Project Compassion in Action: Living with Intention

As the holidays started to approach, we took a full inventory of 2020 because we knew this holiday would be different from all of the others in the past and challenges are still a part of our lives.                  

We Can Relate:

Much like everyone else, we were scared, shocked, and didn’t know what would happen just three months after the New Year. Our CEO faced some of the most devastating news: all of our stores were closing within 24 hours. His employees would be out of work, and the daily life we all knew halted to a dead stop. 

Those of us who worked at the headquarters and the rest of us working from home didn’t know our fate. What we would come to find out a few days later was that we would never give up on our CEO. He wasn’t a quitter and worked tirelessly in creating Karma and Luck. Now, more than ever, we are needed in bringing light, hope and love during a bleak time.

Living With Intention

Karma and Luck isn’t just a business that sells products. We are compassionate souls that work together every day to bring spiritual enlightenment, belief and positivity to anyone who visits our website, social media, and wears our products. We banded together with our boss and committed to continuing our work, no matter what it would take. He has been there for us, and we wanted to be there for him and you. Giving up was never an option, so we all went to work.

In the interim of building our business during Covid and figuring out what direction we needed to go, one thing continued to ring true every day: that our charitable partners needed us more than ever. We had to stay focused and dedicated to our word. What we couldn't predict amid all of this craziness was that thousands of people would go hungry and need to rely on our local food bank, Three Square, to feed their families. Lines grew longer and longer, and there was no way we would sit back and watch without doing something.

Project Compassion In Action

This put project “Compassion In Action” into overdrive. It gave us a much higher purpose and a mission to unite with YOU, our customers to feed families in need with our partner Three Square. And even though the airlines halted all travel, our long-time charitable partner, the Make A Wish Foundation, also became a laser focus for us to bring wishes and so much happiness to those beautiful little souls.

YOU, too, were such a big inspiration for us to create holiday gifting and specials that would bring joy, happiness and protection to your loved ones. As we brainstormed the best way to honor these difficult times, both emotionally and financially, we created affordable Red String Protection Bracelets and Feng Shui Tree Of Life bundles, reduced the price and threw in an additional 40% OFF. 

Do you know what’s even cooler than that? You are now a part of the project “Compassion In Action: Living With Intention” because you are gifting with meaning this holiday, feeding the souls of those you love, while feeding a family, and making wishes come true all the way around. 

For every Red String Protection Bracelet sold, together we provide three meals to families from Three Square, a partner of Feeding America and for every Feng Shui Tree Of Life sold, a portion of the proceeds are donated to the Make A Wish Foundation.

Feels pretty awesome living with compassion and intention.

Don't forget to gift yourself too this year. You deserve it.

You don't need to do anything to receive the additional 40% OFF at checkout AND check out the savings. 



From all of us at Karma and Luck, we are grateful for you.

Written by: Nadine Christine Hamdan

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