10 Types of Spiritual Bracelets That Offer Ultimate Protection

We all strive for balance in our lives. Even if we can’t hold Tree Pose in yoga, it’s important to maintain mental and physical balance in order to stay healthy. These spiritual bracelets use symbolic charms and gemstones to balance the forces that are upon us, including stress, fear, and self-doubt.

Whether you wear loose beaded strings, structured cuffs, or charm-laden strands, you can find a spiritual bracelet that suits your style. Even better, opting for a spiritual bracelet offers protection in all forms as you go about your day.

Spiritual Bracelets Meaning, Benefits, Properties

We wear bracelets for many reasons. Braided threads can symbolize friendship, and crystal beads can help us work on our goals and intentions.

Spiritual bracelets incorporate beautiful stones, symbolic charms, special strings, and macrame knotting to deliver spiritual, mental, and physical protection.

The meaning of each bracelet differs depending on the type you choose, and we’ll look at some of our favorite choices below.

10 Types of Spiritual Bracelets for Protection

Gentle Soul - Rose Quartz Hamsa Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
Gentle Soul - Rose Quartz Hamsa Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
Expand your heart to the wondrous love of the Universe. Rose Quartz imbues you with love, allowing passion and joy in your life. The "Gen...
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Let’s look at 10 types of healing bracelets for your spiritual endeavors. They aim to protect us, no matter if we’re searching for protection from menacing forces or from things like negativity, sadness, energy blockages, indecision, or accidents.

The stones and symbols used in these stunning pieces can help you maintain balance and positivity over adversity. You can enjoy a fashionable spiritual protection bracelet by Karma and Luck right now!

Spiritual Beads Bracelets for Protection

It’s easy to get knocked off balance by emotions during the day. Spiritual beads bracelets not only help us connect to higher consciousness, but they also have an amazing connection to earth’s grounding force.

Brazalete De Lapislázuli Con Amuleto Del Ojo Protector Para Una Mirada Sabia
Brazalete De Lapislázuli Con Amuleto Del Ojo Protector Para Una Mirada Sabia
Aumenta tu conciencia y comparte tu unidad con el mundo. Prepárate para abrir las puertas a las maravillas del universo cuando te conecte...
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Gemstones like Tourmaline, Jade, Amethyst, and Onyx exude essential grounded energies that bring us into alignment and balance with nature.

Our Positive Emotions Gold Plated Tourmaline Stone Bracelet features stones in hues of black, brown, pink, and green, bringing color to our lives. Tourmaline has deep protective properties, as well as the ability to encourage positive thoughts so that you can bring balance to your own emotions.

While you work to stay grounded and balanced at work, home, and in barre class, a glimpse at your spiritual beads bracelet will remind you of the great big universe that hangs in balance and gives you shelter.

The moonstones in The Light Maker Moonstone & Citrine Bracelet bring into perspective the vastness of our existence and the gravity that our own body is a complex universe of its own, and it therefore, needs to be nurtured. 

You can order any of these designer Spiritual Bead Bracelets by Karma and Luck at any time.

Chakra Protection Bracelet

Speaking of balance, how are your chakras? That’s right, our bodies can be visualized through 7 energy points along our spine, each of which correspond to 7 colors. Bringing the chakras into alignment is crucial to a serine, balanced life.

Spiritual Manifestation - Red String Wrap Bracelet Large
Spiritual Manifestation - Red String Wrap Bracelet Large
Tap into your inner spark; allow it to fuel your passion and illuminate your journey. The "Spiritual Manifestation - Evil Eye Red String ...
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Wearing a spiritual bracelet that includes all 7 colors can help to balance and protect your chakras.

The Balanced Chakra Amethyst Stone Bracelet gives an added boost to the Crown chakra through a string of purple Amethyst. Soothing thoughts will abound to destress and protect your positive mental state.

Wear the Aligned in Vitality Hematite Chakra Bracelet as a visual testament to the work you do to protect your spiritual health and how your spiritual bracelet helps guide you along that journey.

Red String Protection Bracelets

Our red string bracelets are packed with protective qualities. Drawing on energy from artisans around the world in Jaipur, Bangkok, Istanbul, and Bali, the red string emits protection for the body and soul.

These bracelets have a sleek, clean design. The Essential Guard Red String Triple Protection Bar Bracelet uses red string along with a 925 Sterling Silver-18K Gold plated bar to provide triple protection and arm you against harm.

With the symbols of OM, the Evil Eye, and the Heart, you have the protection of the universe surrounding you, deflecting negative danger, and offering up love.

You can buy a beautiful Red Protection Bracelet from Karma and Luck's online catalog today!

Red Bracelet for Protection

With the Ultimate Safeguard Red String Evil Eye Amethyst Bracelet, you can keep danger away and attract positive, healing vibes to your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. This is done through the combination of an Evil Eye charm, the red string, and an Amethyst stone.

Plus, Red String Protection bracelets from Karma and Luck go even further to maintain our goal of bringing peace, kindness, and protection to the world. Every purchase provides three meals to a family in turmoil to nourish and protect their physical health. 

You won't be able to shop such rare Red Bracelets for Protection in such a wide assortment anywhere else than the Karma and Luck collection.

Charismatic Personality - White Enamel Hamsa Red String Bracelet
Charismatic Personality - White Enamel Hamsa Red String Bracelet
 Get drenched in the positive energy that the universe has for you. Guardian angels are protecting you at every step. Our one-of-a-kind "...
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Beaded Spiritual Bracelets for Different Intentions

We slather on sunscreen to protect us from harmful UV rays and wear face masks to avoid viral aerosols. These are meant to protect us, yet many people don’t realize that protection bracelets do that too!

Protection through spiritual bracelets targets many dangers: thoughts of self-doubt, negative intentions of others, imbalance in a stressful lifestyle, lack of motivation, and depression, just to name a few.

The Prosperity Magnet Evil Eye Bracelet is a stunning spiritual bracelet that packs an epic punch to negativity. The Amethyst on the Evil Eye charm reminds us of our own strengths and successes, helping us avoid creeping doubts and jealousy.

Set an intention for a positive spiritual path and stay true to it with the Safety on Track Gold Plated Hamsa Evil Eye Bracelet. The interchanging position of the Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye on this spiritual bracelet draws our safe path forward in an infinite loop around the wrist.

Spiritual Protection Bracelets

Steadfast Perseverance - Matte Onyx Bracelet
Brazalete De Ónix Mate Para La Perseverancia
Llena tu alma de confianza y motivación para que puedas empezar tu ciclo de positividad hoy. Nuestro brazalete de Ónix Mate calma tus mie...
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Spiritual Protection Bracelets and Bracelets with Meaning

Let’s face it – it’s a tough world out there and it can be difficult to keep our spirits bright. With spiritual protection bracelets, we gild ourselves with protective armor for the soul.

The Universal Protection Red String Eye of Horus Bracelet is a simple, sleek design with a powerful token, the Eye of Horus. This charm shields against harmful negativity, reaching into our thoughts so that we can focus on growth and positive progress.

While we navigate the different energies bombarding our body and mind each day, we can protect our spirit by transforming it into a bastion of positivity and acceptance.

In the Spiritual Transformation Bracelet, Tourmaline, Green Pyrite, and the Hamsa symbol work in unison to urge us on our path forward, giving us the strength to persevere and maintain balance as we take on new challenges.

Symbolic Charm Bracelets for Protection

You might have noticed some potent symbols on these spiritual bracelets, and there are many more than the Evil Eye, Hamsa Hand, and OM.

The Tree of Life on this Branching Destiny Red String Tree of Life Charm Bracelet symbolizes strong roots, giving us a protective foundation, as well as growing branches, which allow us to expand our world.

On this Eternal Protection Hematite Infinity Charm Bracelet, the Infinity charm represents the eternal protection you have in this divine universe.

Ion Bracelets for Protection

With all these negativity-busting bracelets, it might be hard to believe that some negative things have positive effects. But that’s exactly what ion bracelets do!

Our ion bracelets attract negative ions towards the body to supercharge a positive energy flow.

These bracelets include simple center stones that focus on different intentions. The Grounded in Balance Citrine Stone White Ion Bracelet calls on Citrine for joy and light like the sun.

Wrap Bracelets for Protection

Like spiritual jewelry that stands out? Look at these wrap bracelets! With a few more stone beads than some of our other spiritual bracelets, these wraps wind two times around your wrist and feature a spiritual symbol to add some charm.

The Emotional Balance Mother of Pearl Wrap Bracelet relies on the small Evil Eye charm to ward off negativity, while the string of Mother of Pearl stones usher in prosperity as you tap into your feminine intuition.

With deep blue Lapis Lazuli stones, the Inner Peace Wrap Hamsa Charm Bracelet calls forth truth and positivity, while the Hamsa Hand shelters this transformed perspective.

Lucky Shield - Jade Enamel Evil Eye Hamsa Bracelet
Lucky Shield - Jade Enamel Evil Eye Hamsa Bracelet
Embrace the abundance you deserve. Commence your new journey and trust that prosperity awaits, ready to reward your efforts. If you ever ...
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Bangle Bracelets for Protection

On the other hand (or should we say wrist), for a more subtle fashion accessory, bangle bracelets feature simple designs with important spiritual meaning.

The Absolute Protection Enamel Evil Eye Diamond Bangle is an elegant spiritual bracelet for a formal event. Yet its airy, simple design makes it perfect to wear to yoga as a light reminder of our intention to always strive for positivity and peace.

A little more detail can be found on the Eternal Wisdom Infinity Lapis Lazuli Bangle, switching between the infinity symbol and gemstones that reverberate eternal harmony.

Women’s Bracelets for Protection and Spirituality

An important aspect of spiritual health and protection targets our inherent feminine and masculine energies. The right women’s bracelets can help us embrace our femininity and protect our powerful, divine feminine.

The Emotion Renewal - Rose Quartz Lotus Charm Bracelet features the lotus flower with Swarovski crystal accents to let you shimmer as you clear your spiritual path ahead and move forward as a grounded woman.

Tapping into the ultimate symbol of womanhood – the mother – the Caring Nourishment Mother and Child Elephant Red String Bracelet will remind you of your innate feminine ability to nurture and love, even if its directed towards yourself.

Men’s Spiritual Protection Bracelets

Men, while harnessing different masculine energy than women, still need spiritual protection. Men’s spiritual bracelets make a major statement, exuding strength, confidence, and power.

The Protector Bracelet uses a strand of Black Onyx stones to protect and store masculine energy. The central turquoise stone, which is the December birthstone (but wearable by anyone), provides balance as you grow.

Adding in a few more visual elements, the Balance Toxic Emotions Red String Charm Bracelet includes Evil Eye and Hamsa Hand charms to deflect and protect against negativity. Tiger’s Eye stones imbue and fortify a man with courage.

Final Thoughts About Spiritual Beaded Bracelets for Protection

We have a lot to juggle every day, and it’s easy to get knocked off balance. Spiritual bracelets provide protection from these forces that are always in the background.

These 10 styles of bracelets offer the mind, body, and soul protection as they go to work balancing positive and negative energies throughout our days. Something so light and simple really can help make positive spiritual changes in our lives.

Lucky Shield - Jade Enamel Evil Eye Hamsa Bracelet

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