Jade Stones and Crystals Jewelry - Meaning, Benefits, Properties and Chakra


One of the most powerful amulets for attracting wealth and abundance into one's life, the jade crystal stone is considered to be the ultimate good luck charm.

If you find yourself captivated by the mysterious and alluring charm of the jade crystal, it may be time to add this piece to your collection and watch your life flourish with new opportunity.

Jade crystal stones are known to have a multitude of healing properties. Not only will it give you the powerful insight to see beyond the constraints you have placed on yourself, but jade will also assist you in abandoning an outdated mindset. With a piece of jade by your side, you will reach new heights of potential within yourself as you recognize that you are capable of anything.

The magnetizing pull of the jade stone, with its infinite healing capabilities, will infuse your spirit with bravery. This stone makes for a supportive and trusted partner on each spiritual adventure you undertake.

The unique benefits of jade allow unconditional love to flow endlessly into your heart. You will feel grounded and settled by the power of the universe, especially as you tap into the life-giving combination of water and earth.

Jade can be incorporated into a daily meditation practice as well, opening the door to a newfound sense of confidence and helping to unearth the divine truth within you. The jade stone assists one in letting go of any negative habits that may be preventing them from reaching their goals and dreams.

Ready to discover abundance with jade? Read on to find out the meaning of jade, the benefits of jade, properties of jade, and more! 

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Lucky Shield - Jade Enamel Evil Eye Hamsa Bracelet
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The Hidden Meaning Behind The Jade Stone 

The Differences Between Nephrite & Jadeite

It may come as a surprise to some that jade, most commonly found in shades of green, can actually be found in a variety of different colors, including white, purple, and yellow. With a variety of uses, jade is most typically worn as jewelry or as an ornate accessory.

Jade's historical significance is rooted in its rich history and lore. Evidence shows that this stone was mined in Mongolia as early as 4700 BCE, however, it may have been mined even earlier. In fact, the earliest records in Chinese history date back to 3400 BCE.

During the Shang Dynasty in China, jade ornaments were employed to decorate various ceremonial objects, including the tombs of kings and other important royal figures. Jade is a treasured material among artisans, particularly the Burmese jade stone, due to its exceptional polishability.

The mineral nephrite, one of the forms of jade, is composed of a microcrystalline interlocking fibrous matrix of tremolite. It is rich in calcium, magnesium, and iron. Nephrite differs greatly in appearance to the more common variety called jadeite, which is known for its exquisite green "imperial jade" tints.


Nephrite does, however, come in its own array of appealing colors, including green, and interestingly enough is more durable as a gem material for jewelry and carved art pieces.

Nephrite is often used in these applications due to its beauty and durability. Despite all of this, it is generally agreed that jadeite is the more desirable and valuable of the two jades because of its higher degree of rarity. 

In addition to the indigenous peoples of Costa Rica, the Olmec and Maya peoples used the beauty and power of jadeite in their decorations and jewelry. The vivid green of this jade variety can even be emerald-like in appearance.

The Chinese traditionally regarded white jade as the most valuable color of this stone, while in the west, the bright green and clear varieties of jadeite are the most desirable.

It was not until the middle of the nineteenth century that these jade forms were categorized and separated. However, despite their differences, both nephrite and jadeite are both referred to as jade.

Jade Stone Dragon Charm Necklace

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GP Classic Navy anillo pequeño ajustable de diamantes de ojo malvado
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Jade Stone Benefits

With its lovely, earthy hue, green jade makes for the perfect accessory. Shaped into jewelry, jade bracelets, jade necklaces, and jade earrings are not only beautiful, but also full of healing power.

The benefits of jade stone work best when placed near the heart chakra. The heart chakra is said to respond most swiftly to stones with a green color, making jade stone an ideal choice for calling in love to one’s life.

With its deeply calming vibration, jade benefits the body and mind while balancing the flow of energy throughout the body. To live a healthy and happy life, many people choose to wear this stone as an amulet. The jade stone has been used for centuries to boost one’s aura, surrounding them with magnetizing energy.

Jade Stone Dragon Charm Necklace

The Benefits of Jade at Home

With its connection to luck and health, many cultures throughout the world utilize jade as a decorative object in their homes. It serves as a lucky charm, calling in the energy of manifestation and abundance.

You can instantly create a purified environment that allows for peaceful, positive energy to flow freely in your home by placing one of these stones around as decoration. Linked to purity, jade will infuse the environment with a sense of serenity and harmony, which is perfect for creating familial peace. 

Jade Stone Dragon Charm Necklace

Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Mystical Power - Jade Stone Dragon Charm Necklace
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The Benefits of Jade at Work

Jade stone attracts positive vibes, which are advantageous to success, knowledge, and peace. It promotes the flow of uplifting energy in all kinds of settings, making it ideal for placing in the work office.

Just about everyone has faced some sort of financial hardship at some point in their lives making this success and wealth-promoting stone particularly captivating. Radiating with the energy of riches, jade will provide a life of stability. 

Whether you work in an office or work from home, this stone is an excellent choice for any workspace. Carry a jade stone in your pocket, wear jade jewelry, or place it on your desk to remind you to stay focused and thoughtful.

This stone is particularly helpful if you are considering starting a new company or working from a new location. Additionally, it will help you be more reliable in any work that you do. 

When facing a difficult business meeting or struggling with financial difficulties, the jade stone crystal serves as a superb financial advisor. It will support your decision-making skills, allowing you to choose wisely and confidently.


Jade Crystal Benefits for Meditation

Jade generates potent healing energy that can help you balance your inner self, making it an excellent meditation tool. This stone's loving vibrations will allow you to calm the senses and quiet the mind. 

It is said that if you hold one of these stones in both hands, you can absorb all of its healing energy. The benefits of jade work to bring peace to the mind, making it a great meditation stone.

You can meditate anywhere you feel physically comfortable, and adding a piece of jade to the ritual will create a more uplifting effect. 

Fresh Start - Lotus Mantra Jade Pendant Necklace

Fresh Start - Lotus Mantra Jade Pendant Necklace
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The Benefits of Jade in Relationships 

Jade has a variety of benefits in many different facets of our lives, but one of its most favorable traits is in regards to interpersonal connections and relationships.

We cannot deny that one of the primary sources of stress in today's society lies in the relationships we have with our families, significant others, friends, and with ourselves.

This stone might be the ideal companion as it can help our hearts become more aware of the issues we face in our relationships, allowing us to remain calm in tense situations.

By providing us with the energy needed to resolve disputes peacefully and amicably, jade also assists us in resolving conflicts with those we love.

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This stone can be especially helpful if you are finding it difficult to express yourself in any arguments or struggles with your spouse. It encourages mature love by channeling energy to those who will respond to situations in an adult manner. Additionally, it eases any worries you might have.

This stone may help you re-establish your relationship's motivation, trust, and chemistry. In fact, this stone has the power to help partners realign their feelings for one another.

As this stone is believed to attract love into one’s life, this stone can help you find an ideal mate or to give yourself more love. By sending off a positive vibration that promotes patience and stability, one of this stone's greatest abilities is that it will help you find the life partner you are seeking.  

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Discover The Charming Properties of Jade 

Jade has long been used as a protective talisman, and throughout the ages, people have cherished, worn, and celebrated it as a lucky stone. 

It is said that jade harnesses all of the abundance that the universe has to offer, and as a generous jewel, she is always willing to share that good fortune.

Your use of Jade can encompass every aspect of emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. Let’s take a deeper look at the healing properties of jade stones. 

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Esplendor floreciente Jade Lotus encanto pulsera
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Physical Healing Properties of Jade

Jade is a powerful player on the emotional and spiritual levels but can also aid in physical healing. 

Jade is highly effective as a cleansing stone and it can get to work right away, assisting organs in recovering from impurities. It is well known for helping the body's spleen, kidneys, bladder, and other fluid systems.

Along with that, jade is also readily available to aid in the prevention of infection, lower fevers with its cooling impact, and promote the body's natural ability to repair itself. Jade can also act as a libido stimulant for people who are having sexual issues.


Jade Healing Properties for the Mind & Heart

When dealing with mental and emotional welfare, jade is incredibly intuitive. The goal of this stone is to increase self-sufficiency so you feel empowered and proud to stand on your own two feet. By clearing out negative thought patterns, it gives you the bravery and wisdom to welcome your competent advice. 

Self-sufficiency is crucial when it comes to boosting self-esteem, navigating the world with a profound sense of confidence, and maintaining a healthy psyche.

Jade is inextricably associated with concepts of purity, which does not mean living without a dark side but instead having the mental clarity and emotional calmness to appreciate all aspects of who you are. Jade is ready to shower you in self-love and fierce acceptance.


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Metaphysical Properties of Jade

Jade has a strong connection to spirituality and, due to its green color, is closely related to the heart chakra. For individuals prepared to purge negative energy and find peace within themselves, jade will bring a wealth of vibrancy and joy to life.

Our sense of trust, love, and compassion is located in the heart chakra. The connection between the heart and how we interact with the planet and everyone who lives on it extends beyond romantic love.

The heart chakra supports us in creating loving relationships with our family members, friends, and even with ourselves - which may just be the most important form of love.


Find Jade Jewelry from Karma & Luck 

Nephrite and jadeite are the two main mineral forms of jade. Nephrite is the more common of these two gems despite its visually similar look. This form can be found in Guatemala, Russia, New Zealand, China, and the Swiss Alps.

It can be discovered in dark and light shades of green, as well as gray, white, yellow, purple, and red. Burma, China, Russia, California, and Guatemala are all locations where jadeite can be found, and it can also be seen in various colors, including green, white, pink, red, brown, black, and violet. Both of these gems have a high level of durability.

Rather than being sold by the carat, raw jade is priced by the piece. As jade is such a tough gem, working with it requires a lot of patience and practice. This precious stone is offered for sale in its uncut state and must be polished at specialized facilities using diamond powder and carborundum.

Until the purchasers can slice the jade and examine its color, transparency, and fineness, they are frequently unsure of the quality of the jade they are purchasing. Jade can be carved into various objects, including jade necklaces, jade earrings, jade necklaces, jade rings, and jade bracelets. It can also be used to make belt buckles, hair clips, vases, cups, and even sculptures of animals.


Prosperidad imán Jade Mal Eye Pulsera
Prosperidad imán Jade Mal Eye Pulsera
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The majority of jade sold online is authentic. The sole distinction is in the kinds of treatments done to the jade items before they were sold.

In the same way, chemical treatments are used to enhance the color and quality of gemstones, jade can also be treated with chemicals to improve its appearance.

The purchase price of a piece of jadeite will be significantly increased if it is discovered to be natural and unaltered by any chemical processes and has unique color and quality.

In light of the fact that chemical treatments can be applied to this stone, it is pretty challenging to determine whether jadeite is natural or treated through physical inspection alone.

As a result, the only way to know whether jadeite has been treated in any form is to have it tested in a laboratory. Buying from trusted sources, such as Karma & Luck, guarantees an authentic purchase.

We provide only the highest-quality stones in all of our jewelry and decorations, ensuring that the unique and dynamic properties of these jade stones can be harnessed by our customers.

Throughout the last few years, the world has seen a phenomenal rise in the price of jade stone crystals. Experts are blaming the price increase that has occurred over the previous decade on the rapid economic growth that has occurred in China.

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As a result of this affluence, the demand for jade has increased to a point where it is greater than the supply, thus causing the prices to skyrocket. The prices have increased so dramatically, in fact, that there are some instances in which the value of jade has surpassed that of gold.

In light of this, the cost of Jade is directly proportional to the stone's quality. Nephrite is a more cost-effective alternative to jadeite, which is a more pricey option. When selecting jade of the most significant grade, even a little increase in the stone's dimensions might increase the purchase price by quite a lot.

Nephrite, on the other hand, does not behave in this way at all. The cost of jade may go up around the time of the Chinese New Year and other holidays that are traditionally celebrated in China, as this stone is particularly prized in Chinese culture.

Due to Jade being such a highly prized, rare, and expensive gemstone, there are many imitations of this stone that can be found on the market.

It is essential to purchase only from reputable and trusted sources to guarantee the authenticity of your jade stone. If you are uncertain about the quality of your stone, a trained professional can examine it on your behalf.

Here are a few simple tests that can be performed to determine whether or not your jade stone is genuine:


Br / GP Pulsera de la suerte de hematita de JadeBuddha
Br / GP Pulsera de la suerte de hematita de JadeBuddha
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The Scratch Test: Use your fingernail to scratch the stone's surface. Examine the area to see if it leaves a mark. You can take this method one step further by using a pointed implement, such as the pointy end of a pair of scissors or a nail.

Scratch the jade crystal carefully and scrutinize it to see whether there is a scratch. If it leaves a mark, it is doubtful that the jade in question is authentic. When carrying out this test, you must ensure that you scratch an area of the stone that is not normally accessible to the naked eye. Take extreme caution when carrying out this test, as you risk breaking your jade stone or jade jewelry.

The Temperature Test: Authentic jade will not rapidly become hot to the touch. Try warming up your stone by holding it in your hand to see whether it does so quickly or not. It should have the sensations of being cold, hefty, and smooth. 

Check the Density – Nephrite and jadeite have a high density, meaning that jade is significantly heavier than most other types of stones. Throwing the stone into the air and catching it after it falls is one way to determine its density. Feel its weight. Does it feel heavier than a stone of the same size but a different shape? If the stone appears to be unusually light for its size, it is likely an imitation.


When purchasing jade jewelry, there are a few considerations to keep in mind, such as:

  • For Type A jade, trustworthy vendors will provide a certificate of guarantee.
  • Jade jewelry is an investment because demand for this stone has been increasing while supply has declined.
  • Jadeite is more expensive and scarcer than nephrite.
  • The most rare shade of jade is lavender.
  • Avoid cleaning your semi precious stones with chemical cleaners. Use a soft cloth to do the gentle cleaning.

Here are three of our favorite picks from the Karma & Luck jade collection:

#1 Limitless Potential - Jade Stone Lotus Charm Bracelet

Our abundance is not defined by what we possess but rather by what we value. With the namesake sign on our amulet, the abundant properties of jade stones can be amplified to infinity. Jade green is a beautiful color that will undoubtedly draw all-loving currents of energy to your body and soul, and boundless virtue is something that is desired in all facets of life.

A green jade bracelet is considered to be a true good luck charm. The green jade beaded bracelets from Karma & Luck use authentic Burmese jade stones, which are believed to provide wealth, prosperity, and purification. The beaded bracelets consist of 925 sterling silver and are 6.5" in size. They are lovingly handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia.

Jade is frequently connected with the color green, and therefore is a potent heart healer. The powerful energy it conveys can be felt almost immediately when touched, mainly when held close to the heart.

Its energies radiate forth toward the heart, filling it with love and harmony that helps to ease any burden one may be carrying inside. Within its energetic structure, jade has a nurturing aura that aims to heal, refuel, and provide support.

From the heart, its energies flow gradually and abundantly throughout the body, bringing about healing on all levels—physical, emotional, and spiritual. Working with this stone offers a genuine heart-to-heart connection with divine love.

Deeply connected with Mother Earth, green jade is a stone of the earth element. The ability to work directly with nature's energy and incorporate it into one's own energetic field makes it a fantastic ally in learning and connecting with the natural world.

This aids in nurturing your chi energy by giving it a solid foundation of pure love, like the trees it allows love to steadily expand and bloom.

Even when one is not in direct contact with nature, green jade will help one maintain their grounding connection to its vitality.

Another unique property of green jade is its ability to transform the unfavorable energies around you into loving and joyful vibrations that will benefit everyone in your immediate vicinity.

It encourages personality stabilization and fosters mental and physical balance. 

Anyone who struggles with handling situations or constantly feels overwhelmed should carry a jade stone with them. Green jade is a highly relaxing stone, helping one to become who they truly are in this physical existence.

It assists in the realization that we are all spiritual beings on the winding path of human life.

Jade is an excellent stone for children because it guards against damage, helps retain purity, and promotes tranquility. It can be highly beneficial in healing emotional scars from the past so that one may restore their purity.

It is also beneficial for individuals who feel they have lost contact with their inner child.

When recovering from physical wounds, it is advised to wear jade, or keep it in the home, because it can reverse and prevent physical harm. Before going to bed, it is advised to keep a piece of jade nearby or tuck one under the pillow to promote complete restoration of the physical body.

Jade is also an excellent stone for delving into the dream world. Some people choose to tape a piece of jade to their forehead or put a piece beneath their pillow as a way to practice lucid dreaming and improve the ability to remember dreams.

Limitless Potential Jade Stone Lotus Charm Bracelet

Brazalete De Jade Con Amuleto De Loto Para Un Potencial Ilimitado
Brazalete De Jade Con Amuleto De Loto Para Un Potencial Ilimitado
Los cambios en la vida y el crecimiento pueden ser desafiantes, pero uno debe avanzar y confiar en el Universo. Abrazar la energía nuevos...
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#2 Steadfast Peace - Jade Diamond White Enamel Buddha Necklace 

When there is peace within us, we can more  gracefully travel the world. When there is peace within us, we can more gracefully travel the world. The stunning "Steadfast Peace - Jade Diamond White Enamel Buddha Pendant Necklace" can help you realize your full potential and accomplish the goals you have set for yourself.

Your level of spirituality can be elevated by meditating with the Buddha emblem, which is said to bestow serenity upon the wearer and cleanse the mind. Even if you were never one to dream, jade can change that.

It has the power to transform anyone's outlook into an extraordinarily upbeat and plentiful frame of mind, which is the first step toward achieving one's goals.

The Buddha necklace represents peace, enlightenment, wisdom, and divine knowledge. Featuring white enamel, it is 35 x 42 mm in dimensions and has an 18-karat gold plating applied to brass.

Significant abundance, wealth, energy, and cleansing are all positive attributes of the 6 mm Burmese Jade Stones adorning this piece. It has an embedded diamond chip measuring 1 millimeter and a paper clip chain made of 925 sterling silver with an 18k gold plating. The length of this necklace can be worn at 26 or 28 inches and is handmade in Bangkok, Thailand.

Some people wear Buddha pendants as a symbol of good fortune, while others wear them to promote serenity and longevity. Bringing in the good energy of the highest can be accomplished by wearing a Buddha pendant.

It can assist us in combating any negative energy, instead bringing more positivity into our lives. It helps us to overcome every challenge we face in life. 

Pleasure, good luck, and abundance radiate from this jade Buddha pendant necklace, allowing the wearer to shine with grace and brilliance. 

Jade Diamond White Enamel Buddha Pendant Necklace

Success - Feng Shui Jade Feng Shui Tree
Árbol Feng Shui de Piedra de Jade Éxito
Permanece tranquilo, sereno y siempre en control de ti mismo. Descubrirás lo fácil que es llevarte bien contigo. Este Árbol Feng Shui te ...
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#3 Success Feng Shui Jade Stone Tree

    Your spirit will be soothed by this gorgeous jade stone bonsai tree. Stress and fear are washed away, making room for more tranquility and peace. Once peace is felt from within, success and abundance can flourish.

    The gorgeous jade leaves covering this unique tree will help to remove any obstacles standing in the way of your dreams. Wealth and health will be readily accessible when the positive energy of this jade bonsai tree is placed in the home.

    Not only can this jade bonsai tree be appreciated for its dazzling beauty and the unique decoration it provides to any space, but more importantly for the magnetizing energy it provides. As your greatest potential begins to unlock, dreams that once felt hard to reach will suddenly be within grasp.

    Success Feng Shui Jade Stone Tree

    Wear Jade for Optimal Wealth & Health

    With the endless benefits and support that the jade stone provides, anyone can prosper by implementing this stone into their life. Wealth, health, and success are all attainable by wearing jade as jewelry or decorating the home with it.

    If you are looking to turn your dreams into reality, jade will serve as your greatest companion and most trusted guide. 

    At Karma & Luck, we offer a wide selection of high-quality, gorgeous jade items. From jade necklaces and  jade bracelets to  jade bonsai trees, there is something for everyone. Ready to add a piece of jade jewelry into your life? Visit our website today and browse our full collection.

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