2022 Feng Shui: Creative Prosperity Activation

2022 Feng Shui

Creativity isn’t just making art—it is all of life. Every thought, every action, every word – it’s all creative action. The more we tap into our deliberate creative power, the more we can shape life in brilliant ways—manifesting, innovating, growing, and living up to our fullest potential. 

So many major themes of 2022 strongly suggest that this year will be one of invention, flourishing, and awakening creativity in every excellent way you can imagine.

I’ve got my “I am Creative” Carnelian Feng Shui Tree fluffed up and positioned center stage in my house on the mantle, sitting atop a card with my greatest wishes for the year written on it clearly. I can feel the energy of the gleaming crystal tree already bringing those creative wishes to life.

Happiness Evoker - Citrine Feng Shui Tree
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How to Activate Your Creative Power in 2022

To activate your creativity and all of its prospering power in the year ahead, start by clarifying your desires. 

  • What would you be so proud to contribute, accomplish, and learn in the year ahead?
  • What would you love to experience and enjoy?
  • What breakthroughs are you ready to experience?

And, most importantly:

How do you want to feel?

Aiming high and aiming true when envisioning 2022 will put you in the driver’s seat, excited and ready to actualize your dreams with your passion fully switched on!

I suggest writing down goals (they’re exponentially more likely to be achieved when written down). Place the list somewhere special, perhaps under your own crystal Feng Shui Tree or in another sacred space where they’ll be surrounded by high frequency energy.

Feng Shui Tips for 2022

Now, let’s use Feng Shui to capitalize on so many major energetic shifts in the New Year. Let's start with some astrological highlights...

Jupiter Brings in Luck & Expansion

Jupiter—the expansion, “luck,” and benevolence planet—will be in Pisces now through May 10th and back again from October 28th – December 20th where it can work its magic on a far higher level than it could in the last two years.

To get ready to receive more abundance—get organized! 

Whether you reorganize your pantry or your closets, your computer files, or your finances, all of this organization increases the flow in life and will help you to stay in your zone of genius!  

Feng Shui Tree

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A Rare Transit

Jupiter also meets up with Neptune in the sign of Pisces in April, a rare transit that’s thought to inspire masterpieces and art movements.

Creativity thrives in sensory-rich space.

It’s a wonderful time to stock up on fabulous candles, incense, and aromatherapy. Toss fluffy blankets on the sofa, get satiny pillow cases for your bed, and revel in delight. Multicolored art and rugs can also be a catalyst for fresh energy and amazing ideas!

Also this year, the North Node will be in Taurus (earthy, pleasurable, physical, rich, and rewarding) and the South Node in Scorpio (depths of watery emotion, passion, and momentum) – a powerful duo that will also star in the Eclipses of 2022.

Think less and experiment more in action.

Invest in a big sketchpad and markers to brainstorm and plan in new ways. Join an accountability group or team up with a friend or a coach to bring your visions to life. As Picasso famously said, "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working."

Lunar New Year: Tiger

It’s the Lunar New Year of the Tiger.  This is a stunning year filled with success, swiftness, high velocity, and empowerment!

Self-care is incredibly important in the New Year.

Your creative energy flows freely when you are centered, grounded, and feeling fully “charged up.”

A daily ritual to tap into your inner guidance—something like meditation, daily journaling, yoga, or a spiritual practice—can be the foundation upon which you build new creative empires. 

Home care is also self-care, so something as small as a spritz of natural room spray in every room of your house can remind you that your home is a scared space. 

Tree of Life

Karma and Luck  Tree of life  -  Radiant Happiness - Citrine Feng Shui Tree
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Universal Year

It’s a #6 Universal Year in Numerology—a year of building, creating, balancing your life, and making your home a sanctuary.

To build a more balanced and fulfilling year ahead, grab a big poster board, and write in the nine areas of the Feng Shui Energy Map (*the Bagua) like a big grid.  Now, describe some simple and compelling ways you can enhance each of the nine areas of your life in the year ahead. Add some colorful pictures to the board to give it even more power. 

Small new habits—like drinking more water to enhance health or listening to an audiobook every week to build Wisdom—can spark enormous life revolutions!

Creativity is the greatest transformational, prosperous, joyful, and magnetic energy that can multiply the greatness in your life! This year, I have the legendary words of Maya Angelou featured on my desk as the daily point of focus, and you may want to do the same:

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

 Feng Shui Tree

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