A More Mindful Black Friday - Jewelry Specials for Men & Women

Jewelry Specials for Men & Women

Let’s face it - Black Friday has gotten a bit of a bad rep lately. With stressful videos of customers battling it out over the last television set and shoppers lining up days before the sale, many shoppers are feeling weary of the Black Friday craziness.

Yet, fear not! You can still take advantage of amazing deals and discounts without even having to leave the house. This year, we are offering unbeatable virtual Black Friday jewelry sales. 

Rather than shopping for the latest edition of technology or spending on fancy clothes, why not take advantage of our extraordinary Black Friday jewelry deals. Offering more than just impeccable designs and exceptional beauty, our jewelry differs greatly from traditional jewels.

Using high-quality materials and authentic gemstones and crystals, our healing jewelry offers a wealth of powerful benefits to the wearer. Hoping to invest in your health and well-being this year? Shop our Black Friday jewelry sale and watch yourself transform. 


Bloom & Blossom - Black Onyx Lotus Diamond Bracelet
Bloom & Blossom - Black Onyx Lotus Diamond Bracelet
Ignite your life with radiance and spiritual energy. For you to bloom in life, you need a powerful mentor. Allow freshness to heal you fr...
通常価格 $99
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With our easy-to-use website, you can quickly and easily shop for all of your needs. Whether you are looking for a treat for yourself or a gift for a loved one, we make it simple. Our search bar allows you to narrow done jewelry by specific stones or birthstones, intentions, and energies.

Take advantage of these Black Friday jewelry deals to get all of your holiday shopping done early this year. Offering an array of healing birthstone jewelry, these thoughtful and personalized items make an exceptional gift that can be treasured for a lifetime. 

Looking to show yourself some serious self-love? This Black Friday jewelry sale is your chance to do just that. Depending on which energy you want to call into your life, you can shop jewelry adorned with healing stones specifically tuned to that intention.

Lotus Symbol Jewelry Collections

Looking for love? Try a rose quartz necklace to welcome in romance and affection. Need a boost of positivity? A sparkling citrine bracelet can bring brilliant sunshine and warmth to your soul.

Or, maybe you are looking to get in touch with psychic abilities? We recommend an amethyst necklace or clear quartz earrings to heighten intuition. 

Whether you are shopping for yourself or a loved one, this Black Friday jewelry sale is not one to be missed. Make this Black Friday a mindful one, with spiritually-tuned designs specifically created for inner healing. 

Red String Bracelet Collections

Spiritual Essence - Red String Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
Spiritual Essence - Red String Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far. Even thoug...
通常価格 $69
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Jewelry Sale Black Friday - Our 2 Favorite Necklaces for Men & Women

Read on to discover some of the best Black Friday jewelry deals. Let’s start by taking a look at these necklaces for men and women

  • For Women - Soothing Presence Gold Plated Hamsa Necklace

In sparkling gold plated brass, this Hamsa pendant necklace is one of the best Black Friday jewelry deals. Offering striking beauty and unbeatable protection, this necklace is enchanting.

The Hamsa, an ancient symbol, has been highly revered throughout cultures around the world. This sacred symbol is said to defend the wearer from any danger or harm that comes their way, serving as a watchful guardian.

Repelling negativity from your surrounding, the Hamsa welcomes positive energy to flourish and flow in your life. With the addition of a rich purple amethyst stone, the powers are boosted. Amethyst heals any areas of trauma and soothes the spirit. Insecurities will wash away as your confidence is increased. 

Soothing Presence - Gold Plated Hamsa Necklace

なだめるような存在感 - ゴールドメッキハムサネックレス
なだめるような存在感 - ゴールドメッキハムサネックレス
忍耐力は、あなたが念頭に置いているものとは、物事が異なる順序で起こり得るような穏やかな受け入れです。私たちのネックレスのペンダントは本当に一種のうちの1つです。 Guardian Hamsaの手の中心は貴重なアメジストで後押しされています。この強力なデュオはあなたの不安と損...
通常価格 $89
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  • For Men - Utmost Safety Evil Eye Black Onyx Silver Necklace

Looking for the best Black Friday jewelry deals for the special guy in your life? This necklace for ultimate protection is the best bet. With its subtly beautiful design, your guy will look and feel like a true spiritual warrior.

As soon as this necklace is slipped on, its powerful energy begins to fill the soul with nurturing and loving vibrations. A sacred symbol, the evil eye protects from danger and repels negativity.

Black onyx, featured in the center of the evil eye, creates inner peace and relieves stress from the wearer. The oxidized sterling silver chain gives this necklace a unique and stylish appearance. 

Utmost Safety - Evil Eye Black Onyx Silver Necklace

Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Utmost Safety - Evil Eye Black Onyx Silver Necklace
最大の安全 - 悪眼黒onyxシルバーネックレス
私たちが挑戦時に迫害を学ぶとき、私たちの精神は私たちが可能なことを夢見ていたよりも憤慨しています。私たちのユニークな「最大の安全 - 悪の目の黒いOnyx Silverlace」は、2つの前面に取り組んでいます。最初のものは「防御は最高の犯罪である」モットーを持っています。...
通常価格 $129
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Jewelry Sale Black Friday - Our 2 Favorite Bracelets for Men & Women

Ready to fill your jewelry box this Black Friday? Discover two stunning bracelets below. 

  • For Women - Divine Faithfulness Lotus Diamond Sapphire Mix Bracelet 

In 18k gold plated brass, this bracelet is truly one-of-a-kind in appearance and powers. Featuring an array of sparkling sapphire stones in a variety of colors, joy and bliss are able to flow abundantly into the life of the wearer.

Sapphire is also a fearless stone of protection and infuses the soul with sacred wisdom. The gorgeous lotus charm reminds us of the power of transformation. Despite all odds, the lotus emerges from darkness in brilliant and colorful blooms.

No matter what obstacles we face, we can surpass them with grace, just like the lotus. Harness the benefits of this vibrant bracelet with our jewelry store Black Friday deals. 

Divine Faithfulness - Lotus Diamond Sapphire Mix Bracelet

  • For Men - Positive Change Silver Gunmetal Malachite Mantra Bracelet

Let your soul shine with this powerful bracelet serving as your supportive companion. Allow the healing benefits of this piece to encourage you on your path towards passion and purpose.

Your highest potential will be uncovered while harnessing the positive energy of malachite. In verdant greens, this stone connects to the heart chakra, opening you up to the healing energy of love.

Malachite is also a handy tool for manifestation, calling in abundance and success into your life. Spiritual energy is enhanced by the mantra barrels, as they protect your aura and enhance your wisdom. 

Positive Change - Silver Gunmetal Malachite Mantra Bracelet

Karma and Luck  Bracelets - Mens  -  Sterling Gunmetal Malachite Mantra Bracelet
100% OFF
Positive Change - Silver Gunmetal Malachite Mantra Bracelet
Be the change that you wish to see in the world. Get a spiritual makeover with the help of our mighty "Positive Change - Silver Gunmetal ...
通常価格 $349 セールスプライス $119
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Black Friday Sale Jewelry - Our 2 Favorite Rings for Men & Women

Shopping for Black Friday sales on jewelry? Keep reading to see two stunning choices of healing stone rings. 

  • For Women - Steadfast Serenity OM Symbol Diamond White Enamel Ring

White enamel vibrates with purity and cleansing energy in this stunning OM symbol ring. A cigar band style ring, this piece is versatile in functionality, allowing a variety of ring sizes to wear and cherish it.

The OM symbol, featured on this high-vibrational ring, is revered as the sound of the Universe. It is the breath, the rhythm, the entire being of the cosmos. By wearing this symbol on the finger, we signal to the Universe that we are ready for the many blessings it has to offer us.

We are open to abundance and transformation. Integrity and self-confidence are promoted, while doubts and fears are washed away. This supercharged piece lights the way on your spiritual path, guiding you towards your highest potential. 

Steadfast Serenity - OM Symbol Diamond White Enamel Ring

  • For Men - Intense Awareness Tiger’s Eye Mantra Ring

Great power lies within you, always ready to be accessed. The first step is believing in yourself. This “Intense Awareness” ring is your fearless guardian on the path towards courage and bravery.

The fiery tiger’s eye stones promote self-confidence, reminding you of the potential that lies within you. Never again will you doubt your strength with this stone leading the way. Positive energy flows, inviting warmth, creativity, and new opportunities into your life.

Every door opens for you with this tiger’s eye stone ring on the finger. Each time you glance down, you will be reminded of your true self, encouraging you to continuously step into your power. 

Intense Awareness - Tiger's Eye Mantra Ring

Karma and Luck  Men Ring  -  Intense Awareness - Tiger's Eye Mantra Ring
激しい意識 - タイガーの目のマントラリング
あなたの内の力は世界の電力よりも大きいです。 「激しい虎の目のマントラリング」はあなたの恐れを落ち着かせるのを助け、あなたがはるかに安全で安定しているようにしてください。 Tigerの目の石は、ストレスや不安などの過度のエネルギーを落ち着かせ、ストレスを軽減し、それを正のエ...
通常価格 $69
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Shop Black Friday with Karma & Luck

In the midst of holiday stress, invite some positivity and light into your life. This Black Friday, we will be offering stellar site-wide deals on all of our spiritually-minded jewelry.

Offering designs to suit any style and any intention, you are sure to find something to love! Consider what energy you would like to flourish in your life, and shop according to those unique and individualized needs. Each of our pieces are thoughtfully crafted with you in mind.

Whether you are looking for protection, love, confidence, or anything else, there is a piece of jewelry specifically crafted for your intentions. 

Ready to shop Black Friday jewelry deals? Visit our website and browse the full collection of stunning designs!

Men's Jewelry

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