Weightless Wednesday: Mind Mastery

“You are what you eat.” How many times have we heard those words over and over again? Mostly falling on deaf ears for anyone who has a weight issue or, even more significantly, an unhealthy relationship with food.

As emotional eaters, we think about food more than we think about anything else. More often than naught, it can become all-consuming to the point of obsession, leading to unanswered questions, constant letdowns, and a never-ending battle with our self-esteem.

How about “you are what you think” instead? How about replacing those food cravings with soul cravings?  

The truth of the matter is, you are magnificent the way you are. Your soul already knows this. Your mind, maybe not so much. Bad habits are learned and can be unlearned.

A bit of tweaking in our thought pattern can help us gain some semblance of control over our need with food. Many of the emotional triggers that lead us to a candy bar or that greasy burger can be tamped out with affirmations and mantras. Out with the corrupt software program and replaced with one that doesn't have a nagging virus.

It is about control, after all. In all realms, it is about control. Controlling an urge. Controlling a thought. Controlling a need. They sweep over us like a hurricane, and before we know it, we are buying a massive bag of sour cream and onion potato chips and thinking it will create some relief. It does, for a few hours, and the days to come are fraught with feeling inadequate and berating ourselves for not having, what did we mention, CONTROL.

We can’t control the urges until we control the thoughts that bring them to our foodie demise. This is where affirmations and mantras can help to reset the mindset. That’s right.

Repeat those words, but make them personal. Reset My Mindset.” It won’t be easy, but nothing worth anything significant ever is. Yet, once you begin, it will help recalibrate the thinking process and become a go-to and replace that nagging, awful desire to eat when our emotions get the better of us.

Learning To Become Weightless

Learning to become "weightless" means being free in every respect. Mind, body and soul. Literally in that order.

Buddha said, “we are what we become.” Let’s become powerful by doing an affirmation a day for the next 7 days. Every time the need to eat arises, and it’s not for nourishment, take some deep breaths and recite the mantra for that day. Eventually, it will become every bit as much of a pattern to recite them as it is for reaching for food. 

By the way, gemstone (crystals), especially gorgeous Amethyst can help a lot when it comes to removing negative energies and replacing them with positive, calming and healthier energies. By wearing them or having them around you is a constant reminder that you are a strong, spiritual being that is in control.

Get your 7 day affirmations below.

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My 7 Day Weightless Affirmations and Mantras:

Day 1: I will only eat to nourish my body and soul, and I am not weak.

Day 2: I have control over my eating. It doesn’t have control over me.

Day 3: I am enough and nourish my body and mind in healthy ways.

Day 4: I am strong, and I am beautiful.

Day 5: I eat only what I need. Food isn’t my solution.

Day 6: I am healthy and full of energy. Every cell in my body is thriving.

Day 7: I will not allow food to motivate me. I motivate me.

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Much love from your Karma and Luck family.

Written by: Nadine Christine Hamdan

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  • Stephanie Martinez

    Thank you for this..I needed it so badly with all that is happening in my life..I have a beautiful amethyst with me now at all times and it does help with my negative thoughts.🙏

  • Adriana

    When I started reading I felt that I needed it at this point in my life. but after reading the article I felt very good

  • Valerie Hill

    This is so amazing that I open my email to this as I am struggling with my body weight and self esteem. It has been a rollercoaster of up and down. Thank you these affirmations are just what I needed.

  • Tracy THERRIEN Ball

    Great Article on Positive Mantra’s . Your words are your wand. We have so much power in what we say❣️😇Reverend Tracy Therrien