Wash Away Worries With Amethyst - Properties & Benefits


Let the nurturing vibrations of the deep purple amethyst stone soothe your soul. This sweet gemstone is beloved for its ability to calm the nervous system and relieve anxiety.

The list of amethyst healing properties is seemingly endless, and this stone is unique in that it covers a wide range of ailments. Known as a multi-purpose stone, amethyst aids in spiritual matters, as well as progressing mental and physical aptitude.

Mesmerizing in its rich purple hue, amethyst’s spiritual properties propel the wearer to new levels of consciousness. Intuition is amplified and divine connection is strengthened. For anyone looking to tap into their highest potential, amethyst is the stone they have been seeking. 

Interested in learning more about the meaning and properties of the amethyst stone? Read on to discover the mystical world of amethyst. 

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A Bit About Amethyst

Considered a “semi-precious” stone in geological terms, amethyst is an exceptionally precious stone in our eyes - at least in terms of its infinite healing potential. A member of the quartz family, these unique crystals form in the open cavities of volcanic rock, and are discovered in all of its sparkly glory in the middle of hollow stones, otherwise known as geodes.

One of amethyst’s most distinct properties is its unique color. Generally amethyst comes in deep shades of purple, but can also have a slight touch of red or be a very pale shade of lilac. A pretty hard stone, amethyst ranks in at an even seven on the Mohs hardness scale, making it an ideal gemstone for adorning jewelry. 

Revered throughout the centuries, amethyst has deep historical and spiritual roots. With a strong connection to royalty, amethyst has been worn by nobility around the globe - owing to its regal purple hue.

In fact, in the middle ages in Europe, amethyst was only allowed to be worn by the royals, but luckily today, anyone can take advantage of the stone’s stunning beauty and extraordinary benefits. 

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Amethyst’s Striking Purple Hue

Ranging from deep shades of dark purple to lighter shades of lilac, and sometimes even expressing hints of red, the amethyst stone’s distinct purple color has been captivating hearts for centuries.

Discovered in the middle of hollow rocks, also called geodes, amethyst sparkles and gleams in prismatic crystals. Formed in the crevices and cavities of volcanic rocks, amethyst’s deep purple color and stunning beauty is the result of explosive Earth activity. 

The color of amethyst can range quite a bit, from dark purple to light purple, and everything in between. Although personal preference will differ from person to person, professional gemstone dealers generally seek out the deeper shades of purple when buying amethyst.

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Dark purple amethyst stones go for higher rates on the market, while lighter shades of lilac can be found at relatively cheaper costs. Although dark shades are preferable, there is a fine line - too dark and they can appear almost black which is not very sought-after on the market.

Color zoning is another trait that can strongly impact the value of an amethyst. In fact, an amethyst’s value is greatly reduced when any brown or bronze tints are present in the stone. 

When owning an amethyst crystal, care and maintenance is incredibly important to maintain its properties and intense color. Heat and UV exposure are known to decrease amethyst’s vibrancy, and can quickly fade a deep purple stone to a light lilac or even white. However, with proper upkeep and love, an amethyst crystal can retain its striking hue for many, many years. 

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The Value of Amethyst

Many years ago, a list of five cardinal stones was created. This list included sapphire, ruby, diamond, emerald, and amethyst. Based on royal influence, value, and rarity of the stones, these five beauties were chosen as the most precious of all gemstones.

Over time, however, the list lost one of its founding members - amethyst. After discovering a massive supply of amethyst deposits, the stone lost a lot of its value, and fell from its reign as “precious” to “semi-precious”, as it is now known today. A stone’s value is entirely connected to its rarity, and as amethyst can be readily found, its value has lowered significantly. 

Although its market value may have dropped, its adoration around the world remains high. The boundless properties and benefits that amethyst provides makes it a prized gemstone, regardless of its common occurrence. Its stunning purple hues will forever captivate hearts and souls. 


The value of amethyst, like many gemstones, is constantly changing with the ever-evolving market. Its price ranges due to supply and demand, as well as buyer and seller preferences. For instance, although darker hues are generally most highly-valued, some buyers prefer more sparkly specimens which are always a lighter purple. 

In terms of global value, the most prized amethysts are found in Zambia. These rare beauties, when found in sizes of ten carats or more, are considered to be “royal quality”, and are reserved exclusively for nobility.

However, these “royal quality” amethysts have also been found in Uruguay and Brazil, making personal preference in color and shine the most important factor when it comes to determining amethyst value. 

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Where Can Amethyst be Found

A once extremely rare gemstone, amethyst can now be found in abundance around the world. In the nineteenth century, significant deposits were found in Brazil, and this country remains the top supplier of amethysts in the world.

The Brazilian supply is so high, in fact, that they produce around two to three thousand tons a year. Close to Brazil, Uruguay is also one of the globe’s top suppliers of amethyst stones, and is believed to produce more stunning colors of the purple stone than its neighbor. 

Second on the list of top amethyst producers is Zambia. Located in south-central Africa, this land-locked country turns out a whopping thousand tons of amethyst stones per year. Zambian amethysts are known for their exceptional quality and vibrant colors. 

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The rarest variety of amethyst is called “Siberian Amethyst”, and is found in the mountains of Russia. Striking in appearance and properties, the Siberian amethyst’s color is deep, and has hints of red and blue. 

Aside from the aforementioned countries, amethyst can also be found across the United States, South Korea, South India, Canada, France, Morocco, and more. Depending on the varying factors of the country in which it is formed, the amethyst stone will vary in color, clarity, and size. 

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The Formation of Amethyst Stones - Natural & Synthetic

Although once only created under natural circumstances, amethyst stones can now be formed synthetically. Synthetic versions are created in laboratories, whereas natural amethysts are created by the Earth.

The properties of amethyst may vary depending on whether it is natural or synthetic. Read on to explore the difference in formation processes. 

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  • Natural Process 

For amethyst to form, there are three necessary factors: a hollow rock to form inside, a proper environment, and a lot of time. Found inside geodes or hollow rocks, amethyst is generally created in basalt or volcanic stones.

The result of explosive activity, these particularly hollow stones seem to make the best creation vessel for amethyst crystals. 

As for the environment, amethysts can only form when silica, silicon dioxide, and ferric iron are all present. These chemicals are responsible for the distinct color, physical appearance, and properties of amethyst. 


When it comes to time, amethyst needs a lot of it. In fact, an amethyst crystal takes millions of years to grow - which could explain its shocking beauty! They have plenty of time to perfect themselves. 

Imperfections are the main way to differentiate a natural amethyst stone from a synthetic. Although it may take testing, you will generally be able to see some impurities, color zoning, and threads in natural specimens, while synthetic will just be a bit too perfect-looking. 

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  • Synthetic Process

Created to mimic high-quality specimens of amethyst, synthetic amethyst stones are made in the laboratory. Using a complex system of synthesis called hydrothermal growth, scientists use high pressure autoclaves to produce amethyst crystals.

Just as these synthetic stones imitate the real ones, so too does the synthetic formation process imitate the natural process. To create synthetic amethysts, scientists try to recreate natural conditions of extreme heat and pressure that would normally be found underground and within rocks, but in this case, in the laboratory. Various nutrients and chemicals are heated and dissolved in water, eventually creating synthetic gemstones as they cool. 

These synthetic imitations are so well done that a blind eye cannot differentiate them from the real deal. Their physical appearance and chemical properties are the exact same as natural amethysts, meaning that precise gemological testing is the only way to know for sure. 

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The Different Shapes & Cuts of Amethyst

Similar to other gemstones and crystals, amethyst can be found in a variety of shapes and cuts. Frequently used in jewelry, this gorgeous stone can be shaped in different ways to accommodate specific designs or styles.

Many people choose to leave amethyst in its raw crystal state - placing it around the home or wearing it as jewelry. Some people believe that leaving amethyst in its raw crystal form allows its healing properties to remain vibrant and intact. 

Cutting and polishing amethyst is also a popular tactic and it can be designed in many different ways to enhance its natural beauty. Some of the most common cuts for amethyst are round, oval, pear, marquise, heart, and trillion.

The round cut, also referred to as “round brilliant”, reflects the greatest amount of light, allowing the amethyst to sparkle and shine. As with which color amethyst one chooses, personal preference will play a big role in deciding which shape to choose as well. 

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Amethyst’s Soothing Nature

Purple in hue, amethyst is one of nature’s most soothing tools. Known for its soft, gentle, and nurturing vibrations, amethyst instantly brings equilibrium back to the mind, body, and spirit. When the mind feels frazzled or overwhelmed, an amethyst’s metaphysical properties are the antidote.

Its tranquil energy fills the wearer with an unshakable sense of inner peace, allowing them to take a deep breath and really relax. Any fears, doubts, worries, or insecurities are released with the help of this striking purple stone. 

Connected to the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, amethyst’s calming energy allows the wearer to open their minds and hearts to new dimensions. Amethyst’s powerful properties align one to divine wisdom, making it possible to channel sacred guidance and communication. Anyone looking to heighten their intuition, or amplify psychic skills can greatly benefit from this enlightening crystal. 

Aside from its wealth of spiritual benefits, amethyst also holds a variety of physical health properties. Boosting the immune system, purple amethyst is believed to help its wearers more easily fight off infections, illnesses, and injuries. Its potent medicinal traits also include better digestion, enhanced endocrine activity, cleaner skin, and regulated hormones, just to name a few. 

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Invite Amethyst Into Your Life

Known for its beauty, but beloved for its benefits, amethyst is the multi-purpose stone we could all use in our lives. The stone’s calming energy instantly fills the body with a peaceful sensation, regardless of what the outside world looks like. Any fears, worries, or doubts are swiftly swept to the side, allowing the wearer to step more fully into their power.

A sense of confidence and stability arises from the tranquility felt. The amethyst stone also connects one to their intuition, activating the third eye and the crown chakra. This deep connection encourages divine wisdom to flow and intuition to be amplified. 

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