The Full Guide to Ethereal Opal - Benefits, Properties, & More

The Full Guide to Ethereal Opal

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Shimmering with the light of the sun, and glimmering in the moonlight, opal is a true blessing from Earth. Providing unparalleled beauty and limitless benefits, this gemstone is a necessary addition to any jewelry collection. With its unique characteristic of opalescence, precious opals can be looked at for hours in a state of pure wonder and mesmerization; watching as the colors shift and change depending on how the light hits them. Rivaling the constellations in the sky, opals are brilliant gemstones ready to light up your life.

Aside from their stunning aesthetics, opals provide a world of benefits to those who wear them and use them. Acting as a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual, opals open the communication channels between you and your angels and guides.

With these channels in use, divine wisdom is able to flow freely and fluidly into your everyday life. Opals urge you to use these lessons for your own spiritual growth, but also to share with everyone you meet. 

Soothing Fire - Black Onyx & Navy Opal Heishi Bracelet

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Bursting with love, grace, and compassion, opals encourage you to live a life of gratitude. With this gemstone by your side, or worn as jewelry, you are able to see life from a fresh perspective - witnessing each moment as a miracle.

Positivity flourishes, allowing you to find sunshine even in the darkest of times. This gemstone reminds you that things can only get better, so hang tight, stay patient, and enjoy the ride. 

A powerfully creative stone, opal is wonderful for artists or anyone in need of inspiration. This gemstone sparks imagination, intellect, and new ideas by reigniting your passions. You are nudged to follow the things that light you up, and make time for the things that bring you bliss. Using opal’s stunning display of colors and shine as inspiration, you are encouraged to turn each moment into pure magic. 

There are a variety of ways to harness the powers and properties of opal, but our favorite way is by wearing it as jewelry. Sitting close to the body, and in constant contact with the skin, opal is able to penetrate the deepest layers of your soul - opening you up to the healing frequency of love. 

Intrigued by opal and how it can improve your life? Read on to discover the many benefits and blessings that this stone has to offer, as well as a guide to our opal jewelry collection. 

The Full Guide to Ethereal Opal

Physical Properties of Opal

A member of the mineraloid family, many are surprised to learn that opal is not classified as a mineral. This amorphous gemstone is unique in that it has no crystal or atomic structure and is composed of SiO2.nH20, or a fancy way to say silica. There are many different varieties and types of opal, and it can be found in a rainbow of colors including white, black, pink, red, blue, and more. 

Opals are generally split into two categories: “common” and “precious”. Precious opals are distinct in their opalescence or iridescence, meaning that they present a magnificent display of colors, and change appearance depending on how the light hits them. This iridescence is a true wonder to witness, and is all thanks to light diffraction. Precious opals usually have a background color of black, white, or red. 

Divine Beginnings - Yellow Opal Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Nourishing Love - Opal Moonstone Evil Eye Charm Necklace
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Common opal, on the other hand, is generally opaque to translucent in appearance. They differ from precious opals in that they do not display that distinct play of colors. The color of common opal can vary, but depends entirely on which impurities are found within the stone.

Opal can be translucent, transparent, opaque, or semi-transparent. It has no cleavage, and it breaks in a fracture type called, conchoidal. Known as a quite delicate gemstone, opal ranges from just a 5 to a 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

The Full Guide to Ethereal Opal

Where is Opal Found?

Opal can be mined in a variety of places around the globe, however the number one producer of all opals is Australia. In fact, Australia produces an impressive 95% of the globe’s opals. The most common varieties found “down under” are boulder opal, white opal, and black opal. 

Aside from Australia, opals can also be found in Mexico, Honduras, Brazil, Indonesia, Peru, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, and parts of the United States. The variety of opal found will depend on where in the globe you are looking. For instance, Mexico is renowned for its Mexican Fire Opal, a red-orange variety with flashes of colors that appear like flames. Peru, on the other hand, has a prized blue variety - said to be a sacred blessing from Mother Earth.

Essence of Love - Pink Tourmaline Rose Quartz Pink Opal Choker
Soothing Oasis - Opal Emerald Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
Soothing Oasis - Opal Emerald Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
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What is Opal’s Effect on the Chakras?

A powerful force of spiritual energy, opal is a wonderful stone for cleansing, balancing, and activating the chakras. These energetic systems of the body need regular maintenance to keep you energized and feeling your best. When your chakras are not aligned, you may feel sluggish, depressed, or anxious. However, when they are aligned you feel inspired and blissful, and your purpose is clear. 

Each chakra is attached to a different color, and various stones are assigned to each chakra based on matching hues. Opal is unique in that it comes in such a wide range of colors and varieties. Each different colored opal will improve the functioning of a different chakra. Here are the opal varieties we recommend for each of the chakras:

Root: Obsidian Opals, Boulder Opals, and Black Opals all help with grounding and self-confidence. 

The Full Guide to Ethereal Opal


Fire Opal ignites passion and sparks creativity. 

Solar Plexus:

Yellow opals encourage digestive health and a clear sense of purpose. 


Green Opals and Pink Opals open your heart to the healing power of love. 


Blue Opals assist you in speaking your truth and expressing yourself more effectively.

Third Eye:

Violet Opals or Purple Opals are best for staying hopeful, making decisions, and being aware. 


Opals tune you into the whispers of divine wisdom, connecting you with your angels and guides.

Spiritual Sunshine - Yellow Opal Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

"I AM ENOUGH" - Evil Eye Pink Opal Tiger's Eye Bracelet Stack
"I AM ENOUGH" - Evil Eye Pink Opal Tiger's Eye Bracelet Stack
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The Infinite Healing Benefits of Opal 

Opal is packed with healing benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. These earthly treasures have something to share with everyone, and will surely make your life more brilliant and bright. Listed below are some of the top spiritual, physical, and emotional benefits of opals. 

Opal’s Spiritual Benefits:

  • Purifies the soul
  • Provides clarity in path & purpose
  • Connects you to divine wisdom
  • Serves as a bridge between the physical & spiritual realms
  • Reminds you of the unity in all things
  • Deepens meditation practices
  • Enhances psychic skills
  • Develops higher consciousness & a cosmic connection
  • Activates the chakras
  • Tunes you to the frequency of manifestation

The Full Guide to Ethereal Opal

Opal’s Physical Benefits:

  • Fights off infections
  • Boosts immunity
  • Energizes & detoxifies the body
  • Cleanses the kidney
  • Improves insulin production
  • Reduces fevers & chills
  • Enhances eyesight & heals vision problems
  • Strengthens the hair & nails
  • Regulates hormones
  • Assists with childbirth
  • Eases PMS symptoms

Opal’s Emotional Benefits:

  • Encourages you to seek joy
  • Reminds you of the inner peace that is always accessible within
  • Sparks creativity & imagination
  • Relieves anxiety & depression
  • Boosts positivity & promotes an optimistic mindset
  • Inspires gratitude
  • Assists in overcoming addictions of any kind
  • Allows love & compassion to flourish abundantly in your life
  • Stabilizes emotions & prevents overwhelming feelings
  • Promotes self-care & self-love
  • Provides support in dealing with past traumas

The Full Guide to Ethereal Opal

Karma & Luck’s Collection of Opal Jewelry

Curated to inspire beauty, confidence, and a cosmic connection, our opal jewelry is designed with you in mind. Here are our favorite opal bracelets and necklaces from Karma & Luck:

5 Ethereal Opal Necklaces

Sitting close to the heart, opal necklaces are able to gently tune you to the healing frequency of love. Your heart chakra is cleansed, balanced, and activated with the help of this cosmic beauty. Here are our top 5 favorite opal necklaces:

#1 Joyous Hope - Lapis Opal Aquamarine Evil Eye Mala

Inspired by traditional designs, the “Joyous Hope” mala aligns you to the potent energy of love. Providing you with a clear mind and an optimistic mindset, this gemstone mala necklace gives you the necessary motivation to reach even your wildest dreams. Your highest potential is revealed to you, igniting your soul with passion and purpose. 

Featuring a healing trio of lapis lazuli, aquamarine, and opal, this mala-style necklace inspires joy to blossom. Lapis lazuli, in hues of rich blue, encourages greater awareness and wisdom, while baby blue aquamarine dares you to dream with its soothing energy. Shimmery white opal reflects angelic light, heightening your intuition and healing your traumas. Working together, these three stones provide sweet and gentle energy along your spiritual journey. 

Handmade in Jaipur, India, this mala necklace measures 32” long. A navy blue tassel sits at the bottom of the piece and compliments the varying stones beautifully. An added evil eye charm provides a protective component to the piece and shines in 18k gold plated brass. 

Joyous Hope - Lapis Opal Aquamarine Evil Eye Mala

Gentle Warmth - Opal Pink Sapphire Ruby Citrine Wrap
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Gentle Warmth - Opal Pink Sapphire Ruby Citrine Wrap
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#2 Spiritual Light - Ethiopian Opal Evil Eye Necklace

Helping you to see the world with more gratitude and grace, the “Spiritual Light” necklace is an amulet of love and light. With this piece worn around the neck, you are filled with peaceful vibrations. Regardless of what is happening in the outside world, you feel cool, calm, and collected. Nothing and nobody can get in the way of your inner peace. 

Crafted with nine Ethiopian opals, the beauty of this piece is amplified by their luminescent light and mesmerizing color. Opals inspire creativity and enhance intuition, while also protecting the body and healing the spirit. With purifying energy, opals are wonderful for decluttering the mind of worries, anxieties, and fears. 

Gleaming in 18k gold plated brass, this opal necklace also features the sacred evil eye symbol. Used and trusted for thousands of years, this all-seeing eye surrounds you in universal protection. Measuring 16” to 18”, depending on preference, this necklace is handmade by talented artisans in Jaipur, India. 

Spiritual Light - Ethiopian Opal Evil Eye Necklace


#3 Positive Dreams - Ruby Pink Topaz White Opal Hamsa Necklace

Elegant and feminine, the “Positive Dreams” necklace radiates beauty. In a range of pinks and reds, this heart-toned necklace opens you up to the healing power of love. You are gently urged to look at everyone you meet and every situation you encounter with more compassion, empathy, and grace. This combination of gemstones and the hamsa not only protects you, but also reminds you of the unity we all share. 

A stunning trio of healing gemstones, this necklace features red ruby, pink topaz, and white opal. Not only an aesthetically perfect fit, these three stones join forces in extraordinary ways. Ruby boosts self-esteem and heightens intuition, pink topaz inspires divine love and abundant joy, and white opal inspires imagination and optimism. With the added benefit of the sacred hamsa symbol, you are forever watched over and protected from harm’s way. 

Measuring 24”, this necklace has an additional drop of 3”. Made of 18k gold plated brass, the “Positive Dreams” necklace uses only high-quality, authentic gemstones for the ultimate healing experience. 

Positive Dreams - Ruby Pink Topaz White Opal Hamsa Necklace

 #4 Nourishing Love - Opal Moonstone Evil Eye Charm Necklace

Ethereal in appearance and dreamy in benefits, the “Nourishing Love” necklace radiates with angelic light. Connecting you to the divine feminine, this piece encourages you to make more time for self-care and self-love. Heightening your intuition, you are asked to tune into the wisdom of above - letting it flow freely throughout your whole being. This necklace aligns you to truth and love. 

A cosmic duo, moonstone and opal join energies in this lariat-style necklace. In pure white hues, these glimmering gemstones exude their own light, while also amplifying the others’ powers. With lunar characteristics, moonstone promotes balance and tenderness, while also opening your communication channels to the divine. Luminescent Ethiopian opal enhances intuition and encourages deep healing. 

Measuring 18” to 20”, plus 4” of the drop, this lariat necklace is handcrafted by skilled artisans in Bali, Indonesia. Made of 18k gold plated brass, this piece is enhanced by the sacred powers of the evil eye, the hamsa, and genuine gemstones. 

Nourishing Love - Opal Moonstone Evil Eye Charm Necklace

#5 Essence of Love - Pink Tourmaline Rose Quartz Pink Opal Choker

Love is ever in the air with this vibrant choker necklace. Connecting you to your femininity, this piece shines in hues of light to dark pinks. Through love, anything is possible. This necklace tunes you to the healing frequency of love, allowing you to give and receive affection. You are reminded to give more love to everyone you meet, but to also share more love with yourself. 

Strung with sweet beads of pink tourmaline, rose quartz, and pink opal, this is a truly soothing trifecta of compassion and love. Pink tourmaline promotes balance, self-reflection, and tenderness, while rose quartz provides unconditional love, passion, and friendship. Pink opal enhances the other stones’ properties while also encouraging inspiration, wisdom, and deep, spiritual love. 

Following fair trade practices, the “Essence of Love” choker is handcrafted by artisans in Jaipur, India. It measures 15” to 17”, depending on preference, and is fit with a lobster clasp closure. 

Essence Of Love - Pink Tourmaline Rose Quartz Pink Opal Choker

6 Stunning Opal Bracelets

Forever in sight, opal bracelets sit on the wrist and serve as a constant reminder to seek peace. This beautiful gemstone allows you to calm down and find your center, even when times get tough. Listed below are our 6 favorite opal bracelets from the collection:

#1 Soothing Oasis - Opal Emerald Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Featuring a mixture of opal stones and emerald stones, this bracelet soothes the soul with its calming hues of green and white. Serving as a constant reminder to seek peace, this bracelet assists you in finding your center. Regardless of what events or distress are unfolding in the outside world, you always have a place within that is quiet, calm, and free of worry. You are encouraged to return to this place often, and not only when times get tough. 

Boasting serene vibrations, this bracelet combines the healing powers of emeralds and opals to create a highly therapeutic piece of jewelry. Emerald, in its shades of rich green, magnetizes abundance, love, and compassion, while shimmery white opal amplifies intuition and divine connection. 

Made with genuine gemstones, this opal bracelet guarantees an optimal flow of healing energy and unlocks the full potential of powers. Measuring 6.5” to 8”, this 18k gold plated brass bracelet is handmade with love in Jaipur, India. 

Soothing Oasis - Opal Emerald Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

#2 “I Am Enough” - Evil Eye Pink Opal Tiger’s Eye Bracelet Stack

A collection of three separate bracelets, these pieces can be worn together as a set or on their own, depending on your preference and style. Pink opal and tiger’s eye combine forces to create a powerful duo of healing energy, while the evil eye symbol adds a protective force to the bracelet. The gleaming gold bar on one the pieces is engraved with the mantra, “I Am Enough”. For such a seemingly simple mantra, these words hold great power and significance; reminding you to stay true to yourself. 

Tiger’s eye glimmers with playful energy, and is a wonderful stone for boosting confidence. Its energizing nature urges you to step into your full power, helping you live a life of boldness and bravery. Meanwhile, the pastel pink opal on this bracelet encourages love in all its many forms. The sweet nature of the pink opal reminds you to make time for love to flow, in relationships and with yourself. Self-care becomes a priority. 

Made with 18k gold plated brass and authentic healing gemstones, this is a bracelet to cherish for a lifetime. Measuring 6.25”, this bracelet is stretchy, ensuring that it fits a variety of wrist sizes. This set is handmade by skilled artisans in Bali, Indonesia. 

"I AM ENOUGH" - Evil Eye Pink Opal Tiger's Eye Bracelet Stack

#3 Gentle Warmth - Opal Pink Sapphire Ruby Citrine Wrap

Live a vibrant life with the help of this “Gentle Warmth” bracelet. In hues of pinks, reds, yellows, and whites, this bracelet reminisces of days spent lazing in the sunshine. Wear this piece and be instilled with that same easy, breezy attitude - letting nothing get in the way of your bliss. 

Combining the joyful energies of opal, pink sapphire, ruby, and citrine, this bracelet is a spiritual powerhouse. Opal connects you to new levels of consciousness and heightens your intuition, while pink sapphire provides love and protection. Red ruby is wonderful for boosting self-esteem and inspiring divine wisdom, and sunny citrine is all about positivity and optimism. 

Designed in a triple wrap style, this bracelet is unique in that it can also be worn as a necklace! Made with 18k gold plated brass and featuring all genuine gemstones, this wrap bracelet can be easily opened and closed with its lobster clasp. Measuring 19” to 21” in length, this stunning piece is handcrafted in Jaipur, India. 

Gentle Warmth - Opal Pink Sapphire Ruby Citrine Wrap

#4 Spiritual Sunshine - Yellow Opal Evil Eye Bracelet

Providing you sunshine and warmth, even on rainy days, this yellow opal bracelet fills your soul with blissful energy. Feeling more confident in yourself and assured in your path, this sunny bracelet helps you find your purpose in life. Each time you look down at your wrist, you are inspired to stay energized and focused towards the life of your dreams. 

In varying hues of yellows and golds, the radiant yellow opal is grounding, nurturing, and centering. Aligning the root chakra and igniting the solar plexus, this gemstone allows energy to move freely and fluidly throughout the body. The addition of the sacred evil eye charm adds a deeply protective quality to this piece. As you soar in the direction of your dreams, rest assured that this ancient symbol has your back. 

Crafted with 4mm yellow opal stones and a 4x4 mm evil eye charm, this 18k gold plated bracelet is designed with stretchy materials. Following fair trade practices, it is handmade by talented artisans in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Spiritual Sunshine - Yellow Opal Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

#5 Divine Beginnings - Yellow Opal Evil Eye Bracelet

For all the spiritual men, this “Divine Beginnings” yellow opal bracelet is designed with you in mind. Exuding warmth and positivity, this bracelet calls on the energy of the sun to bring about a state of neverending bliss. This piece is your reminder to follow the things that light you up, using joy as your compass. You are urged to prioritize your passions, knowing that this is where success lies. 

Sunny yellow opal shines in this piece with light to dark shades of yellows and oranges. This luminescent gemstone assists in grounding, nurturing, and centering the soul. By aligning the chakras, you are met with more energy to go after your goals. Additionally, an evil eye charm is added to boost the protective qualities of this piece. Walk in confidence, knowing that this sacred symbol is always keeping an eye out for you. 

Measuring 7”, this stretch-style bracelet can conveniently fit a variety of wrist sizes, and can carry you through a lifetime of shifts and transformations. Made with rhodium plated brass, this piece is designed with a 4x4 mm evil eye charm and 4mm yellow opal stones. 

Divine Beginnings - Yellow Opal Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

#6 Soothing Fire - Black Onyx & Navy Opal Heishi Bracelet

Light the fire within your soul with the “Soothing Fire” bracelet. This stylish piece is designed to ignite your passions, motivating you to reach all of your goals and dreams. If your purpose has not yet been revealed, wearing this bracelet will surely help to bring clarity. Urging you to step fully into your highest potential, this onyx and opal bracelet is charged with powerful spiritual energy. 

Black onyx stones and navy blue opal stones are contrasted beautifully by gold plated brass hex nut beads, making a sleek bracelet for men to wear on the daily. Black onyx is protective, while also providing grounding, endurance, and perseverance. On the other hand, navy opals inspire emotional healing, joy, and deeper awareness. 

This bracelet is handcrafted, following fair trade practices, by skilled artisans in Jaipur, India. Using only high-vibe, authentic gemstones, full power and optimized properties are guaranteed. This onyx and opal bracelet measures 7.5” and is designed in a stretch-style. 

Soothing Fire - Black Onyx & Navy Opal Heishi Bracelet

How to Clean Opal - Step-By-Step

An opal is something to be cherished and adored, which is why regular maintenance and care is so important in keeping your gemstone looking shiny and new for a lifetime! Luckily, opal maintenance is very straightforward and requires no fancy cleaning tools or chemicals. Check out this easy step-by-step guide to cleaning your opal jewelry:

  1. Fill a clean bowl with warm water and a dash of mild detergent. 
  2. Place your opal in the soapy mixture for just 5-10 minutes. 
  3. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush or gentle rag, wipe away any dirt or debris. Be very gentle with this step as opals are quite delicate stones. 
  4. Rinse the opal in a separate bowl filled with cool, clean water. Be sure to get all the soap off! 
  5. Carefully dry your opal using a soft microfiber towel.
  6. Store your opal jewelry away in a soft pouch or designated jewelry box, keeping it safe and secure until the next time you wear it. 

The Full Guide to Ethereal Opal

Invite the Healing Light of Opal Into Your Life

Radiant in its ethereal beauty, opal is one of the world’s most stunning gemstones. However, its true beauty comes from more than just its shimmery appearance, and lies more in the incredible benefits it provides. Packed with healing properties, opal is fine-tuned to the needs of the mind, body, and spirit.

Multi-functional, opal is medicine for a variety of ailments, from the metaphysical to the physical. A source of divine light, one of opal’s greatest gifts is its ability to connect you to higher consciousness, opening up communication channels between you and your higher self, angels, and guides. Wear opal jewelry and sit back in wonder as each once mundane moment becomes purely magic. 

Ready to add an opal to your jewelry collection? Visit our website and browse all of our dreamy opal designs! Start your journey here: Opal Jewelry for Women - Karma & Luck

The Full Guide to Ethereal Opal

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