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National Red String Day

We truly believe that modern spirituality and healthy living starts from the center of our being – in the heart. The heart chakra bridges our more physical lower chakras with our spiritual upper chakras.

To bring the heart into balance, we combine practices that promote our wellbeing on the earth and that fuel our Divine soul.

It’s common to associate the month of February with our hearts since it’s the month we celebrate love and connection on Valentine’s Day.

While spending time nourishing the energetic resonance of our hearts is important, there’s another aspect we need to pay attention to – our cardiovascular health. National Wear Red Day helps us recognize women’s unique struggle with the threat of heart disease.

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Bringing Awareness to Womens Heart Health on National Wear Red Day

As we all know, heart attacks are sudden, unexpected, and often fatal. This special day aims to reduce the likelihood of fatal heart attacks, especially among women. 

What’s Unique About Women’s Heart Health?

We recognize a heart attack as sharp chest pain, called angina, the type that makes us grab at our heart. Pains and sensations shooting through the arms might also signal a heart attack, but it turns out women often overlook important indications that something is wrong.

Heart disease is the number one health-related killer of American women. Many women don’t realize when they experience a heart attack until it’s too late.

Symptoms can include a feeling of general discomfort, pain radiating through the lower back, headache, and chest pain.

For women conditioned by society to grit through the pain of womanhood, they ignore these sensations as something that will pass, which can have a severe impact on their health.

red string meaning

The Role of Awareness & Prevention

In 2004, the first National Wear Red Day was recognized in February, which was deemed the month American Heart Month, raising awareness about heart health. It lands on the first Friday – that’s February 4 this year.

Its intention is to put the focus on women and teach them how to prioritize their cardiovascular health.

It turns out that we can prevent at least 80% of the different kinds of heart disease that contribute to heart attack. Adopting a healthy lifestyle that balances physical and mental wellbeing goes the distance to give us a healthy heart.

How to Observe the Day

The most obvious way to celebrate is to wear red! Go all out, head to toe! It’ll spark a compliment and the opportunity to bring up its meaning. Spread the awareness.

At Karma and Luck, we have an entire collection of jewelry that speaks to the heart of this holiday. Red String meaning ties perfectly to heart health. We all need a little luck in life to get through, and Red String jewelry helps us manifest dreams, like maintaining an active lifestyle.

It brings protection of our auras and unlocks our purpose and potential. Intentional living reduces stress that wears on our hearts.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite styles to help you celebrate. Gift one to someone you love to let them know you value their heart for the love and life it gives. 

Ladies, Show Your Support in Red String Jewelry 

This day focuses on women. Ladies, while we’re all cheering for you on February 4, join in to encourage other women in your life to do the same.

Healing Strength Eye of Horus Bracelet

The Healing Strength Bracelet lets a thin red string band secure the powerful Eye of Horus charm across your wrist. This symbol offers protection from negativity, like negative messages that add on stress and divert us from true wellbeing.

red string bracelet

Charismatic Personality - White Enamel Hamsa Red String Bracelet
Charismatic Personality - White Enamel Hamsa Red String Bracelet
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Budding Serenity Layered Red String Necklace

Really resonate the intention of the day straight from the heart with this two-layered necklace. The Lotus charm on the Budding Serenity Necklace symbolizes new beginnings and the OM symbol represents the sound of the universe, perfect harmony. Strung on red string, these charms will inspire you to take on new, healthy habits.

Essential Guard Triple Protection Bracelet

On National Wear Red Day, the message is about protecting our hearts. The Essential Guard Bracelet puts the powers of the Evil Eye, Heart, and OM together to give us ultimate security as we aim to foster health and wellbeing.

Branching Destiny Red String Bracelet

Understanding our roots can lead us to a path of better health. This Branching Destiny Bracelet holds the Tree of Life amidst the red string, inspiring us to grow in ways that nourish and strengthen us.

Peace of Spirit Wrap Bracelet 

We love the look of wrap bracelets, and the Peace of Spirit Bracelet incorporates Amethyst stones to open our minds to new messages and awareness.

With so much information transmitting, the Evil Eye charm protects us from overwhelm so we can apply new knowledge in our lives. 

Reside in Protection Evil Eye Necklace

The delicate design of the Reside in Protection Necklace packs impressive energy. The Evil Eye charm acts as a centerpiece, protecting the heart. It’s perfect for National Wear Red Day style!

Spiritual Cleansing - Red String Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Gentlemen, Weve Got Bracelets For You Too 

It’s a fact, men. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for a woman welcoming us into the world, so let’s support the health of those in our lives we adore. Here are some great options…

Guardian of Blessing Red String Bracelet

Designed with a thicker red string weave, the Guardian of Blessing Bracelet features the Hamsa Hand to help us make strong, spirit-centered choices in how we treat our body and soul.

Brave Gaze Black Onyx Bracelet

An incredibly masculine style can incorporate layers of bracelets on our arms. This National Wear Red Day, don a two-layer red string wrap bracelet that leans on Onyx stones to bestow calm vibes over our aura. The Evil Eye wards off our fears and doubts as well.

Prosperous Promise Jade Bracelet

To promote health and prosperity, wear the Prosperous Promise Bracelet that integrates red string, Jade beads, and bronze chains. The Buddha rests at the center to help deliver a clear, balanced message on this important day of advocacy.

Men's Red String Bracelet

Balance Toxic Emotions Red String Bracelet

Even though this day centers around women’s health, we need to remember that men face the threat of heart attack, too. The Balance Toxic Emotions Bracelet will serve to remind us of the delicate harmony we need to plant within us.

Tiger’s Eye stones instill courage and strength so that we can serve as support to others while the combination of the Evil Eye and Hamsa Hand protects us from overwhelm and stress.

How About a Him & Her Red String Bundle?

Cultivating health and wellbeing can be better when we do it with our partners. Celebrate National Wear Red Day together and gear up with these bundles…

Nourish Love Red String Bundle for Him & Her

Created in feminine and masculine styles, this pair features the sacred Elephant symbol. The elephant brings steady grace and kindness so that, together, a new focus on heart health can emerge.

Infinite Wisdom Jade Red String Bundle for Him & Her

In two different shades of Jade, this bundle features two wrap bracelets, one for him and one for her. 

With a thicker braid, the men’s bracelet has an Evil Eye charm. The woman’s version has a Buddha charm. Together, these form a bond of harmony and security in pursuing healthier, more fulfilling habits for mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.

Final Thoughts 

This National Wear Red Day, get creative in how you display this color for women’s heart health. With stacks of bracelets, gorgeous necklaces, and fun bundles to share, we want to send the message that a healthy, intentional, spiritual lifestyle can have innumerable benefits in our lives and those around us. 

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