imposed “time out” the strongest version of yourself, so let your emotions flow and release.  Good for you for taking this time for yourself, no one else would ever give it to you.  It’s a time of reflection, goals and to see life and people from a different perspective.  This is also the card to remind us to slow down in driving, you don’t want to get a ticket especially in a school zone.Artistic Intuition - Pisces Onyx Bracelet

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