What You Need to Know About the Full Pink Moon

Full Pink Moon

Is a full Pink Moon as beautiful as it sounds? Well, yes…and no…While many people take its name literally, the full Pink Moon is not actually pink. It is, however, a significant, beautiful moon, and you can watch for yourself when it arrives Thursday, April 6, 2023. The Pink Moon is the first full moon that welcomes the Spring season.

The full Pink Moon is worthy of attention for many reasons. Read on to see how this powerful moon can affect you…

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Why Is It Called A Pink Moon?

The name Pink Moon first appeared in the Maine Farmer’s Almanac, which published a list of all the Native American names of the moon phases every month. Apparently, Native Americans coined the term after the herb pink moss or Phlox Subulata, a wildflower that blooms early in the Spring.

Since these flowers grow in the North American region, the Native people associated it with the first full moon of Spring, called the full moon pink.

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What Does The Full Pink Moon Mean For Your Life?

While so many of the Full Moons are a time for work, overcoming challenges, and advancing your soul, the Pink Moon is all about love. Revel in love, life, and just being. That's what the Pink Moon is all about.

Full Moons are a time to release that which no longer serves you. It’s a time to forgive, release bitterness and blocked emotions, and set yourself free from negativity. Using full moon rituals and crystals can help you release old baggage.

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What’s The Best Crystal To Use For The Full Pink Moon?

Our pick is Rose Quartz. The lovely pink gemstone is all about love. It also holds exceptional powers in helping release old patterns and behaviors you simply don’t need. This is the perfect combination to use especially during the full Pink Moon cycle.

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How Can Rose Quartz Help?

Rose Quartz helps stabilize our emotional patterns which affect, well, just about everything. Use Rose Quartz during the full Pink Moon to bring painful emotions to the surface so they can be released. Since Rose Quartz is gentle, nurturing, and kind, it encourages us to release these pent-up emotions in a healthy manner.

Beautiful Rose Quartz improves the energy in any room or healing space, and it makes a great partner in creating a warm, loving vibe.

Count on Rose Quartz to infuse the aura and chakras with a surplus of loving vibrations. The crystal fills any void in our energy field with love and healing light so that harmful energies can’t propagate. That’s why it’s used during and following any activity of release, cord cutting, or psychic surgery.

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Rose Quartz inspires self-love and is a powerful remedy for doubt and lack of self-confidence. While its primary role is for self-love, the crystal is also a powerful tool to use in new and evolving relationships.

Connect to this soothing stone to activate compassion, kindness, and joy. The gemstone opens our eyes to see the love that already exists in all of creation.

Crystal healers swear by Rose Quartz’s power to resolve painful feelings, including depression, grief, anxiety, anger, and other disruptive emotions. Pair the crystal with other stones such as quartz, ruby, malachite, or aquamarine to strengthen its power.

Full Pink Moon

Powerful Rose Quartz Is Also Revered For Other Qualities

  • The stone of unconditional love and infinite peace
  • Important for the heart and heart chakra
  • Teaches the true essence of love
  • Calming and reassuring
  • Helps to comfort in times of grief
  • Purifies and opens the heart on all levels
  • Brings deep inner healing and self-love
  • Increases fertility
  • Strengthens the physical heart and circulatory system
  • Releases impurities
  • Aids in healing chest problems when placed on the thymus.
Full Pink Moon

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    Ways To Use Rose Quartz During The Full Pink Moon & Beyond

    • Wear as a beautiful piece of jewelry to keep Rose Quartz close to your body
    • Carry loose Rose Quartz tumbled stones in your pocket or purse
    • Keep loose Rose Quartz tumbled stones in your vehicle
    • Incorporate Rose Quartz in your home and office décor with a Rose Quartz Gemstone Tree
    • Place a dish of Rose Quartz crystals on your desk and on your nightstand
    Full Pink Moon

      How To Use the Pink Moon for Spiritual Growth: Rituals

      Rituals help us tap into the deeper meanings in life, and allow us to embrace change. They offer us a chance to reflect on our past wins and misses, to take stock of what we need to release, and to what we want to create in the future.

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      Smudge Your Space

      The full moon tends to mark an accumulation of energies—both light and dark. This makes the Pink Moon a perfect time to cleanse our space energetically to remove or let go of any built-up negative vibes, renewing our surroundings with fresh energy.

      From Native Americans to Buddhists, cultures that turn to smudge are some of the most connected on earth. The sacred ritual of smudging clears stale energy and shifts us into a higher place.

      Full Pink Moon

      Tips on Smudging

      Take a few moments before you start your smudging ritual to clear your mind and calm your heart. Reflect on what kind of energy you want in your home. The intention is one of the most important aspects of smudging.

      Open the windows or ring a bell in each room to awaken the energy so it can be shifted.

      Then light your Sage or Palo Santo, ask for renewed energy, and walk around the perimeter of each room you want to cleanse. Invite the smoke into all the shadows and corners of your space where negative energy likes to lurk. Once finished, extinguish the smudge in a bowl of sand and thank Mother Earth for the gift of cleansing and renewal.

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      The Pink Moon is an ideal time to reflect. Sit quietly, and ask yourself some important questions. Is there something you need to release? Do you need to forgive, or ask for forgiveness? What energy would you like to bring in for the new beginning after the Pink Moon? Take your time to reflect deeply.

      Full Pink Moon

      Cleanse, Recharge, and Program Your Crystals During the Pink Moon

      Like our cell phones, crystals need to be recharged. Crystals do a lot of heavy lifting clearing toxic energy, and as a result, they need care, too. Here are a few powerful ways to restore your crystals.

      By the Light of the Pink Moon

      Moonlight washes away negative energy, and using the Pink Moon to cleanse, recharge, and program your crystals is genius.

      All crystals can benefit from a full moon bath. Simply place your crystals on a windowsill in the light of the full moon, or place them in a safe spot outside. Leave your gemstones under the full moon and allow them to work their magic.

      Heart Hamsa Rose Quartz Triple Layer Necklace

      By Smudging

      Bring out the Palo Santo and fire up your Sage. Smudging sweeps away bad vibes and can be applied to your crystals, too. Simply hold the crystal in your hand as you waft the smoke using your other hand. Allow the cleansing smoke to surround the crystal for at least 30 seconds. This cleansing ritual will send negative energy packing and will allow your crystal to open to its full power.

      With A Singing Bowl

      Bathe and recharge your crystal with the healing vibrations of a singing bowl. Simply place your crystal in a clean space next to the singing bowl. Gently strike the bowl so it emits a ringing sound, and rub your singing bowl mallet against the outside of the bowl so the sound continues. Singing bowls are a powerful way to cleanse and charge your crystals. It sounds pretty, too.

      Full Pink Moon

      How to Program Your Crystals

      After you’ve cleansed and charged your crystals, it’s time to program them with your intention. With love, set your intentions for the good. Your crystals are here to help you on your journey. Simply quiet your mind, focus on your intention, and let that energy radiate into the gem. Be as clear and as specific as possible. When we program our crystals, they can help us on a highly intuitive level.

      Meditate or Chant Holding Crystals or Symbols

      Let your intuition guide you in choosing crystals or symbols to use during your meditation. Sense into what you need, with every deep breath. Ask yourself what you need to release. A rose quartz crystal would be a powerful gemstone to hold during your meditation or chanting. Is there another symbol that resonates? Ask the question, and listen for the answer.

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      The Wrap

      Whichever way you choose to spend this Pink Moon, it’s a good idea for it to feel reflective and conclusive. Turn your focus to what you have done since the last full moon. How have you grown? What do you need to release? What do you want to keep or improve? Rose Quartz is a powerful ally for the full Pink Moon and beyond.

      Full Moon rituals help us on our journey when we use them to cleanse, recharge, and reflect. Revel in the calm of the moonlight for a moment, and charge your energy until the next full moon. It will be here before you know it.

      Full Pink Moon

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