Understanding the Twin Flame Journey: Conflict, Synchronicities & Reunion

Twin Flame Journey

Are you one of the lucky people to have found your Twin Flame? 

The metaphysical take is that a Twin Flame is a single soul that was cut into two due to a traumatic death - and the souls reincarnated into two separate life entities many years later.

Sometimes, Twin Flames are reincarnated hundreds of times. Each round, they are on the same soul mission since the day they were born, which is to find their other half, to connect as lifelong partners in love, and to create a third energy – an energy that will lift the vibration of our Earth to create harmony. 

The “twins” have been chosen for this journey; this mission, and every step of the way – every person they meet and every moment in their lifetime is orchestrated and divinely guided to lead the Twin Flames back together. This is called the Twin Flame Journey. And the destination is the Twin Flame Union. 

Feeling Different, Co-Dependency & Wholeness

From a single recognizable moment from their own childhood, each Twin realizes they are “different” – they see things differently from their friends and peers and they feel somewhat outcast, intellectual, or more creative than others.

At the same time, they become attuned to the fact that they are “not Whole” without the other Twin, and the search begins. However, as part of the bigger plan, it is the soul’s purpose to realize that each Twin IS indeed Whole, and can stand on their own two feet alone. 

Many co-dependent relationships surround Twins during their life’s journey of finding their other half to help bring this realization to the forefront.

Only when each Twin finds their individual truth can the Twin Flame Union occur. This is the entire essence of the Twin Flame journey – two, recognizing they are completely Whole alone, but together, they are divinely guided to build a connection of energy that changes the atmosphere on infinite levels. 

If all Twin Flames lifted the energy by one level, what would that mean for our Earth?

Twin Flame Reunion

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The Beginning of the Twin Flame Journey 

The Twin Flame search begins as a child — usually around the ages of 7 to 10.  Each Twin has a flash or vision of his/her other partner, or somehow it is revealed that there is another part to him or her. 

Each Twin experiences a moment of clarity, sometimes during a dream, that they were selected for this journey and thus it begins both consciously and subconsciously.  

What the Twin Soul Union Creates

When these two souls finally connect, a third energy emerges. This energy is the soul mission of the Twin Flame:

  • To lift Gaia, the energy of the Earth
  • To become a better, more humane, safer and happier existence
  • To remove ego, anger, resentment, and mostly, fear from the equation
  • To honor love and Wholeness as one, allowing a third, powerful energy to emerge when a Twin Flame Union occurs.


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The Conflict They Must Overcome

Twin Flames are always spiritually connected – no matter what. They possess a deep sense of unity because they are one soul, one purpose, one love. It's a deep bond that takes on a Whole new meaning when they connect in the 3D modern world.

Herein lies the conflict. Being incarnated into two separate souls, two separate family dynamics, and two separate value systems proves to be the challenge that the twins must overcome to come to Union. 

During this conflict, the Twins learn to remove ego and relearn how to define self-worth. They discover what it means to truly have “status” or “clout” and that it does not happen with material Earthly goods, but rather with a sense of spirituality and Wholeness. 

During this phase, Twins discover many childhood fears and traumas from many lifetimes, allowing them to begin to understand that Wholeness comes without ego, money, status, and all things material that do not play a role in the existence of Love. 

The Flame Union

Once both Twins reach a sense of being “Whole” while they are alone in this disconnected separation, both energies will elevate, beginning the beautiful reconnection again – The Flame Union

This Reunion will occur again (but for the first time in this lifetime) and it will be the ultimate love of your lifetime. Remember that first kiss? The reuniting Kiss is beyond imagination.

But not until much pain happens between the Twins. A sense of loss, and a sense that this reunited Union will never happen.

The Runner usually runs into the arms of what we refer to as “karmic” relationships – new relationships that have a mission of their own, to reveal truths to the Twin, helping them to see things from a different perspective and ultimately lead them back to their Twin partner.

This is false love at times, but the intensity of these Karmic relationships are placed in the Runner’s path to intervene and guide the Twin toward understanding their co-dependency issues and push them forward into the understanding of self and self-worth.

This is what will ultimately lead the Twin back into the arms of their divine Twin. Remember, once both Twins feel as if they are individually Whole, then Divine Union will occur. 

Some have one Karmic relationship while others have many, but both scenarios have the same purpose: To drive the Twin back into the arms of his or her real Twin partner.

Loving Embrace

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A Journey Derailed

In the 3D world, the pains of infidelity along with the anger and resentment of third-party connections and false commitments can sometimes derail the journey for years and years, starting a whirlwind healing process for both – BUT THIS HEALING IS NECESSARY, AND IT'S A CATALYST TO BUILDING EACH TO BECOME WHOLE. 

However, monumental amounts of guilt, anger, and fear set in when the runner wakes from the initial euphoric state of a Karmic relationship upon realizing this relationship will never make the Twin feel whole.

Meanwhile, the other Twin feels abandoned, discarded, used, and broken.  Hence, the abandoned Twin - in time - rises above those feelings to once again feel Whole and welcomes the Runner Twin back to nurse him/her to a higher state.

This is where the journey of Unconditional love begins and sets the Twins back on their path to divine Twin Flame Union. 

The Key Reveals of Twin Flames 

Are you wondering if you have a Twin Flame? There are many signs to help you determine the answer...

You Were Born Far Apart But Live Near Each Other

Born extremely far apart, but life creates avenues to bring the Twins together, and in time, the two migrate to the same area. Afterwards, many Twins find they have lived in the same neighborhoods or closer than they thought as the energy to find one another has drawn them to each other.

You Have Planetary Opposition That Affects You Similarly

You were born in this lifetime as opposing Zodiac signs that share the same planetary energy and disposition.Full Moons and New Moons then affect the Twins in similar patterns during their lifetimes.

You Were Born Into This Lifetime in Similar Dynamics

Whether it's the same religion, similar philosophies, or the same dynamics, Twin Flames are often born into similar situations in this lifetime. For example, you both have four siblings.

Twin Flame Union

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You Are Surrounded With People Who Have Your Twin's Name 

As they grow, many Twins surround themselves with people who have their Twin Flame 3D name without knowing it. Siblings may share names, friends, future spouses, and children. The Twin is drawn to like names to begin surrounding their energy with the name of the Twin.

You Look Similar

Twins often look similar, as they share the same DNA. This might show up in the following ways:

  • Light/Dark skin
  • Razor thin structure
  • Big bones
  • 100 lbs. overweight
  • Long or round faces
  • Similar hands 
  • Same ears

The Twins are the same soul, so DNA disposition is similar.

You Have Similar Careers

Many Twins find themselves in similar careers because the intellectual and creative side of the Twins is similar, and their soul is one.

You Have Similar Family Dynamics

Many Twins migrate into the same family dynamic without knowing it, they are building similar issues that later, during the Twin Flame journey, becomes the crutch issues to overcome-simultaneously.

Before You Find Each Other, You Marry Similar People

On the road to finding their Twin Flame, it is likely that both Twins find themselves marrying or in relationships with people who are very similar. Both spouses might have any of these types of similarities:

  • An addiction
  • Codepedency issues
  • Lying, stealing, or gambling
  • Multiple personalities 
  • The Twin is the stronger of the two in the relationship

Your Children Have Similarities

Often, Twin Flames have either the same number of children or their children look similar. Or maybe they enjoy the same activities, have the same mindset, or express the same type of drive and initiative.

You Have Many Commonalities

You might have a lot in common with your Twin Flame. This can show up in any number of ways, including...

  • You enjoy similar music, movies, or television shows
  • You share certain dressing habits
  • You like the same food or have similar eating habits 
  • You enjoy the same hobbies
  • You have the same sense of humor
  • You Finish each other’s sentences
  • You share the same political views
  • You use similar words when you speak

You Both Crave Intimacy

For those Twins who have had initial intimate contact, before Re-Union, they often connect on a deeper, more intimate level in this area. Twin Flames tend to crave intimacy before fears set in.

Twin Flames

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How to Know if You Are on the Road to Reuniting

Twin Flames are on the road to Union when synchronicities begin happening rapidly and repeatedly. This is a key sign, so open your eyes and be aware of your surroundings. See what is being placed in front of you. 

Do you see things that remind you of your Twin, everywhere you turn? One after the other, different signs and meanings that hit you in the face until you must acknowledge them.

For many, it is Divine Timing for connection and Union to bring you both back together, soon.

The Twin Flame journey, this painful part that may have lasted years, is starting to wind down as a transition is occurring, bringing closer the happy connection that is set to occur - The Twin Flame Union. Two souls, now elevated to Wholeness alone can now be Whole together.

Do you see these elements that connect you to your Twin?

  1. Do you see words that instantly connect you to your Twin?
  2. Are there numbers that remind you of your Twin? 11:11 is the universal Twin Flame number, but are there other synchronized numbers that appear often that remind you of your Twin?
  3. Are there certain artists that you are seeing all the time that makes you feel a connection to your Twin?
  4. Are you listening to your favorite songs, or songs that remind you of your Twin? Did you share the same musical genre? Are they on the radio when you drive, or background music in an elevator?
  5. Do you smell your Twin’s perfume, or a smell that reminds you of moments with your Twin?
  6. Do you find yourself eating the foods again that you once ate with your Twin? Or drinking the same cocktails that you drank with your Twin in an effort to connect?
  7. Do you find yourself searching for social media pictures, and when you find a picture of your Twin, you feel a sense of connection? A tingle? A yearning?
  8. Reminiscing about the past, remembering the amazing moments without fear and then, something is placed in your path that reminds you of your Twin? A new co-worker with the same name. A piece of paper that you find that connects you? Or an old gift given to you by your Twin that you just found?

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Twin Flame Union and Reunion will only occur once ego and status are left behind, and the need to make Love the primary platform occurs. When shadows are addressed and work is put in to conquer these ills, leaving them behind, unconditional love emerges. 

Next, forgiveness happens, and yearning to restart with a blank slate leaves codependency behind while allowing fear to be conquered. Both Twins become Whole, alone, and now together. This is the Twin Flame Union and this is your purpose. 

If this all makes sense to you, you have been divinely selected for this journey. Don’t be afraid. Now you realize that everything you have felt your whole life is truly real – and was orchestrated for this very moment in time. Feel blessed.

According to many in the esoteric arts, this special path toward Union is only for 144k on this journey at the same time – each derived from the original 12 Tribes of Israel and discussed in the New Testament’s Book of Revelations.

 Written by Michele Tell, Licensed in Psychic Arts, State of Nevada and Author of The Signs of Tarot

Twin Flame Journey

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