All Signs - May TarotScopes - The Month of Change, Optimism and Making Decisions


I have randomly selected 12 tarot cards – each card is assigned to a Zodiac sign along with my intuitive tarot card “mini meaning”-cards flip out the way they flip out, so there is a specific meaning for upright cards & cards that land reversed-as noted.

Aries – King of Cups, Reverse. 

Emotional this week. Drinking a bit too much, trying to cope with everyday life and its obstacles that keep coming at you. Getting some things off your chest with a loved one, friend, or co-worker. This is speaking your mind. It may get heated, so think before you let it rip. This is allowing your emotion to free flow, expressing what you feel deep inside. Aries Card Necklace

Taurus – Five of Cups, Reverse.

Getting over the sadness of a broken heart. Broken hearts come in many forms – whatever sadness has kept you stagnant, in isolation, trapped in fear and lacking a belief in yourself – well, it’s lifting. Say goodbye to the old you and EMBRACE the new you. It is noted that a soul mate is right on your heels, so push yourself through the last phase of the sadness, and make sure you are available for all invitations, last minute happy-hours and more.Patient Progress - White Enamel Taurus Card Necklace

Gemini – Four of Swords

The calm before the storm.  Most likely, you will be getting multiple job offers or financial opportunities this month.  Think strategically.  Research the companies, interview the staff members and research the bosses, owners, key management in the media and on social media.  Take a step toward learning everything about everyone before you decide. You will have many choices, one of them, is golden.Gemini Card Necklace

Cancer – Seven of Swords, Reverse. 

Giving an apology or returning something you have had for a long time to someone who needs it back. Giving back feelings, love and words to someone you “stole” from. An apology. 

You know you did wrong, and now the Universe is giving you a chance to right that wrong. Return that book you once borrowed; return that outfit, give your neighbor back their Philips screwdriver.  It’s time to declutter your mind and soul and return what isn’t yours … watch what the Universe brings you in return.Genuine Emotions - Cancer Card Necklace

Leo – The Sun. 

Fitting that we picked the “Leo” symbol in tarot for this month’s tarotscope. Abundance, health, happiness, and most of all, winning.  This is the month to roll the dice and take a chance. This is the month that you should look to make a move, literally – find a new home, apartment or new dwelling – the energy is ripe for new.  And that means a new career or new entrepreneurial idea should begin to take place this month. Dream.  Do.White Enamel Leo Card Necklace

Virgo – Knight of Pentacles, Reverse. 

Watch your online purchasing and online. This can also be online investing – coins, stock market, etc.  More money will be poured in then you get out this week, so watch where you spend and be very cautious of the investments that you make. Also, please make sure there is enough gas and oil in your vehicle, I don’t want to see you stuck on the side of a road waiting for a tow truck this month.  Check your valves. Check your gas tank.Reliable Determination - White Enamel Virgo Card Necklace

Libra –  Seven of Cups

If you are online dating, and many of you might try a new site that you haven’t been on yet… it’s a great thing. There will be many new options to choose from, so go for it.  All you need to do is find the special one. Many job offers might come out of the blue. Even if you are a business owner or entrepreneur, many new investments may come to you.

Even if you are at the same company for years, you are going to get job offers and side hustle opportunities in abundance.  Go for it.  Review your banking programs, and make sure the fees are not exorbitant.  Check your credit cards while you are at it, too – you might find a charge that is not yours this month.Libra Card Necklace

Scorpio – Queen of Cups, Reverse

Emotional week for you. You are very fragile right now, and overly sensitive.  The throne is right on the ocean’s edge (water sign) meaning your subconscious is making a play at your stable mind.  It is a time of reflecting and thinking, though, in the reverse you mind might be scattered.

There are many good thoughts coming to you during this chaotic time – embrace the thoughts that make your heart sing. You mind will soon follow. And that is true for when you are not following your soul’s path, you know it -you simply don’t feel so right. Course, correct.Unlimited Potential - Scorpio Card Necklace

Sagittarius – Six of Cups, Reverse. 

Letting go of childhood patterns and anger and resentment after all this time. Coming to peace with an argument with a loved one and finding common ground.  Getting back together with a person you once loved.  Out of the blue, make-up sex might be in your future, and it will be mind-blowing.  If you find a single key this month, keep it.  It will open a chest or a cabinet that you are quite focusing on right now, but you will need that key at the end of the month. White Enamel Sagittarius Card Necklace

Capricorn – The Star  

Healing and wishing and manifesting, after a long, drawn-out experience that your heart is finally detaching from the anger and hurt.  It is the card of ultimate healing but heling from the inside out – and not the other way around.  It’s time to get real and vulnerable with yourself, and in some cases, speak your mind – candidly – to others. Get a journal and write for five minutes before you go to bed, it’s called automatic writing – get your thoughts and subconscious out onto paper – you might find some hidden gems in this writing that will lead you to one of your past lives; and a lesson you once learned there.Determined Spirit - White Enamel Capricorn Card Necklace

Aquarius – Nine of Pentacles, Reverse. 

A job offer that comes to you – very soon – or a side hustle or project – will NOT be a good fit even though it looks like a treasure right now.  I tm might be a new contract if you are a contractual employee. You will end up working, and they will not pay your properly; You think you own a part of it, and the fine print says your just the worker.  There’s also something about “time limits” or if something is not signed in a certain amount of time; you will lose it.  Dive deep into the paperwork to save your mind and your soul hassle and heartache, later. White Enamel Aquarius Card Necklace

Pisces – The Hermit. 

A deep retreat to evaluate lessons that you have learned, or experiences in your near future.  We enter Hermit mode as a pupil and emerge as a teacher. Deeply looking inside for what strikes your happy.  Connecting to your spirit guides for wisdom.  Searching for the bright light of abundance which will be yours the minute you step out from personal isolation. You will have a light at the end of this tunnel, and even though taking yourself out of the game might be a little scary, this personal experience of growth and ascension is everything you need right now on your journey. Learn to love the silence; it’s only for a little while.

Tarot Deck Used – The Original Tarot Testament – Rider Waite Vivid Dreams - Pisces Card Necklace

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