Show Your Dad Some Love This Father’s Day With Karma & Luck’s Gift Collection

 Father’s Day With Karma & Luck

Fathers are the unshakable ground beneath us - the force that motivates us and protects us, and the warmth that nurtures us. With Father's Day approaching, it is imperative that we honor the efforts of fathers everywhere in providing for and caring for their children and families.

Everyday is a chance to show your appreciation and love, but this day serves as a great reminder to go the extra mile for them. After years of taking care of us, it’s time we take care of them, too!

We celebrate Father’s Day to cherish fatherhood in all its many forms and variations. However, it is no secret that when it comes to shopping for dads, it is no piece of cake! This year, though, we have got you covered with ideal gift options to make dad smile this year.

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Karma & Luck offers authentic gemstone jewelry that makes them the perfect gift for any occasion. With their unique styles and multitude of healing benefits, these beautiful pieces will show your father just how much he means to you.

Your father has looked after you all your life, and now is the time to show him just how grateful you are for that.

Gifting your father a jewelry item from Karma & Luck this Father's Day will ensure that he feels your love, even from afar. Inlaid with protective and healing stones, these dynamic pieces of jewelry are more than just a touch of style.

Listed below are our top 8 gift ideas for dad. Read on to find the perfect one for your favorite guy! Our Personal Favorites for Father’s Day

Father’s Day With Karma & Luck’s Gift Collection

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Feng Shui Trees 

If your dad is not big on jewelry - don’t worry! We have still got you covered. Karma & luck offers a wide range of uniquely beautiful and powerful Feng Shui trees. Made with authentic gemstones, these decorative pieces possess the same beneficial attributes and qualities as gemstone jewelry. The best part about them? They make the perfect gift!

If you have heard the term “Feng Shui”, but are not sure what it really means, let’s break it down. Feng Shui is a 3,000-year-old art and science that began in China. As a practice intercorrelated with the natural rhythms of the world, “Feng” means wind, and “Shui” means water.

In Chinese tradition, wind and water are both associated with good health. As a result, the term "Feng Shui" came to denote "good fortune". According to the Taoist view and knowledge of nature, the idea that land is alive and full of energy is known as chi.

Feng Shui Trees

Feng Shui is fundamentally concerned with the interaction of persons and their surroundings. It helps you to direct these interacting energies toward certain life goals. This effect can be obtained by positioning or arranging your surroundings in line with the basic energy flow laws.

Feng Shui educates how to harmonize the energy of a particular location in order to promote the health and prosperity of individuals who reside there. These laws of spatial arrangement and orientation are considered when humans plan structures, place furniture, possessions, and even persons.

It delivers balance, comfort, and harmony into your environment by providing a unique perspective on these factors.

When your father is busy at work or coping with a slew of unpleasant tasks, your thoughtful present will help him stay peaceful and serene. Different gemstones serve different functions, so it is critical to understand them before selecting the perfect gift for your loved one.

Father’s Day With Karma & Luck’s Gift Collection

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#1 Love Harmony - Feng Shui Rose Quartz Tree

Rose quartz is a lovely pink stone that has been used since 7,000 B.C.. Used throughout the ages, Egyptian and Roman females were even known to use rose quartz face treatments to detoxify their complexions and prevent wrinkles.

Rose quartz is increasingly widely used in jewelry, meditation, and home or workplace design. It is a pale pink crystal from the quartz family. Strawberry rose quartz refers to the stone's darker pink variations, while a pastel purple variation is called lavender rose quartz.

Rose quartz is a crystal made up mostly of silicon dioxide molecules that develop at temperatures ranging from 752°F to 1,292°F (400°C to 700°C). This crystal can be found in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, India, Sweden, and Germany, among other places.

Feng Shui Rose Quartz Tree

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Benefits of this particular Feng Shui tree include a common association with joy, abundance, love, and energy. It has been said to be able to protect against heart attacks and thrombosis.

It also helps to ensure that your muscles stay strong and smooth by regulating and boosting your circulatory system. Rose quartz promotes loving energy to freely flow, and is also believed to strengthen the bonding between a mother and her child.

This pink stone is known as the “heart stone” in many parts of the world, which is a suitable term for a stone with healing abilities intimately tied to the heart. It is believed to aid in the recovery from trauma or other emotional wounds. The stone can also help those who wish to have greater love in their lives.

This can include romantic love, but it can also include other types of love, such as compassion and friendship. "Rose quartz is a potent healing crystal," says Keith Birch, a crystal healer and reiki master.

Love Harmony - Feng Shui Rose Quartz Tree

"Its soft, gentle, almost pastel pale pink color is indicative of its most well-known property: pure love. It is a stone of love, both giving and receiving".

According to Birch, rose quartz is thought to promote traits of love. Rose quartz is also said to provide physical health advantages, especially when worn or carried on your body.

Birch states that rose quartz is "particularly strong when worn near to the heart. When carried on your person, rose quartz helps to replace bad feelings with good, returning the user to that point of pure love and balance."

The Love Harmony – Feng Shui rose quartz tree retails at $109. It is the perfect gift for Father's Day due to its versatile nature and numerous benefits. It is a great way to demonstrate your love.

Love Harmony - Feng Shui Rose Quartz Tree

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#2 Oasis Feng Shui Amethyst Crystals Copper Tree

Amethyst, a deep purple stone, is highly beneficial in terms of physical and mental health. If you feel like your father’s health has not been optimal, this Feng Shui tree would make the perfect gift to get him back on his feet and back to himself.

Feng Shui Rose Quartz Tree

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#3 Relaxing Lullaby Feng Shui Aquamarine Stone Copper Tree

The gemstone aquamarine is a dreamy, celestial blue color that promotes tranquility and serenity. If your father has been dealing with a lot of stress these days, this Feng Shui tree would be a wonderful Father’s Day gift to boost his spirits.

Relaxing Lullaby Feng Shui Aquamarine Stone Tree

#4 Invigorate Feng Shui Multi-Stone Tree 

The Invigorate Feng Shui multi-stone tree is a gorgeous piece that will make anyone’s day just by looking at it. It is the perfect statement piece to add a pop of color. It consists of six manifestation gemstones in varying colors. Each stone provides a unique set of healing characteristics, making it a powerfully healing piece to keep in the home.

Invigorate Feng Shui Multi-Stone Tree

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#5 Soothing Repair Amethyst Stone Wall Blessings

The Soothing Repair amethyst stone wall blessing retails at just $70, so you do not have to break the bank this Father’s Day. This gorgeous wall hanging features a hamsa hand which is an ancient symbol used for protection.

The hamsa hand is widely recognized for uniting the good, banishing the bad, bringing about positive energy, and counteracting negative energies. The eye sign seen on some hamsa hands is not the evil eye, but rather a watchful eye that protects the wearer from the malevolent force of the evil eye. It can be thought of as an "anti-evil eye", bringing optimism while sheltering the wearer from negative energies.

Although the hamsa hand jewelry is recognized in various religions and civilizations to bring fortune and fertility, its major spiritual connotation is protection against the evil eye. The evil eye began as a symbol but is now commonly associated with ill energy brought by someone with malice or through wicked stares.

The hamsa hand is widely recognized for uniting the good, banishing the bad, bringing about positive energy, and counteracting negative energies.

Soothing Repair Amethyst Stone Wall Blessing

Depending on how you display it, the wall hanging brings good fortune and wards off evil. If the hand is facing downwards, the owner is welcoming good fortune and wealth from the cosmos, while a hand with an eye looking upwards protects the wearer from bad luck.

The hamsa hand has different meanings in the various cultures and faiths in which it is represented. However, its most universal symbolism is that of unity and protection, and is always seen as a means of protection.

Crystal therapy is an ancient alternative medicine approach that uses crystals or gemstones to promote healing. Amethyst is perhaps the most well-known of these healing crystals. Amethyst has been used for a range of health ailments over the ages due to its unique healing properties.

Soothing Repair Amethyst Stone Wall Blessing

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Interestingly enough, amethyst gets its name from the ancient Greek word "Ametusthos", which means "not drunk". The ancient Greeks believed that wearing amethyst and carving it into their drinking cups would prevent intoxication.

Amethyst is a vibrant variant of quartz with iron and other elements within its structure, and is frequently used in jewelry due to its hardness and durability. Medieval European soldiers wore it as a form of protection in battle thinking that amethyst would heal their injuries and keep them calm.

Amethyst is regarded as one of the most powerful problem-solving stones, and it provides numerous spiritual benefits. In fact, it is commonly known as a spiritual and contentment stone, as it creates a higher state of consciousness and increases spiritual awareness.

It is widely revered for its extraordinary ability to soothe the mind and inspire a deeper meditative state.

Soothing Repair Amethyst Stone Wall Blessing

This deep purple stone aids in the enhancement of cognitive perception, as well as the development of intuitive and psychic talents. Its natural high frequency cleanses the aura of any negative energy or attachments, forming a protective light shield surrounding the body.

It was also said to be able to control evil thoughts and boost intelligence. This stone is believed to initiate wisdom and higher comprehension. Amethyst is also thought to help you apply your intellectual abilities to any challenging situation you may confront. It aids in the development of clearer thinking and decision-making abilities.

Amethyst is known as a stone of comfort for those who have lost a loved one. It has a significant favorable impact on creativity and imaginative power via improving intuition. It also aids in the assimilation of new ideas and the implementation of concepts.

This gem draws positive energy into one’s field and aids in the removal of negative emotions such as fear, depression, and anxiety. It also aids in mental focus by boosting the creative qualities of your universal life force.

Get your father a gift that does it all this Father’s Day with this beautiful and powerful piece!

Soothing Repair Amethyst Stone Wall Blessing

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#6 Leap of Faith – Silver Cross Necklace

The Leap of Faith – silver cross necklace retails at just $189. It has a cross pendant with two dominant stones: the tiger's eye and the onyx stones. Made in 925 silver pendant sterling, this necklace offers ultimate protection, making it the perfect gift this Father’s Day!

This cross pendant is a meaningful piece of jewelry, by expressing faith in the Christian religion. Despite the connotation of cross pendants, non-Christians wear this jewelry as well. However, a cross pendant generally represents one's faith in Christ.

It also denotes acceptance of Christ's sacrifice for the salvation of the world, while demonstrating self-acceptance in the sense that Jesus loves and accepts you exactly as you are.

Leap of Faith - Silver Cross Necklace

It also represents the power of liberty, as the cross is associated with liberty. Through his crucifixion, Christians believe that Jesus set the world free. Wearing a crucifix pendant is a symbol of that saving power.

For individuals who are oppressed or have heavy hearts, wearing a cross pendant might be beneficial. The pendant gives the wearer a sense of belonging. Although the cross is commonly associated with Christianity, its impact extends beyond religious borders. When wearing a cross pendant, even non-believers experience a sense of kinship.

Tiger’s eye, often known as the stone of courage, is beneficial for increasing confidence and strength. It is a root and sacral chakra stone, which means it can help you get grounded, develop a firm foundation, and rediscover your motivation. It is also effective at repelling negative energy.

The Tiger's eye is a root chakra stone, however, it is also linked to the sacral and solar plexus chakras. The root chakra is one of our most significant basic chakras since it affects our sense of safety and security in the world. The solar plexus chakra governs our self-esteem, while the sacral chakra governs emotion, excitement, and creativity.

Leap of Faith - Silver Cross Necklace

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Tiger's eye is also a stone of protection. This gem was traditionally worn as an amulet to ward off evil. It is known for shielding against negative energy, and because it is also a grounding stone, it can aid in cleansing the root chakra. This allows you to feel more safe and secure in this world.

Wearing a tiger's eye close to the body is one of the greatest methods to activate its powers, which is why tiger's Eye jewelry has become so fashionable. It is also beneficial to make direct skin contact so that the vibrations of the stones and your own can sync up.

Yet another technique to activate a tiger's eye is to hold it in your hand or lay it on your lower chakras, making sure to set your intentions carefully.

The onyx stone provides its wearer with extremely powerful vibrations of protection, willpower, focus, and strength. Many people say that onyx is there to motivate you and to propel you forward in life.

It stimulates your root, solar plexus, and third eye chakras. This can help us to root ourselves into the supportive nature of the earth.

Leap of Faith - Silver Cross Necklace

Onyx Stones & Crystals and Birthstone & Gemstone Jewelry

Onyx has the ability to provide you with the boost of energy you require to begin chasing your dreams, and then safeguard you along the way. You may shield your aura and prevent negative energy from attaching itself to you by carrying or wearing onyx on a daily basis.

For thousands of years, the onyx gemstone has been used as a source of protection, and it is still one of the most powerful protective stones known to man today.

This stone is well-known for being one of the most potent mediums for channeling energy, making it a perfect choice for healers to employ in emotional, mental, and physical healing.

An onyx stone's physical healing abilities are linked to our base chakras. This assists our bodies in alleviating the symptoms of a variety of diseases associated with an unbalanced root chakra.

Father’s Day With Karma & Luck’s Gift Collection

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Conditions Alleviated by Onyx:

  • Body swelling in the lower part
  • Fatigue, sluggishness, and difficulty concentrating
  • Bladder-related problems
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Lower back pain, cramps, and tightness in the feet and ankles.

The majority of the ailments stated above are caused by blockages in the root chakra. Keeping the onyx stone close to the body until the chakra is cleared can help ease these disorders and their related symptoms. When it comes to emotional and mental disorders, onyx can aid in alleviating fears and concerns caused by negativity.

All too frequently, we are confronted with difficult-to-process emotions such as despair and rage. While these feelings are not intrinsically evil, our human tendency is to channel them in destructive ways, such as harboring resentment.

While onyx stones do not necessarily work to eliminate negative emotions, they do assist in channeling them for a better good. Instead of shoving these bad thoughts to the side, this stone assists us in seeing these issues more clearly, acknowledging them, accepting them, and working through them without feeling burdened by them.

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When employed as part of your daily meditation, the onyx gemstone can help you realize the true depth of your potential, especially when your energy is low and you are struggling to focus.

It clears away any cloudy sentiments and brings mental clarity to the wearer. It is also useful while making decisions, as it helps you avoid actions that are excessively influenced by emotions.

Give the gift of ultimate protection this Father’s Day with the Leap of Faith silver cross necklace.

#7 Stress Soother Silver Evil Eye Bracelet

The primary gemstone in the Stress Soother silver evil eye bracelet is the onyx stone. Retailing at just $59 this bracelet is made with authentic gemstones of the highest quality and an evil eye charm to deflect negative energy. This healing bracelet is the absolute perfect gift. 

This bracelet is simple and stylish, giving dad that subtle touch of flair. When a person wears or carries an evil eye, it protects them against misfortune in their lives. It is said to provide you with good luck and shield you from any ill will that comes your way.

Every year, the evil eye seems to grow in popularity, especially in celebrity culture. Madonna, Britney Spears, Lauren Conrad, Nicole Richie, and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were among the early pioneers. Other A-list celebs, like Brad Pitt, Lindsay Lohan, Cameron Diaz, Rhianna, Kim Kardashian, and many others, have recently been caught sporting evil eye jewelry.

Stress Soother Silver Evil Eye Bracelet

Onyx, on the other hand, is a chalcedony variation. It is a black with white-banded parallel banded silicate mineral in its most common form. Onyx is also available in green, pink, brown, red, and green, as well as clear with white banding. It is mostly made of calcite and has a waxy gloss.

Onyx is a stone of protection and wealth. This kind of chalcedony strikes a chord in the heart after hours of researching the therapeutic benefits of onyx. In this section, we will take a deeper look at black onyx's unique energy.

Onyx is a stone of determination and strength, providing shades of protection against negative energy, strengthening the senses, and encouraging a steadfast attitude toward a life full of joy and fortune. This calm and confident stone clears the road of obstacles and balances opposites.

Black onyx is a ruler of luck and is widely used as a protective amulet against negative energy. All dark stones have powerful therapeutic capabilities, especially when it comes to protecting and sheltering you from harm. Onyx is rich in powerful vibrations and can provide the user with hues of strength and willpower.

Stress Soother Silver Evil Eye Bracelet

Black onyx not only creates a protective forcefield shield around you, but it also awakens specific chakras in the body, bringing sturdy standing, creative focus, and the illumination of new routes to fruition. Black onyx elegantly grounds you in body, mind, and spirit.

A nerve tonic, the black onyx stone is full of grounding energy that helps you feel firmly rooted in this world. Along with calming the nervous system, this deep black gem boosts the immune system, increases stamina, and assists you in getting back on your feet, especially after extended periods of illness or tiredness.

Onyx is an excellent gem for recovery as well, as it helps you avoid relapse and instead stimulates your body to focus on healing physically. Onyx can also aid in strengthening teeth and bones by providing support to bone marrow and tissue components in the body.

Black onyx provides the same sensation of grounded power and energy to your emotional body that it does to your physical body. Taking root is one of the most effective strategies to enhance your self-esteem and practice self-control.

Stress Soother Silver Evil Eye Bracelet

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Black onyx is here to soothe folks who are prone to wrath outbursts, who vividly experience the rise and fall of fury, and who are regularly a mess of tense nerves. This stone connects flighty souls who would benefit much from keeping one foot on the ground.

Onyx aids you in developing your sense of self so that you may make wise decisions, be true to yourself, and strike a balance between task focus and creative thinking. It is extremely beneficial for people going through grief processes because it allows you to mourn, grieve, accept, and release without losing yourself in the process.

These potent elements combined result in unlimited benefits and, therefore, make this necklace an exceptional gift for Father’s Day!

#8 Self-Esteem Booster - Tiger's Eye Onyx Zodiac Necklace

The Self-Esteem Booster is one-of-a-kind. It is unique in design and stones, which makes it an exclusive piece and a wonderful gift. Retailing at $159, this manifestation necklace consists of a Chinese zodiac pendant, tiger’s eye stones, and onyx stones.

According to Yin-Yang theory, everything in the cosmos is made up of two opposing yet deeply intertwined forces: yin (feminine, dark, and negative) and yang (masculine, light, and positive). These two energies mutually sustain and nourish one another, and neither can survive without the other.

Feng Shui seeks to achieve a balance of yin and yang in an environment. The mixture of stones in this piece, combined with the zodiac pendant, is sure to bring that desired balance of energy and harmony into your father’s life.

Self-Esteem Booster - Tiger's Eye Onyx Zodiac Necklace

Each gemstone is unique, and they each hold a unique set of properties, while serving distinct functions. They also have varied appearances and have diverse advantages and disadvantages.

As we are all unique beings, we all crave and need different things and different energies in our lives. That is why it is so important to find the stones that match your (or your dad’s) specific needs and wishes.

Self-Esteem Booster - Tiger's Eye Onyx Zodiac Necklace

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The tiger’s eye stone is a stunning crystal with life-changing properties. This shiny stone’s meaning is particularly associated with concepts of success. As a result, it is an excellent stone to offer to your ambitious friends or family to help them achieve their goals.

It is also an excellent stone for you or a loved one who is unsure about their next steps in life. If this speaks to you, it is surely time to figure out how to incorporate this stone into your life.

Throughout history and in many places around the world, the tiger’s eye stone has been adored and revered for its properties and benefits. As a result, this stone is known by numerous names and its distinct healing abilities are favored differently all over the world.

The tiger’s eye stone is commonly referred to as the “success stone”. However, it is also referred to as the “warrior stone”, “African cat's eye”, and “the shapeshifter”. This stone has been used since ancient times for its healing abilities.

Tiger's Eye Mantra Ring

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The tiger’s eye stone is chatoyant, with layers of yellow-gold and maroon that are captivating. It is a gleaming stone that can complement both a subdued and extravagant design. However, it will undoubtedly fit the majority of individuals. In certain tiger’s eye jewels, the yellow-gold within it resembles a tiger's eye. As a result, its name was born.

Tiger's eye is a gemstone that is typically a metamorphic rock with a golden to red-brown color and a silky luster. It belongs to the quartz family. The silky, shiny look is due to the parallel intergrowth of quartz crystals and altered amphibole fibers, which have essentially transformed into limonite.

There are numerous advantages to using the tiger's eye crystal, and it can be used in a variety of ways. Wearing tiger's eye as jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, and anklets, keeps the stone's energy close to your chakras, making it more effective.

You can also employ the tiger's eye by affixing it to objects in your home, particularly in your bedroom. Some people attach tiger's eye crystals to door chimes, while others such as students and the working class, utilize tiger's eye as keychain ornaments to carry with them everywhere they go. However, it is most commonly advised to wear it as jewelry.

Fiery Courage - Tiger's Eye Mantra Ring

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Historically, the tiger's eye was employed as an amulet against curses and ill-will. It was used to shield individuals from those who wanted to harm them by cursing them or wishing them bad things and situations.

It is now quite effective in assisting people in releasing fear and anxiety. It also aids in the attainment of harmony and balance in your life. Throughout history, this stone has been regarded as a highly protective stone. It is thought to be a spiritually and physically protective stone.

It spiritually shields you from negative energy, entities, and harm by bringing good luck to the wearer. However, this stone is also incredible in its abilities to heal and ground.

Tiger's eye is a versatile stone with numerous properties. This is a must-have stone for your gemstone collection, whether you are new to crystal healing or a seasoned practitioner.

This is because the tiger eye stone aids in the resolution of overarching themes such as success, grounding, and protection. Most people struggle with these issues, and the tiger's eye properties provide you with the energy you need to deal with them effectively.

Tiger's Eye Coconut Shell Agarwood Mala

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It is an action-oriented stone that is ideal for anyone who feels sluggish, indolent, or exhausted. These problems impede productivity in today's society. As a result, achieving success can be challenging. These concerns also drive people to be irrational or idolize their surroundings.

However, the therapeutic effects of tiger’s eye contradicts this and encourage individuals to be balanced in their approach to reaching their goals. It also assists in being more confident and taking control of your life through inspired action.

The tiger eye crystal is an excellent option for dealing with solar plexus issues. The solar plexus is the chakra dealing with self confidence and inspiration. When your solar plexus is out of equilibrium, you may have problems with your sense of inner power. You may lack confidence, get more anxious, and become more introverted.

The healing powers of the tiger's eye crystal, on the other hand, provide you with a burst of energy by making you feel self-empowered. The tiger’s eye gemstone balances your solar plexus chakra by encouraging motivation, inspiring creativity, and increasing mental fortitude.

Eye of Horus Tiger's Eye Wrap Bracelet

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Onyx provides strength. It increases vitality, tenacity, and stamina. It promotes self-assurance, allowing you to feel at ease in your surroundings. This stone alleviates grief, improves self-control, and increases the ability to make sensible decisions.

It also promotes pleasure and fortune. Onyx is used to treat bone, bone marrow, and blood diseases, while also being good for the teeth and the feet. The stone is a large, opaque, jet-black crystal with a dull sheen that shines when polished. It has a waxy texture and can be seen with white dots or lines.

Black onyx is one of several gemstones said to have extraordinary healing and spiritual properties. Although this stone has a lengthy history, the genesis story varies from culture to culture. It has a variety of rainbow stripes that range from white to caramel-brown.

Onyx Citrine Labradorite Dragon Charm Bracelet

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However, because they have been heated and polished, black onyx stones are now accessible in a pure black color. The precise date of black onyx's discovery is unknown. Many historical records, including biblical manuscripts, show that it has been used since ancient times, stretching back hundreds of years. It was still in use in ancient Rome and Greece during the first century.

Black onyx was worn on the breastplates of ancient Roman armies in battle because the stone was believed to bring success and victory. At the same time, ancient Chinese and Arabic cultures avoided the stone because it was associated with bad dreams, misfortune, and negative energy. In Africa, bad spirits were said to haunt the black onyx.

Regardless of the ancient cultural applications of black onyx, its exact origin remains a mystery. In addition to the tales, black onyx occasionally has small, white, marbled striations that mimic the white tips of fingernails.

Black Onyx is generated when water silica gels solidifies, usually at low temperatures. This gemology distinguishes the unique properties of black onyx from those of many other crystals and stones.

In many cultures, black onyx has long been connected with new beginnings and regeneration. It should come as no surprise that the ancients employed it for health and skincare.

Libra Black Onyx Zodiac Bracelet

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Several historical civilizations employed the gem to heal blood ailments, bones, and teeth, while others used it to treat skin diseases such as rashes, inflammations, and infected wounds.

Black onyx's healing properties are among the best in the gem world, as it holds a wealth of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual healing properties. The black onyx gemstone is worn to aid in the release of negative emotions. The gemstone has a calming effect and can help the user overcome negative emotions, ideas, and situations.

Letting go of the past is an important element of releasing negativity. Wearing this stone can help people rid themselves of old connections and let go of the past.

This is ideal for persons who find it difficult to let go of prior relationships, even if they ended years ago, and prefer to live in the past rather than the present. Onyx's healing powers will help you overcome feelings of sadness, sorrow, or depression. It will give you emotional relief as well as feelings of hope and optimism.

Father’s Day With Karma & Luck’s Gift Collection

Make Father's Day Special this Year

Fathers do so much for their children, so it is only fair to have a day to cherish them and all that they do. What better way to show someone how much you care than by giving them a gift that protects and heals them?

This year, show dad some extra love with unique gemstone creations from Karma & Luck. Visit our website to shop our full collection of men’s jewelry and home goods!

Father’s Day With Karma & Luck’s Gift Collection

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