The Evil Eye Rainbow - Discover the Meaning of Each Color

Evil Eye Rainbow

Revered throughout the ages as one of the world’s most powerful symbols, the everwatchful evil eye stands guard for all who choose to use and wear it. Whatever battles you are facing in life, no matter how big or small, the evil eye is ready to assist.

By removing obstacles from your path, you are able to reach your highest potential. As negativity fades away, new doors of opportunity are opened, allowing you to spread your wings and soar boldly towards your dreams. 

Protecting from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual harm, the evil eye stands vigilant in force, forever watching over you. With evidence of this sign being first used over 5,000 years ago in the civilization of Mesopotamia, the evil eye holds deep historical significance at a global scale.

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Although adored in the past, this symbol is still highly respected for its ubiquitous powers. 

Traditionally, evil eye amulets were made of blue glass with a black pupil in the center. These amulets are found all throughout the Middle East and Greece. However, today the evil eye symbol can be found in a variety of different colors and designs. 

Curious about the varying meaning of evil eye colors? Read on to discover the rainbow world of evil eye colors. 

Evil Eye Rainbow

Orange Evil Eye 

Happiness & Protection 

Radiating with sunny bliss, the color orange infuses the evil eye with joyful energy. When worn as jewelry, an orange evil eye promotes easy breezy feelings of cheerfulness and contentment.

Knowing that you are protected and watched over allows you to make time for the things you love, and to live a life of fearlessness. 

Motivation to Commit

Encouraging determination and steadfastness, this evil eye color meaning relates to promoting focus. With your eyes on the prize and a clear path in sight, you are able to accomplish anything you set your mind to. No dream is too big with an orange evil eye worn on the body. 

Creativity & Playfulness

Boosted with joyful vibrations, the orange evil eye color instills a sense of youthfulness in the wearer. Childlike joy and wonder are rediscovered, reminding you to seek beauty in every aspect of life. Inspiration flourishes and new ideas come to you easily. 

Dark Blue Evil Eye

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Karma & Fate Protection

Known as the traditional color of this ancient symbol, blue evil eyes protect us from the ever spinning wheel of karma. As life moves, we can defend ourselves against any impending dangers that may be headed our way. Rather than waiting for fate to strike, a blue evil eye can prevent the risk. 

Calm & Relaxation

Just like floating on ocean waves, the dark blue evil eye fills us with the soothing nature of the sea. Reminding you to slow down and unwind, this evil eye color helps us make time for rest and relaxation. The importance of self-care is boosted while wearing a dark blue evil eye amulet. 

Open Flow of Communication

Connected to the throat chakra, the blue evil eye allows us to express ourselves more fluidly and effectively. Rather than holding your feelings in, this evil eye color encourages you to speak up and stand in your truth. As communication channels open, every relationship in your life is improved. 

Dark Green Evil Eye

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Deepest Love - Blue Chalcedony Evil Eye Heart Necklace
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Creates Happiness & Balance in your Life

Promoting success and equilibrium in life, the green evil eye meaning connects to brighter futures. In earthy hues, this evil eye color keeps you grounded and comfortable in the rhythm and flow of nature. Joy radiates from the green evil eye, helping you shine your brightest. 

Freedom to Pursue New Ideas

Supercharged with inspiration, green evil eyes dare you to dream. By boosting imagination and creativity, innovative ideas and projects come flowing into your vision. 

Light Blue Evil Eye

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General Protection

Blue, being the traditional color of this symbol, makes this evil eye color the most powerful in terms of protection. Whether you are hoping to defend against physical, spiritual, or emotional harm, the blue evil eye is ready to stand guard. With its fearless and bold nature, blue evil eyes serve as your trusted protector. 

Open up to New Perspectives

Appearing similar in color to the bright blue sky, light blue evil eyes encourage you to look towards the horizon. Rather than looking at only the little details, you are motivated to see the big picture of everything. The unique ideas and thoughts of others interest and inspire you. 

Peace & Solace

In hues of dreamy lights blues, this evil eye color soothes the soul. Filling your spirit with calming energy, inner peace is discovered. The noise of the outside world fades away, allowing you to find solace within yourself. 

Deepest Love - Blue Chalcedony Evil Eye Heart Necklace

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Red Evil Eye

Promotes Courage

In fiery hues of red, this evil eye color boosts self-confidence, courage, and strength. Encouraged to step fully into your power, your full potential is met. Self-doubt melts away, reminding you that you are capable of great things. With a red evil eye by your side, you will never walk alone again. 

Enthusiasm & Energy

Adored for its energizing qualities, the color red revitalizes the spirit. Invigorating the mind, body, and soul, a red evil eye brings passion and drive back into your life. Wake up each day with a positive mindset and be ready to take on the world. 

Diminishes Fear & Anxiety

Step aside, fear. With a red evil eye, there is no space for fears and doubts in your life. With motivation to achieve, self-confidence to take action, and the inner-peace to stay stable, any anxious tendencies will fade away. Walk boldly on the path to your dreams, and let nothing get in your way. 

Brown Evil Eye

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Protection from the Elements

No matter what storms pass through your mental skies, the brown evil eye protects you from destruction and harm. Stay uplifted despite the outside circumstances or environment, knowing that your inner world is clear, calm, and collected. 

Connection with Nature

In earthy hues, brown evil eyes connect you to the loving power of nature. With strong ties to the root chakra, the brown evil eye color helps you ground down.

Keep your feet firmly on the ground, but your head ever reaching towards the clouds with a brown evil eye. Let the healing energy of Mother Earth wrap you in her nurturing embrace. 

Orderliness & Structure

Get organized with the help of a brown evil eye. Charged with root chakra energy, this color reminds you of the power in creating a safe and stable space.

Although we cannot control outside circumstances, we can control our inner world. By creating more organization and order in our lives, better and more effective action can be taken towards our goals. 

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Purple Evil Eye 

Boost Imagination 

In rich and dreamy hues, the purple evil eye allows creativity to blossom and grow. Feeling in an artistic rut? This evil eye color will swiftly pull you back into the world of imagination. 

Create Balance in Life

When balance is found, we feel more capable in all that we do. Purple evil eyes create a solid sense of equilibrium in all aspects of life, making sure that we stay well-rounded and content. 

Remove Obstacles

With a clear path, you are able to forge straight ahead to the life of your dreams. Let the power of the purple evil eye pave the way, opening up every door of opportunity for you. 

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Gold or Yellow Evil Eye 

Protect your Health

With its bright and sunny energy, a yellow evil eye boosts the immune system. Protecting you from illness, you will have the ability to take on each day with energy and hope. 

Relieve Exhaustion

Wake up from your tired slumber, as you let the energetic glow of yellow evil eyes fill your life with passion, enthusiasm, and motivation. Meet each day with excitement for all the blessings that are coming your way. 

Sharpen the Mind

Develop greater concentration with the assistance of the yellow evil eye. Intellectual power is promoted and focus is improved, allowing the mind to function at its optimal state of being. 

Light Green Evil Eye

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Find Success 

With similar colors to money, the light green evil eye promotes wealth and success to flourish in your life. Abundance flows as the blessings of the universe are permitted to unfold. 

Enjoyment & Contentment

Each day becomes a little bit brighter and fuller with a light green evil eye amulet worn on the body. With its soothing and nurturing energy, you are able to appreciate every moment, no matter how seemingly insignificant they may be. 

Improved Health

Boost your physical health with the help of invigorating light green evil eyes. Naturally calming, the color green eases the nervous system and promotes healing within the body. 

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White Evil Eye

Purifies & Declutters

As the color of purity, the white evil eye cleanses the soul of any toxins, disturbances, or blockages. All channels are opened, allowing energy to flow in infinite bliss. 

Clear Obstacles 

On the road to spiritual enlightenment, obstacles will be met. However, with the help of a white evil eye, let your burdens be lightened and your challenges be lessened. 

Start Fresh

Once in a while, we all hope for a reset button in life. Let the white evil eye serve as your sign to start anew. Filling you with the inspiration to look at life from a fresh perspective, the white evil eye encourages growth and new beginnings. 

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Pink Evil Eye 

Protect Friendships

As the color of love, the pink evil eye instills compassion and understanding within us. We are reminded to prioritize the supportive relationships in our lives, making time for the ones we love. 

Fill the Soul with Calming Energy

Allow the dreamy energy of the pink evil eye to surround you in its peaceful glow. The pink evil eye meaning relates to the soothing energy it exudes, wrapping you in divine love. 

Find Contentment & Relaxation

With the help of pink evil eyes, you can make more time to slow down and unwind. Stress melts away from your shoulders as you dip into the calming waters of the pink evil eye. Inner peace is found, feeling content with all that you have achieved and all that you are. 

Evil Eye Bracelet Collections

Fill your Life with Colorful Evil Eyes

Regardless of which color evil eye you choose, know that the universal power of protection is blessed in your life. This ancient symbol has truly stood the test of time, owing to its wealth of proven positive effects on those who wear them.

Deciding which color is right for you will all depend on your own unique needs and interests. Make time to get quiet, allowing your intuition to lead the way towards your own evil eye color.

Worn as jewelry, the evil eye is able to permeate deep into the layers of the soul, filling you with bliss, positivity, and the motivation to grow. 

Ready to make a colorful evil eye part of your life? Visit our website and shop our full collection of vibrant designs. 

The evil eye colors are just a small, but significant aspect of evil eye accessories. There are numerous other mysteries waiting to be uncovered in our comprehensive guide for the evil eye jewelry. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Evil Eye Jewelry for Protection

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