6 Reasons You Stopped Seeing Angel Numbers

6 Reasons You Stopped Seeing Angel Numbers

Was there a time when angel numbers were flowing into your life in abundance? Maybe you always saw 11:11 on the clock each time you tapped your phone, or maybe 444 made its way frequently into your receipts and work assignments, whatever number you saw these are angel numbers.

Sent as divine messages, these numbers are believed to be signals from the divine. However, sometimes these numbers seem to inexplicably vanish from our lives. If this has happened to you, you are probably wondering why you stopped seeing angel numbers. Fear not - this is not necessarily a bad thing! 

Love is Power - Pearl Mantra Necklace 1 reviewThere are a variety of reasons for why you stopped seeing angel numbers, and one of them is simply that you are no longer in need of guidance. That is the best case scenario, and means that your angels feel you are secure and stable in your path. However, other reasons may be a simple misalignment or a lack of tuning in. Everything is fixable, so do not worry!

What does it mean to stop seeing angel numbers? Read on to find out the top 6 reasons you stopped noticing these divine numerical messages. 

What Are Angel Numbers Trying to Tell Me?

Before we get into why you stopped seeing them, let’s talk a little bit about what exactly angel numbers are and what they signify.

Your guardian angel always has your back - ready to protect you, encourage you, and keep you steady on the path to your highest potential. Vibrating at a beautifully high frequency, however, they are unable to communicate with us in a language we fully understand.

6 Reasons You Stopped Seeing Angel NumbersThis is why they use numbers and other subtle messages to connect with us. Aside from angel numbers they may use spirit animals, dreams, or sensations. 

Angel numbers are a wonderful and simple way guardian angels communicate. You probably have noticed certain numbers tend to repeat themselves, even in the most average of places. Take heart that this is no coincidence, and in fact these numbers have a great deal of wisdom to share with you.

Connected to numerology, each angel number represents a different meaning. Depending on your unique needs, goals, and interpretations, you will see varying numbers throughout the different stages of your life. 

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What Does it Mean if I Stop Seeing Angel Numbers?

There are a variety of reasons you may have stopped witnessing these angelic numbers. Worry not, everything is fixable. Here are the top 6 reasons your communication has gotten fuzzy:

6 Reasons You Stopped Seeing Angel Numbers

  • You Are No Longer in Need of the Guidance

Congratulations, not seeing angel numbers may actually be a good sign. When you stop seeing angel numbers it could signify that you are on the right path. The angels feel that you have chosen correctly and are moving in the direction of your highest potential.

If this is the case, you are not in need of guidance at this time. Be honest with yourself on this one, however, before giving yourself a pat on the back! 

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  • You Are Looking in the Wrong Places

Just because you have stopped seeing angel numbers, does not mean that your angels are not trying to communicate in other ways. If your mind is too focused on the numbers you see or the numbers you are missing, you may lose out on the other symbols throughout the day.

Keep an eye out for spirit animals, messages in dreams, or tingling sensations in the body - these are all forms of divine communication. 

  • You Are Out of Alignment

In order to connect with the wisdom of your angels, you have to be aligned with the frequency of their high vibration. Although we can never reach their otherworldly vibration, we can align ourselves to a higher state of being. Shift your focus back to spiritual growth and prioritize self-love, and you are sure to see the angel numbers once more. 

6 Reasons You Stopped Seeing Angel Numbers

  • You Are Forgetting About Mindfulness

Each meeting and each experience holds meaning. Yet, if you are not mindful you will surely miss these signs. Look at each moment of your life as an opportunity to learn and grow, and suddenly you will see that everything is a symbol, not just the numbers! 

  • A New Angel or Guardian is Coming Into Your Life

We all have one guardian angel who stays with us throughout our entire lives. This blessed soul is forever by your side, providing you with wisdom. Once in a while, though, we are connected with a different guardian.

Known as ascended masters or archangels, these souls come into our lives to teach us important lessons. If you stopped seeing angel numbers, it could be that one of these ascended masters is preparing a higher plan for you, so be patient. 

  • You Are Seeking Things That Do Not Serve You

When you stop seeing angel numbers, it could be a sign that you are requesting the wrong things. Your guardian angels know what is best for you, so trust that they have a higher plan.

If you are asking for new shoes or a million dollars, they probably will not send you angel numbers, but if you ask for happiness or new love, you can almost certainly expect the numbers to flow. 

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Why do I Keep Missing Angel Numbers by a Minute?

A common and quite frustrating phenomena is missing your angel numbers by just a minute. Keep looking at the clock at 11:12 or 2:23? You are not alone. Missing angel numbers by a minute is actually pretty common, and there is spiritual meaning tied to this. The most common reason for missing angel numbers by one minute is that you are simply out of alignment.

Your focus may have shifted to material goals or you may be living for someone else. Experiencing  this phenomena with angel numbers is actually a blessing, because it reminds you to get back on track. Once you start prioritizing your own spiritual growth and personal development, the angel numbers should come back into view. 

6 Reasons You Stopped Seeing Angel Numbers

Invite the Energy of Angel Numbers Back Into Your Life

Providing a wealth of knowledge, angel numbers are subtle messages from above. Your guardian angel is constantly trying to communicate with you, but it just takes a mindful attitude and positive outlook to start noticing. Everybody’s numbers will be different, and each person will assign different meanings to their numbers.

You may start taking these numbers for granted, but once they are gone, you will surely notice the importance they hold. If you stopped seeing angel numbers, remember that this is normal and nothing to freak out about. It is just another message coming through, so tap into your intuition to determine the “why”, and get busy re-aligning yourself to divine energy. 

Interested in learning more about angel numbers, or curious about manifestation and astrology? Visit our blog to explore a variety of mind-bending topics!

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