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The stunning ruby is one of the most beloved gemstones in the world. Frequently linked to wealth and success, these red gems have been worn by everyone from royals to movie stars.

As a result of their connection to riches and bravery, rubies were frequently used as crown decorations in ancient times. The intense red hue of the ruby is associated with passion, love, and protection.

Long ago, people thought that the dark red of rubies came straight from Mother Earth's blood. The stones were highly prized because it was believed that they contained the secret to life itself.

According to some myths, sapphires may transform into rubies if they remain in the ground for a long enough period of time. Other stories claim that rubies can predict bad luck, turning a darker shade of red as a way to warn its user of any danger on the horizon.

Ruby Gemstone Meaning and Benefits

Ruby is a type of the mineral corundum that ranges in color from pinkish-red to blood-red , resulting from aluminum oxide. One of the most well-loved traditional jewelry gems is gemstone ruby, which is also quite strong. Similar to other gemstones, rubies are graded according to their clarity, color, cut, and carat weight.

Historically, Burmese rubies, prized for their intense red hue, were the most expensive and sought-after rubies available. The quality and color of fine, modern Mozambican and Malagasy stones are on par with those from conventional Burmese sources.

Rubies and sapphires are both members of the corundum mineral family and are composed of aluminum oxide. Sapphires are frequently mislabeled as rubies when they take on a bluer shade than red. It is uncommon to find large rubies with excellent color and clarity.

As they get bigger, these stones become immensely more valuable as long as the clarity and color are still present. The value of inclusion-filled or color-distorted stones is lower than that of clear, rich stones. 

The gemstone ruby has taken on varying significance throughout the globe. For instance, for milestone anniversaries, such as the 15th and 40th, rubies are given as gifts. If you and your wife are approaching a significant anniversary, husbands, bear this in mind!

Ruby Crystal & Stone Meaning, Benefits, Properties

On the other hand, in some Asian societies, rubies were buried beneath a building's foundation to ward off bad luck and attract wealth. In India and China, noblemen's armor and harnesses both featured rubies, while Hindus thought that rubies would protect them from approaching foes.

The Liberty Bell Ruby, which was discovered in East Africa in the 1950s, is the largest known ruby. It was designed to resemble the Liberty Bell and weighs more than four pounds.

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Interestingly enough, four suspects were detained in 2014 for the theft of the Liberty Bell Ruby, which was stolen in a jewelry crime in 2011. However, since the heist, detectives have still been unable to locate the prized stone.

Some of the most well-known rubies in the world can be found at the National Museum of Natural History. One of them is a 23-carat Burmese ruby that philanthropist Peter Buck gave to the museum. In the 1930s, the stone was brought from Mogok, a district of Myanmar.

The Sunrise Ruby, which fetched $30 million from an unidentified buyer in 2015, was the most expensive ruby ever auctioned. The Pink Star Diamond, which was sold in April 2017 for $71.2 million in Hong Kong, was the most expensive diamond ever sold. It is also the most costly gemstone overall. We make deep research to find this information.

The Star Ruby is one of the rarest varieties of rubies. Small needle-like inclusions in the ruby have formed a six- or twelve-rayed star on the stone's surface.

After polishing, these inclusions give the stone a silky sheen that makes the ruby shimmer as it moves in the light. The same hues as regular rubies can be found in star rubies; however, pigeons' blood star rubies are the most prized.

Looking to learn more about the gemstone Ruby? Read on to discover Jewelry Rubies meaning, properties, benefits, and more! 


The Meaning of Rubies

The Latin word "ruber", which means red, is where the term "ruby" originates. Rubies are regarded as a gemstone that holds a lot of emotion and feelings because they have historically been favored by individuals in positions of authority, as well as by those in love.

Ruby Birthstone Meaning

In many cultures, there are legends and stories of where the ruby came from. For example, rubies are said to have grown on trees, first as white blossoms and then as ripe red rubies that were ready for harvest. The Bible also refers to rubies, and some of the oldest civilizations have utilized and valued them throughout the ages.

Due to their scarcity, hardness (second only to diamond), beauty, and what appears to be supernatural qualities, rubies were referred to as the "king of precious stones" in ancient India. In Indian jewelry, gemstone ruby was a representation of strength and youth that was long associated with the life force blood.

In earlier centuries, some people thought the birthstone for July could foretell bad luck or danger, while others thought it could treat inflammatory illnesses and calm wrath. Burmese warriors thought they were invulnerable in battle because of it. Europeans in the middle ages believed that rubies brought prosperity, success in love, health, and intelligence.

jewelry with ruby

The Benefits of a Vibrant Red Ruby and Original Ruby Stone

The benefits of ruby are numerous, and it is a powerful and intense stone. Natural Ruby Stone is all about upping the stakes and boosting energy levels for people who want to turn up the volume on their life force.

Any lethargic or pessimistic feelings can burn up like wood in the fire for the wearer who chooses the deeper hues of the ruby. Real Ruby Stone is a unique force, and it is well-known for having potent aphrodisiac properties that go beyond straightforward concepts of touch and desire.

It is a vibrant mixture of power, confidence, vigor, and strength. Real Ruby Gemstone is your rare and dynamic gem if you are looking for a strong stone that will illuminate your world.

Limitless Properties of a Ruby Crystal

The ruby gemstone has a special meaning for individuals who share the Capricorn zodiac sign, but it also speaks to those born under the other stars and constellations.

This jewel, which is the birthstone for July, personifies summer. Its color conjures up images of the sun blazing in the black night sky and brings to mind thoughts of unending brightness, passion, and growing fire.

Saturn rules both Capricorns and the ruby stone. They both possess strong energy and a steadfast conviction that finding one's inner center will only make one's life more joyful.

They both possess strength and perseverance as well. The ruby is a stone for protection, but it also represents peace, balance, love, and beauty in the goal of harmony. All of these characteristics of the ruby can make Capricorns more successful in this world.

A good gemstone for people born under the sign of Cancer, as well, is ruby. Cancers tend to not put themselves out there too much and can be quite modest people, which can hold them back from reaching their goals. They can, however, increase their sense of self-worth and reinvigorate their drive and motivation with ruby's exceptional confidence-boosting abilities.

Spiritual Wisdom - Ruby Turtle Charm Bracelet

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The Ruby Birthstone

One of the world’s most sought-after stones is the ruby, which is also the birthstone for July. The name comes from the Latin word “ruber”, which appropriately translates to "red" - the hue of passion and ardor. The ruby birthstone truly stands out from the rest.

The finest hue of the July birthstone is a deep red with a tinge of purple, known in the trade as "pigeon's blood". The color of ruby, a type of the mineral corundum, is caused by minute levels of chromium.

What Month is a Ruby Birthstone ?

The more chromium there is present in the stone, the stronger the hue of red. What month is the Ruby Birthstone? These stones make for excellent gifts for anyone born in the month of July.

The ruby, a deep red gemstone that has existed since the beginning of time, is the birthstone most associated with the month of July. The existence of Ruby July birthstone is frequently linked by scientists to the collision of continents more than 50 million years ago. So, now you know what month is Ruby birthstone.

These priceless gems can be found in numerous types of contemporary Ruby birthstone month jewelry as well as elaborate necklaces, ornamental armor, and royal crowns.

Ruby is what month birthstone? July Ruby Birthstone, like all birthstones, are linked to the zodiac signs. In the case of rubies, they are especially connected to the signs of Leo and Cancer.

Cancer birthdays make up the majority of the month. However, a Leo born in July can also claim the ruby or one of the alternative July birthstones Ruby as their own. 

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High-Quality Ruby Jewelry

The ruby stone, a representation of royalty, is praised for being a priceless, immaculate image of perfection. There is a reason why those in powerful leadership positions adore wearing this stone, which has adorned the fingers of queens and emperors alike.

Wearing a Ruby's Jewelry close to your skin is one of the greatest ways to get the most out of it. When priceless stones and crystals are placed against the skin, they come into direct contact with our own energy and can accelerate the healing process.

Gemstone Ruby jewelry is the best tool to use if you wish to balance energies, clear chakras, and work with crystals both unconsciously and consciously. You can wear a Ruby necklace to keep the stone near your heart or a Ruby bracelet to allow the gem to travel throughout your body in time with your heartbeat. Ruby rings can keep the stone in your line of vision and serve as a joyful reminder.

Other red gemstones like red spinel for improved vitality, garnet for igniting passion, carnelian for warming the spirit, red jasper for earthly grandeur, red beryl for filling your cup, and red quartz for higher levels of love and loyalty are stones that work well when combined with ruby. You can also use softer energy stones like kyanite or gentler blue-green stones with water energy if you want greater equilibrium in your crystal pairings.

Ruby zoisite is a precious stone that unites patience with fire. This rare treasure brings the best of both worlds together and also heals the heart, and stimulates the circulatory system. You can also combine Jewelry with Ruby with any variety of stunning green stones if you are utilizing it to heal and open your heart.

Green gems, which include the alluring beauty of emerald and the earthy vibes of moss agate, directly work with the heart chakra to remove obstructions and create a nurturing, loving place within your heart.

When working with the ruby stone, you can also combine it with grounding black protective stones to increase your degrees of protection. When it comes to negative energy and psychic attacks, gems like black tourmaline and obsidian give you the ultimate invisibility cloak.

Wearing jewelry Ruby made of rubies is in keeping with the legend that these flaming stones were once employed as talismans and amulets to protect their wearers. Ruby amulets were once worn as a defense against poison, evil spirits, and negative thoughts.

The same still holds true today. Although the world is filled with bad energy, you may keep your personal aura gleaming by wearing a ruby amulet as a reminder to stay connected with inner joy.

Adorn Yourself in Rubies Jewelry

Since the beginning of time, rubies have been prized additions to jewelry. Despite being one of the more uncommon gemstones, rubies are frequently seen in antique jewelry, particularly from the Victorian era on. Ruby has traditionally been regarded as a stone of royalty in many cultures.

Naturally, there are many links between power and money in ruby symbolism and lore. The owner's estates were said to profit and be safeguarded, and having a ruby was said to help with wealth gain. Particularly, this gem would aid in the owner's collection of gems.

The magical qualities of ruby extended to offering protection when worn as a talisman. People used to think that by wearing the stone on their left, or their heart side, they would be able to live peacefully. Nobody could claim their land or position. You can buy Ruby stone necklace, Ruby birthstone bracelets, Ruby birthstone rings and real Ruby earrings from Karma and Luck store.

They would be protected from all dangers, even storm damage to their homes, by the blood-colored stone. Ruby's color, which resembles blood, undoubtedly inspired strong connotations with this vital substance. It was thought that those who took such risks had a particular bond with the diamond. The jewelry ruby was valued by the ancient Burmese as the stone of warriors.

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They thought it conferred immunity. Wearing it on the left, though, was insufficient. Only individuals who physically had rubies implanted into their bodies would benefit from this. They thought they were protected from spear wounds, swords, or guns.

According to other accounts, rubies and other red stones could reduce bleeding and inflammation while also raising the body's core temperature. In fact, you will discover that the symbolism and legend surrounding another well-known red gem, garnet, shares a lot of similarities with that of the ruby.

Many people believed that all red gemstones belonged to the same sort of stone prior to the establishment of scientific classifications of gem species. 

The glow inside a ruby suggested to many throughout the years that a quiet fire lived inside the stone. Some strange lore may have originated as a result of this optical phenomenon. It was once claimed that water could boil when a ruby was added to it.

There are also legends about rubies that say these stones produce their own light. One ruby was even said to be "shining like a torch". It is understandable why the ruby has developed such a mystique, given its lengthy and diverse history. 

With its unmatched beauty and unparalleled powers, this glowing red stone has captivated the hearts of people around the world. Particularly loved by royalty, this stone promises riches and success. Ready to add ruby bracelets, ruby crystal necklace or ruby earrings to your collection and begin harnessing its wealth of properties? Visit our website to browse our full collection of ruby's jewelry: Ruby gemstone bracelet, Ruby gemstone necklace, Ruby stone ring and Ruby earrings.

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