Protect Yourself from the Spirit World with these 5 Halloween Jewelry Picks

Halloween Jewelry

With Halloween quickly approaching, things are about to get spooky. With stories of ghosts, goblins, and ghouls floating around, it can be difficult not to feel a little on edge.

If you find yourself searching for tools to keep you safe and protected from the spirit world, then crystal healing may be the best route for you. Supercharged with protective powers, certain crystals work to keep us safe while dealing with both the spiritual and physical realm.

These particular crystals make for excellent Halloween jewelry choices, keeping your aura bright and shiny no matter the situation. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it is always a good idea to keep crystals around that will defend and protect you from any negativity or harm. 

Listed below are the top 5 best crystals for defending against the dark, as well as ideas to incorporate them into your Halloween jewelry choices. By wearing these stunning jewelry picks, you can take on the month of fright with courage and ease. 

The Best Halloween Jewelry Using these 5 Protective Crystals 

#1 Peridot  

A gentle and joyful stone, peridot’s vibrant green hue cuts through any darkness. Its charming energy works to create an environment that feels peaceful and easy, which can be especially helpful during the spooky month of October.

Our handmade Halloween jewelry using this stone will protect you from any negativity or harm that may come your way. Aside from protection, it also helps to purify energy, so even if dark spirits are around, we may not feel them as strongly.

Our “Joyous Light” ring is adorned with a radiant peridot stone so that you can shine your light wherever you go. This ring is perfect Halloween jewelry, as it is a subtle yet unique touch to your costume or fall attire. 

Peridot Diamond Heart Charm Wrap

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#2 Smoky Quartz 

This gorgeous member of the quartz family is not only beautiful but also a spiritual powerhouse. Its top quality is the ability to purify the body and field of energy from any lower vibrations with which we may come in contact. When dealing with the paranormal, this protective trait is particularly beneficial and appreciated.

Featuring a smoky quartz point, the “Positive Thoughts” necklace makes for a great Halloween jewelry charm. Fitted with an evil eye symbol, as well, this necklace is powerful for protection and adds a fun touch to any costume. 

Evil Eye Smoky Quartz Slab Necklace

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#3 Black Tourmaline

One of the top crystals for defending against dark spirits or negative energy, black tourmaline is a beautiful choice for crystal Halloween jewelry. Its grounding nature helps to pull us back to reality and stay firmly rooted in our strength.

No matter what fears you have, black tourmaline will stand by your side protecting you from it all. Looking for a piece of fine Halloween jewelry that exudes elegance while shielding you from the dark?

Our “Benevolent Spirit Necklace” featuring black tourmaline and the evil eye symbol is a stunning choice. Vibrate with joyful energy by wearing this gorgeous, negativity-repelling necklace. 

Tourmaline Evil Eye Hamsa Lariat Necklace

Benevolent Spirit - Tourmaline Evil Eye Hamsa Lariat Necklace
Benevolent Spirit - Tourmaline Evil Eye Hamsa Lariat Necklace
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#4 Amethyst

Known for its ability to create a calm and tranquil inner-world, amethyst will work wonders any time you are feeling scared or uneasy. With its rich purple hue, it reminds us to stay grounded in our power.

This stone offers spiritual and physical protection, making it an ideal addition to any crystal Halloween jewelry. The “Soothing Power” bracelet, with its evil eye charm and bright amethyst beads, is the ultimate Halloween jewelry choice for protection. With this bracelet serving as your companion, negative energy has got nothing on you.

Amethyst Evil Eye Pointer Bracelet

Soothing Power - Amethyst Evil Eye Pointer Bracelet
Soothing Power - Amethyst Evil Eye Pointer Bracelet
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#5 Onyx

Swiftly removing negative energy from your surroundings, onyx is a top defender in the crystal world. By keeping your energetic field cleansed and protected, no negative vibrations can touch you.

Wear this “Rise and Shine” bracelet to take your handmade Halloween jewelry up a notch. Fitted with snake heads and protective crystals, this piece is a must-have addition to your costume or everyday attire. 

Heishi Onyx Olive Jade Snake Head Bracelet

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Rise and Shine - Heishi Snake Head Bracelet
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Discover Crystal Halloween Jewelry for Protection

With creative costumes, joyful parties, and lots of candy, Halloween is always one of the most fun days of the year. However, for some of us, it may bring up feelings of fear and unease.

So much talk about the spirit world may have you feeling on edge, but thankfully there are always tools to keep you protected. By wearing the above mentioned crystals as your Halloween jewelry, you can enjoy the festivities knowing that you are always safe, protected, and blessed. 

Ready to face this Halloween with courage? Visit our website to shop a wide range of fine Halloween jewelry perfect for protection and purification. 

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