5 Unique Dog Collar Tags You Haven’t Seen Before: Pet Protection at Its Finest

Unique Dog Collar

Our pets deserve the world. After all, they are our faithful friends, a daily source of happiness after a long day, and they are always there for us when things get tough. They are an infinite source of love and healing for us, and just seeing them sleep can take all our worries away in a second.

Because they are so precious to us, they deserve the same amount of love reciprocated back to them. When we shower them with love, they feel it in their whole soul and we can see that joy in how lively, cuddly, and friendly they are.

If you’re hoping to find a way to protect your little ball of joy, our unique dog collar and cat collar solutions are the perfect solutions. 

Adorable Fluff - Turquoise Enamel Heart Charm Pet Tag

Adorable Fluff - Turquoise Heart Pet Tag
Adorable Fluff - Turquoise Heart Pet Tag
Animals might not express their love through words but love you selflessly and endlessly. Make them feel loved and cared for with our "Ad...
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Unique Dog Collar Tags You’ll Love (Cat Options Too!)

Dog and cat collars with protective abilities are not only adorable, but most importantly – they keep our pets safe and happy.

Here are some fun and unique dog collar and cat collar options… 

Woof/Meow Evil Eye Pet Collar Tags

Evil Eye Dog Tags

May the watchful Evil Eye keep your animal friend safe from harm with every little jump they make. The Evil Eye symbol banishes negative energy and keeps our pets safe from danger during their mischievous pursuits.

Just like us, pets are incredibly sensitive to energy and the Protected Wanderer Dog Tag is here to ensure that the only energy that comes to them is the energy of positivity and joy. This dog tag that slides on the collar is an antique bronze piece and is made to deflect all types of harmful influences coming your dog’s way.

Cats are known to be highly energy sensitive. The Playful Wit Tag will assist your cat on their mission to charm you with their fun personality and cunning spirit while keeping them safe from negative energy. As mischievous as they get, the Evil Eye will be there to offer them powerful protection.

Genuine Kindness - Bronze Red Enamel Heart Evil Eye Small Pet Tag

Genuine Kindness - Evil Eye Small Pet Tag
Genuine Kindness - Evil Eye Small Pet Tag
Be kind to all pets and animals because they will be kind back to you. There is no end to great things such as the love for your dear pet...
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Infinity Dog Tag Heart

Lavishing our animal friends with love can come in many different forms.  Pet collar tags with heart symbolism help amplify all love and care we have for them and invite even more of that loving energy to come their way. 

The heart symbol is a powerful charm that cherishes the unique bond we have with our pets, enhancing our connection with them.

Pets sense how we feel towards them, and they know instinctively when we wish them well. What better way to show them than with a dog tag heart? A beautiful combination of the infinity and heart symbols on a unique dog collar, the Endless Care Pet Tag is a source of unconditional love that will make them feel cared for even when you aren’t around.

Ideal for smaller pups, the Evergreen Friendship Tag can help seal the loving bond we have with our pets. The heart charm will help spread gentle energy and encourage our pets to be the best, goofy, and loyal version of themselves.

 Steadfast Love - Bronze Rainbow Chakra Large Pet Tag

Tiger’s Eye Dog Tag Bone

There’s no better way to show our beloved pets that we care for them (besides offering them their favorite meal) than to stand by their side and encourage them to go on new adventures.

Carefully selected pet jewelry for dogs can offer them the energetic assistance and protection we hope to give them. Tiger’s Eye, which symbolizes strength and courage, is a perfect crystal for that, allowing them to safely enjoy the world of adventure.

Our pets need a confidence boost sometimes, too. The Confident Explorer Dog Tag will awaken the wolf in them, helping them conquer any obstacle or fear. The Tiger’s Eye symbolizes courage and will make them feel fearlessly brave and strong in the face of danger, while the Evil Eye symbol will protect them when they need it the most.

Small dogs are known to be incredibly bold and cunning, and the Fiery Attitude Dog Tag is a unique dog collar that matches their feisty spirit perfectly. The bone charm with the Evil Eye gemstone will keep them grounded, balancing their energy, while still motivating them to be their fiery selves.

Tiger's Eye Dog Tag Bone

Fiery Attitude - Tiger's Eye Small Dog Tag
Fiery Attitude - Tiger's Eye Small Dog Tag
Stick and stones may break my bones, but ill-will will never hurt me! When the Evil Eye and Tiger's Eye come into the picture, all negati...
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Genuine Kindness Pet Collar Tags

A heart is the symbol of love and when coupled with the evil eye symbol, it creates an aura of loving protection.

Our pets show us so much love and we need to return that expression of joy back to them. The Genuine Kindness Heart Evil Eye Pet Tag will wrap them in your loving embrace no matter where they roam. With these symbols, their feel loved and protected as they go about their adventures and their naps. 

Choose the small Genuine Kindness Pet Tag for a cat or small dog and the large Genuine Kindness Pet Tag for a larger dog.

Genuine Kindness Pet Tag

OM Zen Pet Collar Tags

OM is the Zen symbol that invites peace and inner tranquility and helps our dearest friends feel more balanced as they go about experiencing all that their day has to offer.

There should always be a fine balance between work and play, and the Peaceful Kitty Tag is an ideal choice that can help your cat find a perfect balance in their lives, while the Lively Emotion OM Dog Tag will do the same for your dog.

With the OM symbol at the center, the tag helps them find peace and reap the rewards of their naps. The symbol also nourishes their lively, playful spirit, helping them find joy in every moment.

OM Dog Tag

Lively Emotion - Om Zen Dog Tag
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Lively Emotion - Om Zen Dog Tag
The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog. Channel the chakra energy through the O...
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Final Thoughts 

Loving and caring for our pets can be as simple as hugging them or making sure they always feel content and safe.

Although they might not know the meaning of it, the love and gentleness immersed in spiritual symbols will keep them safe, always reminding them of our presence and unconditional love, no matter if they are out playing or waiting on us to come home. With such pieces, they will never feel alone in this world and their precious energy will stay shielded from ill-will and harm. 

Protected Freedom - Bronze Enamel Evil Eye Hamsa Large Dog Tag

Protected Freedom - Hamsa Large Dog Tag
Protected Freedom - Hamsa Large Dog Tag
The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love unconditionally as a dog. Immerse yourself in the peaceful world of ...
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