Patriotic Jewelry Designed by Mother Nature: Memorial Day Jewelry Sales Are On!

Patriotic Jewelry for Memorial Day

When we celebrate Memorial Day or any other patriotic holiday, we often attend cookouts and gatherings, and it’s fun to adorn ourselves in our country’s colors. Red white and blue jewelry can be just the thing to make us feel our best.

Patriotic jewelry doesn’t have to look like the American flag. Instead, we can wear stunning red, white, and blue gemstones, designed by Mother Nature herself.

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Patriotic Jewelry Inspired by Mother Nature

In our Memorial Day collection, we’ve included Lapis Lazuli, Mother of Pearl, Clear Quartz, and Red String because they are so beautiful together and because of their healing properties.

Let’s learn more about them now…

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

The rich, celestial blue color of Lapis Lazuli has been treasured for thousands of years and has certainly earned a place as America’s blue in patriotic jewelry.

During Ancient Egypt, it was ground up and used as eye shadow by Cleopatra, and during the Renaissance, it was used to paint the Virgin Mary's robes in cathedrals.

Lapis Lazuli is known as a stone of inner wisdom as it awakens the third eye and throat chakras, helping us to turn within and express what comes to mind. It is here to help us seek self-awareness, speak our truth, and discover our purpose.

By enhancing our intuitive abilities, this blue stone brings us foresight, sparks our inner guidance system, and reminds us of Universal truths. As things become clearer for us and expression becomes easier, we find our relationships responding in positive ways.

Also known as Blue Lapis, this is a stone that can clear our minds and prepare us for meditation and introspection. It inspires us to seek knowledge and amplifies our intellect.

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl.

White with an iridescent glow, Mother of Pearls are created by minerals that come from oysters and mollusks. Their beauty matches their power, and any patriotic jewelry that adorns these organic beads is sure to win accolades. 

As a crown chakra stone, Mother of Pearl brings us in touch with Divine guidance and inspires us to seek out spiritual communication and to master the art of introspection. It shines a light on the things we need to change, helps us see what is possible, and gives us the fortitude to make it happen. 

The energy of Mother of Pearl is quite gentle, yet its healing properties are potent. This paradoxical blend provides a feeling of being uplifted and peaceful all at the same time. When we wear these blessings from nature, we will feel nurtured, cherished, and protected.

By working to remove blocks from our energy field, Mother of Pearl can help us manifest what we desire in our lives and attract prosperity. It can help you discover who you really are and feel inspired to be authentic in your expression.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

No one can ever go wrong by adding some Clear Quartz in their patriotic jewelry as it is one of the most versatile healing crystals in existence. Called the “Master Healer,” it is an amplifier stone that can both amplify the power of other crystals and be programmed with our deepest intentions.

This colorless stone will complement any red white and blue jewelry you wear on this patriotic day. And the fact that it is clear adds to its healing abilities; as it doesn’t contain any trace minerals, it is a beacon of purity and light.

Another crown chakra stone, Clear Quartz raises our frequency, balances the entire chakra system, and attunes us to Divine energy. When we are struggling to make decisions or find answers, this crystal is a companion you’ll want around your wrist or neck.

Red String 

Red String

Red String bracelets are a symbol of protection, strength, and connection that have been worn for centuries in cultures like Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Kabbalah. In these cultures, it is considered sacred and is often used in special celebrations, prayers, and daily life. The Red String is also considered to bring good fortune to its wearer.

What better foundation for a set of patriotic jewelry than to start with a Red String bracelet? You’ll feel the power in its sacred threads, and the spiritual symbols on our Red String bracelets for Memorial Day feature blue and/or white enamel.

Ways to Wear Our Red White and Blue Jewelry

There are so many ways to wear Mother Nature’s patriotic jewelry. You can view our Memorial Day jewelry sales on our Memorial Day collection page, and the ideas below will inspire you as to how to wear them…

Wear a “Red White and Blue” Red String Bracelet

red white and blue jewelry

Probably, the easiest solution when it comes to stylish and unique patriotic jewelry is to wear a Red String bracelet with white and blue enamel symbols. For example, our “Prevent Harm” Red String Evil Eye Bracelet is perfect for women and our “Spiritual Protector” Red String Evil Eye Bracelet is a great choice for men.

Layer a Red String Bracelet With White & Blue Gemstone Bracelets

Red and White

Layering bracelets is not only one of the season’s top styles; it also makes it easy to wear red white and blue jewelry for Memorial Day and then wear the bracelets separate for regular days.

One of our favorite combos includes the “Essential Guard” Red String Bracelet with the “Bloom With Brilliance” Lapis Lazuli Bracelet.

Wear a Necklace & Bracelet Together

Of course, red white and blue jewelry like this isn’t limited to bracelets alone. Why not wear some of the colors on your neck and some of them on your wrist for a more understated yet clearly patriotic look.

Try our “Whisper of Truth” Lapis Lazuli Necklace with our “Transcending Awareness” Red String Pearl Wrap Bracelet.

Or, you might like our “Soulful Substance” Clear Quartz Pointer Necklace with the “Illuminating Energy” Lapis Moon Bracelet.

Wear a Red String Bracelet & a Pearl or Lapis Lazuli Anklet

Lapis Lazuli Anklet

Patriotic jewelry can also come in the form of a red bracelet with a blue or white anklet (or maybe 2 anklets together).

You might try our “Branching Destiny” Red String Tree of Life Bracelet with the “Express Your Truth” Lapis Lazuli Anklet and the “Subtle Energy” Moonstone & Pearl Anklet.

Get Your Man a Bracelet Too

memorial day jewelry sales

Your cookouts will be that much more enjoyable when your man is donning some stylish patriotic jewelry right along with you. And the great thing is, he can go on wearing them day in and day out because they aren’t your typical red white and blue jewelry. 

We think he’ll love the “Wise Leader” Lapis Lazuli Evil Eye Bracelet and the “Guardian of Blessing” Red String Bracelet.

Final Thoughts 

With these options, you can enjoy your jewelry for not only this American holiday but also for each day thereafter, all while accessing the healing benefits that mother nature provides. Take the opportunity to browse our Memorial Day jewelry sales today!

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