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Evil EyeSteeped in mysticism and magic the evil eye holds a deep and sacred hold on history. With evidence of it appearing as far back, and maybe even earlier, as 5000 BC in Mesopotamia, the evil eye has been revered by civilizations around the globe for many, many years.

Yet, somehow this ubiquitous symbol never lost its magic, and seems to only continue growing in popularity each year.

The protection from the evil eye symbol is unrivaled in its dynamic capabilities, which is why many people choose to wear it as jewelry, tattoos, or on their clothing. 

Evil eye protection has been witnessed by countless people throughout the world, all who have lived to tell the tale of its extraordinary powers. By wearing this symbol, whether as jewelry or however else you choose, you are wrapping yourself in loving, universal energy.

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Balancing Energy - Evil Eye Hematite Bracelet

Serene Protection - Turquoise Enamel Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
Serene Protection - Turquoise Enamel Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
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No matter what danger or harm comes your way, you will be protected from it. Whether it is physical harm, ill will, nasty gossip, or anything else, the evil eye will work to dispel it. By shooting its searing gaze back at the world, it vigilantly watches over you, keeping you always safe. 

With protection of the evil eye, negativity is repelled, allowing positive energy to flow seamlessly into your life. As these barriers and obstacles are removed from your way, new doors of opportunity are opened and paths toward success are paved.

While wearing a piece of evil eye jewelry, you may feel that life becomes a bit more easy and manageable. That innate, natural state of bliss we all have within us, suddenly becomes easier to access and maintain. 

Although originally created and used during ancient times, the power of the evil eye has continued its reign as one of the world’s most important and adored symbols today.

The protective evil eye provides a wealth of benefits to the wearer, which speaks to its unique ability in standing the test of time. Due to its powers and distinct look, the protective evil eye has even gained fame as a fashion statement, seen on celebrities and stars alike. As more of the world learns about the healing impact of this sacred symbol, it continues to rise in use and wear. 

Defending from harm and repelling negativity, evil eye protection is unrivaled. Whether you need a guardian from danger, or simply are looking to call in more positivity, wearing evil eye symbol jewelry can help.

Interested in learning more about this mysterious and intriguing symbol? Read on to find out the evil eye's meaning and how to protect yourself and your home, as well as examples of our jewelry featuring the sacred eye. Evil Eye

Vivid Personality - Chakra Evil Eye Ring
Vivid Personality - Chakra Evil Eye Ring
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Evil Eye Protection Meaning

The evil eye is an ancient symbol renowned for its protective ability. Read on to discover its profound meaning. 

Not to be confused with the curse of the evil eye, the evil eye symbol protects us from that ever present harmful gaze. We are all familiar with the term, “evil eye”, referring to somebody sending you an ill-willed stare to show their distaste for you or your actions.

This idea, which was thought of as a curse, originated in the Middle East and was highly popular throughout ancient Greek and Roman rule.

It was believed that anyone who was successful or lucky would naturally gain the attention of envious eyes. They believed that this gaze was more than just a physical stare though, and was thought to be a curse.

The evil eye, when thrown at you, could result in bad luck, physical harm, illness, or a downfall of any sort. With great success, comes the need to protect your well-being and livelihood. Evil Eye As a means to protect from the curse of the evil eye, the evil eye symbol was created. Engraved on cups in ancient Greece, painted on ships bows in Egypt, and decorated on baby cribs in Turkey, this revered symbol is said to send its watchful gaze right back out into the world, staring straight in the face of any evil sent your way.

With its powerful stare, the evil eye is able to repel and dispel any danger or negativity from your surroundings. By keeping vigilant watch at all times, you can rest easy knowing that you are guarded by the evil eye protector. 

In order to protect from the evil eye curse, it is suggested to wear the evil eye symbol on the body. Worn as jewelry is one of the most popular methods for reaping the protective benefits - it can be found on rings, earrings, necklaces, and more.

Shaped like an eye, with a pupil in the middle, this unique design’s meaning provides far more than just aesthetic appeal. Evil Eye

How to Protect from the Evil Eye 

Ready to call in supreme defense? Read on and learn how to protect yourself from evil eyes. 

So, what exactly is evil eye protection? Equipped with divine power and historical reverence, the evil eye symbol dispels the negative curse of the evil eye, or “mati”, as it is known in Greek.

Holding greater power than we realize, a negative look, or the evil eye, can cause quite a bit of physical, emotional, and spiritual turmoil in your lives.

As we succeed further and grow greater in life, we attract the unwanted attention of people who wish us harm. There is unfortunately a natural instinct for humans to be jealous of the success that others find.

Rather than cheering each other on, we sometimes get too scooped up in envy and, subconsciously or not, wish for those who succeed to fail. However, there is luckily a way to protect ourselves from those ill wishes of others. Womens New Arrivals Collection

Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Abundant Energy - Jade Evil Eye Black String Necklace
Abundant Energy - Jade Evil Eye Black String Necklace
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Learning how to protect yourself from the evil eye is actually quite easy, and can even be done fashionably. With the option of subtle or bold designs, evil eye jewelry can be worn on the body as a means to protect from harm or danger.

The more consistently you keep the jewelry on, the greater an impact it can have and the stronger the defensive effect it will have. 

Protection from the evil eye can really only work if the belief is there. For example, if you wear an evil eye amulet but do hold any faith in its incredible powers, then it will likely not work.Evil Eye Just as with any other protection or healing symbol in the world, the spiritual connection is a must for its abilities to fully present themselves. 

For optimal protection, it is advised to set an intention each time you place your evil eye jewelry on the body. Give a quick blessing of gratitude and let the eye know what you would like to be protected from.

Sending out this intention to the Universe, provides a stronger and more clear channel to the divine. 

Evil eye jewelry should also be regularly cleansed. Here are some tips for purifying the energy of your evil eye designs:Evil eye necklace

  • Leave the jewelry in moonlight or sunlight, letting the shining rays penetrate the eye with their healing cosmic vibrations. 
  • Hold a smudging ritual so that the evil eye jewelry can dispel any built-up negativity. 
  • Run the evil eye under holy water or salt water, filling it with spiritual life force.
  • Meditate with your evil eye, imagining any unwanted energy releasing from its space. Then, set a new intention for your eye jewelry.  
  • Amplify the evil eye’s energy and purify its energy field with powerful crystals, such as selenite or clear quartz. 

Choose the method that works best for your needs and be sure to consider the other materials and stones used in your evil eye jewelry. Regularly cleansing your evil eye will help immensely in boosting and maintaining its extraordinary powers.Evil Eye

3 Evil Eye Protection Jewelry 

Now that you know a bit more about the evil eye and its meaning, let’s take a look at a few of our favorite evil eye designs from the Karma and Luck collection. 

#1 Evil Eye Protection Bracelet - Serene Protection Turquoise Enamel Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

In stunning shades of sea-blue and green, this evil eye protection bracelet radiates bliss with its calming turquoise hues. Showcasing 18k gold plated brass and 1mm cz crystals, this elegant piece is the perfect example of subtle beauty.

The hint of sparkle front he crystals draws focus to the powerful evil eye charms, constantly working their magic to keep you safe from harm’s way.

The ancient evil eye symbol fearlessly defends you from any negativity, repelling it from your surroundings. With the evil eye by your side, positivity flows more freely and fluidly in your life, opening you up to abundance and new opportunities. Turquoise Enamel Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Karma and Luck  Bracelets - Mens  -  Rhodium Plated Brass 6mm Red Enamel & Matte Onyx Evil Eye Bracelet
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Spiritual Vigor - Enamel Matte Onyx Bracelet
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#2 Evil Eye Protection Necklace - Divine Spirituality Amethyst Evil Eye Necklace

Blessed with the divine power of the evil eye, this gorgeous necklace shines in rich purple and golden hues. Featuring the amethyst stone, this necklace provides soothing energy to the soul, keeping the spirit cool, calm, and collected.

This lovely stone is also adored for its ability to relieve stress, boost spirituality, and promote inner peace. Amethyst stones coupled with the evil eye charm work together to create an aura of pure bliss.

Evil eye protection necklaces keep the wearer safe from danger, while also repelling any negativity that comes their way. Wear this sparkling necklace and harness the benefits of evil eye protection. Amethyst Evil Eye Necklace

#3 Evil Eye Ring - Vivid Personality Multicolor Enamel Chakra Evil Eye Ring

With this colorful ring on your finger, life becomes a whole lot more vibrant. Protected from harm, filled with positivity, and aligned with your purpose, you are now free to let joy in.

Representing each color of the seven chakras, these evil eye rings balance the energetic system of the chakra, opening you up to your highest, infinite potential.

Made with 18k gold plated brass, this radiant piece is adjustable, allowing just about anyone to reap the positive effects it has to offer. Let go of what no longer serves you, and make room for blessings to unfold. Multicolor Enamel Chakra Evil Eye Ring

Evil Eye Protection Symbol 

Read a bit more on this ancient symbol and its choice color of blue. 

Representing the gaze of watchful eyes, the evil eye stares right back at any danger, harm, negativity, or ill will. Bad luck has no place in your life with the evil eye serving as your fearless guardian.

Created as an amulet to fight against the evil eye curse, the evil eye protection symbol should never be confused for the curse it protects against.

When worn on the body as jewelry or clothing, the evil eye is able to defend you with ferocious drive and determination. Success will flourish in your life, positivity will grow, and new opportunities will arise. Evil EyeEvil eye protection symbols were once found almost exclusively in designs of blue glass with a black pupil. Found throughout Greece and the Middle East, these amulets are the traditional form of the evil eye symbol of protection.

As blue glass and blue stones are believed to have absorbent and deflective properties, they have been the choice color for evil eye designs throughout time. However, nowadays, you can find evil eye jewelry and designs in a wide variety of colors, with many featuring various stones and crystals as well.

Regardless of what colors call to your spirit, you should be able to enjoy the loving energy that flows, so long as the evil eye protection symbols are featured boldly and clearly. Evil Eye

Evil Eye House Protection

Looking to use the power of the evil eye for home protection? Let’s dive into the basics!

Now that your spirit and physical body are protected from harm, you may be wondering how to protect your home and your family as well. Luckily, the evil eye amulet can be used for more than just jewelry.

In fact, using the evil eye for home protection is an easy and aesthetically pleasing way to fill your home with positive energy. 

One of the best ways to create evil eye home protection is to hang an evil eye amulet in or near the doorway. Placing this sacred symbol by the entrance to your home works to keep out any unwanted energy.

Only welcomed visitors and vibrations will be allowed into your space with the help of this powerful tool standing guard. 

Placed in living rooms is another great way to invite in the symbol of the evil eye for home protection.Evil Eye

These spaces are generally used for gatherings with family, friends, and loved ones, so let the positive, loving energy flow here. With negativity banished, you will be able to more thoroughly and genuinely enjoy time spent together. 

Lastly, it is always ccan strongly benefit from this powerfully protective symbol.

For centuries, people have been placing the evil eye symbol in babies’ cribs as a means to keep them safe from any harm that comes their way. Demonstrating its effectiveness, this method for evil eye protection is still used today. evil eye

Protection Against Evil Eye 

Jewelry is one great tool for harnessing the benefits of the evil eye, but let’s take a look at some other routes you can take!

In a world such as ours, protection against the evil eye is something that we all seek. This powerful curse comes to us from the eyes of envious acquaintances, ready to steal our success right out from under us.

Resulting from the jealousy of blessings and advancements, the evil eye curse strikes. This curse is said to increase the chances of bad luck, physical harm, spiritual wounds, psychic attacks, ill will, and general danger to our well-being. However, we are able to protect against the evil eye with the powerful and sacred evil eye symbol. 

One way to promote protection against the evil eye is to wear jewelry. In the form of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more, the evil eye can be found showcased on a variety of options for both men and women.Evil Eye If jewelry is not your thing, however, you can also place an evil eye amulet on your keychain. Or, you can place an evil eye painting or poster in your home to reap the benefits. 

Some choose to tattoo this sacred symbol on their body. This option serves as a permanent guardian, forever protecting you from harm’s way as its potent stare guards you. 

There are many homewares to choose from that provide protection against the evil eye. Featuring the omnipresent gaze of the evil eye symbol, these can be hung or placed throughout the home.

Surrounding your living spaces with positive, loving, and watchful energy, you will never have to live in fear again. 

Reciting an evil eye protection prayer is another wonderful way to defend from harmful vibrations. Choose the prayer that calls to your spirit and makes you feel surrounded by loving light.

If said in conjunction with the use of an evil eye amulet, the power of an evil eye protection prayer is amplified. Evil Eye

Evil Eye Protection Crystals & Stones

Paired with healing stones and crystals, the powerful evil eye protection of jewelry is greatly enhanced. Here are some of our favorite evil eye items with the addition of powerful stones. 

2 Evil Eye Jewelry Pieces for Men

#1 Abundant Energy - Jade Evil Eye Black String Necklace

Featuring one of the most powerful symbols to protect from evil eye curses, this subtle yet stunning necklace is a force beyond belief. As stated, cosmic powers of this symbol are enhanced when paired with particular stones and crystals.

Jade, for example, is a perfect crystal for evil eye protection. In striking shades of verdant green, this evil eye protection stone calls abundance to flow steadily and continuously into your life.

As success is reached, the evil eye works its magic to protect you from the accompanying envy or ill will. Worn in conjunction, jade and the evil eye are truly the greatest spiritually-charged duo. Jade Evil Eye Black String Necklace

#2 Spiritual Vigor - Red Enamel Matte Onyx Evil Eye Bracelet

A powerful evil eye protection stone, onyx dutifully stands guard alongside the symbolic beads of this bracelet. Onyx not only helps to defend the mind, body, and spirit, but also assists in clearing your channels; leaving you feeling more balanced and aligned.

Onyx provides calming energy, relieves stress, and balances the yin and yang. Allow the many benefits of this evil eye protection crystal to fill your life with the positivity you seek.

Paired with red enamel stones, this evil eye protection jewelry piece is the perfect statement for men looking to add a unique touch of style to their days. The evil eye charms add to its impressive protective qualities.  Red Enamel Matte Onyx Evil Eye Bracelet

2 Evil Eye Jewelry Pieces for Women

#1 Passionate Care - Ruby Evil Eye Charm Necklace

Surround yourself in the empowering energy of the evil eye. As your courage and confidence grows, you will be gently nudged to regain any power you may have lost.

With the neck adorned in these sacred, sparkling symbols to protect from the evil eye, self-doubt floats effortlessly away from you. The ruby, an extraordinary evil eye protection stone, sparkles in its brilliant shades of deep red, contrasting perfectly against the shining 18k gold plated brass chain.

Aside from assisting in protection, the dynamic ruby stone promotes self-esteem, intuition, passion, love, and divine wisdom. With the evil eye and the ruby working together, life turns from dull to technicolor. Your purpose is uncovered, driving you fearlessly towards the life of your dreams. 

Ruby Evil Eye Charm Necklace

#2 Supreme Guidance - Multi-Color Sapphire Evil Eye Wrap Bracelet 

In varying shades of radiant hues, sapphire stones show off their exquisite and varying beauty. Regardless of color, this evil eye protection stone works in harmony with the ancient power of the evil eye symbol.

Made of 18k gold plated brass, this wrap style bracelet is a striking piece that is not only radiant in beauty, but impressive in potential. Each time this piece is put on, its colorful aesthetic inspires joy within the wearer, setting them up for a positive and care-free day.

Sapphire stones provide powerful evil eye protection, while also encouraging calm and blissful energy to flow. This stone also promotes profound wisdom and heightened spiritual energy.

All of the answers that you seek lie within you, and this bracelet reminds of this potent truth. As the sapphire stones open you up to your divine potential, the evil eye charms keep you protected from any harm or danger that may present itself. 

Multi Color Sapphire Evil Eye Wrap Bracelet

Let the Protective Energy of the Evil Eye Fill your Life with Bliss

We all seek the blessings of happiness, success, and good luck, but sometimes protection is needed as we rise. The sacred and ancient vibration of the evil eye radiates with divine wisdom, ready to surround you in its fearless and courageous embrace.

Serving as an ever watchful guardian, negativity will be swiftly repelled from your life. The ill intentions of others are unable to penetrate your aura, as the potent gaze of the evil eye keeps bad luck at bay.

Wear the evil eye in the form of jewelry or decorate the home in evil eye designs, and watch the supreme power of this symbol begin to work its magic into your life. Positivity, abundance, and effortless blessings are welcomed into this new chapter of your being. 

Ready to invite the energy of the evil eye? Visit our website and shop our full collection of eclectic and stunning evil eye designs. 

Protection for your mind, body, and spirit is just a small, but crucial aspect of evil eye accessories. There is much more to discover in our guide to the history and inner meaning of evil eye jewelryStart Your Journey Here: Protection Jewelry for WomenEvil Eye

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