Tap Into Your Superpower this Full Moon & Manifest your year

The last full moon, in the sensitive sign of cancer, is going to bring us some much needed fresh and fabulous energy as we head into the New Year. The intensity of the past months eclipses departure will have us feeling the “feels” and a few fuzzies too.  


That’s right, we've already entered the age of Aquarius on December  21st. Change is in the air and all the zodiac signs are going to feel it. While 2020 has been a beast of a year for millions of us, we are not going to allow it to enter into 2021.

Are you ready to tap into your superpower this full moon and manifest your 2021? 

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The Transition from Capricorn to Aquarius

The spiritual meaning of the full moon December 2020 will bring a welcome change to feeling more freedom and much more depth in your intuitive abilities. This magnificent full moon also brings good health, money and feelings of restrictions will begin to dissipate. 


When you believe, you achieve. It is that simple and this Full Moon, in Cancer, will give you the chance to really tap into that ultra sensitive and expressive side of your personality.

You may be feeling some mood swings in the beginning and that’s totally normal. Go with the flow and rid yourself of everything that doesn’t serve you, while manifesting the things that do serve you.  Break out of old habits and start replacing them with new ones.


As 2020 starts to come to a close (thank God), we are entering into some of the freshest, most incredible energy under this Full Moon on December 29. You will feel the brand new ethereal energy that will put forth a fresh start, new beginnings, and opportunities for YOU!!! Keep in mind; you can also do the mantras and manifestations anytime throughout the month, but try not to miss this moon.

Since so many of us will not bring in our usual New Year's eve the traditional way, let's bring it spiritually. What you read and implement below could very possibly change your thinking and, thereby, change your life in a positive way. 

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This specific moon will bring you feelings of power that will let you set into motion the abundant energy flowing freely. Saturn will magnify it as it leaves Capricorn where it has resided for the past two and a half years and will begin in the magnificent energy of Aquarius. 

You must remember all of the hard work you've put forth this year, be grateful for where you are, and manifest what you desire as the new sign Aquarius enters. Below are a few questions you can answer in your head, on paper, or out loud. We are going to do this together.

  • Where did you grow the most this year?
  • What is your biggest accomplishment?
  • What is your biggest challenge?
  • Where do you see yourself in 2021?

The Full Moon energy on the 29th (that will last through January 2) is an opportune time for you to activate your creative consciousness and pull on your highest intuition, your highest potential. Keep reading, the good stuff is coming up.

The literal magnet and frequency a Full Moon emanates aren't just spiritual; it's scientific, so get your Full Moon mantras ready and let's make you aware of your power and walk right into 2021 with confidence.

Just because the Full Moon goes away doesn't mean the work you've put into those days disappears. Nope, it is an uber-powerful time for manifesting while we are in Capricorn season right now. Keep the mantras below close at hand.

The specific energy that comes in during the Solar Eclipse offers brand new beginnings. Universal life is so open and ready to give you what you desire, as long as you are free to receive. Is your mind open or closed?

2020 has us all kinds of twisted in our thinking, but it will NOT serve you during this incredible Full Moon energy. It is time to clean it up, move it out, and focus on the things that it WILL manifest for you: Money! To make this happen, you must shift into focusing on abundance energy, be full of gratitude for what you have, and appreciate your abilities and the Universal energy coming your way to make this all happen.

Let's shut off the external noise and take this time to embrace our miracles and manifest our most profound wishes, and shine a spotlight on our blessings. The mantras below are essential. 

If you can, go outside during this full moon, write these mantras down, and recite them out loud. Keep them somewhere; you will see them every single day as a reminder that you can manifest whatever your heart desires.

Full Moon Release & Money Mantras:

  • I reclaim my power and embrace new beginnings
  • I am manifesting all that aligns with my highest potential.
  • I invite all forms of abundance into my life. 
  • I shine my light with ease.
  • I forgive myself for the past and am open to the good ahead.
  • I allow love to fill me. 
  • I have the power to shape my reality.
  • I am gentle with myself and compassionate with others. 
  • I am open to all that serves my soul purpose. 

So the full moon December 2020 is excellent for leaving your comfort zone, meeting new people, and trying something totally different, while keeping yourself Covid safe. It is especially good for breathing life into stale relationships and resolving lingering relationship problems with a partner or family member.

You can live in your money mantras and intentions every day through the power of our Original Karma Red String Protection bracelets and necklaces. They will keep you aligned in prosperity, joy, and success.



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