New Year Gift Ideas to Shower Blessings on those You Love

New Year Gift Ideas

The celebration of a new year is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past twelve months and all of the blessings that have unfolded. Thinking upon it, many of our greatest blessings are the people, rather than the things, that have entered or remained in our lives.

The people who have supported us, loved us, and encouraged us through all the good times and the bad are our true prized possessions. Our loved ones supply our lives with more laughter, more joy, and more inspiration - without them, where would we be? 

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Oftentimes, New Year's Day can be overshadowed by personal goals and manifesting rituals. This year, however, we encourage you to make time thinking about the people who mean the most to you.

Make it your goal to better show your appreciation to them each and every day. Kick off your year of gratitude by giving your loved ones a gift they can cherish for a lifetime. Choose from our gift guide of crystal, gemstone, and zodiac jewelry from Karma and Luck. All made with high-quality, genuine stones, these pieces are not only stunning, but also full of healing powers. 

New Year Gift Ideas

Pulsera de suerte de piedra lunar de la luna de la luna de la luna de la luna de la luna de la luna de br / GP
Pulsera de suerte de piedra lunar de la luna de la luna de la luna de la luna de la luna de la luna de br / GP
In times of darkness, we visualize light, knowing it will once again illuminate our path. Our meaningful "Visualize Light - Moon Hematite...
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Read On To Discover Some Of Our Favorite Ideas For New Year Gifts! 

4 Beautiful Bracelet Gift Ideas

Wrap your loved one’s wrist in protective energy and loving light with these bracelet gift sets for  both men and women. Say “Happy New Year” with these gift ideas! 

  • Visualize Light - Moon Hematite Moonstone Luck Bracelet

With contrasting stones of black and white, this sparkling bracelet reminds the wearer of the power of yin and yang. Without the dark, we would never see the light or know the beauty of the moon. Let this illuminating bracelet fill your loved one’s life with hope for brighter days.

Moonstone invokes the divine goddess within her, while also reminding her to seek balance in her life. The dark hematite stones provide a deeply grounding energy, filling her with calming and soothing energy. Featuring a gold moon charm, this new year gift for her inspires intuition; encouraging your loved one to follow her heart. 

Moon Hematite Moonstone Luck Bracelet

Prosperidad imán Jade Mal Eye Pulsera
Prosperidad imán Jade Mal Eye Pulsera
Toda prosperidad comienza en la mente y depende sólo del uso pleno de nuestra imaginación creativa. Te convertirás en el punto de atracci...
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  • Prosperity Magnet - Jade Stone Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

This new year, give the blessing of prosperity to the lady you love the most. This bracelet gift for her showcases the calming green stone, jade. In light green hues, this stone is known for providing abundance and luck to all who wear it. Paired with the all-seeing evil eye charm, your loved one is protected from harm’s way. Positivity flourishes in her life, swiftly removing any negativity that tries to enter. 

Prosperity Magnet

Brazalete Para La Suerte
Brazalete Para La Suerte
Todos somos mucho más afortunados de lo que pensamos, normalmente conseguimos lo que queremos - o nos acercamos lo suficiente. La piedra ...
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  • Divine Companion - Malachite Agarwood Buddha Bracelet

A sacred symbol of enlightenment, wisdom, and serenity, the Buddha charm on this bracelet will inspire spiritual wisdom to grow within your loved one’s life. This malachite and agarwood piece is the perfect new year gift for him.

Malachite, in its swirled green hues, magnetizes the power of manifestation - helping all of his goals come to fruition. Contrasting the green stones, earthy agarwood inspires healing and harmony. 

Malachite Agarwood Buddha Charm Bracelet

Collar Gargantilla Chakra Curación Espiritual
Collar Gargantilla Chakra Curación Espiritual
Dentro de ti, la cura está dentro de ti. Deja que tu energía fluya con el flujo y la dirección de cada gema del chakra , simplifica tu ca...
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  • Streak of Luck - Tiger’s Eye Lava Bracelet

Luck is ever in his favor with this bracelet gift idea for him. This year, his dreams are closer within reach, thanks to the help of tiger's eye and lava stone. Tiger’s eye stones gleam with their fiery glow, and inspire confidence and courage to flourish.

His inner power is ignited. Lava stone, filled with explosive energy, dares him to think more boldly and creatively, while also calming his soul. 

Tiger's Eye Lava Bracelet

Medallón GP Hamsa
Medallón GP Hamsa
If your thoughts create your reality, then it is essential to keep your thoughts positive. The "Precious Protection - Gold Plated Hamsa M...
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4 Note-Worthy Necklace Gift Ideas 

Worn close to the heart, these necklaces are made for inner healing. Check out our top four necklace gift ideas for men and women. 

  • Spiritual Healing - Chakra Choker Necklace

Vibrant and colorful, this choker-style necklace matches the unique energy of your loved one’s soul. This gift idea for women features a variety of stunning stones, including amethyst, lapis lazuli, peridot, garnet, carnelian, citrine, and moonstone.

A true powerhouse of healing crystals, this necklace balances the chakras, allowing harmony to freely flow. When her energetic self is balanced and healed, she is more easily able to soar towards the life of her dreams. Made with 18k gold plated brass, this unique gift idea for women is lovingly handmade in Bali, Indonesia. 

Chakra Choker Necklace

Karma and Luck  Necklaces - Mens  -  Flow of Faith - Pyrite Onyx Pointer Charm Necklace
Manifest Improvement - Pyrite Onyx Multi Symbol Pointer Necklace
In celebrating the Divine feminine, you will know the true beauty of life. The "Manifest Improvement - Pyrite Onyx Multi Symbol Pointer N...
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  • Precious Protection - Gold Plated Hamsa Medallion Necklace

A sacred symbol of protection, the hamsa hand has been used for thousands of years to defend and deflect negativity. No matter how far you may be from the woman you love, you can rest easy knowing that she will always be safe and sound.

This necklace gift for her ensures that the coming year is full of blessings. Made in 18k gold plated brass, this medallion style necklace wards away evil and fills her soul with a peaceful, easy feeling. Sparkling diamond, gleaming gold, and shimmering silver all combine to create this effortlessly elegant necklace.

 Gold Plated Hamsa Medallion Necklace

Esmalte de oro, esmalte de vida, anillo ajustable.
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Esmalte de oro, esmalte de vida, anillo ajustable.
Now is the moment to pursue your passion; with each step and bring your dreams closer to fruition. Wear our inspiring "Graceful Flourish ...
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  • Lush Presence - Jade Stone Necklace

Allow the law of attraction to enter your loved one’s life with this simple yet potent jade stone necklace. Revered across cultures, calming green jade is known as one of the luckiest stones. Its magnetizing energy is believed to pull success, wealth, and happiness right into one’s life.

Anything that he wants will quickly be his with this great men’s gift idea. Happiness abounds as his new year is rung in with the highest hopes and the greatest aspirations. Hung on a subtle black cord, this necklace is stylish and sleek, adding just a hint of soothing color to his wardrobe. 

Jade Stone Necklace

Karma and Luck  Rings - Mens  -  Protective Power - Eye of Horus Mantra Ring
Protective Power - Eye of Horus Mantra Ring Large
Your soul is your ultimate guidance system. You can think of your soul as the compass, map, and destination all in one.  If you're worrie...
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  • Manifest Improvement - Pyrite Onyx Pointer Necklace

Tranquility flows with the help of this pyrite and onyx necklace for men. Hung around your loved one’s neck, this gift idea for men sits right against his heart chakra. He is filled with the confidence, inspiration, and positivity needed to fulfill his dreams.

Manifesting becomes easier, and suddenly any blocks or obstacles that once stood in his way, are swiftly knocked down. The path is clear and he skyrockets towards the highest version of himself. Reminiscent of sparkling gold, pyrite promotes prosperity, clarity and protection, while the dark onyx stones encourage stress relief. 

Pyrite Onyx Multi Symbol Pointer Necklace

Remarkable Nature - Malachite Feng Shui Tree
Remarkable Nature - Malachite Feng Shui Tree
By fully grasping the gift of nature Malachite carries on, you will be able to achieve great heights with your own spiritual being. Groun...
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4 Radiant Ring Gift Ideas

Depending on which finger a ring is worn, the energy it provides can slightly change and alter. For example, a ring worn on the thumb is tied to strength and endurance, a ring on the index finger connects to aspirations and goals, a ring on the middle finger encourages responsibility, a ring on the ring finger symbolizes love and loyalty, and lastly, a ring worn on the pinky finger enhances communication and intuition.

Regardless of which finger your loved one chooses to wear their new ring, they are sure to be surrounded in its healing light. With these top New Year’s ring gifts for men and women, your loved one becomes the creator of his or her own destiny. 

New Year Gift Ideas

  • Graceful Flourish - Diamond Tree of Life Gold Ring

Featuring the tree of life symbol, growth is activated within their wearer. They are able to tune into their intuition with more ease and grace, letting the background noise of the outside world fade away. This beautiful and unique new year gift for her encourages your loved one to step into her full, authentic self.

Deeply grounding, this ring helps her to feel fully rooted in her divine power. Made with sterling silver and an 18k gold plated band, this ring is accented with stunning white enamel and an embedded diamond chip.

Elegant and refined, this subtle yet stunning ring can be worn on a daily basis, or be pulled out strictly for special occasions. Its peaceful-hued aesthetic pairs perfectly with a variety of looks. 

Diamond Tree of Life Gold Plated Ring

  • Spiritual Vibration - Gold Plated Amethyst Ring

This 18k gold plated brass ring is fully adjustable, ensuring that the special lady in your life can wear this ring on any finger and at any stage of life. The adjustability makes this ring a gift that she can cherish for a lifetime.

Showcasing a rich and sparkling purple amethyst stone, this ring calms the soul and balances the mind. Any stress is swiftly lifted off of her shoulders, helping her to feel free and expansive. Clarity is achieved, thus revealing her higher purpose. Those royal purple and gold hues will remind her of the queen she really is. 

Gold Plated Amethyst Ring

  • Protective Power - Eye of Horus Mantra Ring

One of the best gift ideas for men, the “Protective Power” ring is a wonderful way to show your gratitude to the man you love. Engraved with a golden eye of horus symbol, this ring clears his path of any obstacles or challenges. With a newfound sense of confidence and courage, he scales the ladder towards even his loftiest goals.

Used for thousands of years as a symbol of protection, the eye of horus will deflect and repel any negativity or evil. Rest assured that your loved one takes on this new year with a fearless bodyguard by his side. Thoughtfully handmade in Bali, Indonesia, this ring is created by skilled artisans.

Made in a stretch style, this ring can conveniently fit a variety of finger sizes, guaranteeing that it will fit your loved one perfectly! Further engraved by mantra symbols, the wearer’s concentration is enhanced, mind is protected, and spiritual energy is increased. 

Eye of Horus Mantra Ring

  • Intense Awareness - Tiger’s Eye Mantra Ring 

Tiger’s eye invokes the power within. A gleaming and fiery stone, the tiger’s eye beads found on this ring encourage strength, confidence, and courage to grow within the wearer. Making a wonderful gift idea for men, his highest self is activated. Your loved one is inspired to reach higher and push further - unafraid to be himself.

Fully adjustable, this stretch-style ring will fit your man at any stage of life, and can be worn on whichever finger he chooses. Inspiring mind protection, heightening spiritual energy, and expanding concentration, the silver mantra barrels add to the healing potential. Stress is relieved and anxiety is released, allowing him to blissfully enjoy this life he is given. 

New Year Gift Ideas

2 Harmonious Home Gift Ideas 

Home is the place of ultimate comfort. Coming home after a long day, one should feel calm and peaceful. Use our home gift guide to find decorations that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also fill the home with blissful energy. Here are our top two New Year’s gift ideas for the home. 

  • Wise Creativity - Carnelian Tree Jungle Journal Elephant Red String Gift Box

This new year gift box is the perfect hospitality gift. If you have a friend or family member throwing a New Year’s party, then this is the ideal present to bring along with you. There is no better way to show your appreciation for the light they bring into your life.

This box consists of a carnelian feng shui tree which provides vitality and protection, a jungle-themed journal to write out dreams and manifestations, and a red string elephant charm bracelet to promote wisdom and growth. All packed in a festive green box, this is a wonderful new year gift idea. 

Carnelian Tree Jungle Journal Elephant Red String Gift Box

  • Remarkable Nature - Malachite Feng Shui Tree

Featuring green malachite leaves and a malachite base, this feng shui tree is one of the best gift ideas for anyone you love. Appreciated by men and women, young and old, these beautiful crystal trees add a unique touch to any space. Promoting growth and vitality, this earthy accent fills the home with grounding energy. Malachite, in its swirling, marbled hues, encourages wealth, success, and manifestation to flow.

 Malachite Feng Shui Tree of Life

Show Gratitude This New Year’s Day

Where would we be without the people we love? What a wonderful time of year to reflect on this question, filling our hearts with appreciation for the people who surround our lives in loving energy. This new year set the intention of gratitude. 

Gift giving is a perfect way to show somebody just how much they mean to you. At Karma and Luck, we have a stunning collection of meaningful gifts that your loved one will adore. These jewelry and homeware pieces add more beauty to their lives, while also inspiring healing vibrations to flourish. 

Did you find the perfect gift, or are you still searching? Visit our website to browse our full collection of spiritually-charged jewelry and home decorations.  

New Year Gift Ideas

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