Spirituality and Nature: 7 Ways to Link Your Soul With the Earth

Spirituality and Nature

The power of spirituality and nature are irreplaceable; and if you allow it, the combination of the two can be the source of incredible healing and spiritual transformation. Connecting deeply and soulfully can help you feel more in sync with the Earth.  

On April 22nd, we are celebrating Earth Day. This is the day when we mindfully shift the focus from ourselves to Mother Gaia. This is a perfect occasion to show gratitude and bring attention to our oceans, seas, wildlife, and the ecosystem as a whole.

This day is an opportunity to do something that celebrates the Earth, cultivates awareness on important environmental issues, and brings us closer to nature.

7 Ways to Combine Spirituality and Nature

Spirituality and the state of the Earth are entwined. We are all beings of nature, and we are all spiritual beings created from the same Source. Combining spiritual practices with natural healing tools will help you feel more connected to the Divine and nature, its elements, and its irreplaceable nourishing powers.


Meditate With Crystals & Minerals 

Crystals and minerals are authentic gifts from nature, formed over thousands of years and shaped by water, pressure, heat, and air. Each is a work of art and an immensely potent healing tool that can help you reconnect with nature.

Minerals and crystals strengthen the bond with Mother Gaia, as they have a unique composition and carry the natural chemical DNA of the geological sites they originate from.

Find a crystal or mineral that represents the power of nature and spirituality for you, and incorporate it into your meditation practice. Immerse yourself in its healing energy by placing it on your palms, or creating an energetic shield by keeping it nearby as you meditate.

Our Mineral Intention Boxes include a careful selection of healing gemstones and minerals, hand-selected to elevate your frequency and allow favorable, beneficial energies to enter your sphere.  

For your well-being, and the well-being of those you care for the most, try meditating with crystals from the Health & Balance Box. To honor the importance of spirituality and nature and to help you regain confidence and feel empowered, let crystals from the Happiness & Confidence Box imbue you with uplifting, inspiring energy.

Display a Tree of Life in Your Home

Nature and Spirituality

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A positive ambiance creates a positive life. As a daily source of light and hope, a Tree of Life blends the power of multiple healing crystals, transforming the vibration of your living space and your body field by bringing nature into your home.

Symbolizing growth, beauty, and fertility, they represent connectedness with all that surrounds us, as well as an unbreakable connection with nature and the Divine.  

Copper bonsai trees, with natural gemstone leaves, promote the flow of positive chi in your space, serving as catalysts for intention setting and manifestation. Our Tree of Life Collection includes hand-wrapped pieces, enriched with healing crystals, to help bring a piece of nature into your home.

Let the Energy Stabilizer Feng Shui Tree ground your energy, and bring peace and calm into your environment, as you submerge in the healing potential of spirituality and nature. It will help promote good health, help you feel centered, and eliminate everyday stressors and worries.

Or, try our Oasis Feng Shui Tree to help you connect with Mother Earth, cleanse the mind, and feel rooted in your reality and centered in your body.  

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Smudge Your House

Sage smudge sticks are made of natural dried herbs and plants that cleanse our space and purify our energetic body, bringing peace and a sense of lightness into our lives. Using them in your spiritual practice promotes good health, brings tranquility, and dissipates the negative effects of the fast life.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Sage Smudge Sticks bring nature to your home and help you use the power of its gifts to clear up space for blessings and prosperity to come in.
  • Healing Wisdom Smudge Sticks are pieces of nature that support personal growth, removing negative energy from your life.
  • Our Emotional Cleansing Sage Box will help invite loving, nourishing energy into your heart space, sowing seeds for living abundantly.  

Enjoy Sound Healing From Mother Gaia

Crystal Singing Bowl

Sound therapy is where spirituality and nature step onto the scene, promoting deep healing and chakra alignment. Every sound in nature has a special resonance that stimulates the mind and the body in a unique way, promoting deep regeneration. 

Sound healing improves overall well-being, activating the kundalini energy and the flow of life force through every inch of our bodies. 

Sounds from Mother Gaia, such as those produced with crystal singing bowls, release tension and help us feel more connected to the world around us.

Tibetan Singing Bowls from our collection are made of authentic crystals, all of which have a healing purpose and can accompany you on your spiritual journey. By releasing high-frequency sounds into your environment, they can help clear the mind, open up the heart space, and help us feel more in sync with nature.  

Wear Pieces of the Earth

Crystal Jewelry

Green has the power to revitalize, rejuvenate, and connect us to nature. Symbolizing health, tranquility, and healing, green crystals bring freshness into our days and are potent tools for renewing our energy.

Bracelets with these crystals are elements of nature we can carry with us wherever we go to center us and tranquilize our minds. They can be a powerful and restorative force in our lives by helping us cherish our spirituality and nature while bringing us a sense of clarity.

Green crystals are pieces of the Earth that represent greenery and fertility. Wearing them will help you stay in touch with Mother Gaia and go with the flow of her life cycles.

Practice Sungazing, Stargazing & Grounding


To stay healthy, we need to maintain and nourish the connection with sources of life and energy – the Earth, Sun, and Moon. 

Did you know that walking barefoot draws out and neutralizes negative energy stored in the body? The practice of grounding, be it walking on the beach barefoot or feeling the wet grass on your bare feet, has immense benefits for all aspects of our being.

Grounding allows the body to connect with the natural source of energy and absorb restorative vibrations directly from the earth.

Stargazing reflects the fascinating connection between spirituality and nature. It helps us reconnect with the Divine feminine energy that is associated with creation and growth. Practicing Sungazing will help you recharge, uplift your spirit, and propel your body to naturally stimulate the production of Vitamin D.

Our Zodiac and Constellation collection features unique pieces that will help you own your authentic self, and fully accept your place here on Earth and under the sky. These pieces will help you embody your best Zodiac sign qualities, grow, learn and expand your consciousness in limitless ways.

Get in Tune With the Elements 

Tree of Life

The four elements make up life on earth. To be in sync with nature is to deeply connect with the Earth, Water, Fire, and Air elements and to use them to make a change (externally and internally). 

Elemental Bundles can help you with that.

  • Water cleanses and represents the flow of life. It sustains life and promotes emotional and spiritual wellbeing. To purify your space, and your energetic field, try our Water Element Eco-Friendly Bundle.
  • Earth is associated with fertility, centering, and tranquility. To find peace, ground yourself, and embrace your full personal and spiritual growth potential, choose the Earth Element Eco-Friendly Bundle.
  • Spirituality and nature not only heal, but also empower. Fire illuminates, sparks a lust for life, and boosts confidence. Our Fire Element Eco-Friendly Bundle will inspire you, helping you to find inner strength and to be a source of personal evolution, no matter where you are on your life path.
  • Air represents the mind, wisdom, and illumination. To support your spiritual path, bring you enlightenment and raise awareness, try the Air Element Eco-Friendly Bundle.

Final Thoughts

We are all a part of the Divine plan and are cohabitating on the surface of Mother Gaia. By embracing our connection with the Earth and Source energy, we embrace the blessings and the potential for enjoying all the good that is offered to us. Ultimately, we cherish and celebrate the sources of life that allow us to live prosperously.Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Feng Shui Trees

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