Men’s Guide to Chakra Balancing & Healing

chakra balancing

When we tend to our physical, mental, and emotional needs, we invite true holistic well-being into our lives. According to Global Action on Men’s Health, most men around the world are concerned with their physical health, but too often, they don’t prioritize mental health.

Through self-care, we can tune into what our mind, body, and spirit needs to add or subtract in order to restore balance.

Our chakra system, the energetic nodes positioned parallel to our spine from pelvis to crown, offers a map to navigate our symptoms, communicating when something is not quite right.

By incorporating chakra balancing practices into our health routines, we invite healing at every level and give ourselves the self-care we need every day. 

crystals for chakra balancing

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Chakra Balancing for Men: Our 5 Best Tips for Healing 

We can dive deep into our chakras to learn about the subtle intricacies of our mind, body, and spirit. Here are our favorite ways to promote balance and healing in our chakras…

Wear Mens Chakra Healing Bracelets

An amazing aspect of the chakras is how they react to color therapy. Each node corresponds to a color on the light spectrum from red to violet. One of the best ways to activate our chakras with color is by wearing healing stones that connect us to our area of need.

If we need to find grounding, and root into the earth, we can look to red stones like Garnet. For heart healing, green crystals like Jade, soothe and cleanse. Sometimes we need to address the whole system with a rainbow of colored stones.

An easy way to wear crystals for balance and healing is with chakra bracelets. The versatility of bracelets allows us to layer multiple strands for several chakra nodes or wear just one powerful wrap that incorporates all the chakra colors.

chakra healing bracelets

When we need a boost of optimism to help bring balance to our mental and physical health, the Spiritual Connection Chakra Bracelet infuses our aura with joy and peace. Citrine stones enhance feelings of positivity, while Jasper stones display the spectrum of hues that activate our chakras.

For grounding, the Jasper and Matte Onyx stones in our Divine Energy Chakra Bracelet can help you feel calm and access the wisdom you need to heal.

Incorporating colors, as well as spiritual symbolism, the Vibrant Luck Red String Ladybug Charm Bracelet combines the ancient meaning of the Red String with Matte Jasper beads and chakra disks; this allows us to tune into the frequency of our energy system.

Bless Your Home With Crystals for Chakra Balancing 

Just as health includes more than our physical state, healing can happen in spaces both inside and outside of ourselves. By addressing the energy that surrounds us, we can restore balance on the outside to promote goodness and comfort on the inside.

This includes both connecting to the natural world around us and being in the presence of people who encourage our growth and well-being.

Another way to create an environment of healing comes from using crystals that clear the energy around us. We can decorate with wall blessings and Tree of Life sculptures in our homes and offices to ensure a constant flow of beneficial, enlightening vibrations. 

Chakra Wall Blessing

The Karmic Alignment Wall Blessing places the Hamsa Hand symbol prominently in a room as an incredible tool to learn about our chakra system. With a diagram of the chakra nodes on the body and a list descending from crown to root, we can look to this Wall Blessing to discover the complete energy of the system. Each chakra contains a corresponding healing stone to create balance and protect the space around it.

強さと成長Feng Shui Chakra Tree
強さと成長Feng Shui Chakra Tree
過去に住んでいない、未来を夢見ないで、現時点で心を集中させてください。活気のある瞬間と総マインドフルネスは私たちのマルチストーンで一般的なものになります強さと成長Feng Shui Chakra Treeあなたの人生と環境のあらゆる観点から成長を喚起します。すべてのユニーク...
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The Tree of Life symbol inspires us to continually grow in our health and well-being and to reject fear and stagnation in our lives. The Aligned in Harmony Chakra Feng Shui Tree stands on a white crystal base with branches decorated in stones for the seven chakra colors.

This tree roots spiritual balance inside the home. Extending from a stable Agate base, the Strength & Growth Feng Shui Chakra Tree has chakra stones that inspire us to strive for our best and seek true healing so we don’t sink into complacency and the crutch of playing it safe.

Balance Your Energy With Healing Sounds

To find the balanced rhythm of our bodies, we have to listen. A great way to heal the chakras is through sound. Because color exists at different wavelengths that feed each chakra differently, the frequency of sounds and tones similarly aids in chakra balancing.

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Singing bowls have played a role in spiritual meditative practices for ages, especially in Tibetan tradition. Through the construction of the bowls, they are attuned to different sound frequencies that help to vibrate our chakras. This releases unnecessary tension and makes room for harmony and healing. 

The Karma and Luck singing bowl collection features the entire chakra spectrum of colors. By using singing bowls, we put our hands to work, restoring our sense of wellness. This can grow into a meditation practice that not only cleanses the aura but also our environment.

Eat the Rainbow

Wearing chakra healing bracelets and placing crystal bowls and stone sculptures in our homes has a balancing effect on the outside of our bodies. We can bring chakra balancing energy inside our bodies by eating a rainbow of colorful food.

Phytonutrients in plants correspond to colors that have different beneficial properties, targeting certain aspects of our health. When we notice an imbalance in one of our chakras, we can arm ourselves in chakra jewelry before heading to the kitchen to chop up some vibrant fruits and vegetables that our chakras are craving.

Supreme Wisdom - Matte Onyx Mantra Ring

Practice Chakra Meditation

Finally, an effective way to address our chakra system comes through targeted chakra meditation. Using crystals for chakra balancing, we can sit in stillness and focus on each chakra node. This can bring us sensations and insights conveyed to us through our mind and spirit.

We can do chakra meditation anytime and anywhere, even if we don’t have our crystals or singing bowls. An advantage to wearing chakra jewelry lies in always having a small talisman to help guide our minds to focus inwards no matter where we are in the world. 

Final Thoughts 

Through chakra balancing, we invite a complete method for healing into our bodies. Working with our chakras provides us with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the wonder of health and well-being. It reminds us that we have the strength and resources to live fully and intentionally. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Men’s Bracelets

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