13 Summer Fashion Trends: Jewelry That Will Radiate Your Beauty

13 Summer Fashion Trends: Jewelry That Will Radiate Your Beauty

What if you could wear summer and take the power of the ocean everywhere you go? 

As far as summer fashion trends go, turtle symbols, luminescent pearls, and blue gemstones are in. A perfect blend of spirituality and fashion, these accessories are designed to help elevate your consciousness, embrace all your authenticity, and improve the quality of your life. Let’s look at some of our favorites...

13 Summer Fashion Trends: Jewelry That Will Radiate Your Beauty

Are you ready to shine your light unapologetically, just like you should? Made to elevate you inside and out, our summer spiritual jewelry collection is here to help!

Shine in Gold

Bring solar energy into your vibration and let your light shine brightly with a golden Be Present Ring. Decorated with a gold Hamsa Hand, this is a ring that will help you create a more tranquil environment, acting as a powerful shield against negativity.

It is a perfect handmade summer fashion trend bohemian piece that will do wonders for your vibration, uplifting you when you are low and calming you down when life feels too hectic to handle.

Wear the Rainbow

When our chakras are balanced, there’s nothing that can throw us off our path. To ensure you are ever-aligned with your true purpose, and your energy centers are balanced, find a place for the Invigorated Spirit Necklace in your jewelry collection.

Seven authentic crystals symbolize seven chakras and work together to remove blockages, purify your energy, and stimulate the flow of prana through your body.

If chakra balancing is what you need, there are plenty of summer fashion trends, such as Chakra Bracelets to choose from, each of which have a tremendous healing effect on the body, mind, and soul.

Aligned in Serenity - Lotus OM Chakra Bar Triple Layer Necklace
Aligned in Serenity - Lotus OM Chakra Bar Triple Layer Necklace
Serenity means tranquility, maintaining a sense of inner peace and calm even in difficult situations. It is the state of being free from ...
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Bring the Pearl of the Ocean Ashore

Bring summer vibes and with you wherever you go with Pearl jewelry designed to uplift, heal and make you stand out.

Nourishing and feminine, the Love Generator Bracelet adds a dose of gentleness to your fashion. Healing Rose Quartz and the heart charm both symbolize love and help us generate self-love, while Pearls help to bring well-deserved prosperity and abundance your way.

Incredibly harmonizing, this piece will not only draw attention this season, but will also be a strong balancing force, assisting you in cultivating self-kindness every day.

To bring more of this type of energy into your life, opt for any of the Pearl Stone pieces from Karma and Luck’s unique collection.

Soak Your Aura in the Water Energy of Aquamarine

If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that reflects the newest summer fashion trends, gold plated Flowing Frequency Earrings make a great choice, helping you shine and flow with life this summer.

Being a gemstone associated with the depths of the sea, the healing frequency of Aquamarine washes away stress and worry with ease, while rejuvenating your aura. Because of its incredibly soothing and relaxing effect, having Aquamarine in your collection will make every moment feel like a vacation.

Just like the ocean heals the soul, our Aquamarine jewelry collection will open doors to personal transformation, helping you release anything that’s been holding you back, while raising your awareness in the most gentle, yet effective way possible.

Flowing Frequency - Aquamarine Evil Eye Earrings
Flowing Frequency - Aquamarine Evil Eye Earrings
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Compliment Your Tan with Turquoise

Vibrant and spiritual, the Turquoise Pathways Necklace can easily become your favorite piece this summer. An incredible gemstone for raising consciousness, Turquoise can help you get in touch with your higher self, assisting you on your ascension journey with every step you take.

This piece is a perfect example of summer fashion trends, as it also includes multiple charms for protection, wisdom, and serenity, helping you elevate spiritually in the most fashionable way.

There is no color that makes your bronze tan pop as much as turquoise blue does. Opt for a piece (or two or three) from our Turquoise Jewelry Collection and experience it for yourself!


Wear Tranquil Waters with Larimar

Spiritual jewelry helps us find serenity and express ourselves authentically, and the Fresh Hope Bracelet is a perfect example of that. Contrasting colors of Pyrite and Larimer are combined with a gold-plated Lotus Charm, bringing in refreshing energy and aesthetic balance.

While Pyrite creates space for more abundance and prosperity to come in, Larimer acts as a soothing, calming force.

Stand Out in Shimmering Moonstone

The Dreamy Ambition Necklace is a piece that will hardly ever go unnoticed. With a blend of gold details and shimmering Moonstone, this necklace has a dose of elegance to it. Because it includes the Evil Eye symbol, it will filter out energy coming your way, allowing only the most beneficial vibrations to reach you.

Moonstone is a perfect summer fashion trend choice for those who are highly spiritual. If that resonates with you, catch a glimpse of our Moonstone Jewelry Collection and let your intuition lead you to the one for you.

Decorate Your Ankles

Anklets are a perfect way to spice up any summer look, and this is particularly true for summer fashion trends.

A blend of highly protective crimson string and pearl stones, the Uplifting Protection Anklet is a piece that will offer invisible guidance, uplifting you and harmonizing your energy with every step you take. This summer, pearls will give you the necessary foresight, illuminating the path forward and bringing only high-vibrations your way.

For a more personalized selection of mesmerizing pieces, cast a gaze on our entire Women’s Anklets Collection.


Wear the Flower of Spirituality

Knowing our worth and being aware of our potential is the key to creating a life that we truly deserve, and the Quiet Confidence Necklace is here to help you do exactly that.

Featuring the Lotus Flower, one of the most powerful spiritual symbols, this necklace can be a source of enlightenment and serenity, inspiring you to take a leap of faith and embrace your ability to co-create with the Universe.

Combined with Larimar stones, this piece reflects the newest summer fashion trends and brings freshness and peace into your day, stimulating the flow of life energy through you.

If the Lotus symbol draws you in, you can find more options in our Lotus Jewelry Collection.

Anchor in the Essence of Summer

Now you can float on ocean waves and take the summer breeze everywhere you go with the Blessed Hope Red String Bracelet. Combining the protective force of delicate red string and the Anchor Charm, a symbol of safety and stability, you can truly cherish your moments this summer.

No matter how untamed your sea is, this bracelet will bring you a sense of roundedness, anchoring you in the present moment, keeping you safe from harm.

Swim Out to Sea with the Fish Symbol

The Prosperity Necklace is a blend of summer aesthetic and powerful spiritual symbolism. It features the fish symbol with Moonstone on a gold chain, which together serve to help you level up spiritually and let go of the things you can’t control. A powerful match as these two are, they will bring you mental clarity, and a sense of genuine inner calm when you most need it.

Enjoy a Slow, Laidback Summer with the Turtle Symbol

Another exotic gem from our summer fashion trends collection, the Intuitive Wisdom Necklace is here to balance your chakras, calm your soul, and help you release any negativity that’s been holding you down.

The turtle charm will ensure slow and steady progress toward fulfillment, while six different spiritual symbols will ensure that you are attracting abundance, joy, and prosperity.

You can find your turtle totem in our Turtle Collection. Tune into your intuition and let the right piece choose you.

Emulate Star Gazing

This summer, the Guiding Energies Necklace will help you connect with spirit guides and the Universe while making you feel and look your absolute best. The Moon symbolizes feminine energy, the mysteries of the universe, and illumination, while the Star charm brings in clarity and hope. Together, they will help you find your purpose, assisting you in moving forward fearlessly, increasing your intuitive powers.

With our Moon and Stars Collection, you’ll feel even more connected to the divine, closer to the Moon and in touch with your inner guide.

Final Thoughts

When trends and spirituality meet, it creates mesmerizing pieces of jewelry that elevate both our look and our consciousness. Through careful design and craftsmanship, powerful symbols and healing gemstones can do wonders for changing your vibration profoundly and stylishly this summer. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Summer Collection

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