How to Manifest Your Dreams - Do These Simple Things

Manifest Your Dreams

With at our doorstep and as we are leaving behind, reflecting, contemplating and daydreaming seems to be the common theme for many. We are ending another chapter and stepping into the unknown once again.

The New Year holds multiple possibilities that are yet to be explored. Making the most of it means doing what you can to manifest your dreams every given day.

11 New Year Abundance Tips You Can Do at Home to Manifest Your Dreams

The magic of manifestation starts with centering and making a decision to become open to new possibilities for building the life you dream of. Here’s what you can do to up your manifestation game and use all the blessings 2022 has in store for you…

Review the Previous Year & Decide What You Want to be Different

If we look back and reflect, every year we learn new, valuable life lessons. Before we step into the new terrain and start afresh on January first, it is always a good idea to evaluate the days we are leaving behind. The passing year gives us the opportunity to look back, count our blessings, and dissect our trials and errors so that we can work towards new year abundance. 

This gives us the opportunity to learn and decide who we want to become the following year, and what version or aspect of ourselves we want to leave behind. By deciding how we want the new year to unfold for us, we set ourselves up for manifesting fresh beginnings that are more in alignment with our purpose.

Place a Citrine or Jade Tree of Life in Your Wealth Corner

Feng Shui Home Tips

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Feng shui trees enhance your ability to manifest. One of the most powerful feng shui home tips is to place one in your wealth corner to attract abundance and prosperity.

The Happiness Evoker Feng Shui Tree with Citrine crystals invites expansive energy into your life. It will help you release lack mentality to become fully open to the wealth and blessings coming your way.

The Success Feng Shui Tree includes Jade crystals, which are known as money magnets and abundance gemstones. Jade promotes growth in all areas of life, and it will help you ground and bring your plans to fruition.

Each tree comes with a manifestation card for you to write down your affirmations and dreams, and then place them under the tree for magnification. This will help your desires take root so you can start manifesting the reality you desire.


Old, unused things prevent the free flow of chi and can make everything feel stagnant. Decluttering releases what no longer contributes to our growth and creates space for new energy to come our way. It opens up the energy to manifest your dreams and prepares the terrain for new beginnings.

Deep Clean Your Corners

Corners trap energy and are the dead end in any space. Dust, spider webs, and dirt that accumulates in corners and behind furniture creates energetic cobwebs in our lives. The same applies to energy. Whatever vibration accumulates and circulates in our environment will pile up and create energetic baggage.

Deep cleaning is a way to “dust” the past energy away. It is a simple ritual for getting unstuck and starting a new year afresh, removing the web of past patterns and behaviors you’d like to leave behind.

Remove Negative Energy With a Singing Bowl Ritual

new year abundance singing bowl ritual

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Singing bowls change the frequency of our environment through healing, high-vibrational sounds. The sonic waves they produce cleanse and help eliminate negative energy we are trying to release.

Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls from our collection are made of completely authentic Quartz and can help you get into the right space energetically to receive abundance and manifest your dreams. They are especially efficient when used as a part of manifestation or cleansing rituals.

For chose the one that you are the most drawn to intuitively, and use it whenever heavy energy from the past starts tainting the present moment.

Freshen Up One Room at a Time 

Every room tells a story. The cusp of can be an ideal time to rearrange furniture, repaint the walls, get new curtains, or change out your knickknacks as a way to say goodbye to old chapters and welcome new ones.

Our surroundings impact how we perceive our reality. Give every room a new look as an invitation for new memories and a gesture to show that you’re ready for better days to come.

Hamsa and Evil Eye

Do One Thing a Day That Supports Your Dreams

Take one step at a time to move forward and manifest your dreams every day. Setting an intention and holding a clear vision in your mind is essential to get you going in a desired direction. Next is making time to take chances and work towards your dreams whenever possible.

Do one thing a day to help you feel a sense of achievement and encouragement. Start by thinking about how you can make your dreams work in little, tangible ways with the time that you are given. No matter how small, every little step counts as progress, so why not make it a promise to yourself to take a step everyday?

Make a Playlist

How about making a musical new year resolution for 2022? Lyrics and instrumentals that uplift you and remind you of the potential, creativity, and inner power you hold should find their way to your New Year playlist.

Choose songs that are in alignment with your goals and those that give you the hint of what it will feel like when you have achieved your dreams. Your playlist will serve as a constant reminder of what you can do to keep your frequency high as the year unfolds.

Bless Your Walls 

Wall blessing plaques protect the home and invite blissfulness, new opportunities for growth, and laughter your way. Place them near the entrance or in a special manifestation corner to keep the positive energy circulating in the following year, helping you manifest your dreams.

Every plaque from our Wall Blessings collection creates an atmosphere of peace and serenity, making your home a perfect space for attracting things and people that will help you on your path in the upcoming 12 months. Each serves as a reminder that the Universe has your back this year.

new year resolution wall blessing

Plan Out One Fun Day Every Month

It’s scary how easy it is for a year to slip by without doing many of the things we want to do when we don’t plan ahead.

Chance to start to manifest your dreams from scratch by making a yearly plan or a “fun things to do list” for every month. Plan a budget and the time you need for every exciting monthly goal or the opportunity for fun and personal growth – and make it important.   

As starts unfolding, you’ll actually have a precise plan for expanding your consciousness, experiencing things you’ve never tried before, and building the new you. If you map out one day a month, you’ll have lots of memories to look back on at the end of the year – what could be more abundant than that? 

Don’t Forget to Declutter Your Computer

Delete anything that brings up bad memories, organize your unfinished projects, and declutter your devices from unnecessary folders and files. Just like your home, a computer holds and stores information that you no longer need, which will only cause chaos and confusion down the innovation road for this.

Decluttering electronics encourages you to start storing new empowering projects, new photographs, or new software’s you’d love to work with. Then, not only will your machine will perform faster; so will you.

Final Thoughts

Manifestation starts with intention and a clear slate and actualizes when we send the Universe the message that we are genuinely ready for the blessings it has in store for us. Every year is a chance for a new start and a new you. Are you ready to let make your dreams comes true. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Feng Shui Tree Collection

manifest your dreams

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