Protection, Pride, and Power: The Properties of Tiger’s Eye

Tigers Eye

What are the Physical Properties of Tiger’s Eye?

Tiger’s eye is a form of quartz, so named because of its resemblance to the golden eyes of a big cat. It has a reflective quality caused by the chatoyance (cat’s eye) effect and has a silky, striped appearance with warm colors in shades of red, brown, and gold. It can be mined in many regions, including the United States, India, and Canada, but the largest deposits in the world are found in South Africa.

Tiger’s eye contains crocidolite (blue asbestos) fibers woven between layers of quartz, which over long periods of time are mostly converted to limonite. While you probably know that blue asbestos is very dangerous to human health when inhaled, especially in industrial contexts, it is harmless when sealed inside tiger’s eye stones. In fact, it creates the enchanting reflective effect that makes tiger’s eye so visually striking.

One captivating variant of tiger’s eye is hawk’s eye, also known as blue tiger’s eye, which has a similar reflective quality but is colored blue and green. Tiger’s eye is actually formed from hawk’s eye when a large quantity of iron oxide is contained within the stone, tinting it red and brown.

Tiger’s eye is a hard stone, meaning it is safe to cleanse under running water as it cannot be damaged by it. It can also be cleansed with salt, sage, and sunlight.

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What are the Spiritual Properties of Tiger’s Eye Stones?

Tiger’s eye is closely associated with the sign of the Tiger in the Chinese zodiac, and with the sign Aries in the Western zodiac, due to its fiery, warlike properties. People under these signs are believed to be confident, stubborn, and driven, and may gain particular benefit from tiger’s eye stones, although anyone can harness the positive qualities of this crystal.

Aries, the Ram, is named for Ares, the Greek god of warfare. Much like the Tiger sign, Aries represents self-determination, courage, and assertiveness. All of these qualities are equally evident in the energy of tiger’s eye stones, which also resonate with Mars, the ruling planet of Aries (which is named for the Roman god of war).

Unsurprisingly, tiger’s eye was prized by the warriors of ancient Rome for its ability to strengthen their spirits and protect them from harm. It was worn as an amulet in battle for good luck and perseverance — something you may wish to harness for yourself, too.

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Tiger’s also has a strong association with the sun, which brings out its golden radiance — no surprise given the warm, passionate nature of this stone’s energy. This means it is also associated with the summer, when the sun’s strength is greatest, and its power may dim under a solar eclipse. Those who enjoy soaking up the sunlight, exploring the great outdoors, and going on adventures in unknown territory may find that they resonate exceptionally well with this stone.

Because of its bond with the sun, placing your tiger’s eye in direct sunlight or basking in the sunshine while you wear or carry your tiger’s eye is a powerful way to purify and charge it. It may also help you attune yourself to the wild nature of this stone.

Tiger’s eye stones teach us not to flinch away from difficulty or struggle – in fact, they teach us how to thrive in adversity. If you know you have difficult times ahead, tiger’s eye is a wonderful companion to carry with you. It will protect you from the forces that try to limit you, grant you strength and vitality to overcome whatever struggles you must face, and help you find joy and a sense of accomplishment in the moments where you are tested most.

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Spiritual Properties of Blue Tiger’s Eye (Hawk’s Eye)

As the progenitor of all tiger’s eye stones, blue tiger’s eye represents the most calm and reflective qualities in this stone. While it still promotes confidence and courage, it does so without the fiery passion of red and brown tiger’s eye. 

Instead, blue tiger’s eye’s spiritual properties come from a place of deep introspection and grounding. This stone soothes the mind and provides the clarity and stability required for planning, mapping out future goals, and identifying your needs.

Spiritual Properties of Red Tiger’s Eye

The opposite of blue tiger’s eye, red tiger’s eye will fan the hottest, wildest fires in your spirit. This stone is incredibly energetic and has an intense bond with the sun, with a red-hot drive that will encourage you to charge towards your goals without hesitation. However, it may be best to temper the heat of this stone with more grounding crystals and symbols to ensure you stay focused and productive. 

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What are the Healing Properties of Tiger’s Eye Stones?

Tigers are not exactly known for their gentleness, and it’s fitting that tiger’s eye has its strong associations with confidence, strength, and even war. As a result, tiger’s eye may not be the first stone you think of when you imagine healing stones. 

However, this is a misconception of what it means for something to have healing properties. After all, restoring strength to a wounded spirit or body can be thought of as a kind of deep healing, and granting confidence and courage to someone with low self-esteem or overwhelming doubts is a balm for the spirit.

When we use tiger’s eye to heal, we are drawing on the strength of the warrior within ourselves and allowing it to guide us back a path of wholeness and wellness. In addition to representing power and vitality, tiger’s eye is also a deeply grounding and calming stone which can dispel negative energy and promote focus and clarity. Patience, strategy, and conviction are all among the qualities that tiger’s eye resonates with.

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How to Heal With Tiger’s Eye 

There are many ways to harness the healing and grounding power of tiger’s eye. It can help to identify which chakra is most closely associated with the pain or uncertainty you are feeling and hold your stone close to that chakra, allowing them to resonate and attune with each other.

If your tiger’s eye comes in the form of a bracelet, consider which side of the body to wear it on. Your left side governs your inner self and wearing tiger’s eye on your left side promotes introspection, focus, grounding, and stability. This is also the side which invites energy into your life. Your right side, meanwhile, governs your outer self and represents the energy you are putting out into the world. 

Focusing on your intentions as you put your bracelet on will help guide your energy in a positive direction. Think: do you need the protective and energizing power of tiger’s eye to inspire your inner journey, or do you need it to guide and defend you in your interactions with others as you outwardly take strides toward your goals?

Be sure to cleanse your tiger’s eye regularly, particularly if you are using it for deep or difficult healing. The stone is a potent protector, which means it will absorb the worst energies that surround you and may require more purification than most stones to remain strong.

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What are the Metaphysical Properties of Tiger’s Eye?

Tiger’s eye has a strong association with fire due to its connection with the sun and with the consuming, potentially destructive power of battle. When using tiger’s eye, remember to seek balance; there’s a difference between being passionate and being hotheaded. It can be helpful to ground this stone even further by combining it with symbols that channel tranquil intentions, or other stones and gems that have a soothing, grounding effect, like onyx.

Though a stone associated with warriors and apex predators might seem to resonate most with external conflict and the need to stand strong against forces outside of ourselves, this stone can be surprisingly helpful with introspection as well. After all, many of our hardest battles are fought within our own hearts, and the greatest warriors of all are those who seek peace at the end of struggle. 

There are many ways to take advantage of this introspective power, such as using tiger’s eye as a stabilizing focus for meditation. Hold a tiger’s eye stone in your hands at the level of your navel, invoking the solar plexus chakra, as you meditate on your goals, your fears, and the barriers you face. Let go of any fear you may feel at the thought of conflict; tiger’s eye can help you become comfortable navigating challenging situations so you can brave the world with confidence.

Wearing a tiger’s eye bracelet on the wrist of your dominant hand as you freewrite or journal is another excellent way to draw upon its wisdom. This process can help you become more in tune with your subconscious, helping you to identify and eliminate doubt in your mind and embrace your true beliefs.

Wear a pendant or bracelet of tiger’s eye when you feel vulnerable, and know that you are spiritually protected; the only thing you must overcome is hesitation.

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The Protective Power of Tiger’s Eye

One of the most well-known properties of tiger’s eye is its power to protect you from harmful energy. In some cultures, tiger’s eye is believed to ward off the Evil Eye, and many traditions speak of tigers themselves as sacred guardians who defend goodness in the world while striking down evil. In Korean folklore, tigers are said to guard the tombs of dead kings, while in Chinese traditions, tigers were carved into tombs to protect them from thieves.

By wearing tiger’s eye jewelry or carrying a tiger’s eye stone, you can surround yourself with the same aura of protection afforded to royalty in the afterlife. Tiger’s eye repels all kinds of negative energy and bad intent, while grounding and stabilizing you against self-doubt and inner demons. Tiger’s eye protection jewelry is a wonderful way to keep yourself protected and empowered as you move through the world.

Though life is always uncertain, we have no need to fear if we keep our heads high and remain assured of our own strength and capability. The influence of tiger’s eye on the human heart is to make us feel the power within and let our passion and confidence shine out into the world. Carry it with you and bring a little warrior spirit with you wherever you go.

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