Vibrant, Transformative & Timeless Tourmaline: October's Birthstone

Tourmaline is the Earth's most colorful mineral and gemstone.

So beautiful in fact that jewelry designers and gemologists worldwide love working with Tourmaline's combination of delicious colors and high-quality material that make the most fantastic pieces. It is believed that Tourmaline was created when the gemstone traveled through a rainbow and manifested with its magical colors and healing properties. 

Tourmaline's lineage can be traced back to the 1500s when Spaniards dug up green Tourmaline crystals and confused its gorgeous and vibrant color with that of an Emerald. Hundreds of years later, in the 1800s, scientists would distinguish Tourmaline as a mineral. While the stone would have an identity crisis for a few centuries, Sri Lankans, in their native tongue of Sinhalese, would finally name this beauty "toramalli," meaning "stone of mixed colors." It would be the Dutch (there's quite a debate on who found Tourmaline first) that applied said name to Tourmaline gemstones, and it would stick with us to this very day.  

Tourmaline journeys would span the globe and from country to country and for generations. However, it would become most popular in China, where Tz'u-hsi (tzoo-she), the last Empress of the Ching Dynasty, would covet the stones and have them embedded in her suit of armor for protection. She was so fiercely in love with Tourmaline, she literally bought a ton of it in her lifetime and had it imported from the Himalaya Mine in California. 

It is said that when she died, she had a pillow of pink Tourmaline made so she may pass into the next life with her most beloved jewels. But, unfortunately, when the Chinese government collapsed in 1912, the US Tourmaline trade collapsed as well. But as you're aware, that wasn't the end of our gorgeous gems.

World expansion of Tourmaline would begin during the twentieth century, and Red Tourmaline would be discovered in Afghanistan and the Madagascar's, expanding the already colorful collection. Let's find out about all of the incredible benefits of Tourmaline.

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October's Birthstone For Every Zodiac Sign

In 1812, the National Association of Jewelers officially crowned Tourmaline as October's birthstone. 

But you don't have to be an October baby to appreciate and benefit from this stunning gemstone, with its variance of vibrant colors. Every zodiac sign should take advantage of the prosperity, compassion and grounding Tourmaline provides.

Did you know it's called the "good luck" stone? Why, you may ask? Because of its vast array of healing properties. Ancient mystics believed that Tourmaline could inspire artistic genius. Shaman and healers would be called to travel for days and weeks to heal the rich and the poor alike. Tourmaline was front and center because of its rising popularity for curing pain in various parts of the body by removing negative and evil energies. 

Today, Tourmaline is known for a multitude of positive and enlightening energies within this crystal, from cleansing your aura to balancing your chakras and so much more.

What is wearing Tourmaline best known for bestowing the wearer?

🧡 Flexibility

💙 Happiness

❤ Objectivity

🤎 Compassion

💛  Serenity

💜  Positive transformation

💖 Healing

❤  Strength

💚  Tolerance

🤍  Understanding

💕  Unconditional love

🧡 Balance

💚 Abundance. 

While anyone can attribute the gorgeous colors of the stone to creating positive energy in one's mind, the literal minerals (which have really big fancy scientific names that we will forgo) can shield you from negative energies and keep you grounded. After all, they are literally grounded and sourced from ingenious and metamorphic rocks. Thus, you can garner all of the beneficial properties of these gemstones and transform negative thinking and diminish lower frequencies into much higher positive vibrations!

Healing Yourself With Tourmaline

The beauty of Octobers birthstone is its ability to release tension and balance both sides of the brain. With that comes an abundance of inspiration and the wherewithal to bat away tension as it starts to surface. As a result, your creativity will flow and open you up to infinite possibilities.

Precious stones and gems have long been associated with healing properties and spirituality. For thousands of years, different cultures have used the power of Tourmaline gemstones to heal the body, mind, and spirit and were worn for strength and protection. That stands true to this day.

Tourmaline's popularity would grow over the years as the potent spiritual and emotional healing stone worldwide and is thought to be one of the most powerful among believers, as each stunning color affects different parts of the body, from which you can benefit greatly.

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Colors of Tourmaline & Their Energies

Tourmaline comes in many colors, each with its unique qualities and meanings. 

  • Black Tourmaline: Gives one self-confidence and strength during difficult times.Thereby increasing your potential for more abundance.
  • Pink Tourmaline: Relates to heart and love matters. Especially self-love and reflection
  • Blue Tourmaline: Encourages open-mindedness and honesty. 
  • Green Tourmaline: The most robust crystal boosting strength, bravery, and stamina, which is the masculine response to the feminine of the Pink Tourmaline.
  • Purple Tourmaline: Opens the third eye Chakra, thereby opening up intuition and abundant creativity.
  • Yellow Tourmaline: Connected to the solar plexus Chakra and is used to enhance personal power. 
  • Watermelon Tourmaline: Connected to the heart Chakra and can help with relationships and ignite passion.
  • Indicolite, or light blue Tourmaline: Is famous for healing the mind, body, and soul, so you are more open to communicating desires.
  • Dravite, the earthy brown Tourmaline: Can keep you grounded amid chaos.
  • Rainbow Tourmaline: With its myriad of colors will keep your soul-aligned in light.

 Karma and Luck's CEO and designers didn't miss a beat when it came to combining every one of those mesmerizing Tourmaline gemstones into breathtaking bracelets, necklaces, and our famous Feng Shui Tree Of Life.

What is even more fascinating about Tourmaline is the incredible effect it has on your heart, third eye, and throat Chakras, as mentioned above. So let's unveil that, shall we?

Tourmaline and the Chakras

If 2020 and 2021 have taught us anything, it is the value of keeping it together and working hard to prosper during hard times. It felt like the world's Chakras were unbalanced and filled with anxiety. A need for connection would become the ongoing theme in everyone's life. We started to understand how strongly we are affected by each other and the fundamental requirements to protect our bodies and energy. A spiritual understanding started to take place and people were beginning to acknowledge that raising ones own vibration not only helped that individual, but permeated all around them so everyone could feel it.

Your Chakras, the main energy centers in your body, can be blocked by physical and mental stresses, knocking you off balance. However, it is essential to understand that you can keep your Chakra centers balanced because you control and heal your body's emotions by becoming more self-aware.

So, remember, when even one, much less several, of your seven Chakras, are unbalanced, a plethora of problems can come together, physically (pain), spiritually (darkness), and emotionally (unhappy). All of this can cause undue stress, depression, and aggressiveness. From your root to crown Chakra, Tourmaline works to keep your energy fluid and flow positively and awaken your circulatory system. 

Awaken, Connect and Revitalize with Tourmaline

As if what we've read so far isn't enough to have us falling in love with Tourmaline, here are three more beneficial reasons to wear them around your wrist and neck throughout the day, well, outside of the fact that they are breathtaking. So, by all means, let's empower ourselves with more knowledge on how we can open our heart, throat, and third eye Chakra.

Because with that, you can unlock your potential toward endless possibilities and begin to thrive instead of just survive.

  • Heart Chakra: We've all experienced heartbreak at one time or another and/or felt bouts of jealousy. It's the worst feeling in the world that affects our self-worth. 

    • Tourmaline is known to strengthen your heart and raise your self-confidence, self-compassion, raise your vibration, and boost your immune and circulatory system.

  • Throat Chakra: Not only do we resist voicing our opinions, but far too often, our thoughts stay in our heads instead of converting them, causing a blockage in our vocal cords. It's time to speak up and say what you feel.

    • Tourmaline is known to improve and help maintain the health and healing of your throat and esophagus, so you may speak and live in your truth.

  • Third Eye Chakra: Feeling impatient, envious, or just plain jealous of someone else's success? That's the imbalance of your Third Eye Chakra. An inability to see clearly and tap into your innate strengths, intuitive power and raise your perception of yourself. Envy has no room in your body.

    • Tourmaline gemstones are known to balance the right and left hemispheres of your brain, enhance creative thinking and visualization. You will gain a much deeper understanding and wisdom of your abilities and manifest them because now you're free and clear of blockages that have hindered your forward movement.

    Tourmaline Jewelry & Skin Contact

    We've absorbed so much delicious information about Tourmaline and the healing powers it contains. No wonder its popularity for thousands of years has only grown deeper over time. Wearing Tourmaline bracelets and necklaces will garner you the benefits of soaking in the positive, grounding, uplifting and joyful feeling with direct skin contact. Now you know that every color has its distinct energy and we've combined them perfectly. 

    Every day can provide you with a cloak of protection, and you will feel the healing energy and positive vibrations permeating. There will be no barriers between you and your gemstones.

    With the physical and metaphysical effects and power of Tourmaline, it's time for you to take action in 2021 and into 2022 and seek the changes you're so ready to make.

    Take Care Of Your Tourmaline

    Tourmaline is a hard gemstone resistant to scratching and breaking, but it should be protected from sharp blows or sudden temperature changes. Although Tourmaline stones are in the upper levels on the hardness scale, do NOT store them with other gems, which may be even higher on the hardness scale and could cause scratches.

    Clean your Tourmaline jewelry with a mild solution of dishwashing detergent and water at home. Dip the stones in warm soapy water for a few seconds, then scrub gently with a very soft toothbrush. Gently pat dry.

    It's Your Turn To Thrive

    Compliment every outfit in your closet with one of Earth's most beautiful creations, Tourmaline gemstones, while keeping balanced and drawing in unconditional love and abundance in every area of your life.


    Much love from your Karma and Luck family.

    Written by: Nadine Christine Hamdan

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