13 Summer Ideas to Teach Kids About the Spirituality of Nature

Spirituality of Nature

The spirituality of nature is ever-present. We, as living beings that walk the soil of Earth, garner and cherish its resources as an innate part of life and nature. Showing our care and spreading the knowledge about its beauty and importance to our youngest is crucial for their development.

From the food they eat to the animals they play with and the rocks they collect, nature has many treasures that they’ll fall in love with. 

It’s Easy to Discover the Spirituality of Nature 

Spirituality and nature are one and the same. That’s why the two are inseparable and deeply entwined. 

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Nature Elevates Consciousness 

Nature inspires us to take a break and enjoy stillness. It relieves the stress and quiets the mind, allowing us to truly tap into the spiritual side of things. It gives us clarity and creates space for enlightenment to come, helping us raise awareness.

The four elements in nature help elevate frequency, cleanse the energetic body, and help us evolve spiritually.

Nature Promotes Mindfulness & Gratitude

Nature transforms our energy by cleansing away the bad and inviting in good vibrations, allowing us to co-create with the Universe. Spending time in nature teaches us how to be fully present and experience the unbreakable bond of spirituality in nature. 

By being mindful of the blessings it gives us and thankful for the healthy food, fresh air, and fertile soil, we allow more positivity to come our way. 

We are One with Nature

As spiritual beings and an integral part of life on Earth, we are always synchronized with and connected to Mother Gaia. Everything that happens in nature impacts our physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Spending time hiking, picnicking, being on the beach or by a river are just some ways to feel oneness with the Universe and the Divine.

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13 Summer Ideas for Teaching Kids About the Spirituality of Nature 

Our youngest see us as examples and role models. How they treat living things and perceive nature has an immense impact on their relationship with nature, and we can guide them.

The following creative activities will help you spread your love of Mother Gaia and connect kids and nature. 

Start a Crystal & Rock Collection 

Rock and mineral formations are always one of a kind, so why not make a unique crystal collection with rocks and stones that they find out in nature? Plus, you can purchase crystal sets to add to their collections.

Crystals and rocks are some of the best representatives of nature’s fine artistry. Karma and Luck‘s Mineral Collection can help introduce the youngest to the timeless beauty of nature and gemstones.

Plant a Garden

What better way to introduce children to the spirituality of nature than planting a seed and watching it grow and develop together?

A garden is a metaphor for life as everything in nature has its own cycle of life. Be it a beautiful flower, a fruit, or a veggie, tending to a plant together is a chance to teach children how important it is to value and nurture life.


Go for a Hike & a Picnic

Explore and see what you can find and point out the wonders of nature. Play a game of finding the most beautiful tree, leaf, or rock.

Encourage your child to explore nature to the fullest by talking about what they see and complimenting nature for its artwork, be it the shape of a cloud, a sunset, or a dreamy forest you pass by on your hike.

Press Flowers

Making an herbarium is a way to memorize the names of plants and preserve the everlasting beauty of flowers. This is a great way to teach your kids that everything has beauty even when it seems to wither away.

Pressing flowers together will help them feel a connection to the spirituality of nature and teach them how to appreciate all that nature is, not just the prettiness of bloom.

Study Your Fingerprints

No fingerprint is alike. Studying fingerprints is a way to learn about how everything in nature is unique and that we are a part of nature.

Compare them in the sunlight or leave painted fingerprints on paper. It will show your child that, even though things look alike, everything in nature has a distinctive design that makes it beautiful and different.

Children and Spirituality

Go Animal Watching

Every living thing wakes up under the same sky and breathes the same air. Animal watching is a chance to introduce children to the animal kingdom, which is an integral part of life on earth.

Love for animals starts by connecting kids and nature, showing them the extraordinary beauty of different species, and treating animals with kindness. It will create a base for building a healthy relationship with all living things and teach them how to appreciate and honor animal life. 

Make a Poster About the Circle of Life 

Creating fun visuals of the life cycle with your children is an opportunity to learn about how deeply interconnected life on Earth is. 

The spirituality of nature is found in all forms of life. Start with the smallest bug and go up to the biggest animal and teach your kids about how important every aspect of nature is to the whole.

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Meditate Together Outside

It is never too early to start teaching your children to be mindful of nature. Sit outside to meditate together and help them connect with the elements of water, earth, and air.

Meditation is a chance to truly appreciate the joy of the moment and focus on the fine stimuli coming from nature. Enjoying the moment outdoors will bring attention to how comforting and pleasant and soothing connection with Mother Nature can truly be. 

Do a Nature Scavenger Hunt 

A scavenger hunt is the perfect way to connect children to the spirituality of nature, spark creativity, and awaken curiosity. Make a list of different things you can find in nature and then go seek them out.

This little quest will show that nature, just as it is, has many surprises worth exploring. Sparking their inner explorer by turning to a search for rocks, pinecones, acorns, or animal footprints will be a real adventure. 

Practice Tuning Into Nature With All of Your Senses

Every day spent outdoors can teach them how blissful time in nature can be. Inspire them to connect to the beauty around them by stopping to smell some flowers or enjoying the magic of a sunset together.

Exchange comments and share the sensations you feel with them when you’re out in nature. Once developed, this is a habit they will benefit from for years to come.

Make a List of Everything You Are Grateful for About Nature 

Practicing gratitude is a way to inspire children to build a long-lasting bond with Mother Nature. Making a list of all the incredible gifts from Gaia will help them consciously connect with their surroundings and the spirituality of nature.


Let Them Walk Around Outside Barefoot

Walking barefoot strengthens our healing bond with the Earth itself. It is so easy to be happy and it feels good when we are tuning into the Earth.

Grounding provides us with negative ions that help eliminate negativity, restore our inner balance, and improve wellbeing. Try it together to help them fully experience the spirituality of nature.

Take Family Walks After Dinner

Family dinners are sacred moments, and they can be even more enjoyable when combined with quality time in nature. This is a great way to connect as a family, enjoy nature, and bring the focus back to what is really important. 

This type of togetherness and closeness will help build a healthy relationship with the Earth, awakening a love for nature.

Final Thoughts

Nature and spirituality are inseparable, and both are important parts of who we are. By teaching our kids to cherish this relationship, we invest both in their well-being and spiritual development and the well-being of all life on Earth Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Mineral Collection

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