This Aries Season Brings a Full Moon & New Moon Of Growth, Romance & Positive Intentions

Aries Season

Hello Aries season 2021. We sure could use a bit more luck this year.

Darn good thing that stubborn Aries will affect all of the other eleven zodiac signs in positivity and growth. It’s time to clean up the winter cobwebs and get focused on creating healthier relationships. Aries, you are an example for all signs during this season and we will follow your lead. Time to let go of the old and make room for the new.

Spring is springing and starting March 20th, 2021, Aries season will be the beginning of the astrological new year. Even while some states are still battling a bit of cold weather, the flowers are starting the bloom, the temperature is rising and a feeling of renewal is in the air. Now is the perfect time to write your intentions and begin visualizing how your life is going to unfold in 2021. 

Below is a breakdown of all 12 zodiac signs and how this next month, in Aries season will affect you. But first, let’s look at some key astrological dates too. Make sure to either mark these dates, or come back to this article every day and follow these important times, as theyncould be a beacon of light for you. 

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Courageous Soul - White Enamel Aries Card Necklace
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Important Astrological Dates


The next six weeks will be a blur of scattered energies as we bounce from one big idea to another without much follow-through. It's important to stay flexible!


Dreams might be coming true thanks to an unexpected windfall, creative breakthroughs, or new relationships.


For the second time, Mercury and Jupiter conjunct, bringing good opportunities for learning or brainstorming.


Trusting our gut is key as Pallas gives her divine wisdom through dreams and intuition


This is the best time to get in touch with our creative side. Meditating and daydreaming are highly encouraged.


This lunation could make us extra sensitive, giving us either intuition or insecurity about the cycle ahead.


A dreamy combination that brings inspiration to help escape dull routines. New romances could sweep us off our feet or add tenderness to existing couplings.


While not the easiest sign for the logical planet to be in, for the next three weeks, our communication will be more emotionally expressive, creative, and imaginative. Trusting intuition over logic.


Bringing another round of optimism, this combination gives us hope for the future.   


This aspect brings deeply buried feelings to the surface, making it difficult to focus on anything else.


First day of the astrological calendar. The sun is now exalted in Aries, giving us enthusiasm and energy to conquer as we boldly enter this new zodiac cycle.


For the next four weeks, love is bold, passionate, and spontaneous. However, it could make us impulsive when it comes to financial matters.


This aspect encourages us to let go of the need for control. Letting the universe guide you in the right direction is key, even if it comes with some shake-ups.  


A great aspect for creating harmony, peace, and improving current situations.


It's important to be very careful about what we say under this aspect. Jumping to conclusions and rushed speech could lead to miscommunication and arguments.


An aspect that encourages a little selfishness as a way to instigate us to take care of our own needs.


A time to make major decisions as we weight in all the options. This full moon encourages us to put our feelings into consideration before making the final choice.


This yearly aspect helps us sort out between what is real and what is fiction.


A good time to resolve lingering conflicts and tying up loose ends.


An excellent aspect that encourages leadership and guiding others as we boldly conquer the unknown.

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Aries have a desire to avoid tackling things head on in love this month, you are less confrontational and while it's your nature to be honest and direct, in March you are much more likely to take a back seat, observe and me passive in love. You let things happen, you allow things to wash over you, you don't react quickly, this is a period of assimilation and understanding.

In relationships, it's important to reconcile the emotions within yourself rather than to project and tackle every on the outside like an attack. Contemplation and reflection is vital, you cannot see the way ahead unless you fully understand where you are coming from. Aries often think that the past doesn't count, that you should keep moving forward, forgetting and starting new pages constantly, however if you aren't aware of the patterns it may be hard to break them. This is a period to understand the patterns, the subtle less obvious ones that perpetuate themselves in your relationship and to see which are positive and which are toxic and to see what can be done to change these.

Aries are romantics and this month your imagination and that sentimental streak is stimulated. You enjoy immersing yourself in the fantasy element of love and you will tend to avoid reality and focus on the ideal, the possibilities and softer side of your love life. There are a few problems in terms of romance, you tend to be very sensitive and so you may overreact to things which you would usually brush off. You can also be more compromising and so you give up ground that can be hard to win back as you encourage your new partner to expect more than you may be comfortable giving on a longer term basis.

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New relationships can begin when you act in a caregiving capacity to a person, you may be their nurse, physiotherapist, holistic practitioner. For Aries, falling love is strongly connected to your own vulnerabilities and so you are attracted to vulnerability in others. Please be careful not to become involved in codependent relationships as that is very likely this month.

Don't rush to judgment and try and consider all options before you make a decision. This month you are highly motivated and quite excitable when it comes to starting new initiatives and this often involves getting into new contracts and agreements and yet going into these too quickly can create problems for you. Hold fire, sleep on everything and remember that less is more, you can achieve more by making more modest outlays than toy think.

Mercury is direct this month which, in the case of Aries, brings clarity to your overarching goals and aspirations. This is a great time to brainstorm and think about how to get back on track in terms of the bigger picture in your life. It's also a period where you can gain an advantage in life through your social contacts, friends are an important factor in your life, they can give you hints, leads and advice.

Your home is a place of sanctuary and retreat where you can focus on the softer side of life and withdraw from the harshness of day to day life, this month is a slightly more laid back experience and that's why your home needs to offer reassurance and be comfortable. There is an impetus to decorate or buy art for your home.

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This month is rather good for marriage and relationships as you tend to be more relaxed and you accept those things you cannot change with humility. You are patient and compassionate and this is very helpful in relationships, you are able to be conciliatory without feeling that you are sacrificing your power. Don't become invested in any one outcome, you need to be adaptable and open-minded because your strength right now, lies in accepting more options than what can be quite a narrow range of possibilities in your usual Taurus paradigm.

Romance and imagination are vital ingredients in your marriage and since you have a little extra time, why not spend it on creating an ambiance that encourages love life to flourish: more movies, music, massages and ultimately magic. It's amazing what an injection of thoughtfulness and being a sympathetic ear can do for love. The biggest problems I hear from most clients is that A. They feel last in the list and B. Their spouse don't take their emotions seriously or listen to them properly (which are part and parcel of the same thing).

This month you are highly idealistic and it's easy to lie to yourself or to create a compelling narrative which you blindly follow. Self-delusion is possible and so if friends give you advice, listen, you don't have to believe everything they say, but certainty consider it.

Humor is very important in new relationships, a new partner who makes you laugh is a keeper. The mark of a promising new relationship is laughter and relaxation, if you feel stiff in a relationship or unable to express yourself, that's a signal that you should walk away.

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Relationships that allow you to be yourself and act according to your fundamental beliefs and values without self-censoring or holding back are going to last. Your identity is undergoing subtle but important changes, you aren't changing who you are, but different aspects of your nature are coming to the fore and a new partner could be instrumental in leading you along that path of self-discovery.

This is an ideal time to build and start to make plans concrete by tying your associates into contracts. Be personable, show how reliable you are and work consistently.

Do not look for quick solutions, you must work methodically and be efficient with your paperwork. Things are slow but steady and at the end of the month you will be very impressed with what you achieved. The pennies tend to add up very nicely, every cost saving counts, and that extra mile you go for clients is appreciated.

This month you may need a little time to let the dust settle, just like you must allow a good tea time to stew in the teapot, now it's time to stop moving forward at pace and allow yourself time to ponder where you are and what's next. If you act fast now, you can set back the good progress you have made by just going a little too far. Taking your foot off the gas is vital or you overshoot the target or miss the nuances, which you must understand to be truly successful. This is a time to observe and mull over both your own decisions, and the actions of others.

Friendships are very important to your wellbeing and can help ground you, it's an ideal time to reinvigorate your relationships with friends and experience togetherness with them. Compassion shared between friends is more noticeable and important.

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Mars in Gemini helps you to achieve the goals of assertiveness and honesty that I suggested in previous months.

You have greater focus and you are willing to take on difficult conversations even if there is confrontation as you are bold and pugnacious. Gemini is on the attack. This month you take the lead in love and relationships and that means you initiate on a sexual level as well as taking control of financial affairs or household matters.

Sex life is a very important release for you and your partner as there is a lot of stress stemming from the uncertainty Neptune in your 10th house, which is triggered this month, is creating. The exact nature of your future is in doubt and the answers aren't clear, you have to live one day at a time and relaxing is vital as you can only cross your bridges when you come to them. Sex and sexual fantasy can be ideal ways to switch off and de-stress.

The Sun and Neptune are influencing you romantically this month and this is a rather potent cocktail which brings high expectations, a great deal of romance, escapism and also delusion in love. You will think a lot more about new relationships and infatuation is quite often the outcome, you need an avenue for creative change in your life and often a new and enticing relationship can fit the bill. While you will be actively looking for love, by going out socially or flirting on line, you can also fall in love quite by accident simply because you are at the right place at the right time.

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You fall in love fast in March and this is driven by needs other than romantic needs. The primary driver is a need for an escape from reality, a need to become immersed in something new and a new path for your own self-expression. The second driver is a need for attention and often n new love affair is the perfect way to get attention and even adoration or approval. However, since you are more in love with what love itself offers than with the person on the other end of this relationship, it may not be entirely honest. You could be lying to yourself and thus misleading him too. Another possibility is flirting online and keeping a few guys going at once just to get that attention and release from boredom.

This a very confusing time as Mars in Gemini is telling you to go go go, but a stellium conjunct Neptune in your tenth house is saying, 'Where?' It's a high energy time when you must rely on inspiration and intuition to help you chart the course.

Jupiter reinforces any momentum you currently have and you can freewheel down the highway, being more productive and successful. If you have been struggling, this could bring you a little good fortune which can help turn the tide.

Gemini may feel detached from the things which usually fulfil you and the grass may look greener elsewhere. Disenchantment is key to the feelings you experience this month, but you should not take this feeling too seriously, it's simply that your priorities are shifting and you have yet to establish firm new priorities which can give shape to your focus externally and at home.

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Your energy is high this month, and you are also ego driven, which is why you are not very compromising. You will be the driving force in your relationships where you initiate events, activities, and sexual advances, and you will demand strong reciprocity. You can, however, be too quick to take offence, and you do need to think before you react – you need to be a little more cognizant of all the factors at play, not just how things affect you. On a positive note, you will not let opportunities to reform your love and sex life go begging; you will also not stand still and allow laziness and complacency to stunt the growth of the relationship.

It's is important for all couples to have joint goals, even if you do not work together regarding career, as this can help bind you together by establishing a common purpose and a renewed sense of commitment to the goals and each other. Relationships need purpose and direction, and if your relationship is not going well and there are arguments and frustrations being expressed, then this could very well be the problem – lack of clear direction. Brainstorm new goals that can inject your relationship with dreams and destinations to focus on.

You can benefit from being more diplomatic and taking time to explain yourself better. It is totally OK to require that the relationship is a dual highway of give and take, but you may need to explain more specifically what needs changing and why. This is a very good month for those Cancer who work with a new partner in business or on a charitable goal as a feeling of camaraderie aids the development of sexual intensity.

A good month for long distance relationships and online romance, but make sure you understand the needs and values, and especially the political views of your new beau, as political and social views are going to be very important to you, and if you don't see eye to eye in this vein, that's a big problem.

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Market research can be misleading, and so you should find ways of testing the water with minimal expense; do not fully commit to some advertising or promotional campaign until you have seen real results and not just projections. Estimations and models which create projections can fail, which is why only real life results are good indications – get data from other industries or countries to check out the results others have had.

A certain amount of introspection is vital this month. You need to take on information, and instead of acting on it right away, it is as if you have to allow that info to percolate; filtering into your consciousness until you discover what relevance that information has for you and how you can use it. March is an excellent period for self-development or life coaching as you can access memories and understand how your thinking is linked to the past and to subconscious triggers planted a long time ago. This year is an important time to review information sources and also memories – sometimes we lock onto something that happened, and it is more a perception gleaned at the time than a reality.

Cancer are essentially a very loyal and responsible sign who honor commitments, and while that will not change right now, you will see things as less black and white, and that can cause you to delay decisions and often to change your mind. You may even feel that you are letting people down and yet if you suddenly feel that some things doesn’t sit right with you, you can no longer keep that commitment.

You are far more reactive to what is subtle and unseen, and this can confuse those who live with you who are used to your loving and protective approach and thoughtful personality, rather than this more reflective detached side of you. However, you can be a little more distracted or distant, you don't always behave in a predictable way as you like to be less emotional and more philosophical about problems.

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Passionate Devotion - White Enamel Scorpio Card Necklace
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Saturn square Uranus indicates that you need patience in relationships. You have to be in it for the long haul this month, there are no quick fixes and things cannot be rushed, you have to take the pressure, soak it up and persevere. The curse of modern relationships is that we are less willing to compromise, hurdles are seen as a nuisance not a reason to grow and get closer, and we like to believe there is an easy way out. We are also more cynical and less forgiving, perhaps even too quick to walk away, however this month is all about relationship fortitude and having faith in the ability you both have to resolve and restore. So, be less judgmental of the situations which arise, don't be hasty to brush problems away or pretend they can be solved quickly, be constructive and make sure things move forward but don't rush.

Impatience leads to problems being half solved, which means they actually linger like a bad smell, poisoning the air for far longer than they should. So, be patient, work through problems, and see it as a longer term process.

Leo lady can be too quick to think a new guy is The One, it's almost a spiritual need right now to have a soul mate, to find a person with whom you feel at ease, and can totally open up to. However, in your eagerness to experience this you may invite the wrong kind of person into your confidence and you may delude yourself.

This month you could enter into relationships based on sex, where the chemistry is obvious and the attraction makes you feel wonderful, however the rest of the deal may be highly opaque.

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While money matters are a little more clear this month, emotionally you may not be in the right mood to make any important moves. Neptune activated by the new moon in your eighth house indicates you should be very cautious about joint ventures, business partnerships and tax affairs. Tread that fine line, avoid risks and get second opinions.

This is a critical month in terms of your job and you have to be flexible and get ready for change as things will never be the same. Having to get used to new hours, new routines and new technology is probable. You may also have to endure a steep learning curve when it comes to training in new information systems, or a completely new role at work.

Keep your friends and family close. This is a time to work hard at the relationships which are most fundamental to your wellbeing. Strong family relationships help you to develop resolve and internal strength. This month with so much uncertainty, you need to know who you are and where you come from, and strong values can help sustain you.

Your time at home can provide solace and a refuge, however you may need to get away to a place of escapism, if your home has become hectic or a place of work. The problem with working from home is that you never leave the office, so if you have spent a lot of time at home, now is the time to escape and get away, even if it's only a day trip or a long road trip. Getting away from work is vital, you can become a slave to your clients, customers, employees, employer, or to your routine chores which is why you may just have to go incognito and disappear for a while.

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Your relationship has lots of grey areas this month which can generate a lot of questions and few answers. Often bad relationships have elements or hallmarks of good relationships in them, and vice versa, so nothing is a simple equation. What's stimulating and intriguing about a relationship can blind you to what's a red light in terms of a relationship's ability to meet your needs. Watch out for the tendency to amplify what's good and disregard the disappointing elements, as unless you do this you can create confusion rather than love.

The clues to relationship health this month are reciprocity, thoughtfulness, tolerance and mutual giving, rather than drama and exaggeration. If your relationship is feast or famine, in terms of getting too little, then sudden bursts where it's actually too much, then something is wrong and that cannot be ignored. The greater the swings in the mood of the relationship, the more confusion and also guilt it generates, and good decisions are impossible to make.

Single Virgo may meet a guy who is caring and attentive, who seems to be spontaneous and lively, but who is very unreliable. You may quickly uncover that he has a very complicated relationship with his ex and you may be drawn into being an advisor and confidant who is more of a shoulder to cry on that a new date? You don't want to be a guy's counsellor, he needs to address his own problems as an adult, as only he can get himself out of his own mess. Beware the guy who tells a sob story and wants your sympathy, he may just use you as a crutch, only to go running straight back into the arms of the ex you’ve just been complaining about.

The message for Virgo is not to conflate empathy and compassion, or even pity for love. You do have a caring, rescuer side to your personality and that can mean you are a soft touch who loses her common sense briefly when her heart strings are pulled. Helping another person is not a romantic act, it's more about mothering and forming attachment. A new relationship where you care for a person may hark back to a childhood requirement to care for a parent or sibling, and thus may be a regressive behavior that feels safe rather than a healthy relationship behavior.

Analytical & Reliable - Virgo Constellation Necklace

This is not a good month for financial negotiations or new contracts. Avoid getting involved in long winded and complicated financial affairs, in fact even money matters which appear simple on the face of it can quickly descend into something very messy.

Be competitive, this is an excellent time to push yourself into situations where you pit yourself against others in pressure situations. Welcome opportunities to lead and to stand out from the crowd, it's vital to be individualistic.

Success and growth in terms of life purpose is about taking a stand, do not be afraid to be unpopular, it's more important to be honest and stand up for the truth. Those around you may think they are in the right, they may even be sanctimonious, but they are being misled, you need to be able to separate popular myth from the truth and then stand by that truth.

Sometimes you have to let those you care for make their own mistakes and that means you have to stand by and let them bump their head. This is awfully hard for you, but it may be the only way, as there is no guarantee that your interventions will go the way you hope.

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Give and take is the theme in relationships.  Your partner may accuse you of being selfish and demanding, which is not really fair; you are both just not on the same page this month.  Sometimes our loved ones want tangible evidence of our commitment, and that is the case this month; you really need to put in extra effort to show him/her that you care.  This means listening more, helping out, taking an interest, going the extra mile. Often we do not realize how we take those we love for granted, and so it is not a bad thing to reaffirm that commitment and love by making some extra effort.

It is possible that you may have some arguments at the start of the month – try and hold your tongue as you are likely to regret saying things later on.  Do not jump to conclusions and try and be as fair-minded as possible, even in heated debates.  Arguing and getting angry will not really get either of you anywhere, especially as you will tend to get stubborn and more entrenched in your views.  Drop the arguing about small issues and think about ways to constructively balance your needs.  This is not a month where an argument clears the air, it’s a month where you need to keep trying and keep remembering what each of you said in the argument in terms of what you need and expect from each other.

Emotionally rather reserved this month, if single, you may shy away from new relationships.  Single Libra are enjoying their own company this month.  A friendship with someone of the opposite sex who is older may be very enlightening and beneficial to you.

Charming & Peaceful - Libra Constellation Ring

March is a good money month. There are opportunities to promote your business, your services and to be more visible. Doing pro bono work or charitable work can help you make valuable network connections. This is a good month to launch products or do an exhibit as you are lucky with getting good reviews and publicity.

Those of you who make money based on your personality, artistic talents or where you are the face of your business can do very well. Bloggers and vloggers or social media aficionados, do well.

You have to be careful of who you choose to work with, choose carefully when you delegate work. This may not be a good time to outsource or recruit, as people may let you down.

March is very fulfilling for those of you who are emotionally involved in your work and who rely on the human touch. This month brings success to those who work in the caring professions and it's an excellent time to begin a new career or business in the medical or alternate health field.

You need to relax and take time to eat well and pamper yourself. Neptune in your sixth house activated by the new moon can cause you to lose energy and feel deflated. You must be careful of alcohol consumption as alcohol is a depressant and it can contribute to the confusion that Neptune creates right now.

Illnesses this month have a psychosomatic aspect and so meditation and positive thinking can aid recuperation. Avoid harsh sunlight as your skin is more sensitive. Drink lots of water as your kidneys need flushing out.

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Intelligent Expression - White Enamel Aquarius Card Necklace
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Nostalgia can be a helpful tool to enhance relationships. It's good to be reminded of when the relationship was new, fresh and passionate and you may be able to rekindle some it that. Obviously there is always water under the bridge, we cannot turn back time, but we can sometimes become a little less jaded and cynical when we reminisce, and you can even back that up by going to your old haunts or doing some big those things you long stopped doing.

Single Scorpio ladies are more likely to bond with new partners who share their beliefs and goals – it is not a case of opposites attract when it comes to morals, philosophy and religion. This does not preclude unusual relationships which are very possible if you click philosophically speaking. Relationships with those who are culturally different or from a different country are very possible and you may well meet up with a new partner via a university, college or publishing venture.

Scorpio may be non-committal in new relationships as you are trying to find yourself – this can be frustrating for your new lover who will find it hard to read you and know how to please you. You are rather enigmatic in love relationships this March – internally you are feeling rather vague and disconnected and as a result you are giving out mixed signals which are very confusing.  In fact your internal state of confusion can be projected onto the relationship, creating misunderstandings and a miss-match of needs.  You feel more vulnerable than usual and are craving closeness and yet you are acting almost flippant and even evasive. 

Your insecurity may make you withdraw which can isolate you from what you really need which is a strong partner to take you in hand and hold you tight and tell you everything is fine.  This is a month when Scorpio who have strong partners will draw from that strength and allay their self-doubts because of it, this will bring you both closer together and result in a wonderfully loving and sexually fulfilling month.  If your partner is weak, this is a month when the relationship will struggle and where there can be arguments and silences.  If your partner is a critical and bossy person it can also be an awkward month for you.

Fierce Passionista - Scorpio Zodiac Medallion Necklace

It's important to put yourself out there, go public, let others see your work, get positive feedback and constructive criticism, and accept these with the same open minded attitude of learning. Take a chance, back yourself and then see what happens, your windows of opportunity can expand dramatically right now as long as you make that first move. Not everything has the desired result, but that isn't the same as saying there was a bad outcome. Hard work and self-belief pay off in both tangible and intangible ways. Be open to learning but don't allow yourself to be deterred from your course.

You may have to limit your availability to certain family members, time for tough love, people have to stand on their own two feet. Other people's problems are not yours on a spiritual level, on a practical level, you of course want to help out, but you can't allow yourself to be emotionally swamped by burdens that are not yours. So learn to say NO, draw a line, say it and mean it.

Do not be try to be all things to all people, you must prioritize in your personal life between what you should be doing and what others are manipulating you into doing.

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You need space and independence in relationships as your partner is demanding and pushy, and he may tend to shout you down or shut you down. You have to be strong, resistant to criticism and aware that he is rather ego driven this month and he often wants to win at all costs.

This can be a very productive month where you both get things off your chest, have frank discussions and introduce intensity back into the relationship, however things often do go too far leading to some hurt and so you both need to know when conversations have descended into name calling and ego driven point scoring, and to walk away.

Mars in Gemini brings anger and confrontation, and yet it also brings energy to the relationship sphere encouraging sharing, emotional reactions and problem solving via a more honest approach. While you may temporarily hate each other, during this month you can also have some excellent fun 'making up' and this certainly helps your sex life.

Don't expect relationships to be dull, there are some fireworks, but it's a good time for renewal, not least of passion Many recently formed relationships become serious and you may even think about marriage.

Optimistic Temperament - White Enamel Sagittarius Card Necklace

You attract good things as you are generous and friendly and you have a very good mind-set right now. This is a favorable month to attract partners who are good for you – who take you forward, who promote healing in your life and who open doors for you. You appear to be lucky in love, but it is simply the fact that you are sending out the right message to the universe – without realizing it you are saying, “I am open, I love and appreciate myself and will attract a partner who loves and appreciates me.” The desire to be in love is driven by positive emotions rather than fear and need.

This is a time when you can bounce back from any recent disappointments in love, you are able to see these experiences in a wider context and you can move on. Uranus brings sudden opportunities, but there are also unexpected pitfalls. You should not make assumptions, and expect even risk free options to become less predictable.

This month is fast moving and you may feel bombarded by information. Doing due diligence on new business proposals is far trickier abs long winded than you would expect and you may end up having to use your intuition and judgement to make the final call.

This month is excellent for new starts, fitness regimes, recovery from illness and new business ventures. A good dose of self-belief and positive energy help you to achieve your goals and find the inner strength to overcome obstacles. Life tends to reward you, this is a time of good karma and helpful advice and support from people in your circles.

As Saturn is also influencing your third house, while Jupiter is activated by the new moon, further education and study are favored and this is an excellent time to start to master a new discipline especially related to business studies, management or maths. You should not be deterred by subjects which are technical or have a high level or difficulty, as with a diligent and methodical approach, you can achieve the knowledge you need.

The new moon stimulates Neptune in your fourth house which brings about a befuddling and insecure time when it's very hard to make decisions. You have a sneaking feeling that something is going on and yet it's hard to confirm your suspicions or get accurate information from others. You may find family members are vague or act erratically leading you think question their mental state or motivations.

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The relationship sphere is influenced by Neptune and you are called to look differently at the way you try and remedy things. The clue is stop looking to 'fix' things, this is actually a back to front approach. Unless a problem is immediate and central, stop fixating on it. So rather than putting your attention on problem solving (which tends to actually magnify problems) seek to build on the positives.

The other key to relationship success this month and going beyond is, 'Don't be a Fairweather lover.' What contributes most to a successful relationship is how much support you give your partner in the bad times (when it's hard to give support) rather than in the good times when that support is not quite as valuable.

Validate your partner, don't target them, this greatly improves relationships. Remember to be patient. Most problems in relationships are perpetual, they cannot be solved as they are rooted in personality or background differences, however they cannot be allowed to ruin a fundamentally good relationship.

It's hard to experience satisfaction in new relationships right now, you have a need for both closeness and excitement and that's not necessarily possible to achieve. You are more needy and require a high level of validation and acceptance from relationships, you are very vulnerable to criticism and any cool or aloof behaviour by a new partner. However, you must not bin a promising new relationship just because it feels less fulfilling this month.

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You tend to focus on what you want and how you are falling short of that in your relationship, rather than just enjoying the unfolding of the relationship and letting it develop organically. Don't focus on the gaps, these will decrease over time and that process cannot be hurried.

Be careful not to throw a new relationship away in your haste to move to something which feels more promising, that may be an illusion. Allow for a certain amount of mystery in relationships, don't ask too many questions or attempt to understand everything, accept things without judging them. In the fullness of time it will all make sense.

You are very easily emotionally affected by sales pitches and so watch out for people trying to use your emotions to force you into a sale or contract. It's easy for others to tap into your yearnings and impulses and play on them, and so be more careful about playing your hand or showing your eagerness in negotiations.

Uranus square your ruler, brings energy into your life and yet it's often uncontrollable. So, events hold a lot of promise and yet they can end up in frustration and upset. People around you can irritate and even insult you and you may go on the offensive, however things change so fast that your enemy yesterday can be your ally the next day. So, the key is not to overreact, stay alert but don't get involved in arguments too deeply.

Tensions run high in March, you tend to have more exciting experiences and it's a lively and interesting time, however it's hard on your nerves and there is stress attached to many of your activities, especially as there is greater uncertainty. You need longer to unwind and fall asleep and so you need to avoid coffee and stimulants.

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While things are generally good in relationships this month, money can be a thorny issue. Often money and issues around boundaries are closely tied together, you and your partner need to make sure you respect each other enough to be totally honest about how you are spending money, or how you may be keeping, or not keeping to the household budget.

This is a time when you tend to keep secrets and these secrets may be to do with money or property, however this will only cause misunderstanding in the future and can make emotional issues more murky, as there tends to be a snowball effect. This month, what starts as an innocent white lie soon escalates into something more serious, and you end up having to tell even bigger lies that are more damaging to cover up.

It's important to have boundaries in relationships and the boundaries should allow you to speak honestly about what you want to do, what your values are, how you feel about important issues in the relationship. If you are having to be dishonest or keep secrets, it means you don't have strong enough boundaries to allow you to speak honestly and openly about certain subjects, and that maybe indicate a growing problem in the relationship.

With Mars in Gemini this month, there's excitement in store when it comes to new romance. Aquarius is more proactive, you want to go out there and make things happen in your romantic life. It's a good time to take the bull by the horns: be more sociable, sign up for a dating app, join a new sports club etc.

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As a matter of fact sporting activities or anything that you have a fiery passion for, is a great arena in which to meet a new love interest. You are highly enthusiastic right now and you are also very self-expressive, making it an ideal time to fall in love. You are free spirited, warm-hearted and you have more confidence which means you can attract the right sort of person to yourself.

The important question to ask in new financial dealings, is what can go wrong, or what's the worst case scenario etc., and then to see if you'll be able to withstand that outcome, otherwise don't go into the contract. If you've looked at the potential downside or pitfalls in detail without illusions, then you are good to go, however right now it's hard to see all those pitfalls clearly, which is why it's best not to make major purchases.

The problem with the transits this month, with Mars being trine Jupiter, is that you can be a little bit complacent and you may lack discipline. You think really big, but you need to take care of the details, and you also have to be careful about riding roughshod over other people when you get carried away. So be a little bit more diplomatic and sensitive to the needs of other people, but certainly follow the inspiration, and aim high and encourage those around you to aim high too.

Your children will tend to test you a little bit more in March, they'll probably rebel and push back against your boundaries. It's a time when children are more willful, but you should encourage their independence and not try to control them or clip their wings. It's best to take a laissez-faire attitude with your children, trust them to make their own decisions and that way they will want to do the right thing, rather than just rebel against you.

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This is an excellent month for relationships as you are compassionate and able to support and comfort your partner. This month is ideal for relationships which require additional understanding and flexibility as you have more patience and find it easier to compromise and see your partner's point of view. You are naturally easy going in love and you get satisfaction from catering to your partner's emotional or physical needs. Pisces is highly perceptive and you are able to do the right thing for your partner even if they do not articulate their needs directly.

However, the activation of Neptune by the new moon is not necessary beneficial for all relationships. If you are in a relationship with an imbalance in power or where you are feeling emotionally deprived or neglected, you may be inclined to lie to yourself and hide from the truth. You must resist doing more, sacrificing more or yielding more to your partner, because this is precisely what got you where you are! What you need is spiritual courage to stand up for yourself and do what's right for you, rather than what facilitates things in the moment.

Don't be long suffering, don't assume that things will get better magically because you are being people pleasing. The more power you give away, the harder it is to get it back as partners never relinquish power voluntarily, why would they? Develop faith and self-love and step back and understand how and when you lost power, and resolve to change that, but not overnight, it's easier to take back power slowly.


A new partner can make you feel very good about yourself, however you should not become too reliant on how he makes you feel, because the truth is that no one can or should make you feel anything, what's really happening is that you are allowing a new guy to make you feel this way. So accept full responsibility for how you are feeling in a new relationship whether it's good or bad. Don't allow yourself to lose your personal power in new relationships, there is a danger of that right now. Nearly all of us give away our power in relationships and this month you must ask yourself if you are doing that with respect to the way you think, behave or decision make this month. Don't let a new partner dictate your emotional state or state of mind, don't go on their rollercoaster, you can be in love deeply without buying into all their ideas.

March is an opportune month for developing a second income stream which may be connected to a pursuit you already do within your home or family. There may be some activity which you already do, that you could charge for or offer more widely as a service. You could deliver services within the local community or promote local tourism as a side income.

You feel the need to defend yourself, but you may be unsure of why you’re reacting so vehemently. Actions taken now may be in response to anger that’s been building from the past, or something that happens may remind you of a past difficulty or failure. Be more cautious when initiating new projects, as your decisions may be based more on how you feel than objective and rational thinking. Take some time to be by yourself, or use this energy to focus on projects that will improve your home and sense of wellbeing, such as doing minor repairs on your house or digging in the garden.


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