Getting to know the sign of Sagittarius

In astrology Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac - November 22 - December 21. It is represented by a centaur shooting a bow and arrow. Sagittarius is a Fire Sign (aligned with Leo and Aries) which all have a major platform of impulsive behavior, firecracker attitudes and boisterous personalities. 

Unlike its cousins – Leo and Aries – Sagittarius plays a different role; those born under the sun sign of Sagittarius also offer a sense of balance and peace, although their initial personality may be aggressive and outspoken and that is because the wit and congeal of a Sagittarian in never mistaken. Most Sagittarians can crack a joke, put you in your place, make a bold statement before the other person gets a word in edgewise or knows what happened.

Sagittarius is represented by The Centaur (half man, half horse) and is sometimes called (Latin) The Archer, often depicted as pulling back a bow an arrow as if always in defensive, attack mode and ready to pounce. The Centaur (half man – logical) and (half horse – primal) is sometimes illustrated in folklore and pictorials as having two heads – bantering that old saying “in two heads” meaning a head versus heart decision or rather indecisive. But truly, that is opposite of what the accurate Sagittarian nature is – those who are born under this sign are rather decisive, and usually play one side against the other to make it sometimes appear that they are less definitive than they really are. However, once a Sag’s mind is made up, it usually is unbreakable, hence, shooting that bow and arrow right at what they want with speed, velocity and a ‘will not miss’-  attitude. 

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Sagittarius's Personality Traits

Sagittarius is the most optimistic sign in the Zodiac, and the sense of humor of those born under Sagittarius is often  dry, funny, witty and whimsical. The humor of a Sagittarian is quite intellectual, with jokes that have a beginning, middle, arc and end -not your typical “a guy walks into a bar” one liner  (Sagittarian comedians include: Ben Stiller, Jon Stewart, Steven Wright, Jamie Foxx to name a few.) 

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Sagittarians are known as the best conversationalists in the zodiac and that is because, like Aquarians, they soke up and retain knowledge and know much about many topics.  Sagittarians are often quick learners, and once they dive into a subject they tend to want more and more.  Those born under the sign of Sagittarius dream big, and win big, and that is because innately they are not intimidated by enormous tasks, or immense pursuits. Once a Sagittarian takes on a college course, finishing the degree becomes a must, the same for trade programs, and other forms of higher education.

A Sagittarian finds comfort in the details, both creatively and philosophically. It’s not enough to want a glass of red wine blend; a Sagittarian prefers to order a chalky vineyard Tempranillo from Ribera del Duero region of Spain. It’s detail-by-detail that defines the essence of those born under Sagittarius. If you play any trivia games, or enjoy watching game shows, you are going to want a Sagittarius playing by your side; the memory of small factoids and anecdotes are always on top of mind with this sign.  

Astrology Of Sagittarius Season

A key element of Sagittarius sun signs comes from their effortless need and desire for adventure, travel, learning new cultures, experiencing new things. When you travel, make sure you travel with a Sagittarius – the vivacious WTF attitude, and need for new experiences make the Sag traveler a fun partner.  Most Sagittarians enjoy a sense of independence, free thinking and expressing their personal point of view, even if their view is not the most popular.  Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter – it’s all about winning, abundance, and the bigger the better.  Sagittarians have an adventurous palate and often try foods from around the globe that the average person would wince at the thought: cricket cocktails, fried tarantulas, just to name a couple. 

Sagittarians rate as high in Emotional Intelligence alongside high IQs because they read people through humor and wit and have learned to discover body language as a synergistic language to help uncover hidden qualities about people. Sagittarians make good sales, marketing and other persuasive careers because they can read a person instantly and use their witty language to get them to buy just about anything and can easily coax spending habits. 

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What is Sagittarius weakness?

Often Sagittarians are blindly optimistic because they manage their own life with swirling details and creativity; they often feel those around them live by the same creed and are often disappointed to learn that many that they attract possess somewhat of a lazy side.  On another note, Sagittarians are known for quickly speaking their minds, sometimes using curt and blunt language.  It’s not that they are out to annihilate anyone in a sentence, it’s just that most Sagittarians have multiple things happening at once, and rather than belabor a point or a point of view, they just get right to it.  It may come across insensitive at times, but to a Sagittarian, getting to the point immediately is a way they show how present they are in the conversation. 

The Sagittarius color is a combo of deep blue and purple, representing intuition and gut feelings, as well as luck and risk equals reward behavior,  Adapted by its planet parent Jupiter, those born under this sign tend to be luckier than others, find themselves at “the right place at the right time,” and often get the best fortune cookie at the table when dining out.  

Sagittarius is an extremely forgiving sign and let unkind words or gestures roll off their backs, instantly; rarely does a Sag Sun Sign hold a grudge. In fact, most born under this sign possess a carefree attitude that is infectious and make those around them feel a sense of relief, confidence and safety just by their mere presence.

Final Thoughts

Those who have Sagittarius in their Moon placement are extremely intimate, want to get to know someone and their deepest fears and desires and will not put up with a surface lover or friend. If a Sagittarian Moon sign feels trapped in a relationship, it often creates a sense of isolation and depression.  A Sag Moon must have freedom to speak his/her mind, and an outlet for creative thinking such as journaling, writing, or writing songs, Variety is a spice of life for a Sag Moon, and although they may not voice it, Sagittarius Moon signs get bored easily with repetition. 

Compatible signs in romance and intimacy – Leo and Aries. Compatible in conversation and security: Libra and Aquarius. True Soulmate: Aries


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