We've partnered with EcoDrive to address carbon reduction and take action against the climate challenges our Planet faces.
Each tree is planted in a special plot located in North-Western Madagascar. With our partners, we've hired local villagers to plant mangrove trees, known to be one of the highest carbon-absorbing trees in the world.

Here’s How We Are Making The Impact Together

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How Does It Works


When you make a purchase, you add a tree to the planet and good karma to your life.


We plant a mangrove in Madagaskar after your purchase with the help of villagers.


On the 30th day, you will get a confirmation that your tree has officially taken roots.


After 60 days we will notify you that your tree is 12 inches tall and has started offsetting 60lbs of CO2.

Green For Good Collection

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Wear Green for Good

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Nando Sirriani

Nando Sirriani

Valerio Goffredo

Valerio Goffredo


1. What Kind Of Tree Is Being Planted?

In Coordination With The Eden Project, Our Partners At EcoDrive Are Reforesting The Planet With Mangrove Trees In Madagascar. Research Shows That Mangroves Are One Of The Most Effective Trees For Offsetting Carbon Emissions And Filtering The Air That We Breathe So That Future Generations Can Enjoy Mother Nature, Just Like Us.

2. Why Mangrove Trees?

Mangrove Trees Are One Of The Highest Carbon-Sequestering Tree Species. Over Its Lifetime, Every Tree Has The Potential To Remove 680lbs Of CO2. They Thrive On A High Carbon Intake, And They Process And Filter The CO2 Much Quicker Than Mature Tropical Rainforests. Mangroves Are Also A Key Part Of Coastal Ecosystems, Providing Shelter To Wildlife In The Regions They Are Planted. The Reforestation Provides Work For Locals Who Live In Poverty, Uplifting The Communities Involved In The Project.

3. How Do I Know When It's Planted?

Trees Are Planted Within 14 - 30 Days Of Your Purchase, Depending On Weather Conditions. Keep An Eye Out - We'll Send You A Link To View The Mangrove Plot Directly!

Thank you for being
part of the solution.

Thank you for being part of the solution.