The Planet Venus

Serene Love - Jade Heart Diamond Evil Eye NecklaceEarth’s next-door neighbor, the planet Venus is the second closest planet to the sun and takes 225 days to rotate a full annual solar return.  Although it is not as close to the sun as Mercury. Venus boasts the hottest surface and reaches up to 900-degrees Fahrenheit – hot enough to melt lead since the heat is trapped within the planet’s jagged landscape. She is known as a terrestrial planet – filled with rigid mountains, and carnivorous valleys, volcanoes, intense rugged terrain, and hills and peaks beyond any other planet.

Yet, Venus has a unique spin to it.

Venus rotates very slow on its axis – the sun rises in the West and sets in the East.  As unique as it might seem, the way it rotates on its axis, a single day in Venus lasts 243 Earth Days – however, it takes 225 Earth Days to rotate around the sun – so basically, a single day in Venus is longer in “Earth” days then it takes the planet to travel fully around the sun.

There is a thick yellow smoke and toxic clouds of sulfuric acid that surrounds the planet Venus, and its atmosphere is filled with carbon dioxide.  It’s thick, and dense and smelly and has often been compared to the rancid smell of rotten eggs.  It glows with almost a yellow aura that can be seen from Earth’s surface.Loyal Support - Rose Quartz Diamond Cross Bracelet

Loyal Support - Rose Quartz Diamond Cross Bracelet
Loyal Support - Rose Quartz Diamond Cross Bracelet
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Although the planet is associated with foul smells, it is widely known as the planet of femininity, grace and elegance.

Venus, the third brightest object after the Sun and Moon, was named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty whose names was Venus.  It's the only planet named after a female God.  She is visible from Earth by the naked eye with the best viewing times just before sunrise or just after sunset. Venus makes a powerful showing in our Earths’ sky during the summer months, when she is positioned near our moon for ample viewing.

The mythological woman - Venus -awestruck and elegant - is always pictured as a full-figured woman caressing her breasts and adorned with jewels and lavish taffeta. She was said to be born like a pearl from inside a seashell and emerged from the deep sea with skin of silk without a hint of being waterworn.

The planet Venus has a distinct personality, and it is most notably known as the Planet of Love and the planet that loves being in love. Somewhat a little “look at me” with a  vein and somewhat self-important attitude, Venus in your personal birth natal chart will most definitely revolve around how you visualize yourself, your values, your sense of beauty and your personal connection with money, financial stability and personal possessions. Grounded In Love - Black Onyx Heart Diamond Evil Eye Necklace

Grounded in Love - Black Onyx Heart Diamond Evil Eye Necklace
Grounded in Love - Black Onyx Heart Diamond Evil Eye Necklace
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Venus in your natal chart ensures that you must have an eye for beautiful objects, adornments, lavish home décor with one-of-a-kind personal items.  Venus is the planet of passion, desire and sexuality. Venus is the planet that speaks of pleasure – both physical and mental, and mainly, understanding your deepest fantasies within and acting upon them. Depending on what signs fall in Venus in your personal natal chart, Venus regulates love and how much love you choose to give to your partners, friends and loved ones.  Some might over give love to assure a place in romance, and other, might be stingy and demand to be chased and ornamented.

The planet Venus, and its Roman mythology counterpart, although dreamy and decorated with charm and charisma, represent Imperial power with a hint of dictatorship.  With strength and domination, like her Greek counterpart Aphrodite, Venus was intimately associated with love and beauty, but always showcased a determination to get what she wants, when she wants it – at all costs.  Venus, though exquisite and dainty should never be crossed, or another side of these mythological ladies would rear their ugly heads – with intimidation, prowess and a need to be defiant and win.  

If Venus were a person, she would most likely linger while looking at herself in a mirror, and currently would post selfies on all her social media platforms.

The planet Venus is represented by her mythological characters and is noted in our solar system as the Planet of Beauty & Love.Sparkling Personality - White Enamel Diamond Hamsa Pendant Necklace

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Iridescent Grace - Pearl Diamond Heart Charm Bracelet
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The gemstone associated with the planet Venus is the Diamond. Many metaphysical experts believe the hard diamond is the clearest representation of love, marriage, and commitment (diamond rings, engagement, weddings) and therefore this is the stone most associated with the Planet of Love.  But the density of the diamond, and its hardness are also represented by Venus’ need and commitment to winning at all costs. The diamond is also a protector of the heart and is represented in so many folklore tales around the continents as the gem that defies negative energy and is the bond between lovers (the ring) as it acts as a boundary of steel to protect the union. 

Although the planet is surrounded by yellow smoke, it is best known to be connected to the color white – since its bright white hues are what we see with our naked eye from Earth. White is the symbol of purity, cleanliness, security, safety and innocence (innocence before marriage.) White is the color of having a clear mind, clear thoughts and pure intentions.  

It is also represented of the “eighth” chakra, one that is not widely publicized called the Soul Star Chakra, found floating above our head. This chakra is often symbolized by a glowing star of bright white tone. This chakra is seen as the gateway of divine love and spiritual wisdom, direct connection to the Universe without any obstacles – it is when the heart, mind, soul connect, and a synergy creates a white light of purity connect one with source directly.Iridescent Grace - Pearl Diamond Heart Charm Bracelet

In tarot, the planet Venus is represented by the Empress tarot card, the queen of the queens in the deck. She is full figured and is often represents pregnancy or being pregnant with ideas that lead to entrepreneurism.  The Empress is represented by the ultimate divine feminine as she sits back in her chair and allows the Universe to bring her all opportunities, situations and love without chasing, begging or wishing. 

When one reaches the status of the divine Empress, the Universe grants all her wishes, manifestations and desires easily, as she has concluded her inner work, learned and upholds he personal value system and has conquered all her childhood traumas and adversities.  To rise as the Empress, Venus, is to become one with your soul so much that the world revolved around your needs instead of you chasing desires.

In popular music, the song “Venus” was released by Frankie Avalon in 1959, then recorded by Dutch rock band Shocking Blue, as a single in the Netherlands in the summer of 1969. The English girl group Bananarama to the song “Venus” to No. 1 on the Billboard Music Top 100 chart in 1986 and later saw its rise in commercials, films and TV shows.

The planet Venus represents love, romance, femininity, self-assuredness and magnetism – and it does this a solo planet without having Moon to call its own.Lovely Light - Evil Eye & Diamond White Enamel Heart Necklace

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