What is the Meaning of Hunters Moon for 2022 & Beyond?

Meaning of Hunters Moon

As October approaches, so does the mystical Hunters Moon. This Full Moon will show up in the sky on Sunday, October the 9th (if you are reading this in 2022), marking the beginning of a hunter’s season, and the ending of the lunar period of harvest.

With it comes a new cycle where we reevaluate the past and release the old so that we can feel ready for what’s to come. This is the time to connect with our spirit guides and our ancestors, and acknowledge the valuable lessons of the past. 

The meaning of Hunters Moon is deep and goes beyond just closing old chapters. Let’s discover what the spiritual meaning of this lunar position entails.

Discover the Meaning of Hunters Moon 2022

The name, Hunters Moon, is associated with October, the month of the hunter. It plays a significant role in the lunar cycle, as it represents the start of the dark part of the year. Long ago, it used to mark the start of tribal preparations for the winter.

Here’s what it represents…

Closing the Old Cycles

Being a Full Moon, the meaning of Hunters Moon symbolizes completion. While the Harvest Moon was a time for revising the lessons learned and reaping rewards from past efforts, it is during the Hunters Moon when we tap into reexamining past lessons and accumulated wisdom from a higher perspective.

It is associated with release, death of the old, and closing out the old chapters with grace and acceptance. As such, it denotes a time for cutting cords and breaking free from what weighs us down.

hunters moon 2022

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Hunters Moon is a reminder to cherish the good days and be thankful for what we have learned and accumulated in the first half of the year. It is a cycle that reminds us to stay humble and pay homage to the sacrifices and trials of the past period.

Its meaning encourages us to honor what we have, and what we have accomplished so far, so we can stay balanced even when things don’t go our way.

Shadow Work

During the Hunters Moon phase, the Sun starts setting earlier. Marking the beginning of the cold period of the year, the meaning of Hunters Moon is linked with darkness, both external and internal. It is associated with reflection, soul searching, and it inspires us to go deep within and embrace the shadow self.

This time is an opportunity to retreat in our cocoon, give in to introspection, and connect with the psychic self, intuition, and the spiritual realm.

Transformation & Transition

Hunter’s Moon meaning encourages us to do the work that’s necessary to ensure a clear path ahead. It is linked with ancestors, ancestral patterns, and generational karma. It is associated with metaphorical death, afterlife, and rebirth, as well as preparation for catharsis and transformation.

This is the time to make cathartic changes and start shifting patterns that hold back our growth so that we can flow with the natural cycles of life.

hunter’s moon meaning

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7 Rituals to Harness Lunar Power during Hunters Moon 2022

Connecting to the lunar force allows us to flow with the cycles of life and harness what each cycle has to offer. Here are our favorite rituals for honoring and tuning into the power of the meaning of Hunters Moon

Honor the Past by Journaling

Hunters Moon is a time for release so that the new can begin. It’s a chance to revise our past errors and mistakes. Get out your journal and contemplate the past period and what you’d like to release.

Work through your fears and blockages through introspection to unlock higher awareness and let go of angst and anxiety. Revisiting the past isn’t to evoke bad memories, but to promote growth and embrace the karmic lessons those experiences offer.

Hunters Moon

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Do Some Home Cleaning to Close the Old Doors

Decluttering is a chance to close the old cycles and start accumulating new things. To prepare for winter, use the meaning of Hunters Moon to inspire you to throw away what’s no longer of use, and safely store the things you’d love to continue seeing in your life.

Fall cleaning will help you prepare for cold days and help you release accumulated negativity from the space.

Fill Your Pantry With Nutritious Food

In years past, the Hunter’s Moon marked a period when hunters would go hunting for winter supplies. It is during this time when we can start persevering and accumulating resources, spiritual or physical, that will support us for the rest of the lunar year.

During the Hunters Moon 2022, ditch unhealthy foods from your pantry, gather nutritious food, and stock your pantry for colder days to ensure a supply of essential nutrients. This is also a great period to detox and treat yourself with a nutritious meal to prepare for new, positive energy to come in.

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Gather What Makes You Happy to Prevent Feeling Blue

The Hunter Moon comes after the autumn solstice and Harvest Moon, when days become shorter and nights longer. This is a great opportunity to collect things that will bring you comfort and joy and keep serotonin levels high.

Make a list of things that increase your mood naturally, and do what you can to ensure those things are readily available in your physical environment. This can be anything, from comfortable clothes to home fitness equipment, new art supplies, crystals and spiritual symbols, or happy photos that bring you joy.

Discover Ancestral Patterns Through Meditation

Meditation brings clarity and important issues to our awareness so that we can release them. The meaning of Hunters Moon is closely associated with karma and generational patterns.

To get the most of the Hunter’s Moon, try this nighttime ritual:

  1.  Find a calm corner to tune in.
  2. Meditate with an intention to connect with your ancestors and the Divine.
  3. Ask spirit to illuminate you to cycles that keep repeating in your ancestral line. Let thoughts flow naturally and messages come to you.
  4. Journal your insights and finish your meditation by expressing gratitude to your ancestors.

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Light a Candle to Pay Homage to the Deceased and the Past

During Hunter’s Moon, it is important to stay humble and pay respect to what has passed, as it has taught us valuable lessons. It’s a time to honor the dead, because without what they have created, we wouldn’t be able to thrive.

Light a candle in remembrance of your ancestors to bring light to darkness and ask for their protection. Hunter’s Moon meaning is associated with ancestral patterns, so set the intention to ask for forgiveness, peace, and guidance and let your spirit guides come through to lead the way.

This will help you stay connected to the spirit realm and prepare you for any uncertainty of what is coming.

Write a Gratitude Letter and Honor How Far You’ve Come

As the old cycle ends, the door for new beginnings opens. The meaning of Hunters Moon inspires us to honor what we have and be thankful for both the blessings and the lessons learned.

Express your gratitude to those who enrich your life, to the Divine, and to yourself by writing a gratitude letter. Honor past efforts, trials, and errors, and be thankful for the wisdom, experience, and enlightenment you have acquired.

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Final Thoughts

Full Moons are opportunities to release and let go of what holds us back. The Full Hunters Moon phase offers us a chance to close the chapters that don’t serve our highest purpose, make peace with the past, and appreciate the blessings we have, no matter how small they may seem. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Moon Jewelry

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