10 of the Best Tools for Meditation & Mindfulness

Tools for Meditation

Meditation and mindfulness practices allow us to stay more grounded in the present moment. The benefits go far beyond stress reduction and more effective management of our emotional reactions.

It is increasingly challenging to stay connected to our higher self, especially with the hectic and competitive pace of life we must sustain on a daily basis. Daily meditation opens the door to our inner path, leading us to cultivate a spirit-centered modern lifestyle. 

The meditating tools found in our exceptional collection are meaningfully designed to attract health, prosperity, and happiness on our path. 

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10 Tools for Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation involves an ongoing practice where we can focus on our flow of breath instead of getting caught up in our racing thoughts.

The following tools for meditation can enhance this practice and make it more effective.

Small Crystals

The healing properties of our collection of rare minerals are perfectly suited for meditation.

In addition to promoting greater concentration and openness to the spiritual world, they protect us from the harmful energies that can seep in at this vulnerable time.

You can use these tools for meditation in a variety of ways. Some people hold them in their hands during practice, others lay them on their bodies, and others prefer to place them on the floor near them.

Crystals as Tools for Meditation

Singing Bowls

These ancient meditation tools rapidly shift the energy of our surroundings and vibrational fields to enhance the power of meditation.

Our sacred Tibetan Singing Bowls are carefully designed to activate the energy centers of the body. As a result, they awaken our consciousness in the most compassionate and gentle way possible.

In addition to helping us ground ourselves in the present, the sound bath these tools create blesses the objects, people, and environments where these vibrations reach.


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Sage Smudge Sticks

Smudging is one of the most powerful tools for meditation, known to tribes and native peoples. This practice removes bad vibrations from the environment and helps us ground ourselves in our spiritual core after a long and hectic day.

Our Sage Smudge Kits infuse authenticity and deeper meaning into our meditation practice while enhancing our senses. We can use them before or during our meditation experience to be transported to a more soulful and conscious place in our psyche. 

Meditation Tools

 Crystal Bracelets

Meditation tools do not have to be used exclusively during meditation practice. Our crystal bracelets for women and men are an excellent way to deflect negative energies everywhere we go while promoting deeper focus during meditation.

This collection features precious gemstones, healing crystals, and spiritual symbols that will awaken a deeper awareness from within us. Each crystal has specific properties to suit all personalities and problems we are going through. 

If we feel stressed and cut off from our inner self, we can look for an Amethyst bracelet with a Moon charm to reconnect with our true essence. And if we feel weak and surrounded by harmful entities, we can opt for a Black Onyx bracelet and a Hamsa charm for protection.

The options and combinations are extensive and will make meditation a more meaningful and lasting experience.

Crystal Bracelets


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Crystal Necklaces

Similar to bracelets, our crystal necklaces for women and men enhance inner wisdom and make our meditation process deeper and more lasting. In addition, they bring in heart-centered energy because of their unique location on the body.

If you are looking to heal wounds related to the heart chakra, such as fear of rejection, inability to receive love, or if you are navigating a difficult breakup, these necklaces are the perfect complement for your meditation. 

Our collection features ancient symbols of protection and healing crystals to center us in our spiritual core and live our lives with greater intention.

Crystal Necklaces

Crystal Rings

Our crystal rings for women and men are excellent tools for meditation when seeking to heal a specific chakra.

You can choose which finger to wear your rings on based on the results you want. Here’s a map to help:

  • The thumb is related to the solar plexus chakra
  • The index finger with the heart chakra
  • The middle finger with the throat chakra
  • The ring finger with the root chakra
  • And the little finger with the sacral chakra

Our beautiful collection features sacred symbols rooted in ancient concepts to bring more intention to our meditation sessions. In addition, the healing stones shield us from negative energies, unlock our intuition, and infuse us with courage and strength to safely embark on our spiritual path.

Crystal Rings


Chakra Jewelry

Meditating aligns our chakras and enhances our system's vital flow of energy. When our energy centers are misaligned, we feel apathetic, insecure, and alienated from our true purpose in life.

Our Chakra Jewelry addresses each chakra to release them from any potential misalignment. In addition to being one of the most effective tools for meditation, they can restore peace, happiness, enthusiasm, and harmony in our lives.

Choose from bracelets, rings, necklaces, and anklets to release good energy during your meditation sessions.

Spiritual Scarves

Our Spiritual Scarves are not just designed to wear around the neck. These stylish and thoughtful garments can be used as part of your spiritual altar, to wrap around and protect your crystals, or as a wrap for your tarot cards. 

Each scarf has a sacred symbol that offers protection and spiritual guidance as we deepen our meditation sessions.

Chakra Jewelry

Feng Shui Trees of Life

These enticing and beautiful tools for meditation help us manifest our truest, most harmonious life. They cleanse our environments of negative energies, harmonize our mental states, and make the perfect centerpiece for any spiritual altar.

The Feng Shui Tree of Life attracts good fortune, favors fresh starts, and ensures a prosperous future in our lives.

Spiritual Keychains

Our hectic modern lives don’t have to hinder our spiritual pursuits. If we expect to practice meditation only when we are alone, in silence, and with a clear agenda, it will never become part of our daily lives. 

Our rich and enticing Spiritual Keychains are perfect for a quick meditation when you are out and about. You can hold one in your hand and let the healing crystals and spiritual symbols take over you, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Feng Shui Tree of Life

Final Thoughts

The tools for meditation offered in our collections are designed to create more good energies and enhance our spiritual connection.

Making meditation part of your daily life doesn't have to be a mere desire. Our jewelry, scarves, keychains, and home decor objects facilitate the inclusion of spirituality in modern times.


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