The Guide to Garnet Stone Care & Maintenance

Garnet Stone

A stone of boundless energy and passion, garnet is adored for not only its healing powers, but also its exceptional beauty. A member of the silicate family, garnet crystals are most commonly formed in metamorphic rocks, such as shale, however they can also be created in igneous rocks, like basalt or granite. 

When created under metamorphic conditions, the crystals are the product of extreme heat and pressure - usually when two tectonic plates converge. This explosive energy may be the reason for the energizing, exciting qualities of this fiery stone. 

Most commonly found in hues of deep red-purple, many people are surprised to learn that garnet can actually be found in a wide variety of colors. Garnet also takes form in colors of green, blue, yellow, black, pink, and more. The red variety, also known as almandine, is the most popular of all garnets, while a green variety, called Tsavorite, is the most rare and most costly. 

Regardless of which color garnet you choose, it is important to provide proper maintenance. With regular care and cleaning, you can keep your beloved garnet stone looking bright, shining, and new. Read on to discover some of our top tips for caring for your garnet crystal. 

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The Importance of Garnet Stone Maintenance

Garnets are captivating stones. Their brilliance illuminates the wearer, reflecting the stone’s beauty right back upon them. Coming in a wide range of varieties, hues, cuts, and colors, the options are endless when it comes to the garnet crystal.

The most common and most popular of all garnet varieties is the almandine variety. Almandine garnets come in a stunning shade of rich, deep red. Named aptly after the Latin word for “pomegranate seed”, the red shade of garnet crystals is very similar to the juicy fruit of which it was named. 

In order to keep a garnet stone’s color bright and bold, it is important to provide your stone with proper care and maintenance. Over time and with frequent use, a garnet crystal, or any gemstone, is bound to gather some dust, dirt, oils, and debris. This is normal, but it should be taken care of regularly as a way to avoid causing permanent damage to the stone. 

Garnet Stone

If build-up within the stone is not cleaned, it can result in the garnet crystal looking cloudy or milky. If this has happened to your garnet stone jewelry, fear not! A little cleaning will go a long way in returning your garnet to its vibrant shine.

This common cloudiness of gemstones is usually from the accumulation of soap, dirt, or dust, which makes it difficult for light to shine through the stone. This build-up results in your garnet crystal looking dull. You can luckily avoid this problem by following some simple cleaning tips. 

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Caring for Your Garnet Stone

Hoping to avoid cloudiness or dullness in your garnet stone? The easiest way to prevent this is with regular cleaning. The good news with garnet is that nothing fancy is required. In fact, simplicity is key when caring for a garnet crystal or garnet stone jewelry

Coming in at an impressive 7.5 on the Moh’s hardness scale, garnet is a pretty durable stone. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear, making it a wonderful option for everyday jewelry.

However, it can still be vulnerable to scratches and damage. For that reason, it is best to not wear your garnet stone jewelry while swimming, cleaning, bathing, or exercising. Get in the habit of always taking your garnet stone jewelry off before any activities such as these, but be sure to safely store it away when not in use! 

It is best to keep your garnet stone stored in a soft cloth or bag. This will help to not only keep your garnet safe from scratches, but also keeps your other gemstone jewelry safe and protected. As garnet is a fairly hard stone, it can scratch your other jewelry if not kept tucked away. 

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How to Clean Garnet Stones - Step-by-Step

Each year, you should plan on sending your garnet to be professionally cleaned. This ensures its bright and shiny nature to be maintained throughout the years to come. In the meantime, however, make time for regular at-home cleaning. Listed below is a step-by-step guide to keeping your garnet looking like new! 

  • Polish

The best place to start for cleaning a garnet is by giving your stone a good polish. Use a dry, soft cloth to prevent scratching the stone. Rub the stone to remove dirt and dust. 

  • Soak

Next, grab a bowl and fill it with warm water. Add a dash of mild dish detergent. Place the jewelry in the bowl and let soak for about one minute. Do not leave your garnet stone in the water for more than a few minutes! 

  • Gently Scrub

Now that your garnet stone has been soaked, it is time to gently scrub away any left-over debris. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, begin to scrub your stone. Take extra care for this part, starting at the bottom of the stone, and avoiding the top. 

  • Rinse 

Fill a new bowl with clean, warm water of the same temperature as the first bowl. Rinse your garnet stone.

  • Dry

Lastly, it is time to dry your garnet crystal! Use a dry, clean cloth - a microfiber cloth is your best best. Then let the stone air dry for a bit before storing it away in a safe spot. 

Garnet Stone

Products to Use & Products to Avoid

Curious which products are best for cleaning garnets? Read on! 

  • Products to Use

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to garnet care and maintenance. No fancy products are necessary for this stone. In fact, warm water and a mild dish soap is all you need! You can also find non-toxic cleaners specifically designed for garnet and other gemstones. Be sure to carefully research any products before use! 

  • Products to Avoid

There are many products out there marketing themselves as the best cleaner for gemstones and crystals. Use your snooping skills to research them effectively before trying them out on your beloved crystals. As for garnet, any harsh chemicals should be absolutely avoided while cleaning your stone. 


  • Harsh Chemicals or Cleaning Agents
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines
  • Steam Cleaners
  • Bleach
  • Toothpaste
  • Salt 

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Are the Spiritual Traits of Garnet Affected by Cleaning it? 

The spiritual benefits that garnet stone provides are seemingly infinite in possibility and potential. An energizing stone, the garnet meaning is all about passion,vitality, and drive. This deeply warming crystal inspires motivation, fuels creativity, and encourages the wearer to achieve their dreams. 

Garnet is also known for its ability to enhance love in the wearer’s life. They are surrounded with compassion and care, filling their heart with warmth and affection. Not only does garnet help the wearer to find more love for others, but maybe more importantly, helps them to develop more love for themselves. After all, the relationship we have with ourselves is the most important relationship of all. 

Keeping your garnet cleaned is the key to not only maintaining the shining appearance of your stone, but also for keeping its beneficial qualities intact. Full of spiritual, mental, and physical benefits, garnet stone must be regularly cleaned and cleansed to keep it operating at full and optimal potential.

Garnet Stone

If you are worried about garnet losing its abilities once cleaned, worry not - the opposite is true. Cleaning your stone will actually enhance and amplify its abilities. 

Just as the garnet stone’s appearance can become cloudy and dull with wear, so too can its powers. To keep the stone’s properties and abilities operating at full charge, and to prevent them from becoming dull, you must cleanse it. Aside from the cleaning guide listed above, you should also make time for the spiritual cleansing of your garnet stone.

Think about how over time your stone begins to accumulate dust, dirt, and debris; well the same is true with the energy it collects. Your garnet stone is constantly taking in new information and new energies from the world and people around you. To release that built-up, and oftentimes negative, energy, you must cleanse your garnet. 

Garnet Stone

Here Are Some Ways To Spiritually Cleanse Your Garnet Crystals:

  • Rinse your stone in natural spring water or river water. The natural water will quickly rejuvenate your stone with its innate healing powers. 
  • Place your stone in the sunshine. The sun’s positive healing rays fill your garnet with the refreshing energy it needs to release any built-up negativity.
  • Let your garnet stone bath in the light of the moon. Connected to the divine feminine, the moon penetrates garnet with its soothing, nurturing light, helping to gently draw out anything that no longer serves. 
  • Smudge away negativity. Using smudging sticks, the healing smoke allows garnet to release any pent-up energies. 

Garnet Stone

Invite Garnet Crystal Energy Into Your Life

Most commonly found in a rich red hue, garnet exudes passion, confidence, courage, and motivation. Its guiding light serves as a trusted companion to all who are seeking their path in life. Garnet helps reveal your higher purpose, and shows you exactly how to make it happen.

With this stone by your side, you are bound to succeed. Tuning you to the positive frequency of love, you are healed all the way down to the deepest layers of your soul. So long as this stone is regularly cleansed and consistently cared for, its healing power is infinite. 

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Garnet Stone

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