The Meaning of the Mermaid Stone - Aquamarine

The Meaning of the Mermaid Stone - Aquamarine

Reflecting shimmering light like waves on tropical seas, aquamarine’s legend extends beyond mythology and lore. This stone captivates hearts for far more than just its extraordinary beauty, as its wealth of powers are its most impressive offering.

Like the ocean it resembles, this stone soothes the soul and rejuvenates the spirit. Just one glance, and you are cannon-balling into a pool of cold water - instant refreshment. 

In the embrace of the sea, all worries and troubles seem to float away with the tide, and the aquamarine crystal does the same thing. In hues of light to vibrant blues and greens, this stone exudes calm vibrations, and encourages you to live in the present moment. Clarifying the mind, aquamarine helps you to see the truth in every situation - releasing the need to quickly judge or critique. Promoting an optimistic perspective, you begin to see life through new, and more positive lenses. 

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With its ocean-blue color, aquamarine connects with the throat chakra, allowing you to communicate more effectively and openly. Your truth is waiting to be released, and aquamarine opens the floodgates. This shimmery stone also activates your intuition, allowing you to receive divine wisdom. Psychic skills are enhanced by aquamarine, allowing you to peel back the veil between the spiritual world and the physical. 

Wrapped in powerful meaning, aquamarine is a delight for the mind, body, and soul. As the birthstone of March, this stone is particularly beneficial for those born in this Spring month. However, anyone can harness the powerfully positive effects of this gorgeous stone; regardless of birth date.

Curious to learn more about the mystical meaning of aquamarine and how it can benefit your life? Read on! 

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Explore the Mystical Meaning of Aquamarine 

Shining its light at the core of multiple stories from mythology and lore, aquamarine’s otherworldly appearance has been stirring imaginations for thousands of years. It’s no wonder that this sparkling blue-green crystal was once believed to be the treasure spilled from mermaids’ troves.

In fact, in ancient Greek mythology, aquamarine was said to be the stone of sirens, forever carrying with it the song and sounds of the sea. Neptune, the god of the sea, found the aquamarine crystal treasures and made them his own. He cherished them for their healing benefits and their stunning appearance. 

The Greeks were not the only ancients who adored aquamarine, and actually this stone was beloved by the ancient Egyptians as well. Believed to be a source of infinite happiness and everlasting youth, it has been commonly found tucked away in graves of various burial sites.

Throughout time, aquamarine has also been used as an antidote to poison, an addition to spells, a fortune-telling tool, and an offering during times of drought. Its ocean-like appearance was said to break dry spells, sending showers of rain down upon dry lands. 

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Aquamarine has also been used as a trusted companion for sailors and sea travelers throughout the ages. As a stone of mermaids, this crystal is used for protection while voyaging through the ocean. It is said to bring safe and successful passage, ensuring the sailors return to their families and loved ones. 

Today, aquamarine is prized for its glimmering beauty, as well as the multitude of benefits it provides. Thanks to its sea-blue hues, aquamarine’s meaning is inextricably connected to the sea. Its powers are said to be equatable to the same magic that lies in the waves - rejuvenating, refreshing, and renewing. 

The same sensations that come from floating on a warm, calm sea, with sunlight dripping on your face and a salty breeze brushing your cheek, is possible all by wearing aquamarine jewelry or carrying an aquamarine crystal. No matter how far you may physically be from the tropics, aquamarine is your fast-track ticket to beach-side relaxation. 

No matter what problems you may be facing, or what issues are unfolding in the outside world, aquamarine keeps you steady in your space. This blue-green crystal reminds you to slow down, take a deep breath, and find that place within that it is always quiet and free. It lies within all of us, but aquamarine helps you to remember how to get there. Its soothing vibrations urge you to stay present in each moment, not letting your emotions overwhelm. 

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Anxiety is eased by aquamarine. If you feel that you are commonly ridden with anxious thoughts, depression, worries, or doubts, aquamarine may be the medicine your soul seeks. Exuding nurturing energy, aquamarine lets you float on pure, infinite waves of bliss, not letting any storms invade your mind. 

A stone of great clarity, aquamarine reveals your truth. You are better able to see past the fog, and discover the path to your highest potential. Any people or experiences that are not for your highest good will be unmasked, and are encouraged to be released from your life. Your mind is decluttered by aquamarine, as well, helping you to let go of unnecessary mental archives, traumas, or self-limiting beliefs. 

Connected to the throat chakra, aquamarine’s meaning is deeply tied to communication. As a blue stone, aquamarine is wonderful for cleansing, activating, and aligning the throat chakra. This is your center of communication and expression, and when balanced allows you to more effectively and openly express yourself. Say good-bye to any fears of speaking in public, standing up for yourself, and stating your opinions! 

Intuition is another key aspect to the deeper meaning behind the aquamarine crystal. A wonderful tool for psychics, or anyone looking to connect more with the divine, aquamarine enhances the intuition. Divine wisdom is able to flow through you and around you, opening your eyes and heart to the infinite possibilities abound. New realms reveal themselves to you, and this stone gives you access to higher knowledge. 

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Aquamarine’s Ocean-Blue Hues

A member of the Beryl family, aquamarine is unique in this grouping for its baby blue colors it is sometimes found in. Beryl, in its purest form, is actually a colorless mineral, but when iron is added during the crystallization process, blue-green aquamarine is formed.

Aquamarine is most commonly seen in a greenish-blue hue, but the rarest and most valuable specimens are generally intense and vibrant blues. This ocean-like stone can be found in a pretty slim array of colors - blue, blue-green, green-blue, and any mixture of these.

Named after the Latin word, “aqua marinus”, meaning, “sea water”, aquamarine was aptly named for the sea-like colors it reflects. Just as the tide washes away the waves, so too does aquamarine help you release the things that no longer serve you. The color of aquamarine symbolizes letting go.

The Meaning of the Mermaid Stone - Aquamarine

Whatever feels heavy or burdensome, whether it is a person, place, or thing, aquamarine encourages you to release it into the tides - sending it back to where it is better suited. As you let go of these heavy things, you begin to feel more free. As if you were floating on calm ocean waves, aquamarine brings you a sense of unshakable serenity. 

Dive headfirst into the blue-green ocean of aquamarine, and let its calming vibrations fill your spirit with peace. You are now free to swim in any direction you choose, using bliss as your compass. 

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Why is Aquamarine the Spring Birthstone of March?

Radiant in its glimmering hues, aquamarine is perfectly fitting as the birthstone of March. With Spring-like hues, aquamarine reminiscence of early Spring rain showers. With the cooling rains, comes new life and new growth, just like the benefits of aquamarine. Springtime is all about renewal - a chance to start fresh and transform.

Life, in the form of colorful blossoms and blooms, is constantly sprouting from the Earth, and serves as a reminder to embrace change with an open heart. The aquamarine crystal further reminds us that the only real constant in life is change, and that we must accept it with love and gratitude. 

Although aquamarine can be worn and loved by anyone, it is especially beneficial to those born in the month of March. As their chosen birthstone, it was picked for no mere coincidence. In fact, each birthstone was carefully decided upon based on the powers they hold and the benefits it provides to these particular birth months. 

Wearing your birthstone is believed to provide boundless benefits to the wearer. Its energy, finely-tuned to yours, is able to balance you, align you, and activate you to your highest self. Aquamarine, for all the March babies, is especially beneficial in its ability to calm them down.

With a knack for getting overwhelmed by emotions, these Springtime natives need extra help in easing anxieties and staying afloat. As already intuitive beings, aquamarine assists them in developing this skill further, and providing clarity to the wisdom that comes through.

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Healing Benefits of Aquamarine

Deeply beneficial, aquamarine holds a variety of blessings for the physical body, spiritual body, and mental/emotional body. Regardless of what benefits you seek, aquamarine can surely assist with its cleansing nature and soothing energy. Read on to explore the top physical, spiritual, and mental benefits of aquamarine. 

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Aquamarine’s Spiritual Benefits:

  • Enhances Intuition
  • Activates Psychic Skills
  • Allows Divine Wisdom to Flow
  • Encourages You To Release Things That No Longer Serve You
  • Strengthens Your Relationship With the Spiritual World
  • Assists in Deepening Meditation Practices
  • Opens & Aligns the Throat Chakra
  • Releases Fears, Allowing You to Step Into Your Highest Potential & Most Authentic Self

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Aquamarine’s Physical Benefits:

  • Heals Issues Related to the Breath 
  • Strengthens Lung Functioning 
  • Relieves Sinus Problems
  • Alleviates Allergies
  • Reduces Swollen Glands
  • Soothes Sore Throats
  • Minimizes Coughing 
  • Prevents Allergic Reactions
  • Boosts Immunity

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Aquamarine’s Mental/Emotional Benefits:

  • Releases Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • Removes Any Mental Blockages - Fear, Doubt, Worries
  • Improves Memory
  • Stimulates Mental Function
  • Eases Anxiety 
  • Prevents Emotional Overwhelm
  • Encourages Easy, Breezy Feelings of Joy 
  • Reminds You to Seek Inner Peace

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Find Your Bliss With Aquamarine

Let yourself float away on waves of bliss with the help of aquamarine. This stunning stone’s hues resemble tropical seas, and its powers provide the same healing nature as swimming in the ocean. Cleansing your energy from head to toe, aquamarine dips your soul into refreshing waters, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and renewed.

Anxieties, worries, doubts, or fears have no place in your sea of love. An ethereal crystal, aquamarine’s meaning is deeply attached to other realms, and the connection that is possible between you and them. By thinning the layer between the spiritual world and the physical world, aquamarine unlocks the flow of divine wisdom. 

The Meaning of the Mermaid Stone - Aquamarine

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