Soulmates: Signs & Signals

There is a saying, "How can anyone love me if I don't love myself first?" Or, "No one can love you unless you love yourself." It's been around forever, because it is true.

There are 32 definitions of the word "soul" in the dictionary. But it isn't genuinely definable because we all encompass a soul within us that is as unique as our DNA. The word "mate" has just as many meanings. Yet, put the two together SOULMATE, and it is entirely definable. You have a desire to be truly, deeply, and irrevocably attached to someone who loves and understands you in all of your complications and beauty. 

If you want to attract your soulmate, then this article is for you. We're going to talk about and discover self-love, self-appreciation, self-esteem, self-respect, self-discipline, self-kindness, self-compassion, and self-worth because discovering your 'self" can ultimately manifest you in finding that perfect soulmate. 

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Next question, how? By putting out the right signals and listening for the signs. Self-care is how we take care of our mental, emotional, and physical being. Is this being selfish'? Yes, it sure as heck is, and it is about time. All of us have settled for relationships in our past, more than once even. Uggg, it's the worst, and so much doubt creeps in overtime that the perfect soulmate is out there, willing and ready to have the best relationship. But we can't find them.

Practicing self-love means ditching that adage and moving forward by creating an environment for yourself in which you can make mistakes, grow and flourish. Working self-care into your routine with small, achievable steps will increase your self-kindness, self-love all of the other "self" care we're covering. When you wake up to your worth and realize who you are, what you deserve, and get that aligned, LOOK OUT! 

Let's learn about our 'self' and manifest that perfect soulmate in 7 excellent self-realization exercises. 


Learning to truly appreciate ourselves is a bit challenging for so many of us. While it should be a part of our high school curriculum, it isn't, and more often than naught, we are left to our own devices. The more you know, the more you grow. When our vibration isn't at its highest, and we don't appreciate who we are, we can attract those types of relationships as well, or worse, feel so low that we don't attract anyone.

Two exercises can help.

  1. Write down all of your best qualities. It can be anything, and everything that makes you unique, and you are exceptional. We all have unique personality traits that stand out. Let's go on a path of self-discovery.
  2. Write down all of the qualities you see in your soulmate. Don't be shy. Remember, this is about appreciating who you are and your future partner. Fantasies are entirely welcome in this scenario. 

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The better you treat yourself, the more you will expect in the way others treat you. Pampering is NOT selfish; it is deserved. Learn to be as compassionate with yourself as much as you are with others. Here are some respect realizations that can help you fully understand how important you are. The more respect you show yourself, the more you will want it from other, especially your soulmate. Remember, energy begets energy, so let's keep yours high.

  • Get rid of energy vampires. We all have them. They will drain you. If they are family, then set boundaries for yourself.
  • Start a pamper regiment. Take time out for yourself every week and take the necessary breaks you need: Bubble baths, meditation, walks in nature.
  • What are your passions? Could you find a way to pursue them? Chances are higher that you will meet someone like-minded and head into soulmate territory. Cooking. Exercising. Painting. Poetry.
  • Love yourself more every day with healing mantras. Write them down and put them all-around your home. Mirrors, refrigerator, computer screen, and anywhere you can set reminders that "I am important, loved, and respect myself."

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Eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep is so incredibly vital for our health and well being. What does this have to do with our soulmate search? A lot! Remember, we talked about energy and raising our positive vibrations above? Keeping a disciplined lifestyle of these three elements will keep your body clean and motivated. You will feel good and emit that everywhere you go, and you will see that others are attracted to your energy.

While these may seem challenging, they needn't be. Start with eating right and creating a healthy eating habit, then start to exercise, and your body will need rest. Find like-minded people on social media, too, and follow them. Healthy people attract healthy people; what's better than finding a like-minded healthy soulmate!


Gratitude is an attitude and the best one out there. Learn to be grateful every single day for your life, no matter where you are right now. The kinder you are to you, the more you will attract kind people into your life, and that is a gift. Since we are our own worse critics, being kind may seem out of reach, but it isn't. Accepting our flaws and weaknesses allows us to do something about them, and while we're taking action to better ourselves, we can be kind and not beat ourselves up. Life is about growing. 

Volunteering is also a great way to show kindness and get some good karma points. Who knows. Your next soulmate may be a generous, awesome person who loves to do as much for others as he/she does for herself/himself and her/his loved ones.

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You may think compassion and kindness go hand in hand, and they do. But in this case, we are going to get rid of something (the past) to gain something more significant (the future). Who hasn't had an awful relationship, dumped or hurt in the past? Venture a guess that almost everyone reading this article. Hence, compassion.

Don't let the past rule your future. The steps above will help you in so many ways if you choose to implement them in your life, and compassion for the mistakes you think you made in the past is so important. Believe it or not, they do carry into our here and now and can get in the way, even if we don't realize it. 

Let's create self-compassion in action. Grab a piece or two of loose paper and write the names of those you still feel any resentment. If you're so inclined, write down what you think they did to you, and don't hold back. Once you've completed this task, read over every person and verbally state, "I forgive you and thank you for my lesson." Say their name out loud with this mantra, and then run a line through their name.

When you're done with each person, crumple up the paper and throw it away. No need to do a burning ceremony; you've spent the time and energy you need already in forgiving. Now you're ready to call in that soulmate who will treat you with love, respect, and compassion because you understand what that is all about.

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The two most controversial words on the planet because there are so many variables and factors that play into who eventually becomes. But it is NOT our legacy or life story. We hear about people who have come up and over their adversity every day, especially in social media, and they inspire us. The problem is; eventually, we forget their story and return to our own.

The more self-esteem you have about yourself, the higher your vibrations will become, and the people you surround yourself with will also resonate with those positive vibes. Love yourself unconditionally and start speaking to yourself as you would your sibling, child, or someone you love deeply. Cultivate confidence by not only doing but also shifting and improving your self-talk. The minute or better yet, the second you start to have negative thoughts about yourself, swipe left and replace it immediately with something positive.

  • I can do this.
  • I am worth it.
  • I am smart.
  • I will learn.
  • It's OK, I've got this.

Find your self-esteem mantras and recite them over and over again every single day, and work harder than you ever have on rebuilding your self speak. The higher your esteem vibes, the closer you are to calling in that soul-second who's esteem will match yours. So doable.

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We saved the very best for last because you are so WORTH it. Ahem, Prema is a Sanskrit mantra meaning, "I am Divine Love." Chanting this powerful mantra can and will shift your perception of what you deem your worth is. 

  • You are worthy of a loving relationship.
  • You are worthy of being pampered and worshipped by someone else.
  • You are worthy of receiving all that you desire in a relationship.
  • You are worthy of unconditional love.
  • You are worthy of all of this and so much more.

Self-worth takes patience and so much self-love. Practice your worth every single day, and do not let up. Eventually, your brain will catch up to how beautiful and brilliant you are because you are "Divine love" and deserve to find the soulmate of your dreams. The more worthy you feel, the sooner you will attract someone who sees your worth and vice-versa, and that connection will be profound.


While you are being a soulmate attracting ninja by doing the exercises above, here are action steps you can take as well that will open you up with self-realization of what you wish to lure in a soul partner. Make these mantras matter.

  • I recognize my soulmate, and he/she also recognizes me.
  • We are loving and empower each other.
  • Love is the key to our relationship, and we feel it.
  • We are silly, kind, and bring out the best in each other.
  • We inspire each other to be healthy and happy.
  • We are each other's best friends.
  • There is nothing we can't conquer together.
  • We bring out the best in each other and stay motivated.
  • We have connected through our soul's vibration.
  • Above all, we understand each other.


Here is the fun part. Connect and call your soulmate to you by writing down what you would like to see in that person.

  • Honest
  • Loving
  • Affectionate
  • Has integrity
  • Good values
  • Good communicator.
  • Emotionally available.
  • Honest and happy.
  • Respectful.
  • Supportive.
  • Healthy

There is so much more you're probably wanting to include. These are just some helpful hints. This is what we call "Lifting your conscious energy." When you know what you want to attract, you will begin to see that in people because you recognize it yourself. Just think of it as buying all of the right ingredients at the grocery store when you're ready to cook that beautiful meal. 

You are a divine being that deserves divine love. Never forget that. Happy soulmate hunting. You've got this.


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  • Tess Ford

    I really needed to hear what your article had to say. My problem in life has always been lack of self esteem, it stems from my childhood. Being picked on telling me I was fat and ugly and when I put makeup on for the first time without anyone showing me how to apply it, I was told I looked like a hooked on 4th street. So needless to say that has followed me all the way till now and I am 59. So I am hoping if I implement the things in this article that it will truly help me to love myself!

  • Catherine Rose Labrador

    This article speaks volumes of value to me and I’m so glad you wrote this which is what our state of the world 🌎 needs to give to oneself in order to be truly happy for themselves. What starts from within grows among the masses 🙏🏽💗✨

  • Marla

    You crafted this article beautifully. Thank you 💗.