Understanding Divine Messages - Why You Keep Seeing Angel Numbers

Why You Keep Seeing Angel Numbers

Have you ever felt like the Universe was trying to talk to you? Chances are high that you were right! In fact, your guardian angels are constantly trying to communicate with you through subtle signs and sensations.

Vibrating at a much higher frequency than us, though, they have to get creative in how they chat with us. One way they do this is by using angel numbers. 

Sent as sweet messages from above, angel numbers are all around us. Often found in the most mundane of places, you have certainly seen angel numbers on dinner bills, billboard telephone numbers, the time on the clock, airport itineraries, or anywhere else! That is the most magical part about angel numbers - they are literally everywhere! You just have to keep your mind, heart, and eyes open in order to see them. 


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If you are reading this, then you are most likely already seeing angel numbers. Do not be alarmed! These divine messages are a positive sign, and are sent as confirmation from your guardian angels, guides, or passed on loved ones. They want you to know that you are on the right track. 

Curious to learn more about angel numbers and the messages they are trying to send you? Read on! 

Why You Keep Seeing Angel Numbers

What Your Angel Are Trying to Tell You Through Numbers

We all have a distinct path in life, and whether your direction is clear or not right now, it will be someday. Angel numbers are one way to get on the right track, or to confirm that you already are.

Your guardian angels are constantly sending you hints to clue you into your life’s mission, but it takes becoming aware to really notice and understand them. 

Each angel number is connected with a different meaning and energy, and your angel will send you the digits appropriate to you and your life. The numbers you receive will vary based on what stage of life you are in, what lessons you are learning, and how aligned you are.

One thing all angel numbers share, however, is the energy of pure love. Angel numbers are always a good sign, and should never be viewed as ominous or scary. 

Why You Keep Seeing Angel NumbersUsing the help of numerology, the ancient science of assigning energies and vibrations to numbers, you can begin to decipher the angel number you are receiving. Everyone sees different digits, and throughout your life the numbers you see may change.

Although numerology can assist in breaking the code, your intuition will be your greatest guide in understanding your individual angelic message. 

So what are your angels trying to tell you? Regardless of what number you see, whether it's 1111, 444, 222, or anything else, we recommend journaling. Each time you spot your divine digits, mark it down.

Note where you saw it, how you saw it, how it made you feel, and any ideas or thoughts that came to you. These journal entries will become the ultimate guide for determining the meaning behind your angel number. 

Possible Meanings of Your Angel Number:

  • You Are On the Right Path - Keep Going!
  • You Are Aligned to Your Higher Purpose
  • You Are More Powerful Than You Know
  • You Are Tuned Into Divine Guidance - Ask & You Shall Know
  • You Are Being Called to Step More Fully Into Your Power
  • You Are Being Asked to Grow & Expand
  • You Are Reminded of the Power of Intuition

Seeing Angel Numbers

Is It Weird to See More Than One Angel Number?

If you are seeing more than one angel number, do not fret! This is totally normal, and nothing to be afraid about. Think of angel numbers as text messages from the divine. Whether they are coming from your guardian angel, guides, or passed on loved ones, they are simply trying to tell you something.

It is quite common for people to receive one angel number at a time. This number will come through over and over until the message is received and understood, and it may continue through one’s life. However, sometimes you may have more than one number come through. 

If you are receiving multiple angel numbers, rest assured that you are in good hands. This is a sign that you are spiritually attuned and readily open to the wisdom of your angels.

Seeing Angel Numbers

Your angels trust that you are receptive to their messages, and are now sending you more than one. Each number sequence relates to a different part of your life, from your career to your love life to your health. It is now up to you to decipher each code! 

If you are feeling stressed about all these messages and pings, then simply take it one code at a time. Your angels are highly empathetic, so make it clear that this is all a bit overwhelming for you.

If you need them to slow down, let them know. If you need more guidance on the meanings, then this is also a great time to let them know. Just as your angels communicate with you, so too, can you communicate with them.

Seeing Angel Numbers

The Divine Timing of Angel Numbers

Angel numbers show up in our lives at all different times. For some people, they may see 1111 every time they look at the clock, for other people 222 shows up on a weekly basis, and others may see 711 on an almost hourly time frame.

Regardless of where this angel number shows up, or how often it shows up, trust in the timing of it. In the spiritual world, there is no such thing as coincidences, and why do i keep seeing angel numbers are no exception to this rule. There is a reason you are seeing this number at a certain time or coinciding with a certain event - trust your angels. 

Seeing Angel Numbers

Common Places to Find Angel Numbers

The magical thing about angel numbers is they are quite literally everywhere. Once you become aware of your number, you will certainly start to see it more and more! Use these digits as a compass, pointing you in the direction of your dreams.

No matter how mundane the location of your number may be, trust that it is surely divine timing. Here are some of the most popular places angel numbers are found:

Seeing Angel Numbers

  • On the Clock

Your angels want you to remember the importance of timing. Your goals are important and your angels just want to keep you on track! Maintain a steady flow with the rhythm of the Universe. 

  • In Your Dreams

Seeing angel numbers in your dreams? Your angels may have tried to send you these numerical sequences in your daily life but you missed the signs. Pay attention to the numbers you see as you snooze, they could hold important information. 

  • Literally Everywhere

Seeing angel numbers nonstop? Your angels are begging you to slow down and pay attention! Maybe you noticed the numbers but have not made any moves. This is your sign to heed the wisdom they are sending. 

Seeing Angel Numbers

The Next Steps When Seeing Angel Numbers

Seeing angel numbers everywhere, and now wondering what to do about it? Here are some actions you can take:

  • Accept Ownership

The first thing to do when seeing angel numbers is fully believing that these messages are not mere coincidence, and are, in fact, intended for you. What a beautiful thing to know that your angel cares about you, loves you, and supports your growth. 

  • Practice Gratitude

Your angels love to know that they have been heard. Show them your appreciation for these divine messages! You can journal your thoughts and feelings, speak them out loud, or say it in your head during meditation. Whichever method you choose, know that your angels value the effort. 

Seeing Angel Numbers

  • Communicate

Your angels have sent you a message, and now it is time to respond. They love to chat with you, and will be so excited to share more wisdom with you. Your guides and angels have been excitedly knocking for some time, and will be so happy that you have finally opened the door. Use this opportunity to ask them any questions or request clarification. 

  • Journal

Keep a journal of the angel numbers you receive. Each time you see them, write down how they make you feel, and any ideas or thoughts that came up. These entries are helpful in not only understanding the messages, but also for tracking progress. 

  • Study Numerology

The ancient science of numerology assigns energies or vibrations to each number, helping to clue you in to the meaning of your angel number. Numerology in conjunction with your own intuition, can help you effectively decipher your digits. 

Seeing Angel Numbers

What’s Your Number?

If you have been seeing angel numbers everywhere you look, then you are most certainly in luck! These divine sequences are sent from above, and can be used as tools to help you find your purpose and direction in life. Trust in the numbers you see, and take heart that these sightings are no mere coincidence.

Your angels are urging you to notice them, and are aching to communicate with you. Although the meanings will vary, know that seeing angel numbers is a sure sign that you are aligned and on the right path. 

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