Shining A Light On Opal’s Amplifying Properties

Shining a Light on Opal’s Amplifying Properties

Mystifying and mesmerizing, opal is one of Earth's most stunning and prized treasures. Dancing with flashes of vibrant colors, opal resembles a drop of light from the moon. A stone of great amplification, opal is constantly picking up on the vibrations and energies around it, enhancing them and directing them in the appropriate direction of travel.

Its cosmic connection creates a stronger link between you and the divine, helping you to reach new heights of consciousness within. Psychic skills are greatly improved and activated, tuning you into your intuition and the wisdom of your guides and angels. 

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Exuding creative energy, opal pulls you out of any ruts or feelings of depression and boredom. Its playful light encourages you to dive into your imagination and explore the wonders of your mind. With this stone, you are directed towards your path in life, revealing your higher purpose. Protective, as well, opal reflects negative energies right back to the sender, keeping you safe from harm’s way. 

Strengthening your aura, opal ensures that you stay grounded and stable in your truth. Your energy remains yours, and it stops you from picking up on the energies of others. This multi-purpose stone is ready to fill your life with pure wonder, returning you to that innate place of child-like joy. 

Curious what other properties make opal so unique? Read on to explore the spiritual, physical, and emotional properties of opal, as well as the many benefits. 

Shining a Light on Opal’s Amplifying Properties

Where is Opal Found?

For years, Australia has taken the crown as the number one place to find opal. Legend has it that gold prospectors were the first ones to discover this stone in Australia in the backcountry in 1915. They may not have found gold like they set out to do, but they did find ethereal opal, which to them surely looked like magical drops of cosmic rain. Interestingly enough, a young 14-year-old boy found the glimmering opal while setting up camp for the night, and so began the Australian Opal Rush. To this day, Australia is one of the top producers of opal. 

Aside from Australia, opal can be mined in Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, and some western states of the USA. As there are many different varieties of opal, they will change in color and appearance based on where they are found. For instance, black opal, white opal, boulder opal, and crystal opal can all be found in the mountain ranges of Australia’s backcountry, while Mexico is renowned for its fire opal, and Honduras has a special opaque matrix opal. 

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Physical Properties That Make Opal Unique

Named after the Sanskrit word, “upala”, meaning “jewel”, opal’s physical appearance has been captivating hearts for centuries. The way the colors dance like fire flames gives this stone a resemblance to a fallen star, and inspires a newfound belief in magic.

You could truly spend hours mesmerized by an opal, spinning it in your hand and watching as different lights and angles present a new perspective or color. Defined by their opalescent characteristic, opals diffract white light and then turn that into the splash of colors you see throughout the stone. 

Shining a Light on Opal’s Amplifying Properties

Most commonly, opal is found with a white background, but they can also be seen in black, transparent, or an orange-red hue. Presenting no crystal structure, opal is classified as amorphous. It is made of tiny spheres of silica, and generally contains about 6 to 10 percent water. Opals are naturally formed from the weathering of rocks, or when water-rich liquids with silica fill in the spaces and crevices of rocks. 

There are three main types of opals when it comes to colors - white, black, and fire. The colors change depending on impurities within the gemstone’s structure. Value of opals vary depending on color as well, and many say that red is the most sought-after hue, especially when set against a black opal. 

Opals are unique in that their clarity changes based on the colors they present. Opals can be found as transparent, translucent, and opaque. Not a particularly tough gemstone, opal ranks at a 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. 

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Opal’s Abundance of Healing Properties

Beloved for its rare, cosmic beauty, opal is prized for the benefits and properties it holds. A highly spiritual stone, opal is known as an amplifier - constantly enhancing the energy around it.

Its divine essence allows you to strengthen your connection with other realms, and tap into higher wisdom. Exuding more than just metaphysical and mystical qualities, opal also holds properties to benefit the physical body and emotional body. Read on to discover the incredible properties of opal. 

Shining a Light on Opal’s Amplifying Properties

  • Spiritual Healing Properties

Portraying a variety of colors in their play of lights, opal is wonderfully activating for the chakras. No matter which energy body is imbalanced, opal can help to set it right. Its vibrant energy aligns the chakras, helping to center you to your highest potential.

When the chakras are activated, balanced, and aligned, you feel more comfortable and at ease in your own skin. You are filled with confidence, creativity, and determination. Opal’s chakra-aligning benefits reveal your path to you, and provide detailed directions to reach your dreams. 

Strengthening your aura, opal keeps your energy protected. Its light-infused nature surrounds you in its heavenly glow, filling in any spaces and removing any blockages. With the help of opal, positivity flourishes while negativity is repelled. As a reflective stone, opal is constantly picking up on different energies - both the good and the bad. When it senses dark energy, it swiftly sends it straight back to the source. In this way, opal is an incredible stone for soul protection. 

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If you are looking to enhance psychic skills or develop a connection with other realms, opal is the stone you have been seeking. This stone of pure light and love, assists you in communicating with the divine.

Higher wisdom flows through you and around you, allowing you to access new levels of being. While wearing opal jewelry, do not be surprised if you start seeing mystical visions. With an amplified intuition, you may start picking up more on the energy of different people and situations, as well. 

Manifestation is greatly benefitted by the opal. This stone of abundance can help you become magnetic. The more you wear opal, you may notice positive people, experiences, and things being easily drawn in your direction.

Shining a Light on Opal’s Amplifying Properties

  • Physical Healing Properties

A top-notch purifier, opal is great for fighting off infections. Its energy and immunity boosting characteristics helps to energize and strengthen your body, so that it can better rid itself of toxicities. Opal’s purifying effect also does wonders for the kidney - keeping it clean, healthy, and optimal functioning. 

This gleaming gemstone also helps with insulin production, as well as diminishing fevers and chills. Eyesight is improved by opal, and the hair and nails are strengthened. 

Women are particularly benefited by opal’s properties, as it helps to regulate the hormones. It soothes PMS and menopause symptoms, and alleviates the pains of childbirth.

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  • Emotional Healing Properties

Appearing like fire flames, the colors in opal flash by in vibrant lights. This play of color encourages you to find joy in life. You are urged to follow your bliss, remembering that happiness is the true key to a successful life. The more you follow the things that light you up, the more you uncover your true purpose and path. 

Opal instills within you a sense of child-like wonder, looking at the world around you and noticing the miracles that abound. You are filled with gratitude, which in turn, changes your mindset. From a fresh and loving perspective, you feel more joyful and care-free. Depression or bouts of sadness are relieved by opal, helping you to see more sunny days and less of the gray and dreary. 

Connected to the sacral chakra, opal is beloved for its ability to help in overcoming addictions of any kind. Whatever vice may be weighing you down, opal can help you let go of it. Its supportive and soothing nature encourages you on your road to recovery. 

Shining a Light on Opal’s Amplifying Properties

A deeply creative stone, opal dances in vibrant colors and evokes imaginative energy. Awakening the spark within you, opal pulls you out of any ruts. You are reminded of the beauty of life, and are shown how to express yourself. The world needs more of your imagination, and opal helps you get it out for all to see and appreciate.

This gorgeous gemstone tunes you into your artistic side, helping you discover the art form that calls to you - ceramics, painting, poetry, singing, or anything else! 

Opal exudes passionate energy. This loving stone wildly encourages you to find more love in your life. If romance is what you seek, then opal can certainly assist. Whether you are in a relationship already or not, opal ignites the flames. Not only does opal encourage love and compassion for others, but it also helps you fall in love with yourself.

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Opal reminds you that the most important relationship you have in this life is the one you have with yourself. Wearing this gemstone urges you to treat yourself with love, kindness, gratitude, and admiration. Take yourself out on a date or treat yourself to a day at the spa! Opal is all about self-care

Emotionally stabilizing, opal helps you to stay afloat even in times of distress or turmoil. Its sweet, calming energy keeps you from getting overwhelmed by your emotions, keeping you balanced and stable in reality. When dealing with anxiety or worrying thoughts, hold an opal in your hand or place a piece of opal jewelry on the body, and feel the weight of your emotions begin to lighten up. Its serene presence reminds you to take a deep breath and slow down. 

Lastly, opal assists you in dealing with traumatic past experiences. With gentle grace, it urges you to face the things that are keeping you living in the past, and the effects it is having on your present moment. This therapeutic gemstone redirects your traumas, helping you to use them for higher good. Its inspiring light guides the way, showing you how each challenge becomes your greatest blessing. 

Shining a Light on Opal’s Amplifying Properties

The Infinite Benefits of Wearing Opal 

Curious what the top benefits are for wearing opal? Read on to discover how this gemstone heals and helps. 

  • Enhances Connection With the Divine
  • Magnetizes Abundance, Success, & Wealth
  • Activates Psychic Skills
  • Reminds You of the Magic of Life
  • Strengthens the Aura
  • Protects from Negative Energy
  • Amplifies Positive Energy
  • Inspires More Love & Passion
  • Sparks Joy 
  • Promotes Playfulness & Child-Like Wonder
  • Boosts the Immune System & Purifies the Blood
  • Fights Off Infections & Regulates Hormones
  • Ignites Artistic Expression & Creativity
  • Assists in Overcoming Addictions
  • Improves Memory
  • Keeps You Emotionally Balanced
  • Accompanies You In Unraveling Past Experiences
  • & Many, Many More

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Embrace Opal In Your Life

Resembling a treasure from the moon or a sparkling star, Earth is so blessed to call opal its own. With its distinct cosmic play of colors, opal reminds you that magic is truly everywhere. Inspiring a deeper connection with the divine, this luminescent gemstone opens you up to higher knowledge and enhances your intuition.

The mystery of the Universe unfolds before your eyes, revealing new realms, possibilities, and perspectives. Exuding a gentle sweetness, opal keeps you emotionally balanced, so that you can stay stable in your truth and aligned towards your dreams. Nothing is impossible with ethereal opal by your side. 

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