Illuminate Your Home with the Holy Light Wall Blessing

Make your home a beacon of faith and love

What if you could adorn your space with divine power and spiritual intention?

That’s what you can expect when you add Karma and Luck’s Holy Light Wall Blessing in your interior décor. This cross wall hanging reverberates strength, love, support, and faith throughout your personal sanctuary.

The ancient traditions and beliefs that carry on in the cross symbol will fortify your inner faith and modern spirituality. Plus, you’ll enjoy all of these benefits…

Fair trade
Authentic gemstones
Blessed by singing bowl
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Illuminate Your Home with the Holy Light Wall Blessing

Make your home a beacon of faith and love

Every person experiences life in a different way. That’s why it is important to always offer compassion to those around you.

With a simple shape that carries intricate, complex symbolism within its miniature Holy Bible and tiny vial of Holy Water, the Holy Light Wall Blessing serves as a reminder to lovingly accept others without judgment. Because we never know the beautiful gifts they hold deep inside.

Open Your Home to Holy Light

Flow With Life

Joy in this life is a guarantee, but not necessarily every day. Leaning on your faith can lead you to happiness and light. This cross wall hanging can help steady your inner rhythm. That way, you can remain steadfast in your beliefs and emerge more enlightened with intention in the face of any obstacles that come your way.

Prioritize Faith

To embrace a spirit-centered modern lifestyle, hold tight to your divine faith. Allow the Holy Light Wall Blessing to demonstrate your devotion and willingness to shine in spirituality. By inviting this crystal-encrusted cross wall hanging into your home to spread its deep traditions and healing vibrations, you’ll inspire a constant connection to your higher purpose.

Focus on Hope

Our dreams become within reach when we rely on divine faith and guidance. The Holy Light Wall Blessing directs our focus where it matters: on the hope of spiritual protection and strength. Always put your beliefs ahead of everything so you can live your truth and fulfill your purpose in all that you do.

Connect with Belief

As we go about our daily lives, we are constantly bombarded with people, experiences, toxins, and other negative vibrations. But when we keep our beliefs and faith secure, we deflect negative energy and attract good karma. Cross wall hangings like the Holy Light Wall Blessing binds us to a higher power that protects us as we persevere through any challenge, allowing us to find the omnipresent flame of the divine.

Open Your Home to Holy Light

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This is a blessing of love, hope and faith. It's beautiful and I've already been feeling the positive energy and protection from above. I've never seen anything so well made! Thank you Karma and Luck for giving this opportunity to know there's love, faith, hope and especially belief! I look forward to making another purchase. Thanks again kindly.


This is a beautifully crafted piece with turquoise and a mini bible. All the gemstones are delicately placed. Product arrived timely and well packaged. Love your store and will purchase again.


Love love it!! So blessed with giving it to my parents and keeping one for myself! It’s gorgeous and so calming and peaceful to hold!! Looks beautiful!

Maria L.