New Year Resolutions - The Power of Setting Intention

Power of Setting Intention

Ready to step into your truth and regain your power? Ring in 2023 with soul-activating transformation! The coming of the new year is a perfect opportunity to set an intention or two - doing some serious soul searching to decide what areas of life could use some improvement or healing. Commit fully to yourself this year, making the time and space to create the changes you wish to see. 

Different from a goal, which is an external achievement, intentions are internal. They are all about the relationship you have with yourself. Intentions are also less concrete or finite than goals, not so much a list you can simply check off, but rather an immeasurable feeling that only you will know. 

Set a new year resolution that takes into consideration the energies you are hoping to call into your life. It will take some time, quiet space, honesty, and reflection to decide what intentions are best for your highest purpose and your individualized direction. 

Ready for a more mindful new year? Read on to discover the power of intention. 

Resolutions of Self-love & Gratitude

Unsure of where to begin with your new year resolutions? Self-love is a great place to start. Falling in love with yourself is the first, and arguably most important step, to living a fulfilling and content life.

Once you love yourself and prioritize your happiness, it is as if nothing can shake you or sway you. Unhealthy people or situations are more easily pushed aside, not given any time to deter you from your dreams. You become your own greatest advocate, and this radical energy of self-love magnetizes the right people and opportunities straight to you. 

Need some help finding love for yourself? Try a crystal for confidence and self love. Here are two designs that we adore! 

Power of Setting Intention

  • Radiant Expression 

Self-love for men just got easier. Featuring three sacred symbols, this citrine stone bracelet for men is the ultimate companion in creating the life of your dreams. Exuding sunny vibrations, citrine fills the soul with a sense of unshakable joy and positivity. 

Triple Protection Citrine Bracelet

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  • Boundless Love

Aligning your mind, body, and spirit to the frequency of love, this gorgeous white and turquoise ring surrounds you in positivity. Fitted with a sparkling blue topaz stone for self-love, this ring teaches you how to love yourself. Trauma is healed, encouraging you to enter into a new phase of healing and compassion. 

Another great intention for the new year is committing to gratitude. Life is brimming with moments to be grateful for - from the little to the big. A gratitude mindset is all about being more mindful, noticing the world around you from a fresh set of eyes.

When you start taking the time to notice, you will be surprised to see how much you have to be grateful for afterall. 

Heart White Enamel Diamond Blue Topaz Ring

Boundless Love - Diamond & Blue Topaz Ring
Boundless Love - Diamond & Blue Topaz Ring
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Here Is One Design We Love For Finding Gratitude:

  • Infinite Blessings 

Amethyst and hematite combine in this stunning bracelet for women. Purple amethyst encourages peace and intuition, while dark hematite inspires focus. These two crystals work together, opening you up to the infinite blessings that surround. 

Just as important as setting your resolution, is sealing it in with a ritual. Taking the time to make your intention feel sacred is an important step to activating the manifestation of your dreams. Depending on your interests and beliefs, there are a variety of ways that you can create ritual out of your resolutions. 

Soul searching is a vital part of deciding upon new year resolutions. We recommend taking some serious quiet time to get in touch with your intuition and your desires.

Mindful meditation is a beautiful way to tune out the noise of the outside world, instead tuning into your truth. With a variety of choices from gratitude meditations, manifestation meditations, to self-love meditations, there are guided practices to direct the mind and clarify focus. 

Hematite Amethyst Hamsa Bracelet

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  • Conscious Purpose

Paired with meditation, reciting mantras is a tried and true way to send your wishes out into the universe. Pick a sacred mantra that has been used for thousands of years, or create your very own.

As long as it speaks to your soul and aligns with your intentions, then you really cannot go wrong. These sacred sounds, repeated continuously, help to initiate personal transformation and shower us in boundless blessings. When connected to a new year resolution, mantras act as a love letter to the universe - making our intentions clear and direct. 

Blue Ethiopian Opal Evil Eye Mala

Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Sublime Tranquility - 4 Symbol Tiger's Eye Turquoise Necklace
Sublime Tranquility - 4 Symbol Tiger's Eye Turquoise Necklace
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  • Brighter Side Mantra Pendant Necklace 

Aligning the body with the mind, yoga is another sacred practice that has been revered for thousands of years. More than just a physical exercise, yoga helps us get in touch with our deepest selves.

Making time for this mindful, quiet movement helps to expand our limits and listen to our soul’s truest wishes. Starting a yoga practice can help you not only get physically healthier, but also help to cleanse the mind and spirit - thus opening you up to your highest potential. 

Smokey Quartz Mantra Pendant Necklace

Compassionate Wisdom - Amethyst Diamond Heart Charm Necklace
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Compassionate Wisdom - Amethyst Diamond Heart Charm Necklace
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  • Highest Reality Om Ring

Journaling is another wonderful way to seal in your new year resolutions. Free-style writing is a great place to start - opening up your creativity and getting to a place of pure inspiration. From this clearer mindset, you can more easily tap into your intuition. 

Letting your inner voice guide you, begin to reflect on the past twelve months. Determine which energies you would like to maintain in the coming year, and which you are ready to shed. Consider which areas of life need some extra healing, and how you can show yourself a bit more self-love and compassion. 

Remember, that intentions are entirely personal - there is no right or wrong when it comes to new year resolutions. Whatever feels right to you is the correct direction. Your soul will never lead you astray, so trust in the guidance that you hear and confide in your instinct. 

Write a love letter to the universe. Filled not only with your desires and intentions, be sure to make time for expressing gratitude as well. Tuning yourself to this high vibration of appreciation and love makes you absolutely magnetizing. 

OM Mantra Ring

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The Transformative Power Of Forgiveness In The New Year

Kick off 2023 with a forgiveness mindset. Release some of that pent-up resentment, and feel your load immediately lighten. Holding grudges is not only bad for mental health, but can even begin to develop into physical illness. Negative emotions, such as bitterness and ill will, cloud the auras and make the spirit feel heavy. When we let go of rancor, we make more space for goodness and blessings to flow in. 

Take the time to consider if there are any relationships that need healing in your life. Whether you were right or wrong, commit to forgiving the situation and the person. From this place of deep and unconditional forgiveness comes a more peaceful life. Forgiveness is a perfect and practical new year resolution. 

Here are some of our favorite designs to tune you into the vibration of love and forgiveness:

New Year Resolutions

  • Sublime Tranquility Necklace

Designed for the spiritual man, this beaded necklace features the healing crystals turquoise and tiger’s eye. Sea-blue turquoise promotes wisdom, communication, and balance, while fiery tiger’s eye inspires strength, confidence, and courage.

Deflecting negativity, the hamsa hand and evil eye work together to keep your aura cleansed. Forgiveness comes easy with this uplifting necklace worn near the heart chakra

Sublime Tranquility

Sacred Unity - Hamsa Blessing
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  • Compassionate Wisdom Necklace

Spiritually uplifting and calming to the soul, amethyst stones shine in their sparkling purple hues. This noble stone activates a sense of love for yourself, as well as more love for others. Compassion is enhanced, allowing you to more easily forgive those who may have wronged you in the past. The addition of the heart charm serves as your reminder to stay tuned into the healing vibration of love.

Compassionate Wisdom

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  • Spiritual Love Feng Shui Tree

Fill the home with the magnetizing energy of love. This unique and powerful piece of home decoration features leaves made of rose quartz to promote unconditional love, friendship, and compassion - all necessary components of forgiveness.

As this peaceful vibration surrounds you, you are encouraged to direct more love to yourself and everyone you meet. A perfect addition for the holidays, this feng shui tree ensures that family gatherings remain peaceful.

Spiritual Love

Spiritual Love - Rose Quartz Feng Shui Tree
Spiritual Love - Rose Quartz Feng Shui Tree
When we open ourselves to love, the Universe blesses us with love in abundance.  As a stone of love, Rose Quartz is a powerful crystal fo...
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  • Highest Frequency Bracelet

Featuring three ancient symbols, the om symbol, the hamsa hand, and the evil eye, this men’s bracelet calls in the healing power of the divine. Spiritual growth is possible with these sacred signs by your side.

Your highest potential is activated, allowing you to live from a place of deep compassion and understanding. Forgiveness comes more naturally, as you begin to prioritize your peace. 

Highest Frequency

Sparkling Intuition - Moon & Stars Labradorite Drop Earrings
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Sparkling Intuition - Moon & Stars Labradorite Drop Earrings
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  • Sacred Unity Wall Blessing

Benefitting not only you, but the whole family, this decorative wall hanging showers the home in a peaceful and loving energy. Disagreements end more calmly, and are greeted with constructive communication, which is especially important during the busy holiday season.

Featuring the twelve tribes, the hamsa hand, and a loving mantra, this piece of home decoration is a true spiritual powerhouse. Hang this stunning item in any area of your home, and watch as the caring energy flows. If there is any resentment or bitterness in the home, this piece will surely clear the air. 

Whichever tools you use to assist you, remember that forgiveness is always possible. It may take time and it may take healing, but once it is done, you will see that a heavy weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

Letting go of these bitter feelings makes your whole spirit shine - surrounding you in an alluring light that attracts expansive people and opportunities right to you. 

Sacred Unity

Karma and Luck  Necklaces - Mens  -  Endless Luck Spiritual Awakening Heishi Choker Necklace
Endless Luck - Apatite Heishi Choker Necklace
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New Year Manifestation 

Make it be known that this is the year of manifestation. 2023 is the year that all of your greatest dreams and desires come to fruition - starting first from a place of deep healing and self-love.

Whatever you are trying to manifest into your life, whether it be a person, place, opportunity, or energy, it is all possible for a cleansed and mindful soul. Simply set your intentions, send them out to the universe, and then watch as the blessings unfold before you. 

Here are two stunning jewelry pieces for men and women, perfectly tuned to the vibration of manifestation: 

Power of Setting Intention

  • Supreme Manifestation Bracelet

In hues of dark and light, black onyx heishi beads contrast beautifully against silver mantra charms. This stylish bracelet is the perfect accompaniment to any manifestation practice - tuning you into higher frequencies of attraction. The mantra charms provide mind protection and concentration, keeping you determined on the path to reaching your goals and intentions. 

Supreme Manifestation

  • Positive Manifestation Necklace

Elegant and subtly stunning, this delicate lariat-style necklace gleams in gold and green. Shining with sunny, vibrant energy, peridot stones inspire divine connection and joy. Manifestation is at your fingertips with the help of this clarifying stone. 

Positive Manifestation

Spiritual Growth & Self-Discovery

Often overshadowed by wild parties and lavish events, the new year is really a perfect time for contemplation and reflection. Looking back over the past twelve months, you can consider the things that worked and the things that did not.

Examining the energies, people, and experiences that have encompassed your year, it is important to consider whether these are things you would like to maintain or things you would like to release for the new year. Let this year be your best one yet, by entering it with a growth mindset. 

Make ample time this year for self-discovery and prioritizing your spiritual growth, watching as blessings unfold before you. Everybody’s truth is different. No two people are alike and that is the magic of self-discovery - realizing that what sets you apart is what makes you beautiful. Crystals, journaling, meditation, therapy, and mantra, are all powerful tools to assist in meeting your soul’s purpose. 

Here are two more ideas to get your new year started on a positive and transformative note:

Power of Setting Intention

  • Sparkling Intuition Drop Earrings

These dangling earrings feature golden sun and moon charms, accompanied by gleaming moonstone. Connecting you to the divine feminine, these gorgeous earrings heighten your intuition and provide balance to your life. 

Sparkling Intuition

  • Endless Luck Choker Necklace

A sea-blue and green choker necklace, this piece is for the men who are unafraid of making a statement. Adding a touch of vibrant color to your look, this necklace showcases apatite stones for enhancing communication and wisdom. Good luck flows into your life as soon as you start trusting yourself. 

Endless Luck

Hello 2023! 

This year, take advantage of the magic that the new year brings. Equipped with all the tools and rituals to boost your vibration, your intentions and goals are sure to come to fruition. Commit to a year of growth, prioritizing self-care and self-love.

Once you begin loving and trusting in yourself with unwavering faith, a world of possibilities opens up to you. The universe is always ready to reward those who make the effort. Endless blessings await you, so get busy setting those intentions!

Ready to make 2023 your most expansive year yet? Visit our website and shop our collection of stunning gemstone jewelry. 

Power of Setting Intention

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