The Ins & Outs of An Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius woman is irresistibly unique. Traditionally ruled by Saturn, she holds her fair share of drive and determination, however her modern ruler, Uranus, gives her that unpredictable and eccentric charm.

This fixed air sign of the zodiac is a true humanitarian. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find an Aquarius woman that is not fighting for a cause or working for a charitable organization. She yearns for a world of justice, where everybody is treated with kindness, respect, and equality.

Community-oriented, the Aquarius woman is highly devoted to her tribe. A non-conformist in every way, she seeks the people who will love her in all of her goofy glory.


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She is loyal to an extreme, but craves independence. The Aquarius woman is complex and may come off as aloof at first meeting, but give her time, and you will come to know her true self - a wildly imaginative, caring, and honest individual. 

Intrigued by the alluring Aquarius? Read on to discover more of the defining characteristics of an Aquarius woman and how to attract an Aquarius woman, as well as which zodiac signs are most compatible with the Aquarius woman. 


Personality of the Aquarius Woman 

Do not let the aloof exterior of an Aquarius woman fool you. She just takes time to shed her layers - but eventually reveals her true identity, which is wildly irresistible. This unique soul is complex and full of surprises. Bright, bold, and unafraid to be different, the Aquarius woman leaves an impact on everyone she meets.

Far from “normal”, one of the defining characteristics of an Aquarius woman is her quirkiness. Anyone who has the pleasure of spending time with her will be constantly intrigued by the inner workings of her mind. She is imaginative, intellectual, and independent. 

With the modern ruler of Uranus, the Aquarius woman is a rebel at heart. She goes against the status-quo and impresses everyone with her enticing air of confidence.

Aquarius women are fiercely independent, and are always marching to the beat of their own drum. For that reason, she may find it more difficult to find the people that really “get her”. Once she does find them, however, she sticks to them forever. Aquarius is as loyal as they come, and like a wolf, she protects her pack. 

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Equality is the Aquarius woman’s dream. The injustices of the world strongly impact her, and she does not just sit around feeling sad about it. The Aquarius woman is all about action, and as a fixed sign she makes things happen.

The humanitarian of the zodiac, the Aquarius woman is often found devoting her time to social justice causes, volunteering for organizations she is passionate about, or working in altruistic professions. If you are dating an Aquarius woman, just know that she is married to these causes, so be prepared to split time with her. 

Through acts of affection, the Aquarius woman shows her love. Just as she supports various causes, she will also support her loved ones. Entering into a romantic relationship with an Aquarius is accepting a forever cheerleader in your life. She encourages you to reach your goals, and will help you make the plan to get there. 

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How to Attract an Aquarius Woman

Wondering how to attract an Aquarius woman? Read on to discover which charms she seeks in her partners. 

  • Keep Her Mentally Engaged

One of the most iconic traits of an Aquarius woman is her incredible intellect. She needs a partner that can keep her mentally stimulated, so engage her in a conversation on art, philosophy, or social justice causes.

Stay open-minded to her unique ideas and perspectives, and be sure to share your opinion as well. The Aquarius woman loves a good and friendly debate!

  • Make Friends With Her First

Ruled by the eleventh house, which is all about friendships, Aquarius highly values their friends and their community. Show her that you are a solid and reliable friend first, and she is more likely to fall for you romantically. 

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  • Appreciate her Uniqueness

The Aquarius woman is full of quirks - it's what makes her so special and unique! She is instantly attracted to anyone who compliments her on her eccentricities. 

  • Give Her Space

Wildly independent, the Aquarius woman needs space. Her alone time is extremely important to her, and she appreciates a partner that respects that need. Be independent, yourself, and you gain bonus points with your Aquarius lady. She is attracted to people with their own goals and dreams. 

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  • Go Against the “Norm”

A non-conformist, the Aquarius woman is a delight to get to know. She is charmed by someone who loves her for all of her wild and wonderful ways, but she needs someone that keeps her on her toes, too, with original ideas and unique perspectives of their own. 

  • Be Supportive

The Aquarius woman seeks a supportive partner. As an independent soul with an aptitude for hard work, she needs her relationship to be the solid base she returns to after a long day. This air sign of the zodiac is incredibly giving, so she needs a partner that can take care of her once in a while too. 

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Best Zodiac Match-Ups for Aquarius Women

Fellow air signs, Gemini and Libra make the perfect match for an Aquarius woman. With a similar viewpoint, the air signs share a language that makes it easier to understand one another. Gemini is just as free-thinking and independent as Aquarius, which makes them one of the best matches of the zodiac.

These two signs can spend hours talking to each other, keeping the other enthralled with mental stimulation. They are both sure to give each other the space they need while apart, and while together, surprise each other with fun dates and unique plans. 

Libra, the other air sign, is highly compatible with Aquarius. An Aquarius woman appreciates Libra's charming nature, and their ability to socialize with people of all different backgrounds. These two have an easy and laid-back relationship, full of fun times and intellectual conversations. 

The Leo man is surprisingly compatible with the Aquarius woman. A fire sign, Leo loves to be the center of attention. Their confidence inspires Aquarius to be a bit more bold, stepping into the limelight more often and accepting praise for their humanitarian actions.  Leo and Aquarius can look forward to an activating relationship, one where they are both constantly inspiring each other to reach new heights within. 

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Worst Zodiac Match-Ups for Aquarius Women

Destined for difficulty, a Capricorn man and an Aquarius woman are one match-up of the zodiac that just never seems to work out. Capricorn, an Earth sign, is far too rigid for free-thinking Aquarius.

The Aquarius woman needs a partner that is open-minded and willing to think outside-the-box, and a Capricorn is unlikely to budge. These two have the potential to learn a lot from one another, but in order for their relationship to thrive, it would require a hefty amount of sacrifice and maturity on both ends. 

Another difficult match for the Aquarius woman is a Virgo. Just like Capricorn, Virgo is an Earth sign which clashes with Aquarius’s airy energy. A lover of organization and cleanliness, Virgo has a hard time understanding the free-spirited nature of Aquarius. Their extreme differences lead to struggle in their relationship dynamic. 

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Fall in Love with an Aquarius Woman

Alluring in every way, the Aquarius woman keeps you on your toes. Full of surprises and quirks, time spent with an Aquarius is never boring. She charms everyone she meets with her impressive intellect, caring nature, and eccentric personality.

Her rebellious energy is absolutely captivating, and this rebel of the zodiac is not without a cause. A fixed air sign, she strives to make the world a better place, and truly does her part to make it a reality. Dedicating her time to the causes she supports and the people she loves, you would be lucky to have one of these airy women in your life. 

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