What Do Turtles Symbolize? Understand the Meaning of Turtle Spirit Animal Jewelry

Turtle Symbolism

On May 23, we are celebrating World Turtle Day and honoring these animals that inspire us to be persevering and go within to find clarity and wisdom. What do turtles symbolize, but noble things such as patience, endurance, and tranquility? 

Trusting yourself and being patient, while passionately working on your goals and dreams is the essence of living a fulfilling life. Turtles can teach us all of that and more.

What Do Turtles Symbolize? 

Due to their nature and long lifespan, turtles have long been associated with timelessness, and they are omens of longevity and luck. For decades, their symbolism has been associated with great patience, strength of character, and peace and wisdom.


Although slow-moving, turtles are incredibly persistent. Their symbolism is linked with true confidence and silent inner power. Since they carry a heavy shell on their backs, they are associated with the ability to overcome any obstacle with perseverance and resilience. As such, they are powerful symbols of physical and emotional endurance.

Wisdom & Inner Peace

What do turtles symbolize and what can we learn from them? Turtles symbolize tranquility and healing. They are associated with emotional depth and divine connection with our intuition. These sea animals represent groundedness and connection between the material world and our inner guides. They are associated with ageless wisdom and maturity.

Good Health

Turtles are omens of good health and symbolize a long, prosperous life. They are commonly associated with feminine power and fertility, and in some cultures, with pregnancy. The turtle spirit animal is a symbol of lifelong vitality and the ability to defeat outer and inner challenges and protect one’s well being. 


The symbol of a turtle represents not only endurance but also the ability to maintain composure. They bring calmness and evoke a sense of gratitude for experiences lived and those that are yet to come. Turtles are powerful symbols of steady growth and self-acceptance.

Turtle Jewelry

Harmonious Life - Pearl Turtle Charm Bracelet
Harmonious Life - Pearl Turtle Charm Bracelet
When your mind, body, and spirit are aligned in love, you radiate optimism and happiness. Whatever area of your life is calling for a fre...
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Turtle Symbol Meaning by Culture

The turtle, as a symbol, and its use in healing practices isn’t a new-age invention. These animals are a part of the history of ancient cultures across the globe. Let’s discover the answer to “what do turtles symbolize” in different cultures…

Native American

In the earliest history of North America, turtles were recognized as symbols of stability and grounding. Native Americans associated turtle totems with Mother Earth, fertility, and growth. They symbolized the connection with the godly realm and were seen as omens of good health and wellbeing. 

Turtles who can live both offshore and in water represented a connection between spirit and body, man and creator. They were not only regarded as powerful spiritual symbols but also were associated with the longevity of life on Earth.


In Chinese culture, turtle symbol meaning represents opulence and prosperity. Being one of the four ancient auspicious Chinese beasts, the turtle carries a strong spiritual symbolism and is associated with higher knowledge and wisdom.

It represents femininity and is associated with female reproductive health. As such, turtles were symbols of fertility, and were used as good charms during pregnancy. Their spiritual meaning was also linked with longevity and perseverance

Intuitive Wisdom - Multi Symbol Chakra Turtle Necklace

Intuitive Wisdom - Multi Symbol Chakra Turtle Necklace
Intuitive Wisdom - Multi Symbol Chakra Turtle Necklace
The true potential to clear your chakras exist in the conscious awareness of the moment. Our one-of-a-kind "Intuitive Wisdom - Multi Symb...
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To understand the answer to “what do turtles symbolize,” it is important to mention their place in Hawaiian culture. A turtle or Honu is regarded as a sign of good fortune.

Hawaiian culture acknowledges turtles as sacred creatures, and symbols of spiritual energy, or mana. They represent safety and calmness and are regarded as symbols of peace. The also represent wisdom, spiritual guidance, and assistance from higher realms.

As such a powerful symbol, Honu in Hawaiian culture is linked with spiritual protection and the ethereal connection between human nature, the sea, and the earth.


Turtles in Indian tradition are symbols of longevity and stability. They represent perseverance despite challenges. They are associated with meditation and the ability to retreat when it is necessary to dive into introspection.

They symbolize personal strength, resilience, and perseverance. The significance of the turtle’s symbolism and strength is seen in Hindu mythology, where the turtle was often depicted as holding four elephants on its shell, carrying the world on its back. The tortoise was also associated with the God, Vishnu, and was believed to be one of his ten incarnations.

Top Jewelry Containing the Turtle Spirit Animal 

Wearing jewelry that incorporates all of the meaning associated with “what do turtles symbolize” is a way to bring more calmness and wisdom into your life, and to evoke silent strength within.

To help you find the perfect pick for you or someone you care about, we have prepared a selection of authentic jewelry with turtle charms and symbols from Karma and Luck’s Turtle Symbol Collection

“Spiritual Wisdom” Ruby Turtle Charm Bracelet

The Spiritual Wisdom Bracelet blends turtle symbolism with Ruby crystals for foresight and spiritual growth. By heightening the intuition and helping you become alert to synchronicities and guidance, Rubies will help you ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

The turtle symbol will help you persevere in face of challenges and stay in touch with newfound awareness, helping you gain wisdom. This is a spiritual accessory that will promote spiritual growth, improve well-being and guide you to find your anchor and your inner peace. After all, what do turtles symbolize but insight and higher intelligence? 

turtle spirit animal

Spiritual Wisdom - Ruby Turtle Charm Bracelet
Spiritual Wisdom - Ruby Turtle Charm Bracelet
When we devote our lives to love, we garner all the blessings of the Universe. The "Spiritual Wisdom - Ruby Turtle Charm Bracelet" helps ...
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“Steadfast Hope” Emerald Turtle Charm Necklace

Sometimes it's much better to take a step back and reap the rewards of hard work when the time is right. The Steadfast Hope Necklace features a golden turtle charm, one of the oldest symbols of patience and perseverance, and combines it with the healing energy of Emerald stones.

Emeralds help us connect with the frequency of love, so you can be compassionate with yourself when the path becomes rocky. The turtle symbol will help you stay focused and determined, no matter what life throws your way.

Steadfast Hope - Emerald Turtle Charm Necklace

Steadfast Hope - Emerald Turtle Charm Necklace
Steadfast Hope - Emerald Turtle Charm Necklace
Nature does not hurry, yet everything is always perfectly balanced. The "Steadfast Hope - Emerald Turtle Charm Necklace" will inspire you...
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“Genuine Curiosity” Safety Pin Multi Charm Brooch

There’s no greater curiosity to explore all life has to offer than that of our youngest. A unique piece with four potent charms, the Genuine Curiosity Brooch will be our children’s daily source of support and love as they embark on a journey of discovery and adventure.

This unique piece will help you connect with all of what turtles symbolize. It blends the power of Elephant and Turtle symbols to help them grow strong and smart and inspire them to explore and dream. The brooch also features the Evil Eye to banish negativity and malice, and a Flower charm to shower them with love and good luck.

Genuine Curiosity - Multi Charm Brooch

Pulsera de Hilo Rojo con Dije de Tortuga Amor Paciente
Pulsera de Hilo Rojo con Dije de Tortuga Amor Paciente
La naturaleza no se apresura, pero todo logra. Con este amuleto, recuerda el precioso arte de la paciencia y la cuidadosa destreza, repre...
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“Vigorous Vitality” Chakra Turtle Charm Necklace

Our Vigorous Vitality Necklace brings balance and harmonizes energy, allowing you to take the best of what each day has to offer. The turtle charm incorporates seven crystals to support chakra alignment and help you feel connected to the Earth and the spirit realm.

This necklace is not only a beautiful blend of aesthetic gold details and crystals. It is a piece that revitalizes, inspires, and can make you find your sense of groundedness, while diligently striving toward success.

“Patience Love” Red String Turtle Charm Bracelet

There is Divine timing for everything, and the Patience Love Bracelet is here to help you embrace that truth and make the most of the time that is given to you. 

The turtle symbolism that is incorporated in this bracelet can be your daily reminder that everything is unfolding just as it should, helping you find wisdom and clarity when you need it most. The design also includes the crimson string and a Hamsa Hand symbol to keep your energy safe from ill-will while you are working to make your dreams come true.

Patience Love - Red String Turtle Charm Bracelet

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