The 5 Most Captivating & Gift-Worthy Manifestation Earrings

Gift-Worthy Manifestation Earrings

Crystals have been used for centuries by civilizations worldwide as a tool to overcome mental, physical, and spiritual limitations. Each crystal is considered to have its own unique set of characteristics and energies that can help us heal a variety of aspects of our lives. These stones connect us to the Earth's immense healing and grounding power when held in our hands, placed on the body, or set anywhere throughout our home or office. They are said to aid in creating more balance, relaxation, protection, creativity, happiness, and love in our lives. When worn as jewelry, these stones’ powers are elevated, as they are in constant contact with the skin and body.

Earrings are a particularly effective and stylish way to call in the energies of different crystals. If you are looking to manifest the life of your dreams, you can use stones specifically created with this intention and this ability. Featured on Karma & Luck’s manifestation earrings are various stones with innate and immense manifesting powers. The cosmos responds to a mix of our intentions, focus, and actions in the process of manifesting.

Different from what we may have all been taught or told, we are all capable of manifestation. By its inherent nature, the cosmos rush in to match our energy when we intentionally strengthen our goals and take action on what we want. Manifesting crystals are valuable stones that help us communicate our desires and needs through intention.

They help us focus, increase our resolve, and encourage us to achieve our objectives. Whether you are looking for improved health, new romance, better friendships, or anything really, these earrings and the stones upon them can help you reach your goals. Looking for the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one? Give them the gift of manifestation with these five gorgeous earrings!

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Manifestation Stones

When it comes to manifestation stones, we have a wide variety to choose from. Just to name a few of the top manifestors, there is aquamarine, citrine, topaz, emerald, ruby, and many, many more! Black Tourmaline has long been a protective talisman; a psychic shield that deflects and dispels bad energy, beings, and destructive forces. Black Tourmaline is a grounding and electric stone that protects its wearer from radiation and airwave contaminants. Wear it in the form of manifestation earrings to benefit from its protective abilities

If you are looking for a powerful crystal that will amp up the energy you put into it, try clear quartz. Quartz crystals, which increase your vibrational frequency, are a dynamic tool for manifesting your heart's desires. When worn as earrings, these dazzling stones will help to evaporate all of your negative thoughts and energies.

Known as the “master healer”, this stone really does it all, helping you move through life’s ups and downs with power and grace. Clear quartz is similar to a blank canvas on which you can write any intention. This crystal does not have a distinct frequency, but rather amplifies the energy it receives. Looking to boost your mood and find more clarity? Clear quartz is the ideal choice for you.

Divine Existence - Gold Lotus Moonstone EarringsAquamarine's energy is cooling, calming, and soothing, and it can aid in relieving negative emotions such as annoyance, irritability, and impatience. Wearing aquamarine and working with it brings undesirable emotions and habits to the surface, allowing them to be cleaned. This is an opportunity for destructive emotions to be released and let go of, allowing for self-healing.

Aquamarine may boost positive thinking and be a useful manifestation technique by maintaining a positive and motivated mindset. By revealing one's truth and removing harmful patterns, aquamarine provides the clarity needed to realize one's thoughts and visions. The throat chakra is stimulated and opened by aquamarine, which increases receptivity and connectedness by allowing one to speak one's truth.

Citrine is one of the most powerful gems for manifesting abundance, prosperity, and happiness. This can take numerous forms, including starting a business, becoming successful, and starting your dream career. It is a bright and cheerful stone that calls in good luck, boosts personal power, and clears negative energy.

With your inherent strength, this manifestation stone will assist you in realizing your dreams and achieving your goals. Citrine is connected with happiness and optimism, which is not too surprising given its bright and sunny hue. It is frequently employed to aid in the manifestation of financial prosperity and opportune chances. It can also be utilized to stimulate the solar plexus chakra, which aids in the development of self-confidence and personal power.

Using the stones listed above and many more, there are a multitude of varying manifestation earrings that can be used to connect with powerful universal energy. Choose the ones that speak to you!

Manifestation Earrings

Our 5 Most Beloved Manifestation Earrings

#1 Sacred Sounds-Gold OM Crystal Quartz

The sacred sounds – gold OM crystal quartz earrings retail at just $59. Handmade in Bali, Indonesia, these 925 sterling silver earrings are made with 18K gold plated brass. The featured gemstone is the clarifying and inspiring gemstone, clear quartz. Clear quartz is an excellent stone for promoting manifestation, clarity, and focus. 

Authentic Clear Quartz Stones

Clear quartz is a naturally-made mineral. Sometimes known as the "master healer", it is a powerful and versatile stone. It absorbs frequencies quickly and amplifies intentions, making it ideal for healing or simply raising positive energies. Clear quartz is able to elevate the energy and power of other crystals, making it extra useful. The crystal clear quartz is considered the master healer and is a must-have addition to any crystal collection. Simply hold clear quartz in your hands and think about anything you want, whether it's protection, love, or abundance, and soon enough it will be yours.

The elegance of the clear quartz crystal is reflected in its qualities. It exudes purity, light, reflection, and amplification. The therapeutic characteristics of clear quartz allow everyone who is connected to the stone to become as clear on their goals and intention as this crystal is. A clear quartz crystal is highly benefic

ial for manifesting, making decisions, or simply decluttering your mental inbox. As clear quartz is such a universal crystal, it has a deep and intriguing mythology connected to it. The word, "quartz", is derived from the Greek word, "ice." Theophrastus, an ancient Greek philosopher, thought the clear stone was a sort of permanent ice that would not thaw. In the Middle Ages, European clairvoyants utilized crystal balls made of clear quartz, which were thought to aid in predicting the future.

The powerful vibrations of the clear quartz crystal are what make it so revered and adored. A clear quartz crystal can help you identify with your truest self and live to your highest potential by eliminating clutter from your mind, body, and spirit. The symbolism of the clear quartz crystal stone is very potent for anyone seeking to set and attain new goals.

By assisting you in establishing a vision of your life that is unique to you, the clear quartz crystal meaning has to do with getting clear on what you want and how to materialize it. This clear stone helps you block out external noise and internal distractions so that you can visualize your ideal life and then work to make it happen.

The Universal OM

Various ancient and philosophical texts regard “om” or “aum” (pronounced ah-uu-mm) to be the sound of the universe, including all other sounds within it. Om is known in Sanskrit as Pranava, which means "to hum" and is regarded as an infinite or immortal sound. Although the phrase is linked with Indian culture, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism, it is a spiritual practice that is inclusive of all conceivable definitions and interpretations of God or Brahma and transcends culture and religion.

Om is also associated with Buddhism, where it is used to express compassion and connectedness. It is also frequently used in Jainism to refer to Paca-Paramehi or the ancient Indian religion's five supreme beings. The sound of Om in Hinduism is considered sacred. Kumar observes, "Before any Sanskrit prayer, scripture, or recitation of anything divine, we say Om. It is considered Hinduism's most sacred symbol". Om can have tremendous effects on one's whole state of being when repeated like a mantra. It is considered that doing so will help to center the mind, body, and spirit, as well as raise consciousness, attention, and compassion.

By incorporating the om symbol into your daily life, you can lead each day with more inspiration and a deeper sense of connectedness. Allow it to serve as a reminder of your unity with the universe and the profound connection between the  mind, body, and spirit.

Healing Benefits 

The word "Om" is said to be the sound of the universe. Originating from the vibrations of cosmic forces responsible for the creation of life, it is thought to be the first sound. Om is the name for the creator, and when you chant or hum it, you can feel the entire cosmos within you. Om reverberates in our bodies as well; it infuses the body with optimism, peace, and vitality when recited regularly. Om has enormous power, and many yogis have been reciting the mantra to connect their souls to the universe since ancient times. The phrase offers some incredible mental and physical health advantages as well.

Clear quartz is a gorgeous stone with a wealth of healing properties. This stone is employed for both mental and physical healing. Crystals, like clear quartz, are used in practically every aspect of the ancient Ayurvedic medical system, and used in other  modalities throughout the world. Known as “the master healer”, clear quartz has numerous health benefits for the wearer's mind, body, and spirit. 

A Clear Quartz is highly recommended if you are dealing with pain, stress, or worries. This crystal purifies any negative feelings and distorted perceptions of the person who wears it. When the heart is in a state of flux, clear quartz brings it the illumination it so richly deserves. Due to its affinity for light, this gem may easily shield its owner from the darkness of outside forces. The stone dispels anything that tries to control or penetrate its bearer.

Clear quartz protects the person who wears it against emotional breakdowns. This gemstone's flawlessness is matched by its ability to gently caress and protect the heart of its wearer. Clear quartz has been utilized as an emotional aid since early times. When the clear quartz stone is combined with the om symbol, the benefits gained are unlimited. These manifestation earrings with clear quartz and an om symbol have double the perks to offer, and as an added benefit, the sacred sounds are a beautiful statement piece to add to a loved one's collection.

Sacred Sounds - Gold OM Crystal Quartz Earrings

#2 Soulful Sound – Clear Quartz Blue Topaz Evil Eye Pointer Earrings

The “Soulful Sound” earrings have a unique and aesthetically pleasing look. 18K gold plated and made of 925 sterling silver in Bali, Indonesia, this pair of beautiful manifestation earrings retail at just $89. They feature a 5 x 10 mm clear quartz stone and a 1.3 mm blue topaz stone. As an added benefit, the “Soulful Sound” pair also showcases the evil eye in order to deflect any negative energies that may come near the wearer. The gemstones used in the making of all Karma & Luck products are authentic and of the highest quality.

The Clear Quartz & Blue Topaz Duo

As we have already discussed many of the benefits of the dynamic clear quartz earlier in this article, let’s now shed some light on the beautiful blue topaz stone. When paired together, the clear quartz gemstone is able to amplify the energy of these earrings to an even higher level.

Blue topaz is regarded as a jewel of serenity and healing in mythology. The Romans discovered it on the Red Sea island of Topazios almost two millennia ago. They believed it could defend the wearer from enemies, while also bringing peace. The stone was highly revered in ancient Egypt, where it was said to possess supernatural abilities bestowed by the sun deity, Ra. When the moon was full in South America, several cultures believed topaz could cure disease.

Topaz is a fluorine and aluminum silicate mineral. It comes in a range of different colors, including yellow, gray, red, and colorless – and pale blue and pink on rare occasions. Blue topaz is most usually obtained by heating and irradiating colorless topaz due to its rarity in nature. It has a Mohs hardness of 8, which makes it almost as hard as sapphire and tougher than tanzanite.

Topaz, like all crystals, is relatively fragile and should be handled with caution. November's birthstone is topaz, and it is also the gem for 16th wedding anniversaries. The beautiful glacier-blue color of blue topaz makes it an ideal winter birthday gift. The endearing characteristics and sparkling beauty of blue topaz have made it a favorite precious gem for marking special occasions.

Significance of the Evil Eye

The Greek curse of the evil eye has been passed down throughout history and is still being used today. According to legend, if someone is envious of you, they can give you an "evil stare" and curse you with bad luck. As a result of this belief, many people actively sought protection from the evil eye. In the past and nowadays people wear evil eye jewelry as a protective symbol against bad luck and bad energy.

As a result of envy or hatred, the evil eye is a "look" or "stare" that brings bad luck to the person who receives it. Individuals can actively wish you negative thoughts, but due to the power of the eye, some individuals unwittingly and innocently cast the curse on others.

When someone wears or carries an evil eye, they are protected from bad luck in their lives. The evil eye brings you good fortune and protects you from any negative energy that could hurt your health or life in general. Wearing the evil eye insignia is thought to offer adequate protection against the evil eye. One option is to wear evil eye jewelry, a popular fashion statement among believers and non-believers alike.

Shower Your Loved Ones with Thoughtful Energy 

Blue is not only a relaxing color, but is also the color of the throat chakra. This chakra promotes inner tranquility, mental stability, and thyroid gland equilibrium. The blue topaz stone has a special energy for strengthening psychic abilities; thus, it can help you improve and increase the abilities you already have. It has a natural gift of tuning you into the vibration of the angels of truth and knowledge. As a result, it connects with your inner self, especially when used in conjunction with meditation. It has excellent healing properties for the neck and throat area, and it aids in the treatment of a variety of throat disorders.

Blue topaz is said to be highly effective for safeguarding travelers, businesspeople, and salesmen from danger and homesickness. It aids in the removal of evil omens, the calming of anger, and the mending of weak vision. Its high frequency aids in integrating the body, mind, and soul. Assisting in the improvement of communication abilities, it is a particularly great stone for writers and public speakers. 

The meaning of blue topaz allows you to tap into your inner wisdom and discover the clearest paths toward success. Wearers of this gemstone will be better able to accept themselves, believe in their power, and rejoice in their good fortune. Blue topaz is well-known for its health-promoting properties, and is a fantastic pain reliever for all throat and head issues. This blue beauty relieves migraine pain, soothes sore throats, and acts as a natural stress relief for jaw clenching. The blue topaz is an excellent choice if you are afraid of public speaking. Add this crystal to your jewelry collection in order to step into your power, boost your confidence, and magnify your voice.

With its extensive list of healing benefits and powers, blue topaz is a magnificent stone to be treasured. When paired with clear quartz, as in these earrings, its powers are elevated, making way for healing on a more profound level. Manifestation will unfold before your very eyes with these inspiring earrings.

Evil Eye Protection 

Wearing manifestation earrings with an evil eye charm will protect the wearer against bad spirits and negative forces, particularly the ‘malevolent stare' that is thought to occur for the unwary. The evil eye symbol bestows good luck; it is thought that wearing this charm bestows health, happiness, and prosperity. The evil eye exudes with good vibes. Its main color is blue, which is thought to emit positive energy and have good karma. The light blue within it also depicts the sky and is thought to be a protective power against the evil eye.

The evil eye wards off danger - whether your car breaks down or spins out of control, or your home is injured by insects or flooding, the evil eye keeps an all-seeing eye on everything to safeguard your peace and comfort. It is believed to promote good health. It is thought that if the actual 'evil eye' were to cast its misfortune over you, you would suffer from insomnia, weariness, sadness, and diarrhea. However, wearing the protective evil eye charm will keep you healthy and happy.

#3 Cherished Love – Rose Quartz Pink Tourmaline Evil Eye Pointer Earrings

The “Cherished Love” manifestation earrings are similar to the “Soulful Sound” pair in design, but feature different gemstones. Made in 925 sterling silver, these 18K gold plated earrings are lovingly handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia. This pair of beautiful manifestation earrings retail at just $89. They have a 5 x 10 mm clear rose quartz stone and a 1.3 mm pink tourmaline stone. As an added benefit, the “Cherished Love” also showcases the evil eye symbol in order to deflect any negative energies that may come near the wearer. The gemstones used in making each and every Karma & Luck product are authentic and high quality.

Rose Quartz & Pink Tourmaline

Lovely rose quartz gets its name from the Greek word, “hyalos”, which means glass, due to the pale pink tone of the stone’s surface. It is a stone tied to mythological roots and is associated with gods and goddesses such as Aphrodite and Adonis. This mineral-rich stone has been bestowed the gift of plenty, which the rose quartz clearly wishes to share with anyone yearning to heal their hearts.

The meaning of rose quartz is global love. This is a crystal so fertile with healing capabilities, so soaked in harmony, and so delicate that you will constantly want it close by. Rose quartz is affiliated with the heart chakra and the throat chakra. Not only for romantic love, rose quartz helps to boost love in all its many forms. Rose quartz is a beautiful gemstone that speaks to many types of love, from healing communication with family to strengthening relationships with lovers and friends, and even bringing sweeter notes of self-care into your life.

Despite its silky name, rose quartz can be smoky, hazy, or as clear as water. Rose quartz, which has an earth element and vibrates at the spiritual number seven, straddles the line between an object of utter mystery and a comfortable and magnificently grounding force. Rose quartz's mission is to gently, yet energetically, link your fragile heart with sincere and loving compassion. Rose quartz may be found in every corner of the world, from the zen mountains of Japan to the vanilla cracked pods that sweeten the air in Madagascar, the beaches of Brazil, and even South Dakota.

Pink tourmaline is a tourmaline variation that ranges in color from mild, light pink to vivid, hot pink. This stone can be found in various forms, including raw, transparent, and opaque. It is frequently found alongside quartz and other tourmaline color varieties. Although they can both be discovered in the same mines, this stone should not be confused with Rubellite (red tourmaline). California is known for creating and trading some of the most amazing pink tourmaline specimens.

Love, compassion, emotional healing, and self-acceptance are all related to pink tourmaline. It is the best gemstone to wear if you suffer from everyday attacks of anxiety as it helps to calm one's emotions in times of hardship. With its gentle healing powers, pink tourmaline is frequently prescribed to anyone suffering from intense emotional distress. Pink tourmaline is the ideal stone for anyone who has recently experienced tragedy, heartache, loss of a loved one, or simply cannot seem to shake their everyday despair.

The Heart Stone 

Rose quartz is also known as “the heart stone”. It is intimately associated with the heart chakra, as previously said, and it is usually used to assist in the healing of the heart from the suffering or trauma produced by deep emotional wounds. People who desire to attract more love into their lives can use rose quartz as a calling card or a supportive friend. It does not always have to be romantic love, but rather a deep sense of compassion and concern for people in our world, especially if it comes from one of the most important sources which can supply it.

If your heart chakra gets blocked, you may show signs of unhealthy behavior in your relationships. Perhaps you have a tendency toward codependency, are prone to jealousy, have little faith in yourself or others, or feel undeserving of receiving the gift of love on a regular basis. Rose quartz's ability to break open the heart and restore alignment is one of its most exquisite healing properties, helping you to feel connected, relaxed, and open to all the possibilities that a happy life may provide.

Rose quartz's profound vibration and connection to goddess energy is another great gift. Rose quartz is related to the divine feminine, which means it radiates with compassion, tranquility, and maternal love, while also being extremely spiritually powerful. If you want to learn how to self-soothe, heal yourself with your own hands, and uplift your potential into the goddess sphere, rose quartz is the stone for you.

Pink tourmaline inspires you to fill your heart with love, joy, and happiness. It has a lovely energy that vibrates through the heart chakra. The energy of this wonderful stone will assist you in rekindling your desire to live. Lithium is abundant in this lovely pink crystal. Lithium is recognized to aid emotional and mood-related issues like depression, anxiety, and stress. As with many other heart-based stones, it can support you if you are feeling down, stressed, or uninterested in life.

This gorgeous pink stone may assist in soothing your emotions if you have been feeling stiff or anxious. Using or wearing pink tourmaline provides you with effective stress-relieving techniques, and this pink stone will make you feel less anxious, more at ease, and relaxed. It has a strong feminine, or yin, vibration, and brings feelings of joy, hope, comfort, and support to the wearer. Pink tourmaline aids in the restoration of love and good humor in the wearer's life. Its vibration also promotes a more upbeat attitude and aids in overcoming feelings of sadness and despair.

#4 Heightened Awareness – Gold Plated Hamsa Amethyst Earrings

“Heightened Awareness” is a gorgeous and dynamic set of manifestation earrings. It features the purple amethyst stone and the protective hamsa hand charm. This pair of manifestation earrings retails at just $69 with 18K gold plating and 925 sterling silver.

The Qualities of Amethyst

Amethyst is a crystalline quartz that comes in a variety of colors ranging from light lilac to a deep reddish-purple. The most frequent variety of the quartz family is amethyst, which is regarded to be the most powerful and protective stone. It is a violet, semi precious stone that is used in jewelry and for healing purposes. It has long been appreciated and adored for its brilliant colors and its ability to trigger strong mental and emotional responses.

The Greek word ametusthos means "not drunk", which amethyst got its name from. Amethyst has long been thought to aid in the prevention of intoxication and overindulgence, which is why ancient Greeks wore it and used it to make drinking cups. The meaning of amethyst has changed throughout time and between civilizations, explaining why the feng shui meaning of the amethyst crystal is different; instead focusing on the promotion of wealth. It was also employed as a potent instrument in ancient China to cleanse negative energy and drive away from the dangers of daily life.

Hamsa Significance

The hamsa is an ancient emblem that can be found in jewelry, clothes, and artwork, but what does it represent? The hamsa is an ancient Middle Eastern sign with a wide range of cultural connotations. It is generally viewed as a protective talisman that brings good fortune, health, and happiness to people of all faiths. 

The main purpose of the hamsa is to protect its wearer from the 'Ayin Hara', also known as the evil eye. The hamsa protects against any negative energies, the most common of which are envy from individuals with bad intentions. The hamsa was first used as an amulet in ancient Mesopotamia, where it was worn as a defensive shield against the evil eye.

The Many Benefits of These Earrings 

Amethyst is a strong and protective stone with a wide range of healing characteristics. Amethyst lowers stress and tension, calms irritation, regulates mood swings, and alleviates aggression, rage, fear, and anxiety. It also awakens spiritual awareness. It is a beautiful stone with exceptional healing and purifying properties which it accomplishes by boosting a person's psychic talents and opening their intuition.

It helps to keep a person's head clear when they have had too much to drink or overindulged in other behaviors that can lead to addiction. Amethyst does this by soothing the mind while stimulating the body, allowing people to remain attentive and aware of their surroundings. With an amethyst around, you can also count on getting plenty of rest at night, as it promotes deep sleep. It also aids with the recall and comprehension of dreams.

Amethyst has a critical function in overall metabolism, particularly in balancing the endocrine system by assisting in the active generation of hormones for utilization in the body. Amethyst boosts the immune system, which helps the body fight and eliminate infections. This stone assists in purifying the blood, while also reducing physical, emotional, and psychic stress. An amethyst stone is particularly beneficial to those with ailments of the lungs and respiratory tract, skin issues, cell disorders, and digestive system diseases. Wearing the protective amethyst crystal shields against all sorts of suffering, including spiritual assault and external sources of misery.

#5 Bright Hope – Gold Plated Citrine Buddha Earrings

These “Bright Hope” manifestation earrings are a beautiful pair of gold-colored earrings. They radiate with hope and serenity. Made in 925 sterling silver and with 18K gold plating, these earrings feature the sunny citrine stone and the Buddha symbol. Handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia, the “Bright Hope” earrings are made with authentic, high-quality gemstones and retail for just $69.

Sunny Citrine

Citrine is a beautiful, translucent crystalline quartz variety that ranges in hue from pale yellow to red-orange, orange-yellow, and brownish orange. In ancient times, people thought it was a gift from the sun, which gave us a warm colored stone to lift our spirits. Nowadays, many appreciate this stone for its striking earth-toned hue and brilliant shine. Depending on how you expose it, its color changes over time. Citrine has a multitude of beneficial properties for the physical self, as well as a significant function in spiritual self-evaluation. It expands and activates the higher mind, and is particularly useful in growing conscious awareness.

The Buddha Symbol

Buddhists have observed the original Buddha's prohibition against worshiping him in human form for generations. As a result, many of the earliest Buddhist symbols portray the Buddha or various enlightened aspects. Siddhartha Gautama, later known as the Buddha, lived in the fifth century BC, and his picture has been used to symbolize enlightenment, oneness, and serenity in Buddhism from its inception.

Buddhism as a religion is based on the Buddha's teachings, and Buddha statues may be found in spiritual areas all around the world. The Buddha, Sundaram believes, is viewed as one of the earliest yogis and a teacher who dispels the ego and encourages enlightenment. He is often shown laughing in pure bliss and contentment.

Abundance & Success

Citrine not only provides abundance and success in both businesses and personal affairs, but it also has additional qualities that help people get to a deeper and more effective level of self-development. It improves self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-trust by creating more profound connections within your core, releasing negativity and generating personal power. Citrine emits good and positive energy that aids in the lightening of your mood. It refreshes your body like a glass of cold lemonade on a hot summer day. Anytime you are having a low-energy day, citrine will act as your natural pick-me-up. 

Placing Buddha symbols around you or in your environment can bring you tranquility, good health, and success. The “Happy Buddha”, also known as Shakyamuni Buddha, is the most popular statue to bring good fortune and abundance. Buddha statues are sometimes sold in pairs or even threes. The Buddha symbol on these earrings are sure to bring serenity into your life.

Give the Gift of Manifestation 

Step aside chocolates and flowers, there is a new gift in town that promises lifelong charm - manifestation earrings. Made with real and authentic gemstones, these Karma & Luck earrings all work in enchanting ways to help you call in the life of your dreams. The benefits are endless, which makes them the perfect present for yourself or a loved one.

From improving one's sleep to relieving anxiety, to elevating one's health and encouraging relationships, each pair offers something different. By giving these manifestation earrings as a gift, you are not only giving them a piece of beautiful and elegant jewelry, but also a chance to change their lives for the better. Want to give your loved one a gift that they will treasure for a lifetime? Check out our website and shop our collection of manifestation jewelry! Start Your Journey Here: And Browse Our Womens Earrings Best Seller

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