The Year of Seven

The Year of Seven

The upcoming year of 2023 (2+0+2+3=7) is the Year of Seven.  The number seven has significant religious and spiritual ties that we, as a collective, are raised with since childhood. 

The associations are deeply imbedded in our psyche, and we tend to look at the number seven through mystical eyes.  After all, the Almighty created the world in six days on the seventh day, he rested, according to the traditional writings of the Hebrew Scriptures: The Old Testament.

As spiritual beings, we turn to the number seven as a means for direction; and we rely upon the number seven as way of understanding completeness.  It is the ultimate number of the word “definite.” 

There are so many different connections to the number seven, and we all, most of us, somewhat live by and take on as ‘absolute.” No one seems to question the number seven or its significant values throughout the globe. It just is:

Year of Seven

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There are seven days in a week, and we build our lives around that schematic.
Seven notes on the music scale.

In China, the number seven is mystical for female life – seven months to get teeth; begins to lose teeth at age seven; gets her menstrual cycle by 2 x 7 = 14 and more.

In the Old Testament, God created the world in six days and on the seventh day, rested.
(Jewish Shabbat, a time of rest.)

Seven deadly sins in Christianity - pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth

Folklore leads us to believe if we break a mirror, it will land us seven years of bad luck.

There are seven wonders of the world – The Taj Mahal, the Colosseum, the Chichén Itzá, Machu Picchu, Christ the Redeemer statue , Petra, and the Great Wall of China

The Koran speaks about seven Heavens

In Metaphysical world, we have seven Chakras that center our sense of self, health and wholeness.

In Las Vegas, the original slot machines had lucky number “seven” on its reels and to attain three in a row lead you to a windfall of coins.

Disney’s Snow White has seven dwarfs – each with a distinct personality.

Year of Seven

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In psychology, we are introduced to the term Magic Number 7 – a theory that our brain can hold seven digits of information at a time, perhaps why they made telephone numbers only seven digits.

In advertising, the first element that is taught in advertising/marketing 101 is that to effectively penetrate a customer’s mind, and to make sure they are activated to change their buying habits (purchase stuff) the average person must be introduced to a product seven different times, in seven different ways (print, television, radio, Instagram, Google Ads, Facebook, billboards) as an example.

However, in the esoteric world of metaphysical ideology, it will be the mystical divination through the world of tarot cards, that might lead the understanding for the year of 2023 – the year of seven – and its main themes: chaos and choices then decisions.

Year of Seven

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The year of 2023 will be the year of choices, options, chaos, possibilities spontaneous and sudden outbursts or impulsive behaviors, alternative routes and then, by the end of the year, final decisions.

Seven of Cups – Chaos, Confusion, Too Many Options to choose from. The tarot card “seven of cups” is clearly represented by so many options to choose from, each being different and each leading to a different path. Which road to we choose? Where will it lead?  Do I follow my head and make a boring, calculating decision, or do I take a leap of faith and dive into a decision with my heart wide open and my eyes wide shut?

Seven of Wands – Control.  Am I in control of my outcome or is someone or something else in control of me? This will be a fundamental question during 2023 for everyone.  Am I in  the correct relationship, who is controlling me to be here? Am I in the most suitable career for my skillset?


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Am I putting on an act that I am in control, or am I really the one leading the charge in my own life’s destiny? Many of these emotions are going to surface in 2023; as many more options are made readily available for us to jump ship – in love, in career, in obligations, we might find ourselves diving into those deep philosophical questions.

Seven of Pentacles – Is my structure sound? What am I building for myself, my future for tomorrow? Am I investing in the right areas and am I utilizing my time correctly. Am I putting the right importance towards the right relationships or elements in my life, or am I wasting time? Am I juggling too much and not giving enough of myself to any area?

The fundamentals of time = money or time = happiness will be a recuring theme in 2023 as much evaluation of how one is spending his/her time will be closely looked upon in 2023. It will be evident in the amount of people you know that shift and change careers within this year span, and perhaps divorce.

Year of Seven

Seven of Swords – The card of paranoia and fear, and constantly looking back at decisions made, wondering if a mistake was made, or if it will eventually turn into a mistake. This is the card of lying and omission and fear and betrayal, and constantly running away from the truth, or having to back pedal on past truths – causing complete confusion. 

It is a card of escapism and fearing facing things head-on for fear that one might not like what they see. It’s card of “you can run, but not hide” because the truth always comes clean in the end.

On a great note, those in the dating scene will be able to meet new people plentiful. If one is in search of a new job, there will be many options in a chosen field, or a new area that will be made available.  It is a lucky year where you might meet Mr. or Mrs. Right on a whim at a place you never should have visited. 

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You might be at the right place at the right time when you overhear a job opportunity.  That last gallon of gas in your car just may make it 20 extra “lucky” miles to get to a gas station, and you just may find a $100 bill in a public washing machine. 

As scary it is to embrace chaos and crazy, fun and unexpected experiences usually pop up in life during such times, so embrace the virtual unknown and each new opportunity as it is made available.

So, in Las Vegas native tongue, it’s the year to ‘let it ride.’

2023 will be the year remembered mostly for too many choices, confusion, chaos, options and recollections.  But towards the final quarter of the year - October/November/December time – much of the muddle will be lifted and decisions and choices will be made as we head into 2024-the year of 8. The year of balance, calm, and infinity.

Enjoy the Mayhem… by the end of the year it will be to structure and boredom and the usual.  

Year of Seven

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