Spiritual Gifts for Mom: 12 Ideas That Will Take Her to New Levels of Consciousness

Spiritual Gifts for Mom

When our moms feel light, happy, and carefree, their essence illuminates our families. In fact, research suggests that happy moms, even more than happy dads, help predict mental health patterns in their children.

By acknowledging the spiritual needs of your mom, you can help her flourish inside and out. Check out these amazing gifts that will inspire purpose and intention in celebrating moms.

Grounded in Spirituality - Amethyst Feng Shui Tree
Árbol Feng Shui Piedra Amatista
Este árbol de 8 pulgadas de altura se asienta sobre una base de cristal blanco. El árbol está hecho de alambre de cobre envuelto a mano c...
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Spiritual Gifts for Mom That Will Brighten Up Her Home

She has provided you with a safe haven since the moment you entered this realm and continues to be someone who offers solace. Help her build a space that brings her healing light and peace with these gifts…

A Stunning Feng Shui Tree of Life 

According to the National Retail Federation, in 2021, Americans were anticipated to spend $2.79 billion on flowers for Mother’s Day. Gifting flowers and plants can be a beautiful sentiment, but if we opt for the cut variety, they won’t last.

With a gemstone-studded Tree of Life, however, she can treasure the plants you gift her forever.

Our Tree of Life collection showcases copper-wrapped trunks and branches rooted to a crystal base and ornamented with leaves of Amethyst, Citrine, Jade, and other gemstones.

Each tree is uniquely handcrafted and designed to fuel an intention. When grounded in someone’s home, the Tree of Life radiates energy, happiness, and inspiration.

spiritual gifts for mother's day

Uplifting Protection - Gold Plated Pearl Evil Eye Necklace
Uplifting Protection - Gold Plated Pearl Evil Eye Necklace
The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love. Our lovely "Uplifting Protection - Gold Plated Pearl Evil Eye...
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A Blessing for Her Walls

Wall Blessing for Mom

By fortifying the walls around a home, we ensure protection from bad weather or evil intrusions. Add a stunning wall blessing to your mother’s home décor to bring her safety and solace.

These unique pieces feature multiple gemstones affixed to a sacred shape, like the Tree of Life, Buddha, or Hamsa Hand. With a special blessing embedded in each plaque, the energy helps to clarify the room and amplify feelings of happiness.

A Crystal Singing Bowl

One of the best kinds of home decor comes from useable items, and crystal Tibetan singing bowls fit the bill. These deep bowls have an 8-inch diameter and mimic the colors of our chakras, making them an intensely colorful statement in any room.

With the handmade wood and rubber mallet, the bowl transforms from a sculpture into a spiritual gift for mom as a tool for meditation and calm. That's something every mom needs no matter how old her children are.

Crystal Singing Bowl

Spiritual Treasure - Evil Eye Travel Case
Spiritual Treasure - Evil Eye Travel Case
Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it. The "Spiritual Treasure - Pink Evil Eye Travel Jewelry Case" wi...
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Spiritual Gifts for Traveling

Offer her protection and peace no matter where she goes with these spiritual gifts for her travels...

A Protective Keychain

Every time we leave the house, we bring our keys with us. What better way to offer your mom peace and protection everywhere she goes than to get her a spiritual keychain? 

A truly unique spiritual gift for Mom, our ceramic protective keychains display spiritual symbols like the Hamsa Hand and the Evil Eye. That way, she’ll always have a beautiful reminder of her child when she grabs her keys to go out. Plus, the signs emit vibes of good blessings and security around her aura.

A Travel Jewelry Case

The final spiritual gifts for mom on this list are these handy and adorable travel jewelry cases. Decorated with stunning spiritual symbols to protect the pieces tucked safely inside, these cases have special areas for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Each piece will stay secure so that jostling in bags and luggage won’t damage or dislodge delicate stones and chains.

Now, Mom can keep any meaningful jewelry she loves to wear with her anywhere in the world she wants to explore.

Travel Jewelry Case

Emotional Cleansing - Love Box
Emotional Cleansing - Love Box
When we open ourselves to love, the Universe blesses us with love in abundance. Smudge away the heavy negative energies that do not belon...
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Spiritual Gifts for Mother’s Day That She Can Wear

Moms also love to show off the gifts their children choose for them, so give her something gorgeous that offers meaningful style.

A Spiritual Scarf

A light weight fashion option for mothers drapes nicely around the neck or over the shoulders in our collection of scarves. With a variety of options with colorful images and spiritual symbols, scarves tuck away powerful blessings within their folds. 

Much more than a neck warmer, these spiritual scarves will send divine messages to her upper chakras.

A Red String Bracelet

Team spiritual gifts for mom with sacred love and security with a Red String bracelet. Carrying the ancient meaning of protection in its threads, we add symbolic charms and crystal beads to enhance each bracelets’ healing intention.

For moms, this can begin a collection of stackable, layered bracelets that provide casual, chic style, allowing her to embrace motherhood and keep up with her everyday action.

Spiritual Gift for Mother's Day

A Mantra Bracelet

Ensure that Mom recognizes her amazing qualities by gifting her a mantra bracelet. These bundles include a strand of crystal and charm beads, a strand of plated disks, and a bracelet with a mantra bar. 

Wearing these bracelets empowers mothers to tap into their strength and treasure the blessings of family and love they have fostered through motherhood.

Gemstone Jewelry 

Looking for spiritual gifts for mom becomes simple when we consider any style of gemstone jewelry. Opt for earrings, braceletsnecklaces, or rings that combine crystals and symbols for deep, healing meaning.

You can honor your mom with constellation pendants that features embedded stones or long strands of crystal beads that cater to her spiritual needs.

Gemstone Jewelry for Mom

Gifts to Support Her Spiritual Practices 

Moms deserve to nurture themselves through spiritual practices. With these gifts, help her amplify her soulful experiences every day…

Crystals to Meditate With

If meditation fits in her wheelhouse of healthy habits, then this spiritual gift for Mom will enable her to access new realms of calm and consciousness.

Our mineral bundles and powerful individual pointer crystals offer her the ability to tap into a specific intention as she sets aside the time for reflection and meditation.

Smudge Sticks

We started our list of ideas with great gifts for Mom to decorate the home with, but these items will help her make it a fortress of light, joy, and safety for her family. Smudge sticks will allow her to cleanse her home of negative energy to make space for abundance. 

Our special boxes of smudge sticks feature a combination of sage with other potent scents and herbs that inspire a new outlook.

Emotional Cleansing - Rose with White Sage Love Box

Mala Beads

Another awesome meditation tool that can help moms find zen on the go is a string of mala beads. These spiritual gifts for mom allude to an ancient Buddhist tradition in which monks and other practitioners slide the beads individually between their fingers as they chant meditative mantras to focus their meditation.

Mothers can use their mala beads to center and relax, and they can wear them as a gorgeous statement that penetrates their heart chakra. 

Gifts for Mom

Final Thoughts

The wonderful thing about opting for spiritual gifts for Mother’s Day lies in how we show our moms that we respect and value their enduring, compassionate souls. While each item in our list fits the bill of a fun, beautiful present, they each offer something much deeper. 

Taking time to contemplate what will fulfill your mom’s intentions and desires can lead you to the perfect gift that honors her purpose. 

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