The Power of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one the coveted birthstones for the month of January.  Alongside garnet, a stone of friendship, Rose Quartz is also the gemstone for fifth wedding anniversaries.

Rose Quartz is the ultimate gemstone crystal that manifests love, passion and connection. Rose Quartz is the crystal gemstones we use to open our heart chakra to purposely “receive” unconditional love, friendship and intimacy.

The crystal can be found across the United States, Australia, Scotland, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, India, Sweden, and Germany.  In the US, Colorado is often highlighted as a key place for Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz Feng Shui Tree
Spiritual Love - Rose Quartz Feng Shui Tree
Spiritual Love - Rose Quartz Feng Shui Tree
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Rose Quartz is a macro-crystalline mineral: this means that crystals can be harvested as large intricate raw crystals. We categorize it as a cloudy translucent stone, but it ranges from light clear to deeply dense.

Rose Quartz hosts a variety of inclusions giving it a unique natural look. These “inclusions” (natural topography of the gem) are individualized and come from gas, or fluid or sometimes insects caught within the host gemstone.  It’s what makes each stone distinctive and original.

The presence of inclusions implies that the gemstone is real and natural, and not an artificial replica produced in laboratories.  Where inclusions in diamonds are given that stigma of “flawed” or imperfect, an inclusion in a gemstone gives it a unique, effervescent pattern that like a snowflake or fingerprint, is one-of-a-kind.

Rose Quartz Heart Charm Bracelet

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Abundant Kindness - Rose Quartz Heart Charm Bracelet
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The star effects in Rose Quartz is produced by titanium dioxide impurities known as Rutile, when present in the stone these tiny hairline needles will create a six-rayed star when light shines through just right.  Star, in the world of tarot cards, signifies “healing” – another reason why Rose Quartz is known as “The Great Healer.”

Spiritually, Rose Quartz is the most popular gemstone to heal a broken heart. It is a high vibrational gem and connects the soul to healing by lifting your emotions and making sure the heart is open to give and receive love. It is a perfect gemstone to begin a healing process – either an immediate need like a recent break-up or a long-term childhood wound that is triggered by planetary retrogrades or the emotional pull of the Moon.

Rose Quartz is the gemstone that connects our innermost temperament with our deeply hidden primal desires.  It is a gemstone that connects our heart with our soul with our mind to give our thoughts a chance to balance with our emotions.

Rose Quartz Dragon Charm Bracelet

Tranquil Voice - Amethyst Rose Quartz Tourmaline Triple Protection Wrap
Tranquil Voice - Amethyst Rose Quartz Tourmaline Triple Protection Wrap
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Its vibrational power is compelling and is the one gemstone that grounds us into complete conclusion of self-love, self-care, self-reliance and self-nurturing.  It is the stone of pure, unconditional and unbridled love – inside our minds and what we also give to the outside world.

The Rose Quartz is a perfect gift to give someone that you feel needs compassion, a friend, a shoulder to cry on or a warm heart to listen.  It is the prefect stone to give to someone recovering from a health issue or dealing with a loved one that just passed away. 

Pink connects our souls to childhood.  It is the color of politeness, childlike behavior, innocence and creativity.  It represents sensitivity and empathy.

Amethyst Rose Quartz Tourmaline Triple Protection Wrap

Loyal Support - Rose Quartz Diamond Cross Bracelet
Loyal Support - Rose Quartz Diamond Cross Bracelet
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Rose Quartz can be placed under your pillow at night to protect your dreams, and to draw in clues and symbols from past lives.  It connects our deep psyche with our today’s world and the hidden symbolism that connects us to who we were in our former lives.

The depth of Rose Quartz properties induce healthy sleep, gentle dreams, and a peaceful safe place for your soul to relax, and your mind to drift. It is a stone that manifests kindness, and when you combine Rose Quartz in the area that you sleep its almost like creating a protective wall during your deepest time of sleep. 

As an added protection, put some Rose Quartz crystals on your windowsills, so when the wind blows into your room, the gentle energy properties of the Rose Quartz will dissipate evenly throughout your sleep space.

Rose Quartz Diamond Cross Bracelet

Pink represents sensuality and being truly connected with your divine feminine inside; the need to be craved, desired and to give that back to the one you love.  The gemstone can be placed on your heart while meditation, highly used for manifestation when you are alone, and still and deeply connected to the Universe and your inner guides.   Some say placing Rose Quartz on your heart while you are sleeping

In the world of Feng Shui Rose Quartz should be placed in the South-West section of your bedroom, inviting in romance and marriage, and sexuality.

On your body, Rose Quartz should be worn around your neck, draping near or on your heart. It can also be worn on your left wrist, to connect to your blood stream for healing and compassion. 

Pink Tourmaline Rose Quartz Pink Opal Choker

While you sleep, put Rose Quartz around your wrist to penetrate your dreams with almost a portal opening of receiving, wanting and allowing love into your subconscious during your dream state.

Rose Quartz can be worn by children so that they can deeply connect with unconditional love during their childhood and protect their young, innocent minds from the outside world.  It represents youth and kindness, to properties we want to hold on from childhood to adulthood.

Rose Quartz Evil Eye Gift Box

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