Meet the Tribe: Loreina Ishak

Every week, we will have a brand ambassador from our community join us to share their spiritual journey with all rawness. This week Loreina shares her story. Let's see what she has to share...

Who Are You & What is Your Gift to the World?

My name is Loreina Ishak and I wake up everyday and try to be my most authentic self. I try and bring positivity and light wherever I go. I would consider that to be my gift to the world.

What is a Day in Your Life Like?

A day in my life consists of making sure our home runs smoothly. We have four fur babies that keep me on my toes - our newest addition, Hank, is a foster fail and very needy!

I try and keep my husband, who owns his own business, as organized as possible, make sure my stepsons have healthy, good food in the fridge when they get home from school (which means lots of grocery store runs), as well as making sure grades look good.

I usually try and fit in some stretching or cardio. Lots of laundry, dishes and currently unpacking our home (we moved a week ago). I pay bills if needed, coordinate with any contractors coming over for a bid (we will be remodeling our home). And I love having dinner ready or almost ready when my hunnie gets home from work.

At the end of the day, I pick up one of my mommy-to-be books so I can gain as much knowledge as possible before our baby arrives! There's always a million moving parts to this household and my daily job is just to keep things organized, positive, and productive.

Rose Quartz Crystal Jewelry

How Do You Live With Intention?

I am very conscious of my thoughts, actions, and the energy I surround myself with. I want to be the best version of myself I can possibly be, and that is always in the back of my mind before I speak, act, etc.

Everyday is an opportunity for growth and I like to use my mistakes as stepping stones, not to be ashamed of, but to learn from.

What is Your Horoscope Sign?

I am a Leo, most definitely! :) The lion and sunshine are two things that resonate with me.


What is Your Favorite Gemstone and Why?

Rose Quartz Meaning
My favorite gemstone is Rose Quartz. My husband and I were given two Rose Quartz crystals after we wandered into a crystal shop and told an employee about our struggle with having kids (I had cancer 10 years ago at the age of 21 and doctors removed my cervix and uterus).

My husband and I were able to take out my eggs, mix them with his sperm, and create two perfect embryos that we can use a surrogate to carry, thankfully!

Well this employee gave us these Rose Quartz crystals, and a year later, when we transplanted our first embryo into our surrogate, it took! We are now 4 months pregnant! Rose Quartz healing properties have the power to increase fertility and protect mother and unborn fetus, which it has.

Rose Quartz crystal also opens your heart and promotes self love, inner peace and healing. 

How Has Your Spiritual Journey Been? Any Life-Changing Moments You Want to Share With Our Audience?

Being diagnosed with cervical cancer at 21 really woke me up! I was living a pretty reckless life and my diagnosis really grounded me. All of my trials I have used as stepping stones.

The more time I have with myself, the more peace and clearer vision I have for my future. I believe in manifesting what you want but first you need to dig deep to figure out who you are and what you really want out of life.

For me, finding that vision took a long time but it is getting clearer and clearer and I am the happiest I have ever been. 

Who is Your Biggest Inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my mother. She was a single mom who worked her butt off to give my sister and I the best life possible. She is the hardest worker I have ever met. She is positive and happy and a true Earth Angel.

She brings joy wherever she goes! She is an incredible woman and I am so blessed to be her daughter.

Where is the Best Place You Have Traveled So Far? And Where Would You Like to Travel Next After Covid-19 is Resolved?

My favorite place I've ever traveled to would have to be Aruba. My husband and I LOVE the sun, sand, water, adventure! We made friends with flamingos, jumped into a lagoon, rode quads through the island. It was truly magical and I will never forget those memories!

After covid we would like to go to Greece. We were supposed to go there for our honeymoon but plans changed after covid hit!

What is Your Life Philosophy?

My life philosophy is live everyday like its your last. Tell people you love, that you love them. Have fun with every little step of your journey. The only time that really matters is NOW. 

Rose Quartz Crystal

What Karma and Luck Product Do You Have? What Encouraged You to Select That Item?

I have a beautiful Amethyst necklace. Amethyst promotes good health and stress relief! I love my necklace and get compliments every time I wear it!


What Words Do You Live By?

Do what makes you happy and listen to your intuition.

Let's Learn More About Rose Quartz Meaning (Since It's Loreina's Favorite)

Rose Quartz is certainly one of our favorite gemstones here at Karma and Luck as well. From its baby pink color to its nurturing, loving presence, this crystal is a must-have. 

Rose Quartz Necklace and Bracelets

As a heart chakra stone, it resonates an energy of pure love, compassion, and hope. It's gentle enough for anyone to use but powerful enough to open hearts and deflect negative energies and emotions. 

You can use Rose Quartz healing properties to make your interactions more positive, attract the love of your life, and improve your self-love. The ultimate self care crystal, wear a Rose Quartz necklace proudly or display a Rose Quartz Feng Shui Tree in your home to experience a more loving reality.


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